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PA Disability Lawyers, Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld, LLP, Announce Long-Term Disability Win

LogoMistreatment by insurance companies on the part of individuals who need long-term care is a typical, frequent occurrence. Insurers – whether private or through an employer – will sometimes approve short-term disability claims for those who file them, only to deny additional benefits later on, despite concrete proof of an inability to work due to injury or illness. Even when the insured has been placed under constant care in a hospital or other inpatient center, insurance companies may deny claims. With the help of the right lawyer, however, disabled individuals can reclaim their rights to full medical coverage through their insurance company. Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld, LLP, disability lawyers in PA, announce that they have recently won one such difficult case for a Pennsylvania client. Shares the Fun-Filled Activities, Water Sports and Museums to Visit in Ullswater This 2015

LogoMany people are more than willing to spend their hard-earned money just to have a short vacation to relieve the stress and pressures at work. It cannot be denied that traveling overseas has been one of the most popular activities during vacation where people will get to see new places and experience new culture which could probably help boost their inner self. According to many health experts, traveling is one way to fight stress and pressures which are considered to be some of the factors why people get sick. And when it comes to a perfect vacation destination that could contribute positively to the health, Ullswater is the place that people should not miss.

Broadview Homes Announces Grand Opening of Their Redstone Community Show Homes

Broadview Homes, Calgary's custom new home builder has set the date for the grand opening of their show homes in Calgary's Redstone Community. Three show homes will be open to the public starting on Saturday, September 26, 2015. According to Broadview Homes Vice President Peter John Wolf, "Redstone is a vibrant community in NE Calgary that has something to offer every homebuyer. The community features diverse architectural styles and sustainable options that will appeal to all types of families. We encourage everyone to come see the new show homes on September 26."

Clean Labels Now Standard in Food Industry Impacting Picking and Packing

LogoOver 20% of U.S. products tracked in 2014 featured a clean label positioning, up from 17% in 2013, according to Innova Market Insights data. Significant rises in the use of clean label ingredients have also been tracked, with growing interest in natural sweeteners, such as stevia and monk fruit, natural colors such as those based on spirulina, elderberry, and beetroot, and thickeners such as tragacanth and gellan gums.

JoAnna Popp, Practice Manager, Joins the Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Nia Banks - board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery – is pleased to announce that JoAnna Popp has joined the Beaux Arts team as a Practice Manager.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Begins: Dr. Michael J. Misialek Provides Updates All Month

Prostate cancer awareness month is September. Dr. Michael J. Misialek, a board certified pathologist, will be providing important information on prostate cancer all month on his website

Big Bounce Fun House Urges Safe Post Prom Parties Through School Sponsored Parties

According to industry statistics, prom and graduation nights are two of the most hazardous times for teens to be driving after dark. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, and about a 33% of those are alcohol related, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). For the prom and graduation season this year, an increasing number of schools and churches plan to offer an alternative after prom and graduation activity to keep teens off the roads for both fun and safety's sake.

ImageFIRST Lancaster Succeeds in Collecting Backpacks and School Supplies During Annual Drive

As a young person, it's easy to take simple things like school supplies for granted – adults, however, know that the clothing, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, binders, bags and other supplies required for a successful academic year require careful budgeting and thrifty shopping – and sometimes find they've fallen short. This year, recognizing the importance of being prepared for a new school year with the right supplies, healthcare laundry experts ImageFIRST hosted a nationwide backpack drive in order to help students and parents in need, with a large turnout and excellent donation results, including at the Lancaster location.

Supercell Shelters Providing Underground Survival Shelters to Tornado-Prone States

For those living in areas of the U.S. that experience a dangerous tornado season each year, the threat of a violent wind event looms heavy over the heads of homeowners who are desperate to protect their families. Those living without any sufficient protection from these weather events run the risk of finding themselves in serious trouble, often in the mistaken belief that survival shelters are unaffordable to them. Supercell Shelters, a provider of tornado storm shelters to North Little Rock, AR, and surrounding states, announces that its affordable above and below-ground shelters are available at competitive rates to clients in AL, AR and MS.

LSB Industries, Inc. (NYSE:LXU) Shareholder Notice: Investigation of Potential Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investigation for investors in NYSE:LXU shares over potential securities laws violations by LSB Industries and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

Towers Watson & Co (NASDAQ:TW) Shareholder Alert: Investors Who Purchased Significant Shares Are Encouraged to Contact the Shareholders Foundation

LogoAn investigation for investors with a substantial investment in NASDAQ:TW shares owas announced in connection with the takeover of Towers Watson & Co by Willis Group Holdings.

The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds Reviews the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack

Professional car reviewers and average drivers alike find a great deal to love about the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack. Although the Scat Pack name was first introduced back in 1964, Dodge has given a whole new take to this vehicle for 2015. The Charger first came out in 1966, making this the sixth generation to be offered to the public, and it is one they are sure to love. In addition to the sleek front end, Dodge refreshed the interior and the exterior. To learn more about this amazing vehicle, read the full Car Pro 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack Review available at Car Pro.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane P.C, Personal Injury Law Firm, Representing Auto Accident Victims in Philadelphia, PA

Just as with any other crime or incident requiring legal intervention, those who have sustained an injury from an auto accident should make procuring legal aid a top priority immediately after the unfortunate event. The more time slips past after an accident, the less evidence is salvageable to serve as proof of fault or severity of damages. Those who have recently suffered injury or the death of a family member due to a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicular incident will recover fair compensation for medical bills, lost time and other damages when represented by "Philadelphia Legal Eagles" Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C, the best accident lawyers in Philadelphia, PA for personal injury victims.

