ViruSense – AutoRun Viruses Detection Tool

ViruSense™ - a new way of prevention of virus infection for computers and portable drives is offered by the Along with the Drive Doctor, another essential part of the CodySafe tool, the ViruSense™ helps to ensure safety and security of user information and portable storage.

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 11:16 AM CDT

Ashkelon, Israel -- (SBWire) -- 05/21/2009 -- A new level of protection from virus infection of computers and portable drives is offered by The ViruSense™ along with the Drive Doctor utility allow more secure storage of information on portable drives, keeping drives healthy and preventing viruses’ infection.

Nowadays every user possesses at list one portable device to carry private files, documents and favorite portable applications. The ability to execute applications from a portable drive with no need of installation is an essential advantage that makes the combination of portable drives and applications so popular. However this advantage can turn into a drawback. Most of computer viruses are transferred from one workstation to another on a pen-drive, infecting the target computer using the AutoRun feature.

ViruSense™ is a new function of the CodySafe tool. ViruSense™ detects changes of the portable drive Autorun.inf file. Unexpected modifications of this file are usually associated with virus infection and require corresponding actions of the user. CodySafe will immediately inform the user about the probable infection. Along with the Drive Doctor, another essential part of the CodySafe tool, the ViruSense™ helps keeping portable drives and stored information safe.

The Autorun.inf is a configuration file which contains a reference to the icon, a description of the drive content and the possibility to define a program which should be executed automatically when the drive is mounted. This feature is used by most of viruses that spread themselves via a portable media. A virus usually modifies the Autorun.inf file, writes its execution commands and settings, and sometimes makes the file invisible and inaccessible.

ViruSense™ is a new security feature of CodySafe that will detect that the Autorun.inf file has been modified and will alert the user immediately.

“Viruses, Trojans, adware and other malware distributed through AutoRun are reported as the main threat over the last months.” – says Igor Donskoy, the Codyssey’s CTO – “Early detection of virus infection can minimize the risk of epidemic spread of computer viruses, help users to prevent transfer of viruses on their portable drives from one PC to another. This will probably not prevent the infection of a CodySafe Smart Drive, but the ViruSense™ will inform users and suggest taking urgent measures. We, at Codyssey, strongly believe that this useful feature will decrease the amount of viruses transferred with portable media and will make the portable computing much safer.”

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