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Dr. Kelly Turner, Author of "Radical Remission" to Appear on Cella's Chat on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Dr. Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission and founder of the Radical Remission Project, will join Cella Zappia, host of Cella’s Chat radio program on the VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness Channel ( Thursday, May 1st at 1 p.m. Pacific Time and 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Charlotte Carpet Cleaners Is Now Offering Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in NC Area

Carpet Cleaner Charlotte NC is now offering NC Charlotte Carpet Cleaners with their advanced and highly professional staff. They have designed their carpet cleaning service in such a way that it is bound to bring new life to dull, old carpets. Customers can now get reliable and effective carpet cleaners for their old, lifeless carpets. There’s no need to replace your old carpet with a new one, let the best Carpet Cleaner in Charlotte NC help you bring out the life in your old carpet.

VestaTrader Now Delivers Daily Live Update of Stock Exchange News in New York & London

VestaTrader now delivers daily update of stock exchange news from New York and London. The growing popularity of the forex market has made VestaTrader launch more advanced and sophisticated means of trading. It brings the latest New York & London exchange stock market news. The stock market is changing its pace with every passing minute. Within minutes, a stock can fluctuate many times. VestaTrader brings all kinds of information which are pertaining to the stock market to the traders and investors.

Great Capabilities for Zen Cart to WooCommerce Migration

Cart2Cart, an automated service for migration of store data, gives a possibility to move from Zen Cart to WooCommerce with a list of benefits. There is no store downtime while migration and a unique chance to insure the transfer. Also, busy e-merchants will able to use one of Support Service Package to save their time.

Swiss Designer Jean-Marc Salemi Looks to Raise $75,000 via Indiegogo to Start the Production of HOOT WATCHES.

LogoHOOT WATCHES will bring together a unique set of quality and design with a DNA based on Swiss know-how, resulting in an affordable luxury product. A thorough analysis of the market shows that entry-level watch quality is often neglected. On the other hand, the quality of high-end luxury watches is irrefutable, yet inaccessible. Jean-Marc Salemi’s objective is thus to offer a design that is both appealing and made of the same high-end materials as those used by luxurious brands. Poised for a Slice of Online Shopping in Kenya

DONTEVA ventures (K) Limited has announced the company is launching a new website that will be dealing solely with online shopping in Kenya. Unlike other websites in Kenya that offer similar service, is different since it will offer anyone willing to sell items an avenue not only to list their products but also accept payments online. This is something new as it now brings services offered by the big online stores like ebay and amazon to Kenyans.

PhFlower Prepares for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day will always be associated with flowers. That’s because women and flowers are literally inseparable. They always admire the natural and simple beauty of flowers and are always happy to receive them.

ProfitF - New Website About Forex and Binary Options

LogoProfitF, the leading provider of information to forex brokers and binary options broker, has added new features and categories to make information more accessible to the consumer/trader.

Vivi's Chinese Interpreters and Translation Has Launched Chinese Translation Service

Chinese is one of the most complex languages on earth, and uses completely different grammatical and phonetic rules to many European languages. Most starkly contrasting is the use of inflection to change meaning, which confounds many foreigners, and that’s before one begins to look at the pictographic writing. This means that with China’s economic explosion, demand for high quality, specialist translators has soared, and Vivi Translation has launched to codify a unit of expert translators into one of the most influential teams in China.

Mirach Metallurgy Presents Its Various Services in the Field of Metallurgy

Metallurgy is a field which requires high degree of technical abilities and expertise to make sure that both manufacture and transfer of goods takes place in the right manner. In China, Mirach Metallurgy Co. Limited. has been working as a state-controlled, joint-ownership enterprise. Since 2010 the company has transformed itself to meet the requirements of the overseas metallurgy markets. It is now a full exclusive subsidiary corporation which specializes in supplying tinplate, aluminium coil and stainless steel. In the period between 2010 and 2012 the company has dealt with these three kinds of metal exports which totalled up to 85.4, 211.9 and 396.5 million USD.

Quality and Price Explanation of iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen Digitizer from Ecever

LogoAre you running a cellphone repair shop or reselling replacement parts for cellphones? Have you ever bought iPhone 4/4S LCD Screen from China for your repair business? You may answer yes! First thing you should know is the quality grade. Maybe you find a good supplier who is providing you good quality lcd screen. But today, a professional iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen supplier called ecever would tell you more details about the Different Quality and Price for iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen Digitizer from Whole China. This will help you to choose good quality products to avoid any disappointing experience in future.

Bon Bon Boutique Expands from Facebook Home to Official Web Presence

Since Facebook became a publicly traded company, much of the back-end emphasis has been on creating an infrastructure that can support businesses making money from the social network. While falling share prices suggest the development has been slow, there have been exceptions. One example is Bon Bon Boutique, a Malaysian women’s fashion outfitter that was once Facebook exclusive. The company has grown so successful through its social media integration that it now requires its own dedicated e-commerce site to cope with the amount of business, allowing them to expand their ranges even further.

New Home-Use Device Detects Early Signs of Skin Cancer

LogoSkin cancer, the most common form of the disease, affects one in five Americans. The best remedy for all types of skin cancer – including melanoma – is early detection, which is usually done by in a dermatologist’s office.

New Android App Launched: RAM Booster to Help Clean the RAM of Android Phone

New android app has been launched in the market to help people clean the RAM of their Android device. The Ram Booster is made with advanced features, making cleaning and maintaining Android device’s Ram easy and hassle-free.

