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The County Hotel Bath in UK Warns the Public About Fake Hotel Reservation Sites and How to Avoid Them

LogoReservation is very important to travelers abroad as this could keep them from the hassle of looking on foot for the best hotels to stay in while on a trip. For this reason, many hotels, motels, apartments and other dwellings that offer permanent shelter to travelers and tourist see to it that they have a live website where prospects could reach them. But recently, as tourist starts to flocks hotel reservation websites, many have ended up getting a reservation from fake hotels which have imposed great threat to many travelers who are looking for reservations online. Today, the public is now wondering whether it is still safe to book reservations online or just go back to the previous way of searching the foreign city for an affordable hotel stay.

Dr. Stanley Braverman Receives the Florida Optometric Association President's Award for 2015

LogoIt gives us great pleasure to announce that Dr. Stanley Braverman, a board-certified ophthalmologist and Director of the Braverman Eye Center has received the Florida Optometric Association President's award for 2015. He got this prestigious award for his clinical excellence in ophthalmology. He has been serving patients in the South Florida community for over thirty years. A graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Stanley Braverman completed his residency in ophthalmology at the Duke University Eye Center. With his immense experience in Ophthalmology, he is also an active medical researcher, the inventor of several eye surgical instruments and has written many articles for medical journals. Dr. Stanley Braverman is currently a manuscript reviewer for two of the most prestigious peer reviewed journals in ophthalmology, the American Journal of Ophthalmology, as well as the Journal of Refractive Surgery.

Ease Beacon Layered Process Audits Featured in Automation Publication

Managers must be able to randomize audits and audit schedules, ensuring complete engagement throughout the organization. Ease Beacon ensures non-conformances are assigned to someone for corrective action and views mitigation activities in real-time. Ease Beacon will help manufacturers realize standard work deviations and create significant savings through process control, thus improving quality and customer satisfaction. Beacon supports all types of audits and methods for quality, safety, and environmental management, including Layered Process Audits (LPAs), ISO compliance, and EHS compliance.

New Trends Becoming Much Popular in Case of the Cosplay Costumes

In the last one decade, the number of individuals using the cosplay costumes has increased to a great extent. At the same time the demand for variation has also increased. It is a new trend for the cosplay costume users to use those costumes that are based on the fictional characters. Be it the adults or the teenagers or even the children, the use of the cartoon characters or the characters from the graphic novels, are preferred by all. At the same time they also consider the issue of fittings. Announces Promotional Sale from August 24 to August 30, 2015 with FREE Shipping for Each Order over $69

Online shoppers can rush to between August 24 and August 30, 2015 to take advantage of their new promotional sale, in which they are offering free shipping for each order over $69. "This exciting announcement from a leading online shopping portal will create a buzz all around the world, and people will come forward to take advantage of the promotional offer," the spokesperson of the company states.

Lifting Heavy Launches Exciting Products

Lifting Heavy, a highly specialized website known to offer valuable information about Fitness, has unveiled a comprehensive range of products that users can benefit from.

Wigmyway Is the Perfect Destination for People Looking for Designer Wigs

Designer wigs are being used for various occasions these days. It is not only limited to bald people as there are huge amount of buyers who like to buy them for getting a stylish appearance that suits the theme of a specific occasion. Before buying the wigs one must make sure that they buy it from a good company that sells good quality wigs. One of those online stores selling quality wigs for a long time is wigmyway.

Overhead Ceiling Lift Systems by Mobility123 Allow for Easy Patient Transfers

LogoTransferring immobilized individuals from one bed to another can be a difficult process for both patient and caretaker alike. A solution that provides for safety, comfort and dignity is a welcome addition to the homes of any individual with limited mobility, and with Mobility123's patient lift systems, caregivers and patients can benefit from automated lifting systems, operated via handhold control units. These convenient and discrete systems, easily stored away on their overhead track, are proven to greatly reduce the risk of injury associated with manual lifting. Mobility123 announces that this summer, it is available to install these systems in the homes of patients in the Cherry Hill and Philadelphia regions. Offering Low Prices for Novelty Pens and Pencils

LogoPens and pencils are already an excellent and time-tested way to spread the word about a business or event. Often left behind at meetings and social settings then used by others who forgot their own, pens and pencils can introduce new clients or participants to a business or cause simply because they needed to write something down! With the eye-catching novelty custom pencils and pens available at affordable pricing through, people are even more likely to pick up a writing utensil emblazoned with a company's name, which could in turn easily lead to new business.

