The Breeding Industry Will Be Fiercely Competitive in 2017

Posted: Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 2:36 PM CST

Portland, OR -- (SBWire) -- 11/30/2017 --1.INTRODUCTION

China's breeding industry has increased dramatically recently. The total output of meat came to 86.25 million tonne, decreased 1.0%; the output of eggs achieved nearly 30 million tonne, increased 3.6%; the milk production was over 37 million tonne, increased 0.8%. The aquatic production was nearly 67 million tonne, increased 3.5%.

Compared with the foreign breeding industry, the gap in equipment, scale degree and efficiency between China and developed countries is large. The breeding products require high quality.

There were 23 listed breeding companies in 2015.The trends of China's breeding industry are industrialization and industrial chain. The companies should adjust operating strategy to develop large scale breeding and added value products.

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1)The Aim of this report

-To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of China's breeding industry;

-To understand the development situation of breeding industry in China;

-Get more information of the major breeding producers in China;

-Gain insight into the major breeding producers about operation;

-To predict what future of China breeding industry will be;

-To reveal opportunities in China breeding industry.

2)Benefit from the report

-Financial performance in 2015 and YoY changes, including revenue, operating profit, net profit, revenue and gross profit margin from breeding business;

-Changes of revenue and net profit in the latest five years and the reasons;

-Adjustment to business structure in the recent 2-3 years;

-Development strategy and development trends in the near future.

3) Deliverables

PDF-format report, with around 40-60 pages.

4) Time needed

Three working days needed.

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