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TraceGains Webinar Presented by Debra Krug-Reyes of ConAgra Address IFS PACsecure Standard

TraceGains is offering a webinar co-presented by Debra Krug-Reyes of ConAgra. Krug-Reyes will address the International Featured Standards (IFS) PACsecure focusing on the benefits of certification to the supplier and customer. The new IFS PACsecure Standard, developed in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and a broad spectrum of industry representatives, specifically applies to all forms of primary and secondary packaging materials.

PANTRYCHIC Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Make You Fall in Love with Baking Again

Nik of Time, Inc. ™ crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for the PantryChic™ Store and Dispense System™.

Quality Pet Products and Supplies at the Leading Brighton Pet Shop, the UK's Favourite Independent Pet Store which is based in Brighton and celebrates its 80th birthday this year, offers a whole range of quality pet supplies for pet owners.

Forget Me Not Now Provides a Complete Safe Residential Care Home in Burnham

Forget Me Not, an excellent residential care home in Burnham, now provides a complete safe place for residents where they can enjoy and live life to the full. Forget Me Not always pays special attention to select staff who diligently work in their residential homes and leave no stone unturned to provide a better surrounding to their residents. All their staff are highly experienced and always encourage the residents of the house to participate in the running of the house collectively. They believe in complete independence of the individual and only by providing complete independence, can they create a truly enjoyable environment for the residents.

Shred-on-Site Now Offers Full Range of Documents Shredding Services

The Shredding Alliance now offers document shredding services at the most cost competitive prices. The company tries to mitigate the risks which are associated with confidential documents. Their full range of shredding services includes document shredding and media related items. With them, one will get high quality, efficient and professional secure shredding services across the UK. The company safely disposes of vital documents such as bank statements, business documents, consumer data and other such important and confidential documents. They carry out shredding services ardently following the rules and regulations that are set by the legislative bodies.

PopSoda Digital Commerce Today Announces Fly Balloon, Fly! 1.5, an Update to Their Flappy-Style Game for iOS, Android and HTML5

LogoPlayers are challenged to navigate their balloon through the skies in this simple but addictive game. The balloon must avoid hitting the flying swords or the game is over. Version 1.5 includes several important updates such as an enhanced game play, revamped graphics, newly drawn space backgrounds, a new exotic desert town backgrounds. New unlockable character "Rocket Man" if you reach 15 points. Weather effects added (rain, snow).

Sebastian Fabisiak Looks to Raise $1,290,000 via Indiegogo for His Eco Fuel Production Project

LogoThis is a unique opportunity for anyone to become a partner for the production of eco fuel. Anyone can buy a piece of their own installation. The idea and the team is worthy of interest.

Artists, Business People, Scientists Can Now Get Discovered at New Who's Who Website

LogoThe service and purposeful web portal is increasing views in Google searches for those people who are listed at the website. The portal is adding to the probability, that when potential partners, clients, or influential contacts search for someone, they are found on top.

Data2CRM Announces Free SugarCRM to SuiteCRM Migration

Automated CRM migration service, Data2CRM, officially unveils the revolutionary option for swift and effortless data migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM. As far as, Data2CRM team is polishing and improving the performance of CRM data migration, everyone, who wills to switch CRM platforms, may import all the leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, and tasks directly to SuiteCRM absolutely for free.

Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie Offers Latest Fashion Wear & Accessories

If someone wants to be unique and stand out from the crowd, wear latest and trendy fashion clothing. For unique collections of fashion wear & accessories, logon to

Ghanaian Social Entrepreneur & Author Offers Crowdfunders Rights to 'Transformers Predators' Movie Script - Thirst for the Silver Screen? Act Now

While he’s still young, Edmund Sagoe has seen an abundance of success that has directly impacted the lives of thousands. Passionate about creating socially-oriented solutions to Ghanaian society’s problems, Sagoe has gained notoriety for the invention of Octapoly Basic, an MDG board game and his amazon novels; ‘The Girl I Met Online’ and ‘Harry’s Wand: wizard of rings’. However, the upcoming release of the ‘Transformers Predators’ novel is set to become his most hard-hitting project to date, and those with a thirst for aliens or the silver screen now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure rights to the script.

Lotus HR Now Offers Human Resource Consultancy in London Through Expert Professionals

Lotus HR now offers premium Human resource consultancy in London and South East regions. They ensure clients that their HR task will be performed by the most expert professionals who have a deeper understating of the nitty and gritty of the HR functions. With them,clients will get their projects completed within stipulated time. Whether the clients need help in their entirely new additional HR project or their ongoing project, Lotus HR is ready to render any kind of HR help with their expert professionals.

Now Get the Service of Practiced Internet Defamation Lawyers and Fight Online Reputation Attack with Pinder Reaux

LogoThe constant upsurge in internet use is also accompanied by rising cases of internet defamation causing severe damage to the both business organizations and individuals enabling people to fight and erase online reputation attack. Pinder Reaux, a leading law firm now offers the services of practiced internet defamation lawyers.

'Mommy Really Loves Me' - Children's Book Dealing with a Child's Misinterpretation of Their Mother's Love

The bond between parents and children is something that cannot be described in words. Each parent has his or her own way of expressing love towards their children and vice versa. Children are loving, sensitive and caring but at the same time they have a lot of questions in their mind and there is no way one can predict what those questions would look like. The book “Mommy Really Loves Me” written by Sari Barel, an expert in the development of creative thinking and the author of the best-selling popular "Truthy Ruthy" series of books for children and their parents.