AC Repairing in Kolkata with Voltas AC Service, Whirlpool AC Service and Blue Star Service

AC repairing in Kolkata has become more and more easy with the A1 service Kolkata. AC repairing services in Kolkata is perfectly handled by them. Air-conditioning unit adds comfort when temperature rises high in summer time and reaches below freezing reason for winter. Today there's almost not building is available without Air conditioning machine. People depend for their own air-conditioners for comfort however they forget to provide their machines proper attention and care. It's learnt that individuals delay maintenance their Air conditioning machines for strange reasons. It appears they find air-conditioning service a pointless expenditure. Also they call non-professionals that are prepared to work on low cost for AC repair. This really is injustice towards the machine that can take proper care of your comfort under all climate conditions.

Fibica Offering Discount of $64 on Shimano Deore M610 Medium Groupset

Fibica is offering a discount of USD $64 on the 2014 version of Shimano Deore M610 Medium Groupset (10 speed). The product was earlier priced at $339.99, but now can be bought from the company at only $275.99. The package includes a crank, rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifters, cassette and chains.

Regalo Manila Created Mother's Day Suggested Items Video

In preparation for Mother’s Day, Regalo Manila had extended their suggested gift items campaign with a video. While this video has not yet been released on the Internet, it is now exclusively distributed among their clients.

PhilFastFood's Party Food Packages Are Ready for Delivery on Mother's Day

PhilFastFood is now getting its team ready for the influx of orders that will surely come on Mother’s Day. Now acting as one of the leading online gift shops that send Mother’s Day food to the Philippines, PhilFastFood is now making it a point to get ready in time for the big event.

New Mother's Day Items Going to Be Released in Regalo Manila

It seems that the preparations for Mother’s Day are still not done in Regalo Manila. After releasing their Mother’s Day gift suggestions along with their viral video, they are now thinking of adding new gift items in their Mother’ Day category.

Green Forest Timber Launches Special Offers on Environmentally Garden Furniture in NSW

Timber is used for a huge range of construction applications, and Bangkirai, Merbau and Balau wood are of a particular robustness and quality that makes them ideal for decking and flooring as well as for timber frame construction. Green Forest Timber is a company that reclaims the off-cuts of these woods from industrial use and reconstitutes them into high quality outdoor merbau decking, floors, flower beds and more. The company has now launched a series of special offers that will be varied monthly so people can get even better deals on transforming their outdoor spaces.

Stainless Motors, Inc. Welcomes Manufacturing Methods Engineer

LogoStainless Motors, Inc. is proud to announce and welcome Marcos Gulin as the Company’s Manufacturing Methods Engineer. Gulin will be responsible for developing and implementing methods and tooling for the production of our stainless motors and gearmotors. His machining and extensive tooling knowledge makes him a perfect fit for this new position. He joins the Stainless Motors’ team from a local steel fabrication company.

Top 3 Tips for How to Write a Movie Script Hollywood Will Buy

LogoWriting a movie script is hard work, but writing a script that Hollywood will actually buy can seem like a Herculean feat to the aspiring screenwriter. ScriptBully Magazine Editor Michael Rogan is convinced he can help make the task a lot easier. He shares three tips that have helped him succeed in the YouTube video blog How to Write a Movie Script That Hollywood Will Buy.

GWC Valve International's Tip Sheet to Choosing Valves for a Wide Range of Industry Applications

LogoGWC Valve International,, is one of the leading global valve manufacturing companies to a range of industries. Through an exceptional level of customer service, they have provided satisfaction for clients throughout the oil and gas, chemical, power, petrochemical, marine industries and more.

Big Vision SEO Launches Proven SEO Services Now with No Fixed Term Contracts

Search Engine Optimisation has rapidly grown to become one of the most important elements of business strategy, responsible for defining how easily a company is associated with its products and services in the minds of consumers. Many Search Engine Optimisation companies however take advantage of this strategic importance to lock businesses into long term contracts that mean they are no longer motivated to create results quickly. Big Vision SEO do things differently, offering a new rolling month by month contract to businesses.

Modern Art Framing Launches New Finishes for Their 21st Century Framing and Picture Service

When it comes to modern photography, people tend to expect to see their images on Facebook rather than on the wall of their home- traditional hung frames seem more like a thing for classical art. However, with kitsch and hipster design aesthetics becoming ever more popular, the idea of putting an Instagram image in a frame is becoming increasingly popular. Modern Art Framing in Australia is one of the first companies to offer such a service, which has incidentally made getting traditional art easier than ever in the process, and could revolutionize the way in which people decorate their walls. They have recently extended their range of image finishes and frames.

Miro Jewelers Offers Stellar Wedding Engagement Rings at Affordable Prices

LogoMiro Jewelers, an outstanding online store, offers a stellar collection of wedding engagement rings at affordable prices. They are presenting a Venetian-5002R-1 engagement ring from the new Venetian collection, it features 0.30 Ct of Pavã© set round brilliant-cut diamonds to enhance a round diamond center. Now it is simpler to shop engagement rings online, because Miro Jewelers takes pride in fulfilling all their customer’s needs.

Pax House Offers Complete Residential Treatment

LogoPax House, a residential chemical dependency treatment center, offers a complete list of residential treatment to victims of alcohol and substance abuse. With its highly structured treatment programs, the rehabilitation center aims to provide accurate information concerning the disease of addiction and/or alcoholism and how to become committed to a proven method of recovery from this disease.