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Alonso, Perez & Santos Sponsors Rosie Romero

LogoFounded in 2014 in the city of Doral, the Miss Cuba Queen of The Continents pageant aims to represent the island nation of Cuba and its beauty with respect and wisdom while contributing to social work through various community projects. The pageant includes several events where participants compete to win awards in competitions such as Most Talented, Best Hair, and Best Dress/Costume. The winner will represent Cuba in Miss Queen of the Continents International.

European Expansion of Pokémon Go Commences with Launch in Germany and the UK Successively

LogoThe Pokémon Go official Twitter account announced the release in Germany and the UK on Wednesday, which suggests that future launces in Europe, and in Japan as well as other countries in Asia are to come.

AFS Technologies CEO Joe Bellini with 33 Years of Executive Experience with Technology in the Consumer Goods Industry

LogoAFS Technologies, the leading provider of software and services purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is under the leadership of CEO Joe Bellini. Bellini is a seasoned technology executive having served as a CEO or executive with multiple companies focused on providing software solutions to the Consumer Goods industry segment. After starting his career with General Electric, he went on to lead Oracle's CPG solution deployments, JDA's (i2) CPG/Retail industry solutions, IRI's CPG analytics team, and ONE Network's CPG/Retail Program and Product Management Division. Provides Safe and Highly Affordable Solutions for Medical Waste Disposal

BioMedical Waste Solutions offers complete services related to medical waste disposal in California is certainly good news for those who belong to and live in California. BioMedical Waste Solutions says they are offering Complete Biohazardous Waste Management Solutions as well as Compliant Biohazardous Waste Disposal Management services. They add that customers who decide to utilize their services can save with every pick-up since their services are available at reasonably low prices.

Bio Medical Waste Solution Offers Low Cost but High Quality Waste Management Solutions

The news that BioMedical Waste Solutions is offering complete medical waste disposal services in Los Angeles, California, may excite people who live there. According to BioMedical Waste Solutions, the services they offer include Complete Biohazardous Waste Management Solutions and Compliant Biohazardous Waste Disposal Management services. The company points out that customers who opt to seek their services will be able to save with every pick-up because the services they render come at reasonably low prices.

Bio-Medical Waste Disposal Company Stresses on Compliant Waste Removal Plans

If one were to choose a medical waste disposal company, he or she would look for a company that strictly adheres to compliance policy and provides reliable services at affordable rates. The company should be able to customize the waste removal plans as per the facility's medical waste disposal needs. BioMedical Waste Solutions, LLC proudly offers a complete package of disposal and compliance services for health care facilities. The services are offered to both small and large health care facilities. The services are individually customized as per the specific needs of the location. Sharp items can also be disposed by mail services. This will be helpful for the small health care practices that are located in the rural locations to dispose of their medical waste in an affordable manner while sticking to all the compliant needs.

Nightclubs in NYC Offers High-Class Executive Parties at Affordable Rates

Top-rated and highly-recommended, Nightclubs in NYC recently launched a video on Vimeo that introduced Nightclubs in NYC's exclusive party services and their nightclubs in NYC. This video shows all the things one could do to enjoy their night out in NYC and making it more memorable, exciting and worth-the-money.

Optimizing Order Fulfillment Critical in eCommerce Shopping Cart According WarehouseOS Leadership

LogoIn the fast-paced, ever-changing world of eCommerce, small companies are quickly growing and attempting to keep up with best-practice lean order fulfillment. WarehouseOS provides small sellers a top-notch scalable, affordable, fulfillment technology on tablets. Too many solutions are not geared to the company shipping hundreds or a few thousand packages a day. While WarehouseOS is robust and can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of daily orders, most customers are moving hundreds of boxes and finding that growth trajectory challenging. WarehouseOS is one of the few order fulfillment technologies open to smaller businesses. As monthly order volume increases, there are more complexities to consider and since WarehouseOS easily integrates with the customers' eCommerce store the capacity of optimal order fulfillment is easily achieved.

New Blog Investigates the Benefits of Memorization Course for Improved Memory and Focus

LogoThe brain is a complex organ, it is the hub of every idea, thought, feeling and desires. Researches have just recently allowed scientists to have a better understanding of how the brain functions. Among thousands of different complex functions, the human brain is an elusive and misconstrued facet which scientists are still trying to completely figure out. Newly established blog, focuses on brain function and how people can maximize their potential. Recently, the blog discussed how memory works and investigated how a memorization course can be used for improved memory and focus.

Best Spa in Beverly Hills Provides Superior Experience to Clients

LogoThe best spa in Beverly Hills, The Spa on Rodeo, is a boutique, luxury spa located in Beverly Hills on the prestigious Rodeo Drive. This high-end day spa offers alternative therapies and treatments that provide undeniable benefits to both the physical and mental aspects of your well-being. The Spa on Rodeo is dedicated to assisting you in your journey to balance and soothe your body, the premise on which their spa is founded on.

MHI Interviews Hytrol Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering Chris Glenn Who Won the YPN Mentor Award

LogoMHI recently interviewed Hytrol's Chris Glenn, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering, who won the 2016 MHI YPN Mentor Award. This award was given to Glenn as someone who instills and nurtures talent, advocates for employees, is a positive and inspiring role model, and offers professional guidance. Glenn received the award at the MODEX Industry Night in April 2016.

Lawsuit for Investors in Shares of Insmed Incorporated (NASDAQ:INSM) in Effort to Recover Losses Field

LogoAn investor, who purchased NASDAQ:INSM share, filed a lawsuit in New Jersey over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Insmed Incorporated in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Viastore Systems Defines Role of Experts in Distribution Center Robotics and Automation

Logoviastore Systems, Inc. was recently featured in Robotics and Automation News. The feature, titled, "The role of experts in distribution center robotics and automation," authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, discussed how distribution centers are facing ever shorter delivery times, requiring higher flexibility and efficient goods management.

