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E Fitness Hub Introduces More Advertising Space to Its Popular Platform

LogoFor an affordable price, businesses can enjoy considerable exposure through ads strategically placed in the most viewed areas of This new service is being launched at a time when the network is expanding rapidly, giving adventurers prime opportunities to tap into the benefits of this growth.

When in Need Foundation Embarks on Mission of Mercy Tour

LogoThe When In Need Foundation has been busy at work embarking on its Mission of Mercy (M.O.M) Tour. The Mission of Mercy Tour is a global outreach program of the non-profit organization that aims to assist individuals in need around the world with basic amenities such as supplies, food, healthcare and medical items, and educational resources. The foundation works to support orphanages, schools and hostels that function to help those less fortunate from all areas of the globe by providing them with the resources they need. Donations that are made to the When In Need Foundation help the organization to achieve the efforts of their Mission of Mercy Tour.

Capsicum Group, LLC Welcomes Bill Smead and Maritza Chang

Capsicum Group, LLC, a technology consulting firm specializing in digital forensics, cybersecurity, and e-discovery, is proud to announce the recent hire of Senior Consultants Bill Smead and Maritza Chang. The addition of Smead and Chang to the team propels Capsicum Group, LLC further towards the cutting edge of solving high-tech issues for its clients.

Diamond Herpanacine of PA Offers Natural Psoriasis Treatment

Diamond Herpanacine of PA, a manufacturer of natural supplements, has been the go-to source for natural supplement healing since creating its first formula in the 1990. Twenty five years later, that formula, Herpanacine Skin Support, is still on the market. Millions of patients who suffer from psoriasis and other embarrassing, painful skin conditions like rosacea and eczema depend on Dr. Wayne Diamond's Herpanacine Skin Support to treat their symptoms and attain clear, healthy, outbreak free skin.

LISSA the Shop Announces Perfect Summer Additions to FLAX Clothing Line

LogoWith the eclectic summer weather, closets can sometimes look a bit bipolar. Consumers want lightweight fabrics in cool colors, but can't depend on only short sleeves and shorts to get them through the season. Summer temperatures can fluctuate greatly, from bright and hot to cold and overcast, and everything in between. That's why LISSA the shop recommends multi-functional clothing that can be layered, and why the FLAX clothing line's new summer essentials are so perfect for the season.

Cooper Mechanical Urges Asthma Sufferers to Take Action This Summer

Summer is a particularly hazardous time for asthma sufferers, as pollen levels rise and the air quality index plummets. 26 million Americans suffer from asthma, not to mention other serious respiratory diseases like COPD. Worsening asthma in the summer is due in part to indoor air pollution, which is one of the top five risks to public health, according to the EPA. However, homeowners can protect themselves this summer by installing an air purification and filtration system from Cooper Mechanical. Offering Guidelines, News About IMSU Post-UTME Dates and Scores

LogoCandidates for university looking to sign up to sit their IMSU Post-UTME dates or to find out their Post-UTME results are often confused by the information found online. Checking individual websites for testing dates or results postings can be time-consuming, and yet missing a deadline for sign-ups can result in a missed opportunity to sit the exam. Now,, an online resource for students, professionals and those looking to advance their careers, announces that it will be posting the dates of test sittings, as well as the dates of the release of results, in order for future university students to stay on top of this important information.

Stop Group Offers Cost Effective Solution for Addictions and Other Emotional Issues in the UK

LogoStop Group is offering reliable and affordable services to help resolve addictions as well as other emotional issues for UK patients. With more than 20 years of industry experience, the group continues to provide innovative approach in order to effectively help people deal with such problems.

Betlyn Social Network Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Development Funds

LogoBetlyn in an app that is appropriate for all ages and types of people and allows users to meet others in new, original and funny ways while earning awards.  "Betlyn" is a combination of the words PLAY + BET + LIE + WIN and is an innovative application that appeals equally to the young and to adults.  Now, the creators of this app have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding for the development and implementation of this innovative application.

Creator of Smartnanny Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoSmartnanny® is the world's first intelligent solution designed to simulate the work of a real nanny and help families take the best possible care of their infants.  This baby care personal assistant can help new families with babies who cry excessively to improve their infant care.  Now, the creator of Smartnanny® has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of this useful and unique product.

Job Logic Announces a 30 Day Free Trial for New Clients

Job Logic is offering a 30 day free trial for new clients, so every company can learn the benefits of their service management software. This program functions to bring jobs, quotes, invoices and purchases together in one system, allowing companies to connect their customers, mobile engineers and back office. Companies find they can organise their business with the use of this field service management software and save time while doing so.

Revealing the Prospects for Real Wood Engineered Flooring in the UK Market

Real Wood Engineered Flooring: Resilient, Reliable, Robust

The Next Generation of Google Street View Is Here

Google Street View is a feature that has time and again proven to be an excellent tool to explore new places to feed one's research whether it is for planning a travel to an exotic location or simply checking out a new neighborhood.

Plan a Wedding That Is Grand and Beautiful with Gavin Rajah Concept

Organisation of events is not at all an easy task. It requires certain skills and experience. One should really know the basic requirements of organising a successful event. A wedding in Cape Town is next to a dream come true.

Fab-Straps Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoFab-Straps are the newest accessories for watches and come in a wide range of colors and styles.  Both leather and cotton Fab-Straps are available, and wearers can choose from a wide variety of types as well as mix and max the straps to create unique, fashionable combinations.  Now, the creator of this interesting accessory has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production of Fab-Straps.

