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American Heroes Network Presents August 25th 2015 "Live Show" Jason Hall: Screenwriter for 'American Sniper'

LogoAmerican Heroes Network will be interviewing Jason Hall, actor turned screenplay writer for "The American Sniper".

Over 150,000 UK Motorists Fill Their Car with the Wrong Fuel

LogoHelp! I've put the wrong fuel in my car! This is something we hear every day at Wrong Fuel Recovery. With over 150,000 motorists putting the wrong fuel in their car every year across the UK alone, it is reported as one of the most common causes for breakdown in the UK. Wrong Fuel Recovery located in London cover the whole of the UK and are one of the biggest fuel drain companies in the UK.

The Solar Light Company to Attend 2015 Florida Sunscreen Symposium

The Solar Light Company is a scientific organization providing in vitro and in vivo Sunscreen testing equipment for cosmetics and sunscreens, as well as UPF Testing for fabrics. They also manufacture reliable solar simulators, UV sensors, radiometers, pyranometers, light sources and other atmospheric monitoring equipment. They are pleased to announce that they will be attending the 2015 Sunscreen Symposium in Florida on September16 to 19, 2015.

Owner of Duffy's Irish Pub Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoDuffy's Irish Pub, a famous bar in Washington , D.C., has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to reopen the establishment first founded by Andy Duffy.  Famous for its wings and a noted gathering place in DC, the restaurant and bar has been closed for some time.  According to the Andy Duffy, he was forced to close the bar after economic circumstances, including early debt from the opening of the pub, made it impossible for him to continue operations.  However, a unique opportunity has come about to reopen to allow him to come back. "This campaign is just about asking for a little help to get one of DC's best neighborhood bars back open again.  I am not asking for donations, I am just asking for your advance patronage.  Be a part of the rebirth of Duffy's!"

The Stars Will Shine at Chorus Communications' 2015 Carriers Ball

LogoFor the first time in telecommunications history, Chorus Communications, one of the nation's leading master agencies, will present the 2015 Carriers Ball "Hollywood Meets Boston." The telecom community and cloud partners around the country will turn their attention to this innovative gala as Chorus Communications celebrates the top carriers & providers in the industry today. This highly anticipated event will take place on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 during The Cloud Partners Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Operates with One of the Largest Showrooms in the Tristate Area

LogoOne of the most effective tactics for selecting the right cabinets and furniture for a home improvement project is to view the products in person. That's why Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers displays their high quality kitchen and bath products in their giant showroom, located in Little Falls, NJ. Customers are invited to the showroom to receive topnotch customer service, get the sales assistance they need and view the wide selection available. At the store, visitors can experience the quality of the furniture themselves by testing out their functionality and feeling the materials.

Canadian Warehouse Considerations with Natural Health Products Discussed by Pcdata USA

LogoPicking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, brings important and interesting information to those in the material handling, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique reports on trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations about picking, packing, shipping and profitability.

Kaiser Romanello, Personal Injury Law Firm, Offering Free Case Evaluations to Prospective Clients

Those who have suffered a traumatic event in their lives – be it an auto accident, a case of elder abuse, a slip-and-fall or a myriad of other unfortunate circumstances – may be entitled to financial recompense. For many people, it is not their first instinct to assume that their situation warrants reimbursement; because of this, many individuals end up in debt due to hospital bills and lost time at work, for which they would have been legally entitled to coverage by those who were responsible for the injuries. Kaiser Romanello, a personal injury law firm based in South Florida, works with clients to ensure that they won't pay for the consequences of injuries sustained from events that are the fault of another party. The law firm has announced that prospective clients can now benefit from free case evaluations, in order to determine the possibility of receiving compensation for their injuries.

Grand Central Terminal NYC Where Ghost Tours Cap off the Summer

To cap off the remaining weeks of summer two of New York's noted paranormal investigators will be leading groups of adventure seeking amateur ghost hunters through the winding and darkened passages of Grand Central Terminal in search of ghostly spirits. After a crash course in ghost hunting which will include the use of a variety of electronic ghost hunting equipment, the new recruits will set out on a paranormal quest in search of some supernatural activity.

