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Northeast Family Dental in the Hollywood District and Dr. Sean Lee Have Joined Smiles Dental Group

LogoSmiles Dental recently announced that the team at Northeast Family Dental in Portland, OR has joined their group. The practice has brought on Dr. Sean Lee in order to continue providing the ultimate in dental services to its patients. This new location will be known as Smiles Dental – Hollywood District and will remain at its location right across from the Rose City Park Presbyterian Church with easy access from the I-84. Joining Smiles Dental will allow Dr. Lee and the team to focus their energy on treating patients, while the Smiles Dental professional team will oversee the day-to-day office operations and administrative functions within the practice.

Mohd Abbas Seeks Funding via Go Fund Me for the Expansion of His Philanthropic Business

LogoMohd Abbas is an entrepreneur, IT geek, and most importantly, a humanitarian. Throughout his life, he has been involved in charitable activities. In May 2015, Mohd started a business with the sole objective of donating fifteen percent of its profits to different charities, child welfare, and sponsoring college education for kids that are exceptionally talented. After a steady start, Mohd is now looking to take his business to the next level. By expanding his business, he wants to increase the profit pledge as the company grows. His ultimate goal is to build a company that will change lives and make a difference in large scale.

Sum Digital Appointed by Cairn as Digital Advertising Agency

Sum Digital, Inc, a digital advertising agency focused on customer acquisition through Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Pinterest advertising, has been appointed the digital advertising agency for Cairn, a monthly subscription box of carefully curated products that cater to an outdoor lifestyle. Takes on the Possibilities of Using Solar Panels as a Probable Solution to Global Warming

LogoOne of the dilemmas that the entire global community is facing at this point is the climate change where most nations experience typhoons that are more devastating while some have unusually long periods of drought and an extremely long fiery summer. When a country experiences extreme temperatures especially the hot season, people are in desperate need to find ways to at least lessen the burning heat, but in a more practical way. Inspires All Homeowners to Successfully Save Up and Make Money from the Use of Renewable Energy

LogoOne of the greatest global challenges is to be able to find the best solutions in reducing the electric consumption cost. However, with continuous research and innovations, saving on energy costs has become possible with the discovery of the solar panels. Solar panels have become the answer to every nation's dilemma especially in terms of producing usable electricity by converting natural energy from the sun with the use of the photovoltaic cells.

Action Needs to Be Taken Against Benidorm Pickpockets Says UK Airport Car Parks

Each year there are over 15 million UK holidaymakers that visit Benidorm, but according to reports that number could reduce due to the large number of complaints of pickpockets in Benidorm. Many fans of the popular Spanish holiday destination have said they will not return until police and the Mayor of Benidorm take action. Introduces Integrated Spell-Checking Tool to Help Users Improve Content

Spelling mistakes have the power to ruin a website's credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Ninety-nine percent of online communication uses the written word. Charles Duncombe, an online businessman, shared with BBC News that Spelling mistakes cost millions in online sales. It's possible for customer spending to be reduced by half due to just one spelling mistake simply because consumers don't trust websites or business owners who cannot be bothered to check their content for errors. For business owners who are looking to increase revenue, publishing immaculately-written content is non-negotiable. Without it, they could see sales decline and potential customers choose a competitor.

Pluristem & Charite Expand Cooperation Agreement to Include Orthopedic Indications

LogoPluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, today announced it has expanded its five-year Collaborative Research Agreement with the Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapy at Charité - University Medicine Berlin. The expanded agreement, which was executed on October 11th at the Berlin-Tel Aviv Business Forum in Tel Aviv, broadens the parties' cooperation to include identification of orthopedic indications that may be eligible for development under Europe's Adaptive Pathways and conditional marketing approval in the European Union. Pluristem's program to develop PLX cells in critical limb ischemia is already under discussion with the EMA and other European Stakeholders under the Adaptive Pathways. Tackles the Best Benefits of Mobile Contracts over the Prepaid Phone Deals

LogoWith today's digital world, people do most almost anything with the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices from simple research to business and bank transactions. Communication has been made much easier and cheaper with the use of smartphones. This is why the use of these innovative gadgets could not be considered as a luxury, but a necessity instead.

Dent Repair 247 Launches Dent Removal Help Guides in Response to Surging Damage Stats

According to recent statistics, dent and run incidents are on the rise in the United Kingdom, having surged an estimated 65 percent in recent years. Since almost half of area residents questioned on this topic admit they would flee the scene of such an occurrence, this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Having witnessed firsthand the increase in this type of vehicle damage, Nick Kernick of mobile auto body shop Dent Repair 247 has launched the company's dent removal help guides.

UK Airport Car Parks Says Humberside Airport Could Create Thousands of Jobs

Humberside Airport, which is an airport situated at Kirmington in the Borough of North Lincolnshire, could generate tens of thousands of jobs says UK Airport Car Parks. The airport parking company believes real investment could generate jobs for the local area of Grimsby, Hull, Immingham and Cleethorpes.

Proscores Unveils Their New Football Live Score Application

ProScores are proud to announce the launch of their football live score application across the Apple App and Google Play stores. ProScores offers the user an extensive array of live scores across all of the major Football leagues around the world, supporting each match with in-depth statistics and analysis. The application also provides an ability for the user to follow their favourite matches, being notified of all key events as soon as they happen.

