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American Heroes Network Presents August 25th 2015 "Live Show" Jason Hall: Screenwriter for 'American Sniper'

LogoAmerican Heroes Network will be interviewing Jason Hall, actor turned screenplay writer for "The American Sniper". Shares the Long-Term Harmful Effects of Alcoholism on the Brain

LogoDrinking alcohol has become a usual part of any celebration or social gathering, but what most people do is that they consume much more than what the body can tolerate. Due to regular consumption of such substances in quite a large volume, most people become addicted to or dependent to it; and when alcohol drinking becomes a habit it would absolutely alter the function of the human body as well as the brain.

AZP & Associates Forms Strategic Partnerships for a Range of Services in Industrial Designing

AZP and Associates have always considered the needs of their customers to be above everything else. To serve their customer's desires better, they have decided to begin forming strategic partnerships with other firms so that they are now able to offer a wide array of services for their clients. They provide services as diverse as custom injection molding Phoenix, part design and development, prototyping and mold building. AZP and Associates have paired up with Arizona Polymers to provide machinery distribution and plastic appliance services. The firm started working in 1992. Through their new partnerships they offer technical support, compounding and blending of materials, plastic resin and equipment at low prices. Unveils Employment Screening Packages has launched its range of packages that business owners can choose from to ensure that they don't get into trouble because of Improper Employment Screening methods used.

Jason Laity Design Introduces Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services

Jason Laity Design, an architectural firm serving Leamington and Warwickshire, announced today that it is now offering Building Information Modelling (BIM) services as part of its offerings to clients. Laity is one of the few firms to offer BIM in the area. BIM, a relatively new approach to the design-build process, uses specialized software and extensive data about a building to streamline the construction process and save money and time.

Invite the 'Who's Who' in Media with This Latest Dedicated Invitation Aggregator

Hosting an event online or offline can be a huge challenge. While some elements of the planning process can be controlled and monitored, some take shape based on sheer luck.

Beautiful Paradise Falls; the Perfect Summer Night Wedding Venue

San Diego's premier wedding venue, Paradise Falls, is just perfect for a summer night wedding. Enjoy a garden reception under the stars with overhead market lights casting a romantic glow, or an elegant tent reception. The picturesque and beautifully lit gardens are a photographer's dream.

Global Mega Shopping Launches Expansive Collection

Global Mega Shopping, a well known Online Mall has unveiled its vast collection of personal care, décor, clothing products so that customers can find everything they want easily and quickly.

Giant Anal Warts Can Be Caused by HPV; CBCD Reviews the Medical Evidence

Logo"Infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV)? The CBCD recommends taking Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin." - Greg Bennett, CBCD

Come Experience Luxury and Opulence in Canada's Cultural Capital

Featured among the "ten happiest places in the world" by Lonely Planet Guide, Montreal seems to combine elements of modern day living with cultural heritage in harmony. The second largest city in Canada, a bustling metropolitan, Montreal has many unique things to offer which includes luxury condominiums by Brivia Group, one of the fastest growing real estate developers in the country.

Virginia Beach Rescue Squads Participating at the Get My Vet a Job Event in Virginia Beach VA

LogoAnnouncing Get My Vet a Job and the Virginia Beach Rescue Squads partnership for Veterans. On August 28th, 2015 the Virginia Beach Rescue Squads and Get My Vet a Job is joining forces at an Onsite Event for Veterans and Transitioning Military Members. This event is Sponsored by Intel and hosted by Bryant Stratton College.

LabStyle Innovations to Exhibit at Australian Diabetes Society's Annual Meeting on August 26-28, 2015

LabStyle Innovations Corp., developer of the Dario™ Diabetes Management Solution, today announced that in conjunction with its Australian distributor, uHealth, the Company is exhibiting at the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) and Australian Diabetes Educators Association's (ADEA) 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition in Adelaide, Australia. From Wednesday, August 26th through Friday, August 28th, at Booth #9 LabStyle will showcase the Dario Diabetes Management System. The Dario platform is a next generation technology that digitizes every testing event through a miniature meter powered directly by a smartphone via the audio jack turning an iOs or Android smartphone into a cloud-linked meter. In addition to having received regulatory approval in Australia, the Dario is CE marked in Europe and approved in Canada.

Attorney Jeffrey H. Ochrach Receives Accolades for Multiple Specialization in Law and Business

Attorney Jeffrey H. Ochrach, the founder of Ochrach Law Group, receives high accolade for specialization in divorce and family law, augmented with business and accounting experience. Mr. Ochrach holds over holds 25 years of litigation experience and superior negotiation of distinctive divorce settlements. The renowned lawyer presently serves on the board of directors, is an active member of several prestigious law organizations and has also served as law expert and legal commentator.

Dr. Peter Worth Extends Orthodontics Service to Roseville and Orangevale - California

Dr. Peter Worth, specialized and experienced orthodontist extends professional service in Roseville and Orangevale. The service aims to gift people with healthy beautiful smile and correct bad bite issues. Dr. Worth and his specialized team have been in the field for several years and holds over 30 years experience in teeth straightening with use of braces and invisalign, smile correction, right jaw alignment and other advanced dental treatments.

The Delray Beach to Host a Back to School Jam on August 28th

To celebrate the reopening of schools all over the country, Delray Beach Florida will soon host a back to school jam for teenagers. The event is due to take place on the 28th of August. The music will begin at about seven in the evening and is scheduled to continue till eleven p.m. One of Florida's best Disc Jockeys, named DJ Big Wagon, will be organizing the music on the special evening. To make it even more memorable, the organizers are adopting a number of giveaways and other activities. For example, there will be a Designer backpack up for grabs along with numerous electronic devices. Additionally, there will also be makeover haircuts for parties interested in a new look for school.

