Latest Press Releases Discusses the Mounting Popularity of Rustic Furniture in the Latest Trends of Interior Design

LogoMany people are getting excited in every new trend coming up in the market. People love to keep up with the latest home decorating trends, to keep their home updated with the latest in-demand look of the house and always in track with what's new and outdated idea. Creating a perfect look for the home can be done easily with the help of television, magazines and Internet. For many, the best style and look of the house that provides classic beauty is the lodge and cabin decorating style that is so versatile that any type of elements can be added and still able to produce a uniquely structured design that can be loved by many.

Perfect Practice to Attend NARCA 2015 Conference

LogoPerfect Practice®, an industry leader in debt collection software will showcase its products at the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) Conference at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC, October 14-17, 2015.

Top 10 SEO in Sydney Launches Affordable SEO Packages to Help Small Business Owners Achieve Online Exposure

A leading Sydney SEO company has today announced they have launched an affordable Search Engine Optimization package to help local businesses in Sydney increase their online exposure. The SEO package helps improve the website ranking in Google and other popular search engines.

New Bestseller Cancer: From Tears to Triumph, Where Cancer Patients, Medical Professionals and Caregivers Come Together to Provide Hope

Cancer is a Global Epidemic! Global cancer cases are predicted to reach 26.4 million a year by 2030. In 2013, there were over 7.5 Million. (State of Oncology 2013 Report)

Herpes Vaccine in Phase 2 Progresses According to Plan; CBCD Reviews a Study

Logo"Infected with a herpes virus? The CBCD recommends taking Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin." - Greg Bennett, CBCD

Domijump Trampolines Endorsed by Multinational Retail Stores

Domijump, a popular manufacturers and supplier trampoline equipment has been endorsed by the top brand retail stores in the world. These include Auchan, Correfour and Walmart among other reputable international retail stores. This was announced by Mr. Weng who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Deluxe Rugs N Carpets Announces the Online Release of Australia's Finest Range of Handcrafted Rugs

Deluxe Rugs N Carpets, Australia, introduces a new premier rug collection which focuses on innovative designs, natural fibres, daring patterns, and contemporary colours. Made from the finest quality New Zealand wool, these rugs are eco-friendly, easy to care for, and available in a choice of striking shades and captivating designs to delight every decor.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Is Associated with the Latent EBV; the CBCD Examines the Medical Evidence

Logo"Infected with the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)? The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD), which tested the formula of Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin in two post-marketing clinical studies, recommends taking this natural antiviral supplement." – Greg Bennett, CBCD

Marketing of America Announces Distrowire as a New Client

Marketing Of America has announced that they are now working with Distrowire an online business that specializes in fiber optic cables. Marketing Of America and Distrowire carefully chose to work together. They found that their values where aligned and that they both envisioned the same type of quality and ethical work that was needed to help Distrowire grow online.

International Cricket Council (ICC) Invites CricClubs to Participate in USA Cricket Development Strategy

CricClubs, an online cricket tournament management platform, continues to make significant strides towards its contribution to Cricket in United States of America. Saturday, Aug 29th 2015 marks a big day for CricClubs. Not only that CricClubs was identified as a key stakeholder for Cricket in the USA and invited to strategy discussions for cricket development in ISA, ICC CEO Mr. David Richardson, ICC Head of Global Development Mr. Tim Anderson and other ICC's USA Local Advisory Group Leaders were all very excited to learn about CricClubs and the efforts and contributions CricClubs made to the development of cricket in USA. ICC was pleasantly surprised to learn that CricClubs provides technology solutions to over 300 leagues and 25,000 players out of which 170+ leagues and 16000+ players are right here in the USA. CricClubs was clearly the leader in providing league management platform and technology solutions to majority of the leagues in the USA.

Tiller Media Group of Des Moines Celebrates Eight Successful Years in Business

Tiller Media Group, one of the state's top video, web, and marketing agencies, is celebrating eight years of providing top-quality services to clients in the Des Moines area and beyond. Since the company was established by CEO Steve Hudspeth in 2007, it has amassed a strong record of raising the profiles of local businesses and other organizations with a full array of digital design, production, and marketing services. Those interested in learning more about what the Tiller Media Group has to offer can do so at the company's website or by following it on Facebook.

