PennFab Moves to New Facility in Morrisville

Posted: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 at 8:00 AM CST

Morrisville, PA -- (SBWire) -- 11/07/2017 --PennFab, one of the largest fabricating and manufacturing facilities in the tri-state area, is pleased to announce the move into their new facility in Morrisville, PA.

As the company continues to grow, PennFab needed a facility that could keep up with the increased demand, especially since they manufacture all items in-house. The new home of PennFab in Morrisville, PA totals a massive 240,000 square feet. The new facility offers numerous advantages, including an in-house rail service, allowing trains to load and unload materials right in the warehouse. A nearby US port provides ample amount of convenience and business opportunities.

PennFab has been helping America rebuild its infrastructure through the renovation of tunnels, highways, bridges, and water treatment facilities for the past 34 years. The company is a proudly veteran-owned business and houses the latest in fabricating and manufacturing tools and equipment. Out of all the equipment housed in their 240,000 square foot facility, 99 percent of it is made in the United States of America. Also, every piece of product in their facility can be traced back to the plant where it was made.

Safety, quality, and efficiency are just a few of PennFab's focuses. Their business was built on the principles of honor, commitment, and respect, which they extend to their customers, vendors, and employees alike. Educating customers and reinvesting in their business and their people are parts of what make PennFab one of the leading fabricating and manufacturing companies.

Contact the PennFab team today to learn more about their experience in the railroad, manufacturing, and transportation industries and the services they specialize in by calling 215-245-1577.

About PennFab
Over the past 34 years, PennFab has become one of the largest fabricating facilities in the tri-state area. They are a veteran-owned company that has been built on the principles of honor, commitment, and respect. PennFab has extensive experience in the manufacturing, transportation, and railroad industries, bringing safety and quality to both their customers and employees.

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