Rooftapps Studios Is Proud to Announce the Release of Their New Mobile Game, MC LINE

Rooftapps Studios, the new independent mobile gaming studio, is pleased to announce the release of their stunning new action game, Mc Line. Though the game has only been available for a short period of time, it is already a hit in many different countries around the world.

IndieGoGo Campaign Seeks Help for Christian Refugees from Syria and Iraq

LogoFather Paul Bielecki OFM Cap, missionary and PhD candidate, is following humanitarian crisis in Lebanon where there has been an influx of more than 1.5 million  Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq.  "This number represents one refugee for every three people already in Lebanon," says Father Paul.  "International organizations and local government officials describe the impact of the refugee crisis on the country as 'disastrous' because of fierce competition for jobs, inflation of food prices and rental costs, a slowing economy and growing needs that have overwhelmed social services, infrastructure and government resources."

Upaya Yoga Has New Location in North Goa - Riva Beach Resort Is One of the Best for Yoga in Goa

Goa has an all new Yoga Teacher Training School, Upaya Yoga. Situated in North Goa this school is a traditional Yoga Centre that was introduced by Yogi Krishna Sharma in 2013. The school is certified by Yoga Alliance USA and offers Teacher Training Courses by the finest gurus who have mastered the practice and have devoted their lives to yoga.

Exotic India - A Platform to Purchase Dynasty-Green Paithani Sari at Competitive Rates

With a motive to make India's famed arts, crafts and spiritual depth accessible to all, Exotic India brings together people who love India. The company has been in operation since 1998 and is known for offering their customers with quality product range sourced from various parts of India. India arts and craft lovers can find gold and sterling silver jewellery, paintings from India and Nepal, sculptures, beads and carefully selected herbal health and beauty products. The company is selling dynasty-green paithani sari at competitive rates to buyers.

Bitcoin Trading Made Easy with Coinbox

A marketplace dedicated to bitcoin trading is now open for interested Malaysian traders. Coinbox Biz allows free buying and selling of bitcoin in their exclusive and secure marketplace. This feature aims to attract more Malaysians to explore bitcoins as one of their sources of extra income.

Instathreds T-Shirt Factory Announces New Featured Designs

Instathreds T-Shirt Factory announces the release of new featured designs, including mini super heroes and Star Wars designs. With numerous styles to select from, every individual will be able to find a shirt they love to wear on a regular basis. Thanks to a move to a bigger location, the company will now be able to better serve clients and provide them with more support and faster online order turnaround times.

Focus Martial Arts Centre Shares Practical Instructions About Preparing for Child's First Kids Karate Class in New Article

Focus Martial Arts Centre has recently published an informative article which shares top advice about preparing for a child's first kids karate class. The new article is essentially a guide written by the centre's karate instructors to help parents to keep their children revved up and motivated about their first kid's karate class. The tips shared talk about the importance of selecting the correct class led by an experienced and certifies karate teacher, building enthusiasm and the dressing right for the first class at Focus Martial Arts Centre.

Focus Martial Arts Centre Article Share Insights on How Karate Lessons Help Kids Stand Up to Bullies

Bullying is becoming a growing problem which many kids have to deal with at school. Brisbane Karate school, Focus Martial Arts Centre has recently shared an article investigating how Karate lessons can help kids defend themselves against bullies. Healthy activities and sports such as martial arts training provide good character building tools. Such activities teach children valuable lessons in self-discipline, building strength and leading a healthy lifestyle, and give the children a boost in confidence which may help kids stand up to bullies. Focus Martial Arts offer structured Karate lessons in Brisbane for kids of all ages.

Voodoo Creative Reports Graphics Can Increase a Company's Conversion Rate

Voodoo Creative announces graphics can increase a company's conversion rate and turn casual visitors into clients. Image selection plays a large role in Graphic Design Melbourne, however, so one must choose these graphics carefully. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, therefore one must be sure the image is providing the correct information and portraying the right image.

Instructo Announces Launch Offering a Platform to Find Local Tutors and Trainers in a Wide Range of Categories

LogoThere's little doubt connecting with the right tutor can be immensely valuable to a student.  Finding just this kind of tutor or trainer can be sped up dramatically with access to the right kind of resource. Victoria Park, Western Australia-based Instructo recently announced their launch offering just this kind of tool.  Instructo is a marketplace where tutors and trainers can post their listings and offer their services making connections with students seeking instruction.  It's completely free for both students looking for tutors to use, and for tutors and trainers themselves to post ads.

Airport Parking Experts Offer Advice to Greece Holidaymakers

A leading airport parking company that helps holidaymakers save money on airport parking through their comparison tool has issued new advice for people heading to Greece. has put together advice, tips and answers to the most common questions they have been asked.

Individuals Can Now Get Pre-Engraved Bracelets from My Identity Doctor to Celebrate UV Safety Month

The harmful UV rays from the sun causes many serious complications besides skin cancer like eye problems, age spots, wrinkles, weakened immune system and many more. Keeping this in mind, My Identity Doctor now offers Pre-Engraved Bracelets to its patients for celebrating UV Safety month. The company provides superior quality engraving that shows up in a bold black font for all their ID bracelets. This black engraving increases the visibility of the patient's vital medical information for doctors.