How the Short Wedding Dresses Are Capturing the Market

Just like the change of fashion in any other dresses, the wedding dresses also vary a lot in their presentations. It may so that even 20 to 40years back these wedding dresses were long stretched only. But now, as the days have changed and women have become accustomed wearing the short dresses, they are choosing to have short wedding dresses at the day of wedding. They are preferring the change in their look as well as to look attractive. There are many after marriage parties as well that are held after the wedding ceremony gets over. At that time as well these wedding dresses come to much use.

Kyle Watkins Joins SPAR Retail Merchandising Group as Vice President Business Development

SPAR Group, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandising and other retail merchandising services, today announced that Kyle Watkins has joined the company in the role of VP Business Development for its U.S. operations. Kyle will be responsible for new business targeting key industry growth areas aligned with SPAR's strategic initiatives. Kori Belzer, Chief Operating Officer of SPAR, stated that, "we look forward to having Kyle build relationships that strengthen SPAR's role as a strategic partner and help us deliver solutions that optimize our clients' sales and profitability in a changing retail landscape".

Holdy Realty Team Launches New Website to Promote Properties in North River Shores, Stuart, Florida

North River Shores was established in the mid 1950's and is one the oldest subdivisions in Martin County. The community is located on the banks of the North Fork of the St Lucie River, just a short bike ride across the Old Roosevelt Bridge from the downtown shops and restaurants of the City of Stuart, the "Sailfish Capitol of the World". The Holdy Realty Team at Real Estate of Florida helps people find the best possible properties in this community, and has just launched a North River Shores website to help people look exclusively in this area.

Yogamasti, a UK Based Yoga Apparel Firm Launches in US

Founded in UK, Yogamasti is a top rated yoga apparel firm which is now available in United States as well. This well established firm known for its innovative and catchy designs is looking to further expand its business by penetrating in American market.

Shalimar Family Dentistry Begins Campaign Recommending Back to School Dental Checkups for All Students

Going back to school can be a stressful time for students, as the excess and excitement of summer must be put behind them. The summer takes its toll on dental health, with sugar treats, drinks and ice cream all promoting plaque build-up, tooth decay and more. Going back to school requires confidence, and a great smile can go a long way toward achieving that, making check-ups all the more important. That's why Tempe Dentist Shalimar Family Dentistry is promoting back to school checkups for all students in the local area.

Mackay, Caswell & Callahan Upgrades Rochester Office to Better Help More Businesses Manage Tax

Taxes are an inevitable part of life that everyone has to deal with, but for many businesses and individuals, effectively dealing with them can be the difference between success and failure. Having experienced tax attorneys managing tax issues can make all the difference, and Mackay, Caswell & Callahan has been helping businesses and individuals master their taxes for over fifty years. With offices in Syracuse, Watertown and Utica, the Mackay law firm has now expanded their fourth MCC4Tax Rochester office to better help businesses and individuals in the greater Rochester metro area deal with their tax issues before they become a crippling problem.

Ah Gigs: The World's Marketplace for Artistic and Professional Services Launched

AH Gigs is a newly launched website that has been created to serve the purpose of being a global marketplace for advertising and hiring artistic and professional services. The website hopes to deliver an opportunity for artists and professionals to offer unbeatable value through the work they love and do well, to others who need to get things done for cheaper and more conveniently than ever before. AH Gigs provides a safe and trust-able platform for people to sell and hire gigs online.