Man Starts Crowdfunding Campaign but Doesn't Want Any Money

LogoCortney Jerome Martin is busy creating a documentary titled "How to Start a Production Company." Cortney aspires to start his own production company that will focus on producing different types of media like movies, videos, music, etc. By creating a production company, he wants to help people with amazing talents and aspirations pursue their dream. It will also be a platform where these talented individuals can stay connected with like minded folks.

American Collectors Insurance Providing Coverage for Huge Variety of Collectibles

LogoWhile many collections involve a significant financial investment, oftentimes collectors will find that their items hold emotional and nostalgic value that may be worth more than the items' simple cash value. Protecting items from damage caused by accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft or natural disaster becomes, in this case, of even greater importance. Whether concerned with protecting their objects of value as a future asset or looking to ensure that they are able to replace any items with sentimental value, American Collectors Insurance offers comprehensive collectors insurance plans for many different types of collections.

Servicos Web Miami Launches a Six Step Approach for Online Advertising

Servicos Web is amongst the foremost Miami advertising agency when it comes to online marketing. The firm is often identified as a pioneer as far as new and better methods of online marketing are concerned. The company is way ahead of the competition because they are able to introduce new methods before their competing firms even think about the possibilities. This is why the firms that have signed up with Sevicos web have reported an increased online Return On Investment almost immediately after the strategy put together by Servicos was applied. Now, Servicos web has come up with six step approach to help their customer procure greater hits online.

Pulse Entertainment Offers Premier Event Planning Services for Fall Occasions

LogoEntertainment services are not the only expertise that Pulse Entertainment has to offer. The premier entertainment sourcing company also specializes in providing event planning services for residents of NJ and PA. What sets the consultants apart from other event planners is their ability to produce and strategize functions with experiential techniques. Whatever atmosphere the party host is trying to present, the team of planners can achieve with their unique talents, vendor connections and strategies.

Rightway Waterproofing Offering Summer Water Damage Cleaning to NJ and PA

Unfortunately, even with the most high-tech instruments available to meteorologists, heavy rains and flooding can be unpredictable and cause damage to homes that have never previously experienced leakage issues before. With spotty waterproofing jobs or older foundations, homes can find themselves with thousands of dollars' worth of damage after a brief but intense deluge. Rightway Waterproofing is currently offering both water damage cleanup and basement waterproofing to Bucks County and NJ, to both treat the problem and prevent it before it can happen again.

Remy Capillus Providing Clients with Guaranteed Authentic Remy Hair

LogoWhether or not companies that sell real hair extensions know it, hair purchased with the promise of being Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian in origin is frequently unethically supplied from low-quality sources outside of these areas, where it is damaged during processing and packaged haphazardly, leading to an inferior product that quickly tangles, loses its sheen and must be replaced within weeks. Remy Capillus, an industry leader in providing true Remy hair extensions, guarantees to all of its clients that all hair purchased for its two lines, the Luxury and Premium collections, is sourced 100% from trustworthy suppliers who conduct their business with integrity.

Wade Insurance Agency, Inc. Offers Solutions to Insurance Throughout Philadelphia

LogoEvery insurance policy needs to be personalized for the policyholder, whether it's for a home, a boat, an automobile, a business or anything else. Individuals should be wary, when purchasing policies, that they receive a policy written in their favor instead of their insurance company's. That is why Wade Insurance Agency, Inc., a leading provider of varying insurance in Philadelphia, as well as auto tag services, is announcing their availability to provide insurance policy solutions for potential policyholders throughout the city.

Dr. David H. Mruz Arranged a Meeting Between the Doctors and the Patients to Empower Them with the Knowledge of Chiropractic Benefits

Just a few days back, famous Dr. David Mruz of Eastside Chiropractic Greenville SC arranged a meeting between all the chiropractic doctors which also included some of the victorious patients who are satisfied with chiropractic treatment and their lives have been greatly improved. The main agenda behind the meeting was to spread the knowledge of chiropractic treatment among doctors and patients so they everyone could benefit from its advantages without having any single side effect.

Cooper Mechanical Now Helping Customers Prepare for Fall

Summer is winding down in the Philadelphia area, which means that many homeowners are left with lists of end-of-season home improvement projects. Some of these projects are geared towards transitioning into fall, while others look further ahead to improving home conditions for the next summer season.

