Latest Press Releases Takes on the Possibilities of Using Solar Panels as a Probable Solution to Global Warming

LogoOne of the dilemmas that the entire global community is facing at this point is the climate change where most nations experience typhoons that are more devastating while some have unusually long periods of drought and an extremely long fiery summer. When a country experiences extreme temperatures especially the hot season, people are in desperate need to find ways to at least lessen the burning heat, but in a more practical way.

Sidora Marketing Expanded Its Territory to Europe, Japan and Taiwan

LogoSidora Marketing, a marketing agency who provides channels for western mobile game developers to enter Japan and Taiwan, announces today the renewal of its trilingual web service to deliver market information crossing multiple nations.

Digiarty Integrates Movie to DVD Burning on Windows 10 Feature Into WinX DVD Author

LogoThe climbing market share of Windows 10 urges software developers to freshen their products to support this new Microsoft operation system. Digiarty, a top DVD video software company, has a keen sense of this trend and renews its acclaimed DVD burner – WinX DVD Author to support burning movie videos in MKV, MP4, AVI, MPEG and other formats to DVD on Windows 10.

Tax Doctor Launches Free First Consultation for Tax Accountancy Services in Auckland, New Zealand

Accountancy is the discipline of turning mathematics and law into an art form, and using that artistry on behalf of individuals and businesses to ensure their honesty and integrity remains absolute while reducing the tax costs of running a business to an absolute minimum. Tax Doctor is a tax accountant in Auckland who specializes in offering digital tax accountancy services for small businesses, and is offering free call backs to potential customers to perform a first initial consultation on their business accountancy needs.

SOS Dental Teeth Whitening Launches Free Consultation with Fixed Price Estimate on Teeth Whitening

Teeth are far more than just tools for chewing food- they are a part of a smile, one of the most powerful expressions in social interactions. As such, people want to feel confident to flaunt a smile, and white, straight teeth encourage people to do just that. Teeth whitening services can often be expensive, putting people off from having the procedure, but SOS Dental Teeth Whitening offers a different experience. They have now introduced a free no obligation consultation for teeth whitening in Auckland that takes just fifteen minutes to get a fixed price estimate.

Accommodation Yarra Valley Launches to Provide the Ultimate Tourist Guide to Victoria, Australia

Yarra Valley is Australia's wine country, but is also home to stunning natural beauty that rewards those with a sense of adventure. The valley is a viral favourite, with videos and photos posted every day on social media. As such, it has become a highly sought after destination, and many people consider spending time there for both business and pleasure. Accommodation Yarra Valley is a new website ( that will launch at the end of this year to offer people the ultimate insight into the region and the opportunities it can provide.

October Employee Anniversaries Total over 650 Years of Service Celebrated at Hytrol Conveyor

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. is proud to recognize the employees celebrating their anniversary of dedicated service to Hytrol. Employees with an October anniversary start date have more than 650 years of service.

Bryans Wine & Spirits Receives Accolades from Customers Online

The social media revolution has led many companies to head online to find new ways to connect with their customers, and one local liquor store has reached to do just that. Bryans Wine & Spirits, an established store in Charles County, recently joined Facebook and Twitter to share news, recipes and more with their customers.

Warehouse Execution Systems Allows Combination of WMS and WCS Functionalities

Brian Reinhart, Bastian Solutions Logistics Consultant, discussed in the company blog, how Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) allows companies to combine the WMS and WCS functionalities that fit business needs. Reinhart noted distribution centers, order-fulfillment centers, and warehouses have traditionally implemented some combination of three different types of software systems: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Warehouse Management Systems (WMS); and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) to manage the facility. Extended Their Services with New Equipment

Pearson Carpet Care in Humble, TX has long been known for their oriental rug cleaning facility. However recently they were able to increase the rate of their production and their cleaning efficiency with some new technology.

Lamar Hunt Jr. Featured on Kansas City Week in Review

KCPT recently featured Lamar Hunt Jr. and the Independence, MO Mayor Eileen Weir on the weekly series Kansas City Week In Review. Weird and Hunt were featured on the show to discuss the recently renamed Independence Events Center, now known as the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena. Lamar Hunt Jr. also discussed the purchase of his ECHL team and the future of the Missouri Mavericks hockey in Kansas City.

3 Things That Are New About Baby's Brilliant App 2.0

Baby's Brilliant has updated its Baby app. Comments are already starting to circulate among observers and die-hard fans within the Baby Apps world, as more reviews come in about the fantastic fun and benefits of the Baby's Brilliant App, updated version 2.0. Baby's Brilliant has also released three things fans, reviewers and critics can expect from the latest release of the app.

Customized Diet Plans That Can Help People Lose Their Excess Weight Are Now Available

Those who have tried various diet plans for losing weight and failed in their efforts may be happy with the news that Diet Plan Professionals of New Jersey is offering the right solution for their problem. Diet Plan Professionals is glad to announce their new location also and they add they delve deep into the causes for the weight gain of these people so they can provide them with easy steps to get rid of their excess weight.

Some Fun Outdoors Unveils a Smart Range of Products

Some Fun Outdoors has launched its new collection of Outdoors products that tick the right boxes for users and allow them to pursue their passions to the fullest.

