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Dr. Stanley Braverman Receives the Florida Optometric Association President's Award for 2015

LogoIt gives us great pleasure to announce that Dr. Stanley Braverman, a board-certified ophthalmologist and Director of the Braverman Eye Center has received the Florida Optometric Association President's award for 2015. He got this prestigious award for his clinical excellence in ophthalmology. He has been serving patients in the South Florida community for over thirty years. A graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Stanley Braverman completed his residency in ophthalmology at the Duke University Eye Center. With his immense experience in Ophthalmology, he is also an active medical researcher, the inventor of several eye surgical instruments and has written many articles for medical journals. Dr. Stanley Braverman is currently a manuscript reviewer for two of the most prestigious peer reviewed journals in ophthalmology, the American Journal of Ophthalmology, as well as the Journal of Refractive Surgery.

Locksmith in Hollywood FL Reveals the Anomalous Practices of Phony Locksmiths

LogoAlarming news with regards to the real cost of the locksmiths rendered service has spurred the attention of many consumers as this is something that should not be taken lightly. Recently, many consumers are complaining about the exorbitant cost of hiring a locksmith for services which are completely different from the initial quote that was given to them by locksmith companies. For a simple and basic quote of $55 for the service, anyone would find it suspicious to be billed with an extra fee which was not mentioned on earlier negotiation. And according to a locksmith in Hollywood Fl, this tactic used by phony locksmiths nowadays to extort more money is called the bait and switch.

Only Skip Hire Offers Guide for Skip Bin Hire

LogoOnly Skip Hire is pleased to announce that it offers a guide online for those looking for information about how to hire a skip bin. The skip hire company has been in the business for many years and has the answers to questions which commonly come up from customers and clients. Those looking for information about the services receive a timely and courteous response for the firm so that decisions about the products can be made with full information.

1up Marketing Publishes a Brilliant Review of My Top Tier Business's 21 Step System

LogoFamous online business review website called 1up Marketing as finally reviewed Matt Lloyd's My Top Tier Business and its 21 step system. Matt Lloyd has long claimed that his system can help one earn thousands of dollars in commissions without the owner having to conduct any personal selling. The best thing, according to the review, is that one can get to the money making immediately, without wasting any time at all. The review address claims of fraud early on by claiming that Lloyd has been in the online selling business since 2006 and had he been a fraud, he would not have lasted this long. Therefore, his MTTB is not a fraudulent service.

Leading Band Soul Desire Now Available for Weddings

Specializing in soul music, Soul Desire is one of UK's most successful bands. They have been in the business for more than ten years and include some of the most professional and dedicated musicians in the entire country. The band has performed in numerous events comprising of weddings, parties, corporate events and anniversaries. No matter what the event is, the band is sure to bring the entire entourage to life with their performance. With the experience they have gained over the years, they know exactly the techniques necessary to bring a crowd to life. They are known in Essex as the go-to Essex wedding band.

Uwinart Ensures Development of Complex Web Solutions

LogoContemporary web does not only have advanced requirements to new online resources that emerge every day, but also utilizes a wide range of innovative technologies. As a result, there is an increased demand for professional and complicated web solutions. Uwinart is one of those companies that tries to keep up with the times, ensuring the development of complex, innovative and creative web solutions. Begins Selling Heat Cameras at Competitive Prices

NordecTesto is amongst the largest manufacturers of instruments in the world. It has branches all over the world and deals in over sixty countries. With the largest Headquarters of the firm in Lenzkirch, Germany, they have multiple practices that back their lead in the market. These include regular product development and continuous research. In Sweden, the firm has been operative for the past forty years through their various representatives. One of their representatives, has started selling heat cameras at competitive prices for all their customers. They offer a safe method of payment, quick delivery and have one of the best support systems in online marketing.

