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Announcing Chicagoland New Homes Tour of Model Custom Designed Home

LogoEveryone dreams of having a home that's been designed and crafted to fulfill their dream of having a custom built, designer home construction. For those who want to live in the Chicagoland area, those dreams can now easily become a reality by touring a model home in the upscale community of Homer Glen, Il. Digital Agency Holds Successful Grand Opening and Charity Event for NOVA's Child Abuse Trauma Support Program

LogoOn Friday June 5th 2015, Digital Agency had their grand opening and charity event for NOVA Bucks County's Child Abuse Trauma Support Program. The grand opening event, which was held at the digital agency's new headquarters in Historic Bristol, PA, was a complete success as the company was able to raise over $6,000 for NOVA Bucks County.

Excelite Swimming Pool Enclosures Get in European Market

Excelite Plastics Ltd. is pleased to announce that they will be expanding their presence in the European market. This move is likely to strengthen Excelite's market position in a market dominated by German and U.K.'s companies. The company has already supplied and constructed quite a number of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures for both domestic and commercial applications.

Excelite Introduces New Automated Retractable Swimming Pool Covers in Europe

The Excelite's automated swimming pool covers are now available in the European Market. This was announced by the company's Sales & Marketing Manager Mr. Sunny Sun in China this morning. This marks a major milestone by the company after it had begun supplying the multiwall polycarbonate swimming pool covers in the American and Australian markets early this year.

Excelite Gets First 1,000 Pieces Orders for Swimming Pool Cover

It's hardly a week after Excelite Plastics Ltd. opened a new swimming pool cover company and begun supplying these equipment in the European market. The company has today announced that they'll be clearing the first consignment, by the end of this week.

Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts Launches New Design-and-Construct Video Guide

Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts launched a helpful new video guide to design-and-construct-style fit-out services. Available now at the company's website in the "Learning Centre" section, the new video guide helps viewers understand the details and benefits of this start-to-finish approach to fit-out work. As a leading specialist at office and Commercial Fitouts in Sydney, Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts regularly provides clients with full design-and-construct services that greatly simplify and enhance the process, and this expertise is amply reflected in the informative new video guide.

12 Volt Technology Offers a Range of Lightforce Driving Lights at Competitive Prices

LogoDesigned specifically to work as a supplement for high beam headlights, lightforce driving lights are an extra safety features that provide optimum lighting during late night driving. To provide individuals with the industry's best lighting solutions, 12 Volt Technology LLC is now offering a range of Lightforce driving lights at competitive rates. Their wide range includes Lightforce Lance 140 Series 12 Volt Driving Lights, Lightforce 170 Striker Series 12 Volt Driving Lights, Lightforce Blitz 240 Series 12 Volt Driving Lights, Lightforce Venom Series 12 Volt Driving Lights and many others.

"Declaration of Independence for Funding Women Campaign" to Stop the Funding Disparity for Funding Women

LogoPatricia Arquette lit the match at her 2015 Academy Awards acceptance speech. Her timely words speaking out against the severely underserved market of females in business lit a fire around the movement of diminishing the funding disparity that gender diverse companies face.

Taking on Belief: Calgary's Art Rockers the Unravelling Talk Human Programming on "Master Drone" Single

Independent Music Promotions today announced the release of "Master Drone," the intense second new single from Calgary's The Unravelling since lead singer Steve Moore's (who METALSUCKS called "a thinking man's metal singer") successful battle with cancer. Suite 101 calls The Unravelling a band who "combines the alternative stylings of Tool with the adventurousness, ambition, and refusal to compromise of The Dillinger Escape Plan."

Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco Release New Experimental Visual Art Film – Pocket Pass #01

LogoContemporary filmmakers Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco have recently released their newest film Pocket Pass # 01 which is available on MethisMacs YouTube channel and ShortEmpire Films. The film is an experimental visual arts film that asks the audience to take a deeper look past the obvious elements. Pocket Pass #01 has been directed by Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco and the project is by Gabriele Tosi. The film was made entirely in Bologna (Italy) inside the exhibition space LOCALEDUE in May 2015, including the dismantling of the personal Folding Study of Nicholas Morgan Gandolfi and the personal Jenga of Fabrizio Perghem.

StreetViewMaps.City Launches a Solution to Finding Car Parks Around the World

One of the biggest problems people have when visiting a new city or country is finding a car park. That has become a serious problem for drivers but now with the launch of StreetViewMaps.City, drivers can find all the car parks in their location within seconds.

A New Online Street Map Allows Users to Travel Virtually Through to 1.3 Million Cities Online.

Recently launched site, StreetViewMaps.City has become a major player in the online street map world. With this innovative, interactive, new website, users can explore businesses, establishments, and tourist attractions around the world - without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

Hitches & Couplers Inc. Announces the Introduction of the RVCC 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Cushioned

Hitches & Couplers Inc., an innovative and forward looking pop-up towing product dealer announces the introduction of the RVCC 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter cushioned product. The company is conveniently located in the central portion of the United States and ships to locations across the country and around the world. Hitches & Couplers Inc. offers customers products that are always brand-new, current and the highest quality. With years of experience in the industry, the company is able to provide customers with high quality hitches and couplers for a wide range of applications. The company is known for bringing new products to market that are intended to improve towing and make it safer.

Powerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's Indie Film Receiving Worldwide Recognition Is an Official Selection at Columbia Gorge Int'l Film Festival, August 2015

LogoPowerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's indie film The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam continues its journey to cinema screens in the Pacific Northwest at the 8th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in Washington State this August 2015. Columbia Gorge was started by Angaelica- a non-profit organization rooted in the arts and ecology. They connect artists and collaborators to help bring exposure to unique and extraordinary projects, and enhance the power of storytelling. Arlene Bogna is a Powerful Female Voice in independent filmmaking today and gaining well deserved attention in the movie industry and film director communities. She is part of the "Support Women Filmmakers" movement and is in the Alliance of Women Directors, the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry.

Syracuse, UTAH Business-Alliance Awards (Jan. 2015) "Most Inspired" Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping-Network and #1 Community Solution for Reliable "Delivery-Service"

LogoWelcome to PigeonShip®™! is a solution to an age-old problem: Time Management. PigeonShip®™ is a new concept to that meets valuable need. Their concept brings local people together and provides convenience benefits. Their friendly couriers are willing to pick up and deliver item. They call them "Pigeons." It may sound like a run-of-the-mill "courier" or "delivery service" for packages and parcels; but don't be fooled! Their professional Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip®™. These Pigeons simply pick up and drop off items while commuting or running errands. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

Mighty Billy Goat Launches New Price Comparison and Review Aggregation Site for Outdoor Gear

Summer is here, and many lovers of nature want to make the best of the best season of the year for outdoorsmanship, and are equipping themselves for hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and more. Many of these activities require specialized equipment from niche stores, making it difficult to track down the best rated and most affordable deals online. Mighty Billy Goat has been created to provide an answer to this problem, with the first price comparison site enabling people to find discounts on outdoor gear.

New Research Found Type 2 Diabetes Patients Are More Likely to Suffer from Severe Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the arthritis conditions that makes patients suffer. It is associated with aging and is often considered to be a "wear and tear" disease. However, it seems that aging is not only the most common cause of the condition. Offers a Wide Range of Pure Emu Oil Skin Care, Hair Care and Pain Relief Products

Quin Organics brand recently launched the online store offering a wide range of pure emu oil-based skin care, hair care, and pain relief products. The new product offerings include fully natural, fast-acting remedies for very dry skin, acneic skin, dull hair, and joint and muscular pain.

A Canadian Study Suggests Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Potentially Increase Diabetes Risk by 50 Percent

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the arthritic conditions that makes many patients suffer. On the other hand, diabetes, which is a different disease, has ways of reducing a sufferer's quality of life. Albeit the two conditions are different, there seems to be a connection between the two.

Where to Buy Cheap Article Writing Service

SEO optimized content can prove to be a wonderful way to promote a product or a brand on the internet. Today, companies are paying a great attention to win the favor of the search engines to promote their business, and good quality content plays a great role in drawing attention of the search engines and the traffic. Sensing the need of high quality content, has launched their cheap article writing service, allowing companies to promote their products and services through interestingly written informative content.

Experts Provide Some Information About Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fish Oil Supplements

Rheumatoid arthritis has long been making millions of people from around the world suffer. The good news is that there is a variety of pain management options such as pharmaceutical drugs and natural supplements, such as fish oil, that are found to be helpful to sufferers.

San Francisco, California Neighborhood News: Charitable Organization Founded by Krikor and Hilda Sarkisyan Introduce NEW Fundraising Tab on for Local Donors

LogoNataline Mary Sarkisyan (Armenian: July 10, 1990 – December 20, 2007) was an American teenager with recurrent leukemia. Her case became part of the health care reform debate in the United States in 2007 when Cigna HealthCare denied coverage for a liver transplant operation. The company later reversed its decision after a great deal of media attention to her story, but Sarkisyan died hours later.

Sacramento California G3 Regional Office Names George Antarr and Clayton Thomas (May 2015) Jeunesse-Global "Best Networking" Group and "Top Sponsor" for Generation-Young Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.

Denver Colorado G3 Community Office Votes Clayton Thomas and George Antarr (Jan. 2015) Jeunesse-Global "#1 Top Earner" and "Top Sponsor" for "Instantly-Ageless" Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.

California Foreclosure Attorneys Stop Foreclosure Sales and Provide Foreclosure Defense for California Residents

LogoThere are many homeowners who come across financial difficulties in life and fail to make timely mortgage payments. Credit companies don't like the payment defaulters and they try to foreclose on properties to ensure their profitability. This is the reason why people face foreclosure and often remain clueless about coming out of the problem. All homeowners that are facing foreclosures in California can now take advantage of the expert legal assistance provided by Consumer Action Law Group. The Group has a team of expert foreclosure attorneys who know the brand new laws in California and how to stop foreclosure through use of these laws.

Consumer Action Law Group Stops Foreclosure After Notice of Default

LogoFor homeowners struggling to keep their home, going to court may seem daunting.  But, most people don't realize that going to court is actually one of the best ways to stop notice of default proceedings and save the home from foreclosure.  In California, where the economy hit hard against middle class families, it is still a common occurrence for borrowers to receive a notice of default, or a notice stating that the home is going to be sold in a trustee sale.  The truth is that homeowners may be able to pull their home back from the brink and stop foreclosure sale proceedings even when they think it's too late.

Foreclosure Attorney in Los Angeles Helps Homeowners Stop Foreclosure Auctions in California

LogoThe best way to learn how to stop a foreclosure auction in California is to talk to a foreclosure attorney. The legalities involved in foreclosure and the different options that homeowners have in preventing a foreclosure or stopping a foreclosure auction are usually not simple matters. Those in need of help fighting foreclosure need to make sure that their home and their rights are protected.