Photoplay Studios Creates New Special Offer for Mothers Pregnancy and Newborn Shoots

The journey of motherhood, once begun, is one that never ends. The beginning of that journey is therefore life changing, and giving people the chance to document it is incredibly important. Photoplay Studios specializes in maternity and Newborn Baby Photography in Adelaide, both out on location and in their comfortable studio space. To help new mothers commemorate the creation of a new life, they are offering a special deal for anyone who books both a pregnancy and newborn shoot.

Hamilton Limo Introduces New Fully Equipped Party Bus for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Limousines have always been a hallmark of luxury transportation, and for much of their existence they have offered a classy, understated display of power for the wealthy elite. Now, however, limousines are becoming more commonplace, and are being used by people with a new kind of wealth, power and influence. Known for offering the best limousine service in Hamilton for business and wedding users, Hamilton Limo is now branching out to offer the very best Party Bus Rental in Hamilton, to help people take the party with them wherever they go.

Crowdfunding PR Industry Leader Announces the Premiere of Their Crowdfunding Podcast

LogoCrowdfund Buzz, the world's #1 crowdfunding advertising agency and PR firm is proud to unveil it's first-ever podcast. Their crowdfunding podcast - "Cracking the Code of Crowdfunding" - is designed from the ground up to share useful and actionable information that crowdfunders can immediately apply to help them achieve crowdfunding success.

Natural Amber UK Launches New Website to Promote Baltic Amber Teething Jewellery for Babies

Baltic Amber is said to have the highest intrinsic level of succinic acid in the world, and when the amber is warmed against the skin, this is released by the amber and absorbed by the body, offering a completely natural method of pain relief, especially for small children, for whom the e ffects are potent but never dangerous. Natural Amber UK imports the finest Baltic amber for use in children's jewelry, and has now launched a website to promote their products to wider audiences online.

Diabetes & Chemotherapy Patients Get a Drug-Free Option to Relieve Pain Due to Neuropathy

Cindy is a 46-year-old grandmother and cancer survivor. But she wasn't prepared for what she experienced after she finished her chemotherapy treatments. She describes the pain in her feet as a "10". At other times, a complete loss of sensation meant that if Cindy cut herself, she wouldn't know it until she saw the blood.

PL Online Ventures Unveils New Products

PL Online Ventures, a well known Online Mall has made it possible for users to find different types of products under one roof at reasonable rates. Thus they don't have to go through the hassle of going to malls and dealing with never ending crowds.

Clarke Merchant Services Unveils Payment Solutions

Clarke Merchant Services has launched its effective Payment Solutions that make a lot of sense for business owners, especially those who sell their products and services online.

Easy Home Solutions Launches Expansive Collection

Easy Home Solutions, a renowned name for top quality, innovative School Supplies has come up with a collection that has several exciting options right at users' fingertips.

Psychic Gurus Editor Stephanie Wilcox Comments on Albemarle Psychic Facing Federal Fraud Charges

Psychics, mediums and shaman have been a part of peoples lives since the earliest societies, and their popularity has come in waves over the last hundred years, first in the 1920s and again right now. The problem with this increased popularity is the vulnerability individuals seeking these services have to scammers. is a website that helps people avoid these scams by teaching them what to look for, and has now commented on a case where millions were allegedly stolen by an alleged embezzler posing as a psychic.

Psychological Practice with Med-Free Focus Opens Main Office in Arroyo Grande

Dritsas Psychological Services, a Central Valley Provider of psychotherapy and testing services is moving their main office to Arroyo Grande, from Fresno California with operations starting August 10, 2015. The Fresno office will remain open with the current team of therapists that will continue to serve the Central Valley.

IRA Gold Advisor Publishes New Ultimate Guide to Gold Backed IRA and Precious Metals Investing

Owing to inflation, money becomes less valuable over time. Owing to scarcity, precious metals become more valuable over time. For that reason, especially over the long term, investing money in precious metals is a way to convert capital into a consistently growing asset. IRA Gold Advisor helps people helps people take advantage of this with their retirement accounts, reviewing the many firms that offer Gold IRA services. They have now published an ultimate guide to precious metals investing, to offer people real, actionable advice on how to make the most of this opportunity.