Medicortex Developing New Biomarker Diagnostic Tools to Gauge Severity and Extent of Traumatic Brain Injuries and Strokes

Medicortex Finland Oy has established a new diagnostic division/arm to its core business with the goal of developing a biomarker diagnostic test that would reliably establish the severity and extent of brain injuries. The companion diagnostic will be coupled with Medicortex's signature pharmaceutical therapy that will limit the long-term effects of brain injuries, including the types of severe brain trauma that leads to strokes in patients.

Igus Launches New Cable Reel Options Without Slip Ring

LogoThe motion plastics specialist has added two new versions of the cable reel for energy chains to its range with maximum extension lengths from 2 to 25 metres. From stage to marine applications – the e-spool mini and e-spool power can be routed in all directions in varied application areas. Energy, media or fibre optic data cables can be guided together in one system, with continuous end-to-end connection as the space-saving e-spool from igus does not require a slip ring.

Who's Boss. Animal Riots: The Card Game Project on Kickstarter That Aims to Create Entrepreneurs in Greece

Who's Boss. Animal Riots: The Card Game, released on Kickstarter, was created not just as another project in the tabletop section of games on kickstarter, but with a specific purpose: To help the employment robbed youths in Greece find their momentum again, stand on their feet and instead of searching for employment, create little businesses, not just for themselves but for those less fortunate who don't have the skills, or dream to become an entrepreneur. Created by Konstantinos Liantis, the game is being funded on Kickstarter until October 3.

Mosley vs Mayorga 2 Live Stream - Watch Boxing Final Fight in Online with All Preview Start Date, Updates, News

LogoRivals Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga already battled in 2008, when Mosley thumped out Mayorga with one second left in the twelfth and last round of what had been a focused session.

Igus Launches New Iglidur X: A Plain Bearing Material Withstands Temperatures from -100 to + 250°C

LogoThe motion plastics specialist igus have been offering a material for the extremes for many years - iglidur X. Pressure, heat, cold, moisture or acids – is no big deal for iglidur X. As part of the igus standard range campaign that covers 113 dimensions, more are being added to the existing 312 catalogue dimensions. All standard sizes of the plain bearing material are thus available from igus within 24 hours.

ZWCAD+ and CAD Pockets Presented at Archidex 2015 in Malaysia

LogoZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, gladly announce that CAD FOCUS, the authorized distribution partner of  ZWCAD+ in Malaysia, presented the latest ZWCAD+ and CAD Pockets at  Archidex2015  from August 12th to 15th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

V360Property Teams Up with SRX to Introduce 360 Degree Virtual Tours to the Market in a Big Way

LogoThe property landscape is changing for the betterment of consumers, or so the founders of V360Property hopes. The 3 man team comprising of Dave, Richard and Winson recently came together with one of the bigger players in Singapore's property portal scene, SRX (Singapore Real Estate Exchange) to introduce 360 degree virtual tours to the market.

Customers Can Get Helpful iTunes Alternatives with 30% off on Leawo Mid-Year Sale

LogoLeawo Software recently started a big promotion called Leawo Mid-Year Sale which lasts until the end of August, and the company released several pieces of best-selling software for sale with very competitive prices. Among them, a bunch of iTunes alternatives, will bring customers real benefits with 30% discount during the promotion.

Domijump Introduces New Mini Trampolines

Domijump has today announced that they have introduced new mini trampoline equipment that comply with all the global regulation to ensure quality manufacturing processes. These mini trampolines (rebounders) have been designed for low impact exercise program.

GetNameNecklace Offers High Quality Personalized Name Rings

LogoGetNameNecklace is offering high quality personalized name rings that are made from gold, platinum or silver material. The name rings that can be found on the site are all personalized and are made from different materials. No matter what material that the customers choose for their custom name rings, the company is ready to provide and deliver them all.