Bryans Wine & Spirits Has Largest Selection of Wine and Spirits

Wine lovers, rejoice. For wine fans and those who seek spirits while living or vacationing in Bryans Road, Maryland, Bryans Wine & Spirits has the cure. The store features wall-to-wall adult beverages, with plenty of options for your next dinner party, birthday, christening, or any other formal occasion. Staffed by friendly and knowledgeable employees, Bryans Wine & Spirits offers plenty to satisfy even the pickiest liquor fan.

Motor Home Miles Unveils Exciting Range of Products

LogoMotor Home Miles is a family owned and run business that has ensured that interested users can find all types of RV accessories, tools and equipment in one place.

Dave and Kev's Totally Irreverent Redneck Golf Classic October 22, 2015

LogoTwo years ago, two rednecks in San Antonio were playing in a golf tournament with some incredibly boring people that raised about $47.25 for charity. It was at that moment that Dave and Kev's Totally Irreverent Redneck Golf Classic (for charity) was born. A moment that will live in infamy. A beer fueled, infamous moment. Introduces Natural Coconut Products

LogoHuman health depends not only upon the way of life people lead, but also upon the products they use for different purposes, be it cosmetics, foods, medications and what not. As far as organic products have become extremely popular nowadays, the amount of companies producing them keeps increasing with every passing day. So does the need of customers to learn more about these products. This is exactly where will come in handy!

Amazon Launches New Infusion Water Bottle That Is Compact and Healthy

LogoThe new infusion water bottle on Amazon has met with a lot of interest from people across the globe. It comes with free eBook recipes and a sponge cleaning brush and is priced at a discounted rate of $16.50. It is said to be a healthy alternative for the normal water bottles because of the material and its overall shape. It has been claimed as leak proof and is compatible with car cup holders as well.

TCU Outlook for 2015 Season Posted on Outdoor Recreation and Sports Blog

The Outdoor Recreation and Sports blog has posted the 2015 rest of the season outlook for TCU. Recently, the team won a victory over Texas Tech. According to the author, they look to prove ready for the playoffs. A variety of factors are provided on their run to the playoffs in 2015.

New Chat Centric Social Platform, Hosting a Special Presidential Debate Live Chat, Announced Today

LogoChitter Chat, an emerging leader in providing chat rooms for people to discuss trending and specific topics, today announced the launch of a their new social platform.  The platform offers free chat rooms that combine the intimacy of real-time chat with the functionality of message board communities.  The website launch is centered around a live chat,, during the Democratic Presidential debate on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015.

27 Striking Facts About the Startup Economy in 2015 (Infographic) - Study by Coupofy

Entrepreneurs and their startups are what keep the world's economy ticking and the markets innovating, but who's leading the entrepreneurial race in 2015 and what does the future look like? A new infographic from  crunches the data with some very interesting results.

Livnfresh Expands Clothing Line to Include California, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida Home State Gear

Americans all have a reason to be proud of their home state, and represent that pride wherever they go. Doing so can be difficult however, as so much home state apparel looks more like cheap merchandise than high end fashion items, and aren't built to be worn regularly. Livnfresh exists to change that, and originally started a clothing line to promote their pride in their home state of Michigan. Their products have proved so successful that they are now creating a range of State Pride clothing items for California, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida. Shares the Ways on How to Leverage Brand Omnipresence in Achieving Massive Real-Time Customer Engagement

LogoShaping the future of the e-commerce industry have taken many painstaking efforts and, of course, a lot of time and patience. However, with the revolutionary innovations in the world of commerce, marketing brands are quite more multifaceted, but if done exceptionally could bring their company success in terms of brand credibility, leveraged sales and ultimately making profitable gains reach beyond expected limits.

Award Winning Photographer and Activist Robin Hammond Joins VoiceAmerica Host Cheryl Jones on Good Grief Radio

LogoCheryl Jones, host of Good Grief radio, is proud to announce that her guest for October 7, 2015 will be Robin Hammond. A renowned photographer with work in National Geographic and many other major publications, Robin met LGBTI people during his travels across the globe who were suffering extreme persecution as a result of their sexual or gender identity. Moved to make a difference, Robin created Where Love is Illegal, an ever expanding collection of photographs and stories about the people he met. Impassioned about social justice, the project is part of his Witness Change non-profit, producing storytelling on seldom-addressed human rights abuses to transform opinions, open minds and change policies. The project has been featured by National Geographic and was on the cover of Time Magazine on June 15, 2015. Shares Valuable Tips in Choosing the Best Limo Service for an Extremely Hassle-Free and Exhilarating Travel Experience

LogoTraveling to a different location particularly to a different country either for business, attending a special occasion or simply to take a vacation is absolutely exhilarating. However, before the most awaited trip, a person really needs a lot of preparations including the plane ticket reservations, hotel bookings, the itineraries and most especially the mode of transportation while staying in a particular place. Reveals the Luxury Limousines Most Favored in Weddings for 2015

LogoThe Los Angeles Limousine Service now offers every wedding couple a sweet ride on their Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine by availing their limo rental in Los Angeles prominent residents highly recommend. The Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine is one of their luxury limousines for weddings that are in demand because of the elegance and sophistication it provides to clients. In fact, it is the most favored wedding limo as it could surely exceed the expectations of wedding couples especially if this is paired with the stretched SUV's that the Los Angeles Limousine Service offers.