Latest Press Releases on the Top 3 Global Trends That Will Dominate the Hotel Industry

LogoIt is the goal of every hotel or restaurant to make all their guests and patrons "at-home". This is why the primary reason why restaurateurs and hoteliers offer their best and superb hospitality services to make each and every customer have a "home away from home" experience. This is quite a daunting risk that the hotel industry has to take although it's truly impossible for a guest to feel at home in a place that is not actually home.

Perfect Practice to Attend ALFN ANSWERS Conference

LogoPerfect Practice®, an industry leader in software for mortgage servicing and regulatory compliance will attend the ALFN Annual Leadership Conference at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort in Incline Village, Nevada July 19-22, 2015.

Local San Diego Author Wins San Diego Book Award

LogoImaginations 2: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery by Carolyn Clarke, San Diego area children's yoga instructor and author, was named the winner of the Children's Nonfiction San Diego Book Award this year. Clarke's book is a collection of stories that harnesses children's vivid imaginations to calm their bodies and focus their minds.

Crescent Moon Spirits Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoCrescent Moon Spirits Distillery, coming soon to Green Bay, Wisconsin, will be producing spirits from corn, wheat, barley, rice, rye and malt using time-honored and proven grain-to-glass principles.  The founder of the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of these products through the founding of the new distillery installation in Wisconsin.

Langston & Aaron Aizenstros Launch a Book of Affirmations for Kids by Kids

LogoKids need the right direction in life and reading books is an excellent idea. With the launch of 'I Believe In The Power Of You', parents all over the world will be encouraged to have their children listen to this inspiring audiobook.

SEO Firm Underscores Importance of Local Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

LogoDominate With SEO, a reputable search engine optimization (SEO) firm, underscored the importance of local search engine optimization for small businesses.

Pilates Tokyo Features Sessions by Prima Ballerina Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon

LogoPilates Tokyo can take many forms to ease pain, rehabilitate injuries and improve performance. Tokyo Physio offers one of the most diverse and extensive range of physical therapy services and clients can avail themselves of the expertise of prima ballerina, Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon, who is also an expert in clinical Pilates and yoga.

Bio-Based Products Offer Renewable Solutions for Industrial Operations and Benefits to the Overall Economy

Bio-based products offer renewable solutions to industrial processes that perform as well as, if not better than, traditional petroleum-based formulas. Their use has been demonstrated throughout multiple industries across a growing number of applications. Now, an analysis recently released by the USDA entitled, "An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry", also demonstrates that bio-based industries and products have a substantial, positive effect on the economy.

New Dual Language Program Offered to Preschool Children at Arborland

As parents and educators, we constantly strive to prepare our children for life beyond the classroom. To prepare our children for global success, Arborland Montessori Children's Academy is excited to announce the grand opening of a Dual Language program in Mandarin and English and another new Dual Language program in Spanish and English.

Photo Booth Firm in LA Announces Affordable Packages

LogoSplendid Booth, a photo booth rental Los Angeles firm, is offering reasonably priced photo booth packages to potential clients in LA and nearby areas.

Details on Home Office Deduction Eligibility Are Now Online

A recently posted article on reveals how taxpayers can determine if they are eligible for a home office deduction. Tax expert and author Frank Ellis discusses the requirements for claiming this deduction so readers know whether they qualify. The first qualifier is that a section of the home is used for work and one works from their home regularly.

Tax Expert Explains the IRS's Child Tax Credit

Taxpayers can now read on about the Child Tax Credit/Additional Child Tax Credit in an article posted on One of the most popular federal tax credits, this non-refundable credit is worth up to $1,000 per child.

Heit Enterprises LLC Launches New Products

LogoHeit Enterprises LLC has unveiled a wide range of products for the benefit of users who can now improve their Health to a great extent without a lot of hassle.

iDream Jewelry Presents Its Online Store with a Range of Personalized and Creative Products

Jewelry is believed to be the most popular product among every women. It is not only for style but has been an essential element for every party or occasions. Moreover, women do like to sport some form or the other on a daily basis. However, the costs of most of the brands are quite expensive which restricts the options customers can choose from. To facilitate easier and affordable jewelry, iDream Jewelry has come up with its own collection of Jewelry product. The company is based in China and caters to customers from across the globe. The store features products across different budgets and categories.

Houston AC Repair Firm Highlights Need for Well-Maintained Units

LogoWith temperatures rising to record levels in the United States, a Houston-based aircon repair company reminds business and homeowners to have their air-conditioning units inspected and repaired.