Investigation for Long-Term Investors in Shares of XBiotech Inc (NASDAQ:XBIT) Announced

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of XBiotech Inc (NASDAQ:XBIT) shares concerning possible securities laws violations by XBiotech Inc and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Merlin's Online Deals Announces Excellent Deals

Merlin's Online Deals has created a convenient and cost effective Shopping experience for users by bringing a wide range of options in one place at reasonable prices.

A Superior Edge Lawn Care Branches out Into Hardscaping

A Superior Edge Lawn Care offers hardscaping to its Ohio area customers. Hardscaping has plenty of benefits and is practical as well as beautiful. It can truly help to set off lawns, patios, decks, and gardens.  Besides esthetically adding to an outdoor landscape or living area, hardscapes serve purposes by providing protection from erosion, offering shade, and creating safe walkways.

VGV Leader Seegrid Insists Robot Automation Must Meet Safety Standards on Manufacturing Plant Floor

LogoSeegrid relies on the expertise of CTO Mitchell Weiss, a member of the ANSI B56 Standards Committee and Vice Chair of ASTM F45 Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles, two globally recognized leaders in the development of safety standards for AGVs. Weiss' extensive knowledge of AGV safety standards is invaluable to the Seegrid team. Seegrid suggests to partner with an AGV vendor that has a full understanding of industry-wide performance standards and recommended best practices for AGVs.

Topper Industrial New Division Topper Tube Provides Full Line Metal Joints

LogoTopper Tube, a new division of Topper Industrial, offers a full line of metal joints to meet a variety of needs. Topper Tube is an adaptable tube & joint material handling system for lean manufacturing initiatives. The system components consist of tubes, joints, and specially designed accessories. The system can be ever-changing and provides optimal flexibility line side.

Murder Mystery Texas Announces New Style of Interactive Dinners Coming September at Dark Hour Haunted House

Murder Mystery Texas is now proud to announce their new line of dinners that are going to be offered starting in September to the visitors that want a taste of the fun, fall and spooky  gatherings that come with it. They're expanding into a new form of entertainment, partnering with Dark Hour Haunted House for a different take on their murder mystery dinners.  Murder Mystery Texas is excited for this change, as well as new story lines that guests can figure out while enjoying the new line of food offered by the ever-popular dining restaurant in Plano, Love and War in Texas.

Thomas R Cutler Co-Authors Important Feature About Role of Industrial Engineers in eCommerce

LogoManufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler co-authored a recent article published in Industrial Engineering magazine, titled, "Feeling the Need for Speedy Distribution." Cutler shared how growing demands of and the growth of e-commerce are putting the pressure on industrial engineers to design and maintain efficient distribution centers and material handling processes to get more bang for the organizational buck. Some of the issues that industrial engineers must consider include the age and condition of current equipment and whether the mission of the business is put at risk.

Leading Hat Maker to Release Collaboration with Texas Rangers, Finds New Fans in Japan

YUMS, the popular hat designer and manufacturer that offers original classic snapbacks for sale on its website and in stores, always seems to be up to one thing or another of substance—this month being no exception. The Dallas-based company has been making headway in the fashion world since its advent in 2007, and at this point its brand is commonplace globally, reaching as far as Europe, Australia and Asia.

1StopHydroShop Has Replaced Constant Speed Booster with a New Grundfos Variable Speed System

LogoThe need to boost water pressure in buildings has always been a challenging task in the plumbing industry. Engineers used constant speed pumps designed for peak loads to increase water pressure in the incoming line. The nature of changing demand for water usage caused systems to waste energy 95% of operating time in pressure reducing devices or bypass lines. In addition, constant speed boosters were loud, caused water hammering, high voltage spikes, and required high maintenance of pressure reducing valves. The wide spread of variable frequency drive (VFD) technology changed the plumbing industry. Today even small booster systems 1-2HP utilize VFD technology saving energy and maintenance costs, and 1StopHydroShop offers wide range of new Grundfos variable speed booster systems.

Mobile and Private Lice Removal Is Now Available in Atlanta, GA

LogoLice are pesky! Lice Happens knows how important it is to quickly get rid of lice and nits. No matter how lice are attained, the company understands that no one is to blame for an infestation.

Topper Tube Provides Accessories Including Multifunction Fittings

LogoTopper Tube, a new division of Topper Industrial, offers several accessories including multifunction fittings to meet a company's tubing needs. Topper Tube is an adaptable tube & joint material handling system for lean manufacturing initiatives. The system components consist of tubes, joints, and specially designed accessories. The system can be ever-changing and provides optimal flexibility line side.

Deadline in Lawsuit Against Tangoe Inc (NASDAQ:TNGO) on July 25, 2016 Upcoming

LogoA deadline is coming up on July 25, 2016 in the lawsuit filed for investors of Tangoe Inc (NASDAQ:TNGO over alleged securities laws violations by Tangoe Inc.

Deadline on August 2 in Lawsuit for Investors in Banco Bradesco SA (ADR) (NYSE:BBD) Upcoming

LogoIn the lawsuit filed on behalf of certain investors in NYSE:BBD shares a deadline is coming up on August 2, 2016.

Acquisition of Golden Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ:GLDC) Under Investigation for Investors

LogoThe acquisition of Golden Enterprises, Inc is under investigation over potential wrongdoing. The investigation was announced on behalf of investors, who currently hold NASDAQ:GLDC shares, concerning whether the takeover of Golden Enterprises, Inc. by Utz Quality Foods, Inc. of Hanover, PA for $12.00 per share is unfair.