Latest Press Releases Shares the Innovation of the Atom Probe Tomography Device as an Effective Assessment Tool in the Field of Dentistry

LogoA toothache is the second most common dental issues that people experience, and not a single individual is exempted to this tormenting experience; adults and children are affected. For a fact, most toothaches are results of dental problems like dental caries or tooth decay. Based on the statistics documented in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey the census of adults who have and who have had tooth decay reached 90% and 20% of these adults have not sought treatment for this dental dilemma.

Nautical Ventures Will Sponsor Record-Setting 15-Year-Old Offshore Kayak Fisherman

LogoNautical Ventures, South Florida's leading Hobie dealer, has announced it is sponsoring 15-year-old Allan Escuage to represent Nautical Ventures in the junior division of sanctioned kayak fishing tournaments. Escuage will represent Nautical Ventures for the first time in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam II to be held Aug. 22, at Pompano Beach, Fla.

Graphic Design and Web Agency Mediaraft Seeking Funding for Next Session of Industry Readiness Programme Training Young Creatives

There's no argument from those in the know, that breaking into the graphic and web design world can be difficult for a young designer. Wolverhampton graphic design and web agency Mediaraft is doing their best to help correct this problem. One of the big ways they are working in this area is through their Industry Readiness Programme, free training to young creatives over a three month period that leaves them well prepared to work in the industry. The first group of four designers has passed through the free programme and the firm recently announced they are reaching out for support from local companies to help make a second round of training for a new set of young creatives a reality. After the first three month programme Mediaraft are unable to carry the entire cost of this work on their own.

Baking Fresh Announce a New Baking Experience Every Month Where Recipes and Ingredients Delivered Direct to Customers Homes

A leading supermarket reported a 40 per cent increase in the number ingredients being sold due to the popularity of the British Bake Off Show. The show has helped increase the number of people who are now turning to baking at home, and one company who is set to increase that trend is Baking Fresh with their head chef Kathy.

Abbeycare Release Alcohol Demotivator Tool for Help to Stop Drinking

LogoSpecialist UK addiction clinic Abbeycare are delighted to announce the release of their new 'Alcohol Demotivator' interactive tool, that helps individuals stop drinking when they feel tempted.

Introducing AudioBrain: An Audio Memory Development App

AudioBrain, an app like no other, is now available on the App Store and Google Play- but it is not a game. Created for those who want to expand their mental capacity, the new app uses techniques to help arouse under-active brain regions, namely the ones used for processing audio data. It is important to exercise the various regions of the brain to prevent stagnation, and to continue developing audio skills, which helps to increase perception. Unfortunately, as people age, they practice audio memory less and visual perception of information becomes dominant. Through the use of classical poetry, AudioBrain aims to put brain function back in balance.

Deep Dream Photo Filter App Is Launched to Produce Incredible Images with Android Phones

Many people love to add some special effects to their photos, to make their photography more attractive to the viewer. For that reason, they surf the Google Play Store and pick out the app that fits exactly to their requirements of beautifying their snapshots. Deep Dream Photo Filter is a highly advanced app that reportedly contains many exclusive features, which other similar kinds of apps lack until now. Introduces Walking Tours for Enthusiastic Tourists

Stockholm has a lot of choices for spending time there. Travelers preferring walking tours will highly appreciate a skilled guide who will help them discover the city. You will not feel boredom with a professional guide who knows and tells a great deal of amusing facts and stories. Certain tours with guide cost certain some of money. They are available upon prior reservation.

Solar Energy SEO Launches to Provide Better Marketing Services for the Solar Energy Industry

The solar energy industry is growing around the world from utility size solar energy plants, to industrial installations on factory rooftops to the roof tops of homes around the world, including the United States of America and Australia. Solar geysers can even be seen on the rooftops of low income housing in South Africa. Announced the Launch of the Italian Version of the Site

LogoNowadays, commonplace glasses that are used to correct vision are not as popular as they have been even 10 or 15 years ago. Instead, people buy contact lenses that ensure the same effect and also offer greater convenience and comfort. Recognizing that, has launched the Italian version of the website, which makes it possible to buy high quality lenses, accessories and eye care products even to people who do not speak English.

LabStyle Innovations to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 17th Annual Global Investment Conference on September 9, 2015

LabStyle Innovations Corp., developer of the Dario™ Diabetes Management Solution, today announced the Company will present at the Rodman & Renshaw 17th Annual Global Investment Conference on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. The conference will take place from September 8-10, 2015 at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Erez Raphael and Chief Financial Officer Zvi Ben-David will present at 4:15pm ET in the Fountainebleau Foyer, 2nd floor. Investors interested in a one-on-one meeting with management, may contact Rodman & Renshaw or contact LabStyle directly regarding scheduling a meeting. Introduces a Reliable Way to Carry out Forex Trading in Kenya is a website set up for people living in Kenya and interested in forex trading. Forex trading is basically 'Foreign Exchange' training and people money off of forex trading by trading currencies against one another. The trick is to guess which currency is going to do better against the dollar and invest in it.

Supremevalue Intl Introduces Their New A3 Action Camera with Hosts of Advantageous Features for Global Product Dealers & Distributors

People who love to catch the memorable moments of their life can now rely on the A3 Action Camera introduced by Supremevalue International Company. With a 2.0" touch screen and the 8X zoom feature, it can allow a person easily catch objects at far-off distances. From travelers to an amateur photographer, everyone can find the camera simple to use while capturing HD quality images.

