Anderson & Anderson Offers Affiliate Marketing Program--A Great Opportunity for Passive Income

Anger Management providers using the Anderson & Anderson curriculum will have an opportunity to make commissions on sales of Anderson & Anderson products and Services On-line.

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 11:11 AM CDT

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/21/2009 -- Anderson & Anderson’s new Affiliate Market is now on-line. This new affiliate program will serve as a remarkable source of income for serious internet savvy website owners.

According to Mr. George Anderson, program director of Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C., affiliates will receive assistance in placing the Anderson & Anderson logo, advertising banners, links to all our products and training seminars, and executive coaching services on their web site. By conducting a google search on the internet, one finds that the Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum is the industry standard worldwide. Furthermore, according to Google/trends, anger management counseling is one of the fasting growing niche markets on the internet.

This model has been featured in Los Angeles Times, NBC’s "Starting Over", BBC’s "Losing It", ESPN, Toronto Star, Baltimore Sun Times, London Times and many other print and media outlets.

The new Anderson & Anderson Affiliate Marketing Program sells relatively expensive services and products, which makes it potentially lucrative for each Affiliate. A sample of products, services and the payouts include the following:

•The 12 hour Executive Coaching/Anger Management Program for Physicians, cost= $3200, pay out= $960
•The three-day Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training, cost= $1500, pay out= $450
•40 hour Anger Management Home Study CD-ROM Facilitator Certification Training, cost= $797, pay out= $239.10
•Conover Assessment Program, cost= $595, pay out= $178.50

Not only is it easy to be an Anderson & Anderson affiliate, it is also free. Affiliates will not be charged for registration and affiliate status. They will receive commission checks on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Mr. Anderson has stated that the goal of this program is to help increase the sale of Anderson & Anderson products and services while also helping affiliates, whom, for the most part, will be Anderson & Anderson anger management providers. For the many years that Anderson & Anderson has trained new facilitators and providers, one very important question has consistently been posed: "will I (the new provider) succeed as an entity in this niche market?" Mr. Anderson's answer is always the same: "There are never any guarantees of success in anything. Once you are certified, you must do everything in your power to build your name and status." Being an Anderson & Anderson affiliate, and being involved in any Anderson & Anderson activity that is open to all anger management providers, are likely to open doors for anger management providers/facilitators who wish for success.

You can call Anderson & Anderson or visit their web site for details on how to access this program.