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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal the Best Weight Loss Shakes Containing Vitamin B12 for Increased Energy While Losing Weight

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans now introduce their best weight loss shakes that work seamlessly with the hCG protocol and use vitamin B12 to help dieters lose weight and maintain their energy levels.

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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2013 -- With the many vitamins, minerals and nutrients, like vitamin B12, that are contained in the best weight loss shakes today, choosing a shake that complements dieters’ overall goals for losing weight can become confusing. Fortunately, Diet Doc’s team of weight management experts work with their clients to create a complete plan that will help dieters reach their best weight loss goals and improve their weight-related health. By creating a personalized meal and snack plan, supplemented with exclusive diet shakes and bars that contain vitamin B12 and other essential elements and minerals, Diet Doc clients in Florida are able to quickly lose weight fast without fatigue, weakness or other negative side effects commonly associated with diet plans.

Diet Doc’s best weight loss shakes allow dieters to reduce their caloric intake to a healthy, but lower, level without concern for malnutrition or other diet-related issues. Because their best weight loss shakes work seamlessly into the hCG diet protocol, dieters will work with certified nutritionists to create a healthy meal and snack plan that leaves them feeling full and satisfied, but will not contribute to weight gain. This powdered supplement contains an ideal balance of vitamins, like vitamin B12 for energy, minerals and micro nutrients that the body needs but is also low is net carbohydrates, an important consideration for dieters working toward their best weight loss goals.

Diet Doc’s weight management coaches will help clients in Florida and around the country determine the amount of their best weight loss shake to use during their program and will consider their gender, activity level, basal metabolic rate (BMR), age, and any underlying health conditions. By helping to balance blood sugar and stop sugar cravings, block the intake of carbohydrates and increase energy levels with vitamin B12, the extra nutrients in Diet Doc’s diet shakes has made losing weight much easier for the majority of Diet Doc patients. And, without cravings, fatigue, weakness or other dieting side effects, dieters are able to create healthier eating habits, choosing lean meats, fruits and vegetables over sugary, fattening foods, and begin seeing stored body fat melting away.

Dieters can choose between varieties of shake flavors, including vanilla or chocolate, and will work with certified nutritionists to learn the many ways that these shakes can be prepared. Many clients even enjoy their chocolate shakes by mixing their powder with black coffee to create a mocha flavor. But, however, dieters choose to enjoy their diet shakes, they can feel confident that they will provide dieters with increased energy levels and eliminate cravings for fast, easy weight loss.

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