KM3 Media Now Offering HD Video Walkthroughs

KM3 Media receives recognition for its production of best HD video walkthroughs. The highly creative multimedia marketing company in Roseville has been satisfying numerous customers with its high end HD video walkthroughs, real estate photography, video production, WordPress web design and redesign, SEO and virtual tours.

Miracle Alternatives LLC Offers Holistic Health Rife Machines

Miracle Alternatives LLC are suppliers of holistic health machines, the online web store has established a highly reputable name in the Holistic Health Machines market by offering the widest and most comprehensive range of alternative medicinal therapy machines, devices and holistic healing products available anywhere in the world. Over the years the store has developed in to the largest internet sellers of their kind, with a wide range of products that have been sourced from countries like Russia, Germany, China, the Philippines and other areas where eastern medicine is the norm.

My Lighting Source Launches Ceiling Fan Rebates Prompted by Energy Savings Reports

According to recent energy consumption surveys conducted through, the average family spends approximately 3 percent of its annual household income on electricity with an estimated 40 percent of that sum allotted to heating and cooling. Though modern high efficiency climate control units aid in reducing energy usage, current reports indicate fans hold the potential to further decrease the cost of maintaining comfort within a home. In light of these statistics, Ken Duncan of My Lighting Source has launched the company's latest seasonal rebate on Casablanca Ceiling Fans.

Success Thang Announces Release of New Book, Say Yes to Success Despite Your Chronic Illness: 10 Weeks to Overcoming the Obstacles of Chronic Illness and Finally Achieving What You Want in Life

Succeeding in life presents its own challenges, but when you add a serious health problem to the equation, success can be very difficult to achieve. A new website, Success Thang, focuses on these kinds of issues. Recently, Kristi Patrice Carter, the owner/CEO of Success Thang announced the release of Say Yes to Success Despite Your Chronic Illness, a book that gives chronic illness warriors a blueprint to succeed despite having to deal with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, or any number of other chronic illnesses.

Susan Sommer-Luarca Selected as Official Artist of American Pharoah

Zayat Stables and Leverage Agency have announced that artist Susan Sommer-Luarca has been selected as Official Artist for Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah. Susan Sommer-Luarca is an internationally renowned thoroughbred horse racing artist. Susan has been the Artist for the Kentucky Derby, Official Preakness Artist, Belmont Stakes Artist, Official Triple Crown Artist, Breeders Cup Artist and Official Travers Stakes Artist. Susan has also been commissioned to paint at many of this nation's largest sporting events including Official USA Olympic Team Artist for the Beijing and Vancouver Olympic Games, NFL Super Bowl XVll Artist and Official PGA Tour Artist just to name a few. Susan is the only artist in Thoroughbred horse racing history to complete a painting LIVE at all three legs of the Triple Crown, and was the first and only artist to paint LIVE at the Belmont Stakes when Triple Crown history was being made. Susan has been creating both paintings and sculpture work for more than thirty years and her art is widely collected throughout the world.

Free Shipping Offer on Oojra Inc. Thai Jasmine Bamboo Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Gift Set Inspired by a Luxury Spa in Thailand

Oojra Inc. offers free shipping on its new Thai Jasmine Bamboo scent when purchased on All of Oojra's scents are inspired by real life global adventures to satisfying a little wanderlust without leaving home.

Dr. Dogs Launches Revolutionary Ear Oil to Cure the Animal's Ear Problems

Every person who has ever owned a dog realizes what it feels like when their dog falls ill. They lag around everywhere and do not want to do anything at all. They feel lazy or drowsy and make sad noises. People who truly love dogs will be unable to see theirs in such a condition because being sick can really take them down. Ear problems are even worse. A dog's listening abilities will suffer if their ear gets infected and they may not be able to listen to their owner's desires and obey them properly. Dr. Dogs understood all these conditions perfectly and knew they needed to find a cure for ear infections to ease the pain.

Website Offers New Job Prospects with Online TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

A new approach to online delivery of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment offers job opportunities to laid-off Government employees.

New Jersey Couple Loses Seven Children

Two ectopic pregnancies, three miscarriages, a child passing away at birth, and a failed surrogacy is enough to cause any couple significant grief. Offers Freedom from Black Magic and Associated Curses

The people who suffer from black magic know what a huge curse it can be and how much it can bring one down. Moreover, living in a country like America, where anything remotely superstitious is laughed upon, it becomes even harder for one to look for a cure. If one tells their friends or family that they feel as if someone has cursed them, then they are bound to be ridiculed or are offered psychiatric help. It gets so much harder for one to solve such a problem. However, no matter how difficult, it is not impossible. is now offering, at remarkable prices, the services of their spiritual expert Tom who guarantees the customer will get their normalcy back.

Sutherland CloudSource Hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Event

LogoAnnouncing Sutherland CloudSource will be hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Event in Virginia Beach VA, plus the online career fair on August 28th, 2015.

Lucas Intellectual Properties Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Introduce Parrot Passages Board Game

LogoParrot Passages Board Game has been designed and conceptualized particularly for people that are looking to attain a Caribbean state of mind. This trivia game from Lucas Intellectual Properties is about sailing sixty-five different Caribbean islands by overcoming the pirates, sharks, and hurricanes. The game has been created by Mark A and Michele "Shelley" Lucas and designed by Jenny Weber Saulovic. The developers claim that this game is ideally suited for board game fanatics that enjoy games that are challenging and full of interesting facts.