Latest Press Releases Highlights the Latest Innovations of Antennas That Will Give Access to Interplanetary Communication

LogoWhen people start talking about antenna the first thing that comes to mind by many is television sets with two metal rods that are poking above the screen where most people call 'Rabbit ear'. Who would have thought that after Guilielmo Marconi invented the antenna in 1906, it now becomes the source of many mystifying inventions using an antenna?

Project Sanctuary Welcomes New Team Member

LogoProject Sanctuary welcomed Kara Pappas to its leadership team this month as the new chief development officer (CDO). The CDO is responsible for forging new partnerships and sponsorships to build the visibility, impact, and financial resources of Project Sanctuary as we work to eliminate our waitlist of 1,800 military families.

Digiarty Software Pushes out DVD to Android TV Ripping and Streaming Solution

LogoDigiarty Software, a highly appreciated multimedia software supplier, keep a close eye on users' requirements and has pushed out the fastest solution to rip and stream DVD to Android TV 2015 helping users handle the problem of how to get DVD movies played on Android TV without difficulty.

Kyrgyz Republic Rehabilitation Center Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Snow Leopards

LogoThe Kyrgyz Republic Rehabilitation Center in Central Asia was opened in 2002 with an enclosure for snow leopards and a separate enclosure for birds. The total area of the enclosures is 7,000 square meters. Now, the center has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to assist in wildlife rescue efforts.

Panda Paper Roll Plans to Expand the Business by the Online Marketing

Panda Paper Roll, one of the world's largest thermal paper rolls manufacturer based in Jinan, Shandong province, China is planning to expand the business and its footprint on the online platform with the use of advanced digital marketing strategy. Over the past 15 years, the company has rolled out various new offering in ways of the flexibility of choice, while maintaining the highest standard of quality at a very competitive price. The company offers the paper for credit card terminals, thermal paper rolls of various sizes, tip rolls for shops and retails outlets and paper sheets for dot matrix printer. Superior quality control, certified manufacturing facilities help offer the products of highest standards. Enhanced customer satisfaction has resulted in the long-term relations and continuous repeat orders from the various customer. Suppliers of ATM paper, Thermal billing paper, the mobile paper today boast of the customer list of high profile companies like NCR, BROTHER, EPSON, DIEBOLD and other companies across the globe.

FOSJOAS Launches V9 Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Just like stars in the sky, the bones and skins of FOSJOAS electric scooter V9 turn into something beautiful and shine for the riders' lives. The scooter-lovers' crave for FOSJOAS V9 is because it not only delivers youth and energy but also serves as an intelligent friend for the riders.

Domijump Invests $1,000,000 in a New Trampoline R & D Department

Domijump today announced the inaugurated a new research and development center. This is one of the biggest and fully equipped trampoline research center in China. This comes after the company begun working with Auchan.

Tibetan Buddhist Association, Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Kadhampa Menglembu, Organize Fire Puja on September 6th, 2015

Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Kadhampa Menglembu in Taman Arkid, Perak, Malaysia will organize a Fire Puja on the 6th September, 2015, time 13.00pm (01.00am EST, New York time), at the open field in Taman Kledang Permai, 31450 Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia. The Fire Puja ceremony will be perform by His Holiness, the 18th Dromtug Rinpoche Losang Choekye Pelden.

Moving Cars - Fast and Affordable Car Transport Across Australia

LogoFor years now Moving Cars has been providing people across Australia an easy and efficient method to get their cars wherever they need to be.

Author Points out How Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain Are Reaching Pandemic Proportion

Stress levels are increasing by the day and more people are fighting an uphill battle against anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies are getting richer.

Matthew Rochow Has Become One of the Most Recommended PSD to WordPress Service Web Solution Services

A PSD to WordPress services to help make websites stand out, has become one of the most recommended web solution services in Australia. Matthew Rochow, the Australian developer who offers a wide range of quality web coding and development services is providing small businesses an affordable solution to impress potential customers and encourage increased spending.

Store Watches in Watch Travel Cases from Watch Box Co to Prolong Their Lives

LogoMany individuals have a fetish for luxury watches. Though, buying a luxury watch is no longer a tough deal, but maintaining it for long requires their proper upkeep. Here enter watch boxes and cases, that can store these timepieces efficiently. Considering the importance of watch cases and boxes, Watch Box Co is providing a range of watch travel cases at highly reduced prices. Starting from $10.00, the wide range of watch travel cases that individuals can get through the company's official online store,, includes watch travel roll, diplomat black leather double watch travel case, diplomat black leather 4 watch travel case, diplomat black leather 3 watch travel case and many others.

Get an Amazing Collection of Moonlight Blue Jewelry Boxes from Jewelbox Display & Supply Co

LogoIndividuals always seek precious jewelry items that can add a touch of glamour to their personality and style. Being highly expensive, these need to be stored safely, so as to prevent them from any damages or theft. Though individuals can find a number of options available in the market, but when it comes to quality, relying on the extensive collection of Moonlight Blue Jewelry Boxes being offered by Jewelbox Display and Supply Co., can be beneficial. Manufactured utilizing cutting edge technology, the wide array of jewelry carrying cases that the company provides include Moonlight Blue Necklace Boxes, Moonlight Blue Bracelet Boxes, Moonlight Blue Pendant/Earring Boxes, Moonlight Blue Earring Boxes and Moonlight Blue Ring Boxes.

