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Verbat Technologies and Enter Into a Strategic Partnership for the UK Market

LogoVerbat Technologies, a Digital Technology Services company today announced a strategic partnership with, a software teams marketplace which allows IT buyers to find, hire and collaborate with best-match vetted software teams around the world.

Picking Perfection Shared MCS Industries Announced $11.1M Expansion in New Mexico

LogoPicking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, shared that MCS Industries, a leading U.S. manufacturer of picture frames, will invest $11.1 million in expanding its warehousing and distribution facility. MCS is an innovative, green manufacturer, that produces wall and poster frames for North America's largest retailers like Walmart, Target, and Michaels.

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Announces New Happy Hour and Late Night Menus

LogoWhen individuals are trying to decide which restaurants at National Harbor have the best happy hour and late night menus, one that should emerge as the winner this summer is Harrington's Pub & Kitchen. In fact, Harrington's Pub & Kitchen is pleased to announce that they are now featuring new Late Night and Happy Hour menus.

Online Property Auction Scotland Launches

National Property Auctions Announces Live Scottish Property Auctions.

Andy Shaw's Personal Development Program Helps 1000s to Achieve Success

Andy Shaw is a UK entrepreneur who made his first fortune from property investment. He later on ended up being bankrupt, but went on to recoup all his losses and more, through publishing his "A Bug Free Mind" program. "A Bug Free Mind" is described as being similar to "The Law of Attraction", and like a program that intends to help the reader develop success in all aspects of their life, including wealth, well being, and self-esteem, simply by altering their mindset to more successful one.

JOB2SEA Emerges as Preferred Recruitment Agency for Maritime Professionals

LogoJOB2SEA became the most sought after Recruitment Agency for Maritime Professionals who are looking forward to expanding their reach and find more opportunities globally. Experts believe that major reasons behind their growing success is due to JOB2SEA's consistency in support and outreach, a strategic marketing approach and a big database.

Smart Tracker 2 Announces Launch of Indiegogo Campaign Offering a Way to Crowdfund the Best Real Time GPS Tracker Ever

The idea of having a universal, reliable, high quality GPS device that can be used on anything from a piece of luggage, to a pet or a person, is something that makes a great many people excited to learn about. Enter Smart Tracker 2, who recently announced the launch of a crowfunding campaign to come to market on Indiegogo.

SEO Expert Maria Johnsen Developed Anti-Defamation Algorithm

Maria Johnsen search engine programmer and SEO expert has developed an algorithm and technique to outrank defamers and their false statements against individuals and businesses.

Enbio Optimising SolarBlack for Client's Copper Components

An ideal radiator rejects as much heat as possible from a body. In space this heat loss occurs by the emittance of infrared radiation. This is quantified by an emissivity value ranging from 0 to 1 with 1 being maximum emittance.

RoboForex Has Announced the Unbelievable Campaign with a Luxurious Tesla Supercar for a Prize-Winner

LogoThis is what the company's experts tell about the campaign: "To join the offer, one should perform trading operations on any account in RoboForex, RoboFX or RoboOption during the period of the offer and receive special prize coupons on the basis of the results achieved. The more coupons you get – the higher your chances to get the unique bonus prize are!"

Venomach Snake Farm Sponsor Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoAnar Hasanov, 26, a young Turkish entrepreneur, has been developing the idea of a snake farm for venom extraction.  Naming the project Venomach™, Hasanov notes that the global demand for snake venom currently excessed the available supply, primarily due to research into anti-venom products.  Hoping to take advantage of this growing and flourishing market, Hasanov has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to develop the idea and to build a working snake farm that produces venom from all types of rare and poisonous snakes.

Koshymedia Music & Recording Studio Releases Sabry Elkoshairy's Mama Song

Koshymedia is ready with their upcoming release – Mama Song dedicated to all mothers around the world. Conceptualized and composed by Sabry Elkoshairy, the music is an eternal piece celebrating the most beautiful relation of a mother and her child.

MIT Skills Offers Advanced Post Graduate Program in Piping Design and Engineering

Choosing the right kind of course is very important for students who wish to have a bright future and fruitful career. To avail top quality higher technical education, MIT Skills is now offering full time advanced Post Graduate piping engineering course in Pune. Established in the year 1994, this is one of the oldest and reputed educational institutions. The course offered by the institute is of six months and focuses on training students on different high-end technical software like PDMS, CEASAR-II and AutoCad. Students holding degree in B.E. Mechanical, Production, Chemical, Marine, Sugar Engineering, Petro-Chemical or a Diploma with an experience of 2-3 years are eligible for this course.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 6,000 Knock Sensor Parts

LogoThere are many components in a vehicle that are so small that they go unnoticed. One particular part that is small, but also has the potential to damage a vehicle's fuel economy, is a knock sensor. When the check engine light is on, there are loud pounding noises coming from the engine, or a driver has trouble accelerating, the cause of these issues could be a malfunctioning knock sensor. If looking for a replacement knock sensor, one place that drivers can turn to is In fact, Parts Geek is now offering over 6,000 knock sensor parts.