New Website Selling Almost All Product for $1 To $5 Gets Released

LogoA new website called has released today. is selling all the products in the price range of $1 to$5. All the fashion accessories can be found on the website. With the special offer of selling the product under $5 large number of customers will be able to buy the fashion accessories. Experts are of the view that the website comes with a unique idea of selling the product at less price. The website will gain good popularity among people with its exciting offer.

Fitness Enthusiast Launches Treadmill Body to Assist with Home Fitness Machine Purchases

Fitness enthusiast, Mike Coleman, announced the launch of his new website, Treadmill Body . Coleman provides in-depth reviews and information about fitness equipment to assist individuals make informed decisions about their fitness equipment purchases before they buy, along with general tips on maintaining fitness. Offers an Online Directory of Business from Across the Globe

Internet has definitely made the world a smaller place. It is more than easy to get information regarding a particular brand or a company within minutes by searching online. However, there are occasions when people do not find adequate and genuine information about different companies through the web. Moreover, there are people who usually search for relevant industry to look for probable companies which are a part of that industry and offer products and services. This can be a really difficult process when customers are not aware of the names of suppliers or businesses pertaining to a particular industries. In such scenario, a directory can be a great option.

Mortgage Branch Connection Announce How to Find the Best Mortgage Branching Opportunities

The Mortgage Branch Connection has launched a campaign to help people understand how they can find the best mortgage branching opportunities. The campaign is aimed at helping people who want the process simplified without spending a large amount of time filling our applications.

New Options for Sport Shoes Distributed by Soccer Direct Kicks

In the last few years, the demand for the A graded sports shoes have increased largely. The general mass is also interested about warning the sports shoes that are of same quality as the ones worn by the leading sports stars. This is the reason that the leading footwear distributors have come up with attractive options for them. Companies such as Soccer Direct Kicks has launched in their online and offline stores a series of widely known and demanded sports shoes that have specific qualities for those who would wear them.

Variations in Synthetic Wigs on High Demand Recently

Today more than 50 companies worldwide are coming up with the fascinating collections of synthetic wigs for the use of the general people. As it seems, the sell of these synthetic wigs are gradually on the rise and that is making the companies come up with more and more variations of wigs. For both men and women these synthetic wigs are made and then spread around the world for sell in different industries.

Financial Success Coach & Author Jay J. Peak Selected to Win the Moving America Forward Award

Logo"Moving America Forward", a national television show is excited to announce the appearance of Jay J. Peak one of the top financial success coaches in the nation. Mr. Peak will be interviewed at the Los Angeles "Moving America Forward" news studio by William Shatter and Doug Llewellyn this September.

Leading Global Bitcoin Adoption, HashingSpace Corporation Uplifts to the OTCQB

HashingSpace Corporation, a company focused on the global adoption of Bitcoin, announced today that it has officially been uplifted to a higher reporting status. HashingSpace will no longer be listed on the Pink Sheets and has been moved to OTCQB status.

"Your Miracle Today Network" Releases Official Statement on the Origin of "Answer Rocks"

Since "Your Miracle Today Network" unveiled their Answer Rocks on June 20, rumors have being circulated around the Internet via email, about their answer rocks being extracted from the "Cave of Treasures" in Jerusalem. The "Cave of Treasures" is believed to be the burial place of Adam and secret texts, located near Jerusalem, under the place where Jesus was buried and rose from the dead.

YAC, the World's Fastest and Lightest PC Cleaner on Its Way to Making History

With technology taking over the world, hackers are getting close access to information that is invaluable. The same technology that is helping us lead the way towards the future is the same that is exposing all of us to this huge threat. While there are anti malware programs and virus protection suits that PC users can install and work with to ward off such threats, these programs don't even come close to meeting their goal because of the fact that the number of viruses created every day is in upwards of 1 million.

West Coast US Distribution and Manufacturing Centers Growth Great for Hytrol Conveyor

Amway opened its new $42 million nutrition manufacturing and R&D facility in Buena Park, CA. According to company officials, the 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility will house select manufacturing operations for the company's Nutrilite brand of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements, sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. The R&D facility will focus on quality assurance activities as well as research efforts for the nutrition brand.

Ergonomics Critical in Distribution Centers Reports Picking Perfection

LogoFactors such as work surfaces at the wrong height, uncomfortable chairs, shelves and bins that are too high or out of reach, and awkward hand tools all contribute to increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries and negatively impact productivity. Paying attention to ergonomics means removing barriers to work productivity. There are options available to adjust the workspace to meet employees' ergonomic needs; selecting the right options can help employees reap significant bottom line rewards. Comfortable employees stay on the job longer and complete more work in a shift.