Domijump Organizes A 3 Day Workshop on Trampoline Safety

Domijump has scheduled a trampoline safety workshop that will take place early next month. In the recent past, the number of accidents has increased at an alarming rate. This made it prudent for this trampoline manufacturing company and supplier to organize a workshop that aims at reducing these fatalities.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group Launches New Grand Relaxury Package to Ensure Guests Relax in Luxury

A landmark of formal luxury, The Royal Cliff Grand Hotel has slowly evolved into a modern architectural wonder that fulfills and exceeds expectations of sophisticated travelers from around the world. Undergoing major upgrades in January 2015, they paved the way for an array of new luxurious suites and conveniences. Now, guests are invited to experience these exciting new features and distinctive innovations in a new package providing the ultimate hotel experience.

New Collection of Affordable Makeup Brush Hitting the Market

Make up happens to be a very important part for the women, specially when they are going out. Other than that, for the household celebrations also the women prefer the make-ups. Events, office work, hangouts in every situation women carry their make up kit as well as the make up brushes. However, so far the use of the make up brushes is concerned, then this only the tip of the iceberg.

iDream Jewelry Coming Up with Their New Variations

Jewelries have always become much adored, not only by the women, but also the men around the world. There are jewelry items for both men and women that are stunning. The use of these jewelries have been for the last few centuries. Along with time, the designs and the sizes of these jewelries have changed. Most of the changes have taken place because of the demand and change of preference of the people.

Worldbestrading Comes Up with Its Range of Customized Printing Equipment

Printing machines have become a necessity in today's world as it is used in houses as well as offices. One should make sure that they buy printers from good companies that can provide them value for money. There is wide variety of customized products available online and one must make a proper research before buying these products. One of those stores that have been selling these printers and their accessories is Worldbestrading.

Best Options to Buy LED Switching Power Supply Now

Most of the electronic gadgets, at the very beginning of their manufacturing, suffered some malfunctioning problems. This is the same about the switching power supply machines as well. None of the companies could come up with proper production of these tools at first. However, further experiments and quality checks have helped the companies to correct the flaws and come up with the perfect ones.

The Need vs Want Healthy Life Project Launches a Healthy Mother Campaign

Obesity Australia reports that one in three women are overweight or obese when they become pregnant, of grave concern as moms carrying excess weight during pregnancy are prone to complications. Women who fall into this category carry a higher risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and/ or high blood pressure. In addition, children born to women who are overweight tend to be larger, leading to the need for more emergency interventions at the time of delivery. Women wishing to lose weight before or during pregnancy should consult with their doctor and determine if The Healthy Life Project, a Free Weight loss Program, is right for them.

Digital Results LLC Launches New Online Marketing Agency for New Zealand Businesses

The online world is rich and diverse, and has potentially unlimited digital real estate, making it possible for anyone to start their own business and promote it online. However, this potential is a double edged sword, as competition is fierce. While Facebook likes, and other social signals give the perception of popularity, they do not have concrete results on sales themselves, so a business can appear successful without actually being so. Digital Results LLC understand this, and has created a new digital marketing agency that aims to help people get results that improve profitability.

Studio 56 Unveils Exciting Solutions

Studio 56, a renowned Digital Marketing In Melbourne company, has offered its clients No Contract offers on all its services to put their mind at rest and assure them desired results.

SEO Sydney Company Called Top 10 SEO Launches New Search Optimization Services

Top 10 SEO, located in Sydney is a dedicated Search Engine Optimization Company and as such it has become one of the leading companies in Australia to transform business websites. The Sydney SEO Company has today announced new services that are being offered to current and new customers.

Clean My Shower Launches to Provide Ultimate Glass Cleaning Solution VITROglaze in New Zealand

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in the home, it becomes a private retreat from busy family life, offering the promise of quiet time and indulgent baths or showers. The only downside is cleaning, which if left for some time can take hours of hard scrubbing. Clean My Shower is offering New Zealand natives an alternative, with a new treatment that can reduce cleaning times by 90%.

Auckland Building Group Launches Website to Promote Premium Renovations in New Zealand

Auckland is facing a housing crisis. More people want to live there than there are homes to live in. Many people wish to move house when there is nowhere to move to. Auckland Building Group wants to help both these populations, by helping them to renovate and remodel their existing homes, while creating others a new build. Their skilled team of professionals works with architects and designers to create stunning finishes inside and out, and has now launched a new website to promote their work online. Bares All About Xarelto's Drug Trial Misconduct and Deceptive Marketing Controversies

LogoWhile patients and medical health professionals are at a look out for more effective and cost-efficient treatment for various disorders, drug manufacturers have the responsibility to provide the public with facts about the pharmaceutical and clinical trials for every drug and substance that is marketed for public consumption.

Phoenix Racing Stands Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing the World's Most Innovative Motorcycle Stands

LogoPhoenix Racing Stands has recently earned the distinction of designing the world's most innovative and versatile stands for motorcycles. The patent pending design of their upcoming product will allow motorcyclists to quickly and easily lift their bikes from the ground and move it in the desired direction.