MIBU Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Website

LogoGoods made in Italy are often of extremely high quality and reasonably priced, but relatively few Italian companies have the web presence to do business with those in the rest of the world.  Now, MIBU, which stands for "Made in Italy, Brought to You" has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop a website to allow Italian merchants to have an affordable and simple way to make the rest of the world aware of the goods and services they offer.

Vascular PRN's Compression System Offers Effective Treatment for Many Equine Injuries

On May 2, national and worldwide attention focused on Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky., where the Kentucky Derby was contested on its traditional first Saturday in May spot on the calendar. And the beginning of America's Triple Crown series served as a high-profile backdrop to the fact that Vascular PRN's horse compression system is available any time of the year as an all-natural therapy for the treatment of injured horses. Offers Guide to Potential Buyers for Purchasing the Best Turntables has recently launched a buying guide to help people in search of the best turntables to make their best buy. It is very important for a commoner to have an ample knowledge about it before purchasing. And this is the reason why has come up with a comprehensive discussion in order to help the potential buyers.

Avail the Benefits of 3D Scanning Survey Services from Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants

Precise survey data is extremely important to get desired results in infrastructure, construction and development projects. So, to deliver optimum performance, companies can now avail the benefits of 3D scanning survey services provided by Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants. They use high definition 3D digital techniques to gather field information that can be processed quickly for further analysis. The 3D scanning survey results provided by the company are extremely beneficial, as engineers can design directly within the data to ensure the elimination of clashes and interferences.

Apps for PCs Hub Updates with New News and Reviews on Mobile Apps Newly Available for PC

Mobile phones are now incredibly powerful devices capable of running programs that require serious computing power, and many of these programs remain exclusive to the operating systems used by phones. This means that many of the most exciting new software are restricted during PC use, and this is a source of considerable frustration for many users. App For PCs Hub is a website dedicated to finding and sharing the best apps for PC and updating people when PC versions of mobile apps become available. They have just published a whole suite of new content on the latest developments.

Digiarty Launches First-Ever Video Contest Rewarding Top 10 with Cash Prize

LogoDigiarty Software, a famed DVD video software developer, debuts a video making contest on the theme "Create Video for Digiarty – Win Cash". Each contestant is required to create a video about a DVD ripping and copy software program entitled WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and then share the video on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion or other popular video-sharing sites. The contest is open to all people without gender and age restriction such that students and housewives can also take part in. It will last for a whole month, valid from July 1st to July 31st 2015. At the end of the match, Digiarty will single out 10 finalists based on the video views and reward them with cash.

Get an Extensive Collection of Books Online from Read Outlet

Avid readers constantly look out for interesting and meaningful books to enrich themselves. Keeping their interest in mind, Read Outlet, an online Singapore bookstore, enables individuals easy access to a large collection of books over the internet.

Right Car Hire Announces Grand Opening Offering Online Booking of Rental Cars Across the World

While traveling can be both an exciting and fulfilling adventure, setting up all the details can often be a headache. One of the most important is renting a car, or multiple cars, depending on the nature of the trip, an area that's made many people scream over the years. Right Car Hire is a recently launched new online service that intends to get rid of those problems for good. The company offers online booking of rental cars from nearly anywhere across the world, doing their best to facilitate everything from local car rentals all the way to multiple country international car rental needs. The early response to the service has been very enthusiastic.

VPN Streamer Australia Launches to Provide a Solution to Australia's Data Retention Legislation

Virtual Private Networks allow individuals to browse the internet anonymously through encrypted connections and proxy servers, which guarantees their activities will not be traced back to them and that their activities are truly private. This is especially important to people in Australia after the government signed into law legislation that allowed them to track everything people do online, which has already led to mass convictions for piracy in the 'Dallas Buyers' Club' fiasco. VPN Streamer is a website that helps people secure the right VPN for their needs allowing them to use the internet both safely and anonymously.

LifeLock Receives 2015 Besty Award from's (BIDTC) identity theft expert Robert Siciliano and the BIDTC team visited LifeLock, Inc. headquarters last week to present LifeLock with the 2015 Besty Award.

In Pursuit of an Olympian Dream with Sara Kaljuvee Will Be the Topic of Discussion on Conversations with Money

LogoWhen a close family member is diagnosed with a critical illness, it can require a lot of emotional and financial support. How does one continue to pursue their goals, while supporting their family?

Talk Radio Personalities Moving to Digital Distribution, Claiming More Freedom and More Listeners

LogoChris Tinney, host of, "Up Close with Chris Tinney" ( becomes the latest talk radio personality to make the move to digital distribution. In making the move Tinney said, "Internet based distribution gives me more flexibility, more listeners and more freedom".

Sensitize People This Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Week with Medical ID Bracelets from My Identity Doctor

Started in the year 1984 with a motive of raising awareness about therapeutic recreation programs and services, Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Week is being celebrated this year between 11th to 17th July. To sensitize people about the benefits of these recreational programs, My Identity Doctor is now providing medical ID bracelets at the market's best prices. Wearing these Medical IDs this Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Week can help people in knowing about the various programs on offer, that will eventually help individuals in enhancing their health, improving functional ability and increasing their quality of life. Engraved with a short message in bold black highly defined print, these medical alert bracelets are easy to read and are one of the best methods for creating awareness on such themes.