Safe Investment Strategies Launches New Guide to Safely Investing $100k or More

Safe Investment Strategies published a new, free guide aimed at those looking for safe places to invest sums of $100,000 or more. As so many investors today are faced with needing to roll over retirement accounts even while uncertainty plagues the equities and stock markets, finding secure alternatives is more important than ever. The new Safe Investment Strategies guide, available now at, explores an increasingly popular choice in the form of precious-metals-backed IRAs and related investment options. Forecasts the Emerging Dental Imaging Market and Its Unstoppable Popularity in the Dental Industry

LogoWith the ever-changing advancement in the technology, new trends and inventions in all industries is now a common occurrence and dental industry is not exempted. In every passing year, there comes up new challenges in the dentistry industry as well as solutions. If one is associated in dentistry, finding the latest trend that will not only improve one's professional knowledge but its ability to produce a reliable findings especially in the dental health of a person. Latest trends and innovation in the world of dentistry helps in improving the patient's experience and reduce the overtime misconception of people whenever dentistry is concerned. The new advancement of technology for dental laboratory provides professionals new ideas and techniques in improving the probable treatments methods.

Outsourced Compliance Services for Small Manufacturers Utilize US Compliance Corp

Outsourced compliance services for small manufacturers often utilize U.S. Compliance Corp. U.S. Compliance Corp handles OSHA and EPA compliance for manufacturers and other regulated companies. U.S. Compliance Corp creates, implements, and maintains all necessary programs, training, and permits required by manufacturing facilities.

PHILANTHROPY: Alopecia Awareness Theme Song Set's Sail

Music is a great way to connect with people and spread positive message while raising an awareness about the issues affecting humans throughout various walks of life. One Arlington doctor has boldly gone where no one has before, taking her message across the ocean and into the hearts of many. Dr. Linda Amerson has officially released the "Cruise With a Purpose" theme song, a sprightly and funky mix that highlights her annual awareness cruise that travels to exotic islands & lakes while educating and enlightening attendees on the effects of Alopecia, a condition in which those affected suffer hair loss from the scalp. The condition can present itself at any time and can affect people of all ages. Dr. Amerson has created a unique opportunity to reach out to those affected by providing a meaningful moment of relaxation and reflection.

LeddarTech Partnership with AutonomouStuff Focus on Unmanned Automotive Technologies at Robobusiness

LeddarTech, maker of the patented, leading-edge Leddar sensing technology, will be exhibiting with AutonomouStuff at the upcoming Robobusiness show from September 23-24 in San Jose Convention Center, CA. LeddarTech and AutonomouStuff will share booth #301. The focus of the exhibit is sensors for automated vehicles/robots including collision avoidance, unmanned guidance, assisted driving, and machine safety.

Credit Repair Sacramento Launches to Help Californians Eliminate Bad Credit in Record Time

Bad credit is everywhere in the modern developed world, and much of it has been as a result of loans that arguably should never have been extended to people in the first place, with reckless lending causing the financial meltdown of 2007. People still struggling with that legacy today are frantically looking for a way to improve their credit score so they can once again be eligible for responsible financing options. Sacramento Credit Repair will offer the people of California a real opportunity at doing just that, with their new credit repair services. Announces New Performance Parts in Stock for Ford Trucks

Ford truck owners looking to enhance their vehicle to make it uniquely their own need high-quality performance parts from a reputable source. The premier auto performance parts retailer,, specializes in offering affordable vehicle enhancements for Ford vehicles that can be purchased from their online store. The company is pleased to introduce their new large selection of performance parts for Ford model trucks. Drivers of the Ford F-150 5.0L, the Ford F-150 EcoBoost and the Ford Raptor can acquire topnotch performance parts for their ride at

Mobidonia Updates App Developer with Shopify Synch for All Apps, Making Sales Easier Than Ever

4G and other high speed mobile internet services are changing the way we use our mobile devices, which in turn is changing the way business is done on the internet. Already more than two thirds of initial inquires are made online via cell phones, and an increasing number of purchases are being made that way too. Mobidonia is committed to helping businesses make mobile device sales a reality by enabling them to create amazing apps from scratch with no knowledge of coding. They have just introduced a new feature to integrate Shopify into any app.