Ensure Maximum Protection During Welding with Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets from Longevity Global Inc

Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that is performed at very high temperatures and requires effective protection. To ensure safety of welders at manufacturing sites, Longevity Global Inc is providing a range of auto-darkening welding helmets at an unbeatable price range. Ensuring maximum protection to welders during welding, the wide range of helmets that they provide are from world renowned brands like Starter Black, USA Flag, Pro Red, Elite Black, PowerView Elite and many others. Professionals in need of top quality welding helmets can count on the range being provided by the company and can get their desired helmet delivered at their doorstep by ordering it online through the company's official online portal,

Matt Ruscic to Arrive LA

Matt Ruscic is a very talented and professional holywood actor who is from Sydney, Australia. He has featured in several holly wood movies over the years and has performed several block busters. His most recent movie that is taking the air wave where he featured is in the GODS OF EGYPT. The GODS OF EGYPT film was directed by Alex Proyas. Matt Ruscic also was part of the movie TRUTH which was directed by James Vanderbilt.

Get a Range of TIG Consumables at Reduced Rates from LONGEVITY

An art of conjoining two metals, welding, is a high profile task that requires vast knowledge and efficient skills to carry it out appropriately. But, only skill and knowledge is not all, professionals also require top notch quality welding equipment and accessories for successfully accomplishing their various welding jobs. Keeping the needs of welders in mind, LONGEVITY is providing a range of TIG Consumables at highly reduced prices. Thoroughly tested to ensure quality, the wide array of TIG Consumables that they are provide include WP-17 Nozzle 4-Kit, WP-17 Collet Body, WP-17 Long TIG Torch, WP-17 Collet, WP-17 Short TIG Torch Cap and many others.

Attain Best Deals on Selling Chase Points with Wholesale Miles, Inc

Travelers who often use credit cards and chase cards to buy airline miles very well know that loyalty programs keep on changing. Therefore, it is essential for them to check flyer programs regularly, so that their miles are not wasted and that they get the best deals for selling their extra miles. Keeping this in view, Wholesale Miles, Inc. is allowing individuals to sell their extra chase points at best prices. Through this service, frequent travelers who are left with excess chase points can save their money from being wasted. Those who are willing to sell chase miles can directly request a quote by filling the simple questionnaire present on the company's official website,

New Bestseller Saves Dogs from Shelters

Approximately 3.9 million companion dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Each year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized. (ASPCA) Karyn Garvin's new bestseller, Separation Anxiety Versus Containment Phobia: Why Is Your Dog Destructive When You're Gone? helps dog owners turn shelter bound dogs with problematic behavior into dogs with forever homes.

Orange County Kettlebell Champion Sets Sights on Kettlebell Sport World Championships

Marine Staff Sergeant Aaron Guyett is Co-Owner of and Head Coach at Innovative Results (IR) Gym. In a period of over ten years, Guyett has trained thousands who have achieved their own success stories. Similar to his clients, Guyett has been making a name for himself in the world of Kettlebell/Girevoy Sport.

Bastian Solutions New Online Conveyor Pricing Tool Easy to Review with Supervisors

Bastian Solutions recently introduced an important new online conveyor pricing tool. The newly launched e-commerce store provides a platform for purchasing agents, industrial engineers, and maintenance technicians to configure, price, and purchase conveyors online.

APEX Movement Launches an Exciting New Corporate Team Building Program

Traditional team building events often fall victim to a standard routine: a group gathering out of the office that offers a quasi-fun activity and a few bland drinks. In order to break from this stale practice and add some freshness to the way employees of a corporate team interact with each other, APEX Movement is introducing a new Corporate Team Building program. Justin Sikkema, General Manager and Co-Owner of APEX Movement, says: "Our goal is to take these teams just far enough out of their comfort zones to unlock some of the great emotions that don't come up in daily office life. Teams leave tired, happy, and bonded over experiencing this new sport together."

Christmas Rapper ROBBY the ELF Debuts Two New Holiday Songs: "Don't Be No Scrooge" & "Christmas Forgiveness"

Santa's best helper and beloved Christmas rapper Robby The Elf is releasing two new Holiday songs: "Don't Be No Scrooge" and his first Gospel rap track titled "Christmas Forgiveness." The first is about haters hating on the Holidays, and the latter is to generate awareness and funds for missions at Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Taylors, SC. Music and videos will be released November 4.

New Fine Art Exhibition Opens at Hermitage Art Center

Yuri Tsapayev, owner of the Hermitage Art Center is more than pleased to announce the art exhibition at the gallery he owns in San Francisco. Although this amazing place has only been opened since May, Mr. Tsapayev has seen lovers of contemporary art fill the Hermitage Art Center as the word has spread about the fine quality of the offerings.

Power Equipment Warehouse Launches New Website

LogoPower Equipment Warehouse today announced the launch of a new, redesigned version of its website,

Do-It-Yourself Past Life Reading to Be Launched by the Psychic Readings of Portland Center

Psychic Readings of Portland Healing Center, located in South West Portland, this week will begin teaching the acclaimed new class "Do-It-Yourself Past Life Reading", a new course to enable everybody to do perform their own psychic reading about past lives. Think of it as a doorway to past life and psychic exploration that doesn't tie people to the need of consulting a psychic or past life therapist, whenever there might be need for psychic and spiritual guidance about their challenges. The course provides a fascinating and fun way of learning how to develop psychic abilities and use psychic tools, to easily access visions and insights of past life memories and experiences, related to present life situations, or blocks and challenges, and then providing ways of how to release and resolve them.

Slick Furniture Announces Online Furniture Options for Los Angeles Shoppers

LogoThe Slick Furniture team recently unrolled their brand new website, a platform that allows people to go online and order premium furniture.

Shop with a 75 Percent off eBay Redemption Code Coming Up in September 2015

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