Catherine Freemantle of 'Bump, Baby and Beyond' Writes a Shining Review for Three Fat Fish SEO

LogoHaving been bitten by many SEO companies in the past, Catherine Freemantle of 'Bump, Baby and Beyond' was quite nervous about hiring another SEO firm and spending more money without any results. However, she describes her experience with Digital Search Australia as something of a miracle. They were extremely patient with her and answered a million of her questions in detail. Their answers assured her and made her feel confident in their services. She hired them and was not disappointed at all. Not only did their tireless efforts increase her SERP rating but made her software producers and web developers much more cooperative – a feat which, she admits, she had failed at herself. She ends by saying that she would safely recommend Three Fat Fish as the best SEO services in Sydney. Initiates New Zealand's Biggest Sale on Wristwatches

One of New Zealand's leading online watch stores, Watchsales offers a huge array of wristwatches for women, men and children at very cheap prices. They specialize in selling Timex and Casio watches and having them delivered to the customer's doorstep at lightning fast speed. The firm is very well-known for its timely delivery. The online store, over the past six years, has developed a great reputation online. It is known as a safe way to purchase branded watches online. They have chosen to operate via an online website because they want to save on overhead costs and pass on the lower price to their customers.

Fitness by Mark Resolves to Combat Rising Gym Prices Through Cheap Training Sessions

People living near Sunshine Coast, Australia have discovered how hard it is to keep up with their gym memberships. The rising prices make it extremely hard for one to keep a regular gym membership. Therefore, people are opting for personal trainers instead. The thing about personal trainers is that even though it may, at first, appear that they charge more, they offer a much better value for money than gym trainers. Take Sunshine Coast, for example. Sunshine coast gyms charge a huge amount for monthly membership. Yet, they are unable to provide the customized training that personal trainers give. On the other hand, personal trainers charge minimally more and are about to develop a weight loss and fitness regime tailor made for their clients.

New Music Channel from Alfadex Publishing House Launches on YouTube

Alternative music and heavy rock fans are invited to subscribe to the new YouTube channel from Alfadex Publishing House. This channel will offer regular info on rock music and books from Alfadex.

ImageFIRST South LA Office Participates in "Not on My Watch" Community Giving Event

At ImageFIRST - South LA, and other branches of the healthcare laundry services company across the U.S., employees are encouraged to volunteer in the communities in which they live, and are provided with plenty of opportunities to do so through ImageFIRST's relationships with well-known charitable organizations. On June 27, 2015, members of the ImageFIRST South LA team took part in an event called "Not On My Watch" to raise awareness of suicide by military members, which was timed to correspond with National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Week.

AZP & Associates Forms Strategic Partnerships for a Range of Services in Industrial Designing

AZP and Associates have always considered the needs of their customers to be above everything else. To serve their customer's desires better, they have decided to begin forming strategic partnerships with other firms so that they are now able to offer a wide array of services for their clients. They provide services as diverse as custom injection molding Phoenix, part design and development, prototyping and mold building. AZP and Associates have paired up with Arizona Polymers to provide machinery distribution and plastic appliance services. The firm started working in 1992. Through their new partnerships they offer technical support, compounding and blending of materials, plastic resin and equipment at low prices. Unveils Employment Screening Packages has launched its range of packages that business owners can choose from to ensure that they don't get into trouble because of Improper Employment Screening methods used.

Jason Laity Design Introduces Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services

Jason Laity Design, an architectural firm serving Leamington and Warwickshire, announced today that it is now offering Building Information Modelling (BIM) services as part of its offerings to clients. Laity is one of the few firms to offer BIM in the area. BIM, a relatively new approach to the design-build process, uses specialized software and extensive data about a building to streamline the construction process and save money and time.

Invite the 'Who's Who' in Media with This Latest Dedicated Invitation Aggregator

Hosting an event online or offline can be a huge challenge. While some elements of the planning process can be controlled and monitored, some take shape based on sheer luck.

Beautiful Paradise Falls; the Perfect Summer Night Wedding Venue

San Diego's premier wedding venue, Paradise Falls, is just perfect for a summer night wedding. Enjoy a garden reception under the stars with overhead market lights casting a romantic glow, or an elegant tent reception. The picturesque and beautifully lit gardens are a photographer's dream.