Due Diligence Review Essential for Larger Transactions

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London – conclude: In the context of a company takeover or the purchase of company shares, a detailed examination of the existing risks in connection with the transaction is absolutely necessary so that a careful review of the investment can take place, as the buyer is often insufficiently aware of the company’s true position. A careful examination of all the information relevant for the transaction is provided by the due diligence review. It paints a concrete picture of the existing risks and leads to the determination of a reasonable purchase price that takes into account all of the factors relevant for the transaction.

Regalo Manila Gives 3 Reasons to Send Tulips to Philippines

LogoOne of the most loved flowers all over the world is tulips. And this is not just because of their natural beauty; it is also because of their meaning that has lasted for centuries. Has Updated Its HTML5 Digital Publishing Software with Great Features

LogoPUB HTML5 is now taking a giant step wanting to introduce the new HTML5 Digital Publishing Software. After so many years of fantastic success this software publisher decided to offer some new opportunities for the world.

Affordable Comprehensive Web Design Services Now Available in Singapore

Top3 Media, Top3Web Design Company now provides comprehensive web design services. The web design company is based in Singapore. The company has established itself as a leading Singapore web designer. It has been repeatedly rated at the top of Singapore web design company listings by independent reviews. The introduction of comprehensive web design services by the web design company is set to change the landscape of the Singapore web design industry. Clients no longer have to move from one vendor to another in search of different services. You can get them all under one roof.

HTML5 Page Flip Software: HTML5 Digital Publishing to iPad and Mobile Tablets

LogoPUB HTML5 is pleased to announce the introduction of their new HTML5 Page Flip Software with the primary intention of bringing iPad and Android Tablet users a more interactive reading experience. Since iPad does not support Adobe Flash, the HTML5 digital online publications replace the flipbook and multimedia elements based on Flash thereby allowing the mobile tablet user to access e-publication successfully.

Spotless Cleaning Solutions Unveils Emergency Cleaning Services in Sydney

LogoTaking early action is necessary especially if the home or business space confronts water damage. Preventing the furtherance of damage and recovering the properties are two different things that have to be carried out simultaneously. With a professional expertise handling them both together can be a nightmare to many. Hiring an expert solution provider with exceptional emergency services is recommended.

Zoom Services Offering Exceptional & Chemical Free Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane

With the guaranteed quality work, Zoom Services now offers exceptional and chemical free commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. It will be really beneficial for the customers, as they also provide a complete range of consumables for washroom, office, and kitchen facilities. When it comes to outsourcing the cleaning services whether it’s on a full time or part time basis, they have everything that one needs.

Italian Company Converts Old Bathtub to Shower Under Record-Breaking Time of 8 Hours

Trends indicate that global warming has made an immense impact on the lifestyle of the people all over the world. Educated people today are more judicious about the way they use every day essentials like food, water and other luxuries of life like air conditioner, central heating at home, fuel consumption, etc. There has especially been a conspicuous shift from bath tubs to showers in a bid to reduce the consumption of water.

Benjamin Hayward Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise $15,000 for His Upcoming Game 'Yo Yo Joe'

LogoIt is all a mis-understanding. Joe was asleep when the manly-est bomb was dropped as a means to end all war. Instead it turned all the cows into zombies. The bomb turned his burrito to gold, which the cows want. Joe thinks the cows want to eat him. The cows want to ask Joe if they can have his Golden Burrito. "Excuse me sir, may we have your Golden Burrito?" The helicopter cannot rescue Joe because the cows are too close.

The Need for Tooth Extraction Is Nothing to Fear

LogoThere’s nothing to fear in paying San Clemente dentists a visit for tooth extraction, especially when it’s really needed. It’s not like they are leave their patients toothless after the procedure. Modern dentistry’s main goal is to preserve one’s natural set of teeth for as long as possible – most dentists hope their patients stick to their gums or a lifetime. That’s why these experts always remind their patients to brush, floss and come visit them for regular examinations and cleanings. Though there are times that one or more teeth may need to be extracted. This may be in need for some reasons.

Arcpitch Films Seek Funding Assistance via Kickstarter for the Completion of Their Upcoming Film 3Roads

Logo3Roads is a film that will draw viewers into the character’s emotions and tribulations, as they try to deal with situations that are current to the youth of this generation. This is a South Auckland story of three best friends forced into carrying out a crime that has an unexpected turn of events. The boys escape the scene and confide that they will never speak of the incident again. Their secret remains quiet, but with the boys being torn into different emotional directions and new details of the crime emerging, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Calla Ellen Seeks Support from Indiegogo Community in Her Unique Venture to Foster 50 African Elephants

LogoOne elephant is killed every 15 minutes. At this rate, none will be roaming wild in 2025. This is why Calla is seeking help to foster 50 Kenyan elephants in 2014.

Oil Painter Dave Rasel Starts Kickstarter Fundraiser to Set Up His Mobile Art Gallery 'Urban & Feather'

LogoDave Rasel is an oil painter. Since many years, he has wanted to set up an artist booth and travel to different festivals so he can bring his work out of the studio and into the public. The time has come where Dave has a large enough body of work that he could start selling the originals and prints of his oil paintings. Recently, he applied to display at a local Art Festival called WaterFire, and his request was accepted. Dave is very excited about this opportunity to start taking his work to festivals. However, now he needs a mobile art gallery, or booth, to be able to show his work.