Sofian Cleaning Providing Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Services

LogoWith increased consumer concerns about the long-term effects of chemicals leaching into the soil and water, as well as their effect on consumer health when present in homes, many cleaning companies have responded by using only environmentally-friendly products and practices. Sofian Cleaning, which provides maid services to Philadelphia and surrounding regions, has announced that it is offering eco-friendly home cleaning solutions and services to interested clientele.

Get That Enchanting Look with Micro Pave Diamond Band from ItsHot.Com, a renowned manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of diamond jewelry in NY, recently announced cost reduction on its extensive collection of diamond wedding bands. With 70-80% discount on its collection of wedding bands, their jewelry items are sure to fulfill the needs of their customers. It's a perfect deal for individuals desiring a unique diamond wedding band for that special day can now get Micro Pave Diamond Band at a whopping 72% discount from the jewelry store. Crafted from 14k gold and decorated with 1.21 carats of pave set round diamonds, this diamond wedding band is available now from this store for just $1,057.00. Previously listed at $3,725.00, the item code of this unique wedding band is 405611.

Executive Auto Salon Available to Repair Bentleys in Philadelphia

LogoLuxury cars like Bentleys that are in need of repair need to be treated with a high degree of mechanical expertise. Ordinary auto shops usually can't be trusted with the specialized work needed by these fine-tuned vehicles. However, Executive Auto Salon of Philadelphia is an exception to the general rule. The shop can perform expert Bentley repairs in Philadelphia, as well as repairs on other luxury, sports or show cars.

New Garage Doors Available from D&M Garage Door Solutions, Inc.

Philadelphia homeowners occasionally need brand-new garage doors due to old age or damage. Those in need of new garage doors can call D&M Garage Door Solutions, Inc. immediately for fast and cost-effective installations that are built to last.

Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM) Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investor in NASDAQ:WFM shares filed a lawsuit in the Texas over alleged Securities Laws Violations by Whole Foods Market, Inc. in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Terex Corporation (NYSE:TEX) Shareholder Notice: Acquisition Under Investigation

LogoAn investigation for investors who purchased NYSE:TEX shares was announced concerning whether the takeover of Terex Corp. by Konecranes Plc for a value of approximately $28.80 per share is unfair.

First NBC Bank Holding Company (NASDAQ:FNBC) Shareholder Notice: Investigation Announced

LogoAn investigation for investors in NASDAQ:FNBC shares over potential violations of securities laws by First NBC Bank Holding in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Duchess of York Leaves UK for Switzerland

A removals van outside the 30 room mansion of the home of the Duchess of York first led to rumours that she could be moving home. This was then confirmed when the international move to a Swiss chalet was revealed. The new home boasts six members of staff and an indoor pool. The news follows her decision to live as an independent unit from her partner, Prince Andrew.

FITLIFE Helps Clients Lose Weight via Personal Training

LogoWeight loss can be a notoriously difficult process. No matter the individual's desire to reduce BMI, gain muscle mass and increase cardiac health, there are a number of impediments that get in the way, such as not knowing where to start, or exercising too much or too little. All of these obstacles can lead to discouragement that prevents the individual from reaching their goal. An Ivyland fitness facility aims to change that.

G. Cannon Roofing and Siding Available for Residential Roof Repair

LogoThe transitional season of autumn is a prime time for home repair. Pennsylvania homeowners may have, in the course of their routine home improvement projects, noticed missing shingles on their roof or realized that they need to do something about that leak or draft. Homeowners in need of roof repair can call G. Cannon Roofing and Siding, roofing contractors based near Phoenixville, for full-service roofing and repairs.

Animals Away Offers Convenient Pet Travel Solution for Short Trips

Pet owners frequently want their pets to join them on vacations or short trips, but often this is only feasible if the pet travels separately. Pet owners struggling to find a solution need look no further than Animals Away, the international pet shipping service that has made pet travel simple and stress-free since 1992. Animals Away's new self-service pet travel option is perfect for pet owners who want their pet to accompany them on their short trip

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Announces Their Harper Harbor Special and More

LogoWhen trying to find restaurants in National Harbor that offer specials during Nationals games this September, do not look any further than Harrington's Pub & Kitchen. From now until further notice, this popular establishment at 177 Fleet Street is offering their "Harper Harbor Special." Nationals fans who sit at the bar, or in the bar area, will be able to take advantage of some awesome happy hour specials. For more information about their Harper Harbor Special, please call them at 301-909-2505 or email

Ditching Those 'Do Not Disturb' Signs Is the New Green

Tracey's online company,, features a modern, uniquely designed product with two clear options: Green or Orange. Has Presented the German Version of the Website

LogoMillions of people across the globe prefer contact lenses to wearing glasses mainly because they are more convenient and ensure the same result. For those customers, who speak German and are currently looking for high-quality contact lenses that come at reasonable cost, has recently issued the German version of the website.