SportsFYLE, LLC Announces: The Branded Community & the Next Big Thing?: Eric Hays, Chicago

Staying on top of trends and what's the "next big thing" in the online world can be very valuable for both people in marketing as well as forward thinking businesses. Experts generally agree, one of the areas that becomes more interesting every day is the branded community, where members and visitors gather around a niche subject – like a favorite sport – and engage socially. This presents unique targeted marketing opportunities and much more for entrepreneurs looking to perform their best. The Branded Community recently announced the launch of their new website that promotes information about branded niche communities from experts in the industry.

Body Fitness Expert Explores How Men Can Regrow Hair Naturally

Body Fitness Expert founder, Hugo Leveille, provides people with information and tips on a comprehensive array of health and fitness concerns and the most recent topic the site tackled is how to regrow hair naturally. Leveille provides news about technological advances, relevant, and current health-related topics for people of all ages.

GTA 5 Gamers Raving over GTA v Cheats to Make the Game More Exciting

Grand Theft Auto video game has never been more exciting when GTA V cheats were introduced to the market. This is created by its game developer; Rockstar Games to offer GTA 5 fanatics a new level of gaming experience. With combination of codes, the main character will have the option to blow off NPCs limbs, spawn vehicles, enjoy invincibility and spawn weapons. Cheats can also change the main character to NPC, invoke "big head mode", change the characters' colors and replace one's weapon with other objects. Hence, instead of staying on the same level, the game becomes more exciting as gamers get to the next level with less effort. Thanks to GTA V Cheats!

How to Start a Blog Online Publishes 34 Reasons Why People and Businesses Should Get Blogging

There is a saying in the online community that Content Is King. This means that both people and search engine algorithms respond best to websites that have volumes of information. When this information is made accessible, easy to read and even entertaining, bloggers have managed to become financially independent off the back of their work. How To Start A Blog is a website that helps people take their first steps on that journey, and has just published a new editorial not on how, but on why, people should start blogging.

Get Treated for Complex Lung and Airway Problems with Interventional Pulmonary Services from Critical Care

LogoLung or airway problems like asthma, COPD or tuberculosis can be fatal if neglected. Being an intrinsic part of the human body, lungs require the utmost care for ensuring they are functioning properly. To help lung patients get the best medical assistance, Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Associates is providing Interventional Pulmonary services at the industry's best price range. Utilizing cutting edge technology tools, the quality care services that they provide are capable of treating complex lung and airway problems of individuals. Lung patients seeking a reliable health care center can rely on the services being offered by Critical Care Doctors in Denver.

Get Backyard Landscaping Water Features at Unbeatable Prices from Rock Solid Landscapes

LogoEvery homeowner wishes to have an extravagant, perfectly landscaped outdoor garden. Gardens are one of the favorite places in a house where everyone can sit and relax and breath-in fresh air. However outdoor gardens are considered incomplete without the presence of an exquisite water feature. Whether it is a small chain, waterfall, or a fountain, a backyard water feature surely adds personality and aesthetic value to any garden. In this respect, Rock Solid Landscapes is providing Backyard Landscaping Water Features to its customers at unbeatable prices. Those who are looking for a dream outdoor area can trust on them for creating an excellent water feature which is just apt for their needs.

CEO Rick Taylor Seeks Funding via FundRazr for the Expansion of Endeavour Holdings

LogoEndeavour Holdings INC is a financial services company that operates in the North Brevard County area. A multi-faceted organization, Endeavour Holdings is actively involved in multiple markets including finance, housing, and credit repair. In the last five years, the company has helped hundreds of people improve their credit scores. They also offer mortgages to the people that are usually passed up.

ImageFIRST New York Associates Donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital

At ImageFIRST, a healthcare laundry services provider with 36 locations nationwide, the company's ultimate goal is to be the cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction. With associates, communities, customers and their patients at the heart of their stated purposed, ImageFIRST has established itself as a leader in its industry in large part due to its commitment to providing personable, reliable and remarkable services. Along with their customer-first approach, ImageFIRST understands the importance of being involved in the communities where their employees and clients live and work, and provides myriad volunteer and donation opportunities to all its associates. This June at ImageFIRST New York, employees showed their commitment to their communities by donating $4,138 to St. Jude's Hospital.