Organic Fodder from Fodder Carli Records Faster Growth in Horses and Rabbits

The current market has witnessed a marked rise in the demand for alfalfa as well as dehydrated forage. As a result, leading suppliers for such products like those of the Fodder Carli online store has become a leader in the supplying chain.

Arrange My Funeral – Bringing Affordable Pre-Paid Funeral Plans to British Public

As the costs of funeral prices in the United Kingdom continue to rise, pre-paid funeral plans such as those provided by Arrange My Funeral are fast becoming one of the most cost effective ways to pay for funeral arrangements.

Marquee Light Up Letters Spells Choice and Excellent Customer Service from Newcomers, Words to Glow

Based in Manchester, England and currently covering the whole of the North West, Words To Glow Light Up Letters & Venue Decor was established at the beginning of April 2015, and within six months has quickly positioned themselves as a quality and leading brand. Offers Certified Plastic Packaging and Road Fencing

LogoSafe storage of food products is closely connected with the quality of these goods. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find plastic packaging, the quality of which could be beyond any doubts nowadays. This is because there are many unconscientious retailers who wish to save money producing plastic packaging of poor quality that may negatively affect the products one will store there. With this problem will not be pressing anymore! Launched Easy-to-Embed Currency Exchange Rate Widget for Webmasters, an online forex trading news portal that caters to FX trading investors, recently came up with a widget that can be easily embedded in any website. The owners claimed that the widget that they have designed for the web will show exchange rates of all top currencies in real time. They added that the currency widget is free to use and webmasters and developers can easily embed the HTML code on their websites. They also added that potential investors can use the online currency converter on their website to check exchange rates of different currencies in real time.

Acquisto Camper Offers Speedy Payment Solutions to Motor Home Owners

It has been said that one of the most preferred solutions for those of the individuals who are looking to sell their motor home is to get the agreed amount immediately. With the decline in the economy, there has been a marked increase in the purchase of motor homes.

Design Lovers Get a New Online Information Resource

LogoAfter analyzing the World Wide Web and discovering a shortage of information on design, in an effort to increase its web presence and provide something of value to its avid fans, softerDreams launched a new online information resource for design lovers. This resource is called DesignsAuthority located at

Windows 7 Games Releases Big New Batch of Casual PC and Mac Games for Download

Windows 7 Games released a generous new round of casual games for download at With all of the Windows 7 games offering free demo time of 60 minutes or more, visitors can spend many hours engrossed in everything from intense mahjong matches to physics-based puzzles and spooky adventures. Windows 7 Games is a leading destination for those who love fun in digital form, offering visitors the best casual PC and Mac games for trial and purchase.

Earth Paths Launches Their New Website

LogoEarth Paths successfully launches their new website. The company is very pleased and happy to offer their valued clients with their top quality services that no one can beat. The services they offer include search engine optimization, content writing, apps and games development, responsive web design, social media design, stationery design, brochure design, animated video, website development, website design, communications, creative designs, digital marketing and logo design.

Watzin Becomes the Best Ceramic Tableware & Kitchenware Wholesaler & Manufacturer in China

LogoWatzin Ceramic, one of the market leaders in the field of ceramic tableware and kitchenware, is proud to announce their substantial growth and the company's aim to reach number in the industry. Since early 2006, the company's management team, led by the Mr. Douglas Wei, the company's CEO, strived to bring high quality and service to the public.

Creators of Zhontor Language Technology Launch IndieGoGo Campaign for Startup Funds

LogoWith more than 100 different major languages around the world, readers often find language an obstacle to reading important works of literature.  Current translation costs are prohibitive, so the creators of Zhontor have found a way to lower those costs and make more literature available to people throughout the world.  The creators of Zhontor have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to launch this new platform and make great works of literature available throughout the world.

Truck1 Makes It Possible to Trade Used Trucks All over the World

LogoBuying or selling a truck may become a challenging and tiresome process, which will take both time and effort. This is especially true if this is the first deal a person makes in life. With Truck1, this will not be a problem anymore, because the company has years of experience in this business.

New Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Documentary Film in Time of Flood

Independent filmmaker Hany Yousry and his team have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 to create their documentary film, In Time Of Flood. The documentary film is about the world's most ancient culture. The funding campaign has been launched on the Indiegogo platform.

Daily Vocab English Language Resource Made English Learning Easy for Students and Learners

For travelers, tourists and students it is not easy to learn language quickly. The need of language is basic in any country. Especially students find it hard to communicate with other people when they travel abroad. There are many resources offered online that help translate language but it is easier to learn from basic to complex levels of the language using the language support function that provides help in understanding different phrases, words and the sentences. The learners are then able to use these different words and phrases into sentences and be able to communicate easily. Helps People Create Meaningful Relationships with Others in No Time

It has become increasingly difficult to find a person that is like minded. Cogxio allows their clients to connect with such people online so that they can get to know more about each other. Once a person registers on, he or she can browse for a person who is online nearby and choose to talk or meet with them. It is a convenient platform that helps people in interacting with others as they take care of arranging meetings as well.