YMC America, Inc. Offers Hydrophobic Carotenoid C30 Column

Posted: Thursday, February 08, 2018 at 8:00 AM CST

Allentown, PA -- (SBWire) -- 02/08/2018 --YMC America, Inc. manufactures high-quality liquid chromatography columns for scientists looking to buy HPLC columns such as their YMC Carotenoid C30 Column.

YMC Carotenoid C30 columns exhibit higher hydrophobicity when compared to traditional C18 stationary phases, allowing them to retain and separate hydrophobic analytes when used with 100% organic mobile phases. YMC Carotenoid C30 stationary phase provides ample phase thickness to enhance interactions with long-chain molecules. Therefore, it can recognize and resolve geometric and positional isomers of conjugated double-bonded systems.

The resolving power of YMC's C30 packing material for isomers is proven through its ability to separate carotenoids, which has been the subject of significant research efforts in the past (as well as those that are currently ongoing). Carotenoids exist in many natural sources, like fruits and vegetables, and are considered by some as potential drugs for cancer treatment/prevention.

In spite of the complexity of carotenoid extracts and the slight shape differences between carotenoid isomers, chromatographers can achieve separation, identification, and quantitation of these closely-related compounds by using YMC C30 columns.

This highly-hydrophobic column is available in 3µm and 5µm particle sizes, both of which are available in various I.D.'s and lengths. Customers interested in increasing their knowledge of YMC Carotenoid C30 columns, as well as those looking to buy HPLC column packing material, are encouraged to visit online.

Interested parties can contact YMC America, Inc. by calling 888-341-8380. With more than 35 years of experience, YMC is a leading source for all liquid chromatography separation solutions.

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