Wholesale Travel Website Announces Launch

Hoprocket™ Travel is pleased to announce the launch of their new travel website, geared towards travelers seeking travel deals at a fraction of the cost that retail outlets charge. HopRocket™ has brought the same business model pioneered by companies like Costco and Sam's Club in retail to the travel industry. This allows a traveler to make travel purchases at wholesale prices far below what any other booking engine can offer.

Investment Authority R.J. Palano Shares Top 4 Tips for Buying Properties at Auction

Well-known real estate investment expert, R.J. Palano, has shown thousands of people how to profit in the real estate market and his 4 key reasons for purchasing houses at any type of auction provides valuable guidance for investors. The property investment authority has helped novices and experienced investors learn the skills needed to acquire properties and profit from a wide variety of auction opportunities.

Get Grommet Curtains from Swags Galore at Unbeatable Prices

LogoCurtains are one of the most important addition to any room. They are no longer used for just blocking the cold and keeping the warmth inside, or blocking out the light and creating a private atmosphere. But now curtains are increasingly being used to enhance the overall décor of the room. To cater to the needs of their customers, Swags Galore is now providing grommet curtains to its customer at unbeatable prices. Available in an array of styles, colors and fabrics, these curtains are ideal for any kind of home décor. Designed to beautifully decorate the windows, these curtains create a clean and contemporary look for all windows applications.

Alan Cherry's Exteriors Announces Roofing Services Available for September 2015

LogoAlthough the 2015 fall season is still a month away, now is a great time to ensure that a home is ready to handle the colder weather. When residents of South Jersey are looking to have their roof repaired or replaced this September, one company that they can call is Alan Cherry's Exteriors. In fact, the company is eager to announce that they are taking new customers in need of any roofing services.

DIY Surveillance Pro Announces New Discounts on Hidden Spy Cameras

LogoIdeally, individuals who would like to monitor rooms or possessions need hidden cameras that they can put in appliances. One company that home or business owners can turn to for high-quality hidden spy cameras is DIY Surveillance Pro. In fact, this renowned company is eager to announce that they now have new discounts on many of their hidden spy cameras available on their website, Last, but not least, DIY Surveillance Pro would also like to remind customers that they can get 5% off their entire order when they use the coupon code "spycams5."

Atlanta Law Firm Provides Representation for Claims Related to Worker's Compensation

Employers and business owners are tasked with the safety and well-being of their employees, as well as the occupants of their buildings, whether it's a construction site, a restaurant or anything in-between. When someone finds themselves unjustly injured due to the negligence of a business owner or employer, it's important that they pursue aggressive and strategic legal representation to ensure that they are compensated for their injuries and the impact on their lives. Right now, the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, an Atlanta, GA law firm, would like to announce that they are available to provide representation for claims related to worker's compensation. Provides Various Digital Marketing Solutions to Web Based Businesses

Since its inception in 2013, has helped many big and small online companies in their digital marketing strategies. The entity is said to use tried and tested methods to ensure that a website ranks at the top of search engines and remains there effectively. The opening of offices in Thailand and the USA has ensured that more people can get to know about their work.

Butterfield 8 NYC Now Booking Game Watch Parties This September

LogoNow is not too late to schedule a game watch party at New York City's official Denver Broncos bar, Butterfield 8 NYC. This well-known establishment is eager to remind not only Broncos fans—but fans of other NFL teams—that they are now booking game watch parties this September. Additionally, those who watch a Broncos game at Butterfield 8 NYC can also take advantage of their $45 beer and wing special. Not to mention the restaurant will also have raffles all season long that will give fans the chance to win great Broncos merchandise. Football fanatics who would like to get their game watch party planned now, can get in touch with the restaurant by calling 212-679-0646 or by emailing

Only Skip Hire Offers Guide for Skip Bin Hire

LogoOnly Skip Hire is pleased to announce that it offers a guide online for those looking for information about how to hire a skip bin. The skip hire company has been in the business for many years and has the answers to questions which commonly come up from customers and clients. Those looking for information about the services receive a timely and courteous response for the firm so that decisions about the products can be made with full information.