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Dr. Jennifer Levine to Be Featured on NBC's Today Show, Monday, August 3

LogoRenowned New York City facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Levine, is set to be featured on NBC's Today Show on Monday, August 3, in the 8-8:30 AM time slot. The segment that Dr. Levine will be featured in is on plastic surgery trends. To acquire Dr. Levine's thoughts on this topic, a crew from the Today Show spent a few hours observing and filming Dr. Levine as she performed procedures on some of her patients. While she worked, Dr. Levine took the time to explain each procedure, and why her patients choose them.

JHE's Real Log Furniture Place Showcases Their Real Rustic Beds That Fits Every Chic Lifestyle

LogoJHE's Real Log Furniture Place never fail to delight customers with its contemporary and western rustic wood furniture collections that can be found on their showrooms behind the Maxfield's Inn of Industrial Park Drive at 1 Lakeland Place in Edmore, Michigan; and can also be viewed 24/7 online in their website With the great support that loyal customers gives to JHE's by patronizing their products, the real log furniture place gives back great discounts that gives customers huge savings that ranges from $50 to $795 which makes shopping for the new log furniture in JHE's truly rewarding.

Clasty Announce the Launch of a Special Tool for Customer Classification to Increase Sales

Increasing sales is a matter of importance for any business but until now a business needing to learn how to generate more sales have had to employ expensive experts. Clasty removes the need for expensive experts and provide the business community with an important tool to help classify customers.

Phil Pustejovsky Discusses Real Estate Investing in New Interview with Huffington Post

LogoIn an expansive interview with the Huffington Post, Phil Pustejovsky went into great detail regarding the manner in which he evaluates and selects candidates for his real estate mentoring and coaching program. Through Pustejovsky's company Freedom Mentor, reviews of effective real estate investment strategies are discussed in such a way that the most ideal practices are clearly identified, understood and applied. Pustejovsky's Huffington Post interview provides unprecedented insight into Freedom Mentor's evaluative process for identifying the best candidates for the program.

Covered Caregiver Receives Priority Renewal as Top Vendor in Goebel Adult Community Center, Thousand Oaks CA

Covered Caregiver, one of the leading local providers of senior home care services, just released a "Senior Health Problems" infographic focused on age-related complications. Covered Caregiver has also just received first rights to remain as top vendor on the vendor wall of the Goebel Adult Community Center in Thousand Oaks, CAon June 15th 2015. The renewal is effective until the next fiscal year. News of their priority renewal is owed to the loyalty and trust of the community towards Covered Caregiver. (Online Business Marketing) Reveals the Three Online Business Marketing Trends Retailers Should Grab Today

LogoBusiness marketing has turned digital as the technology of today continuously proliferates, imposing great challenges on each and every marketer on how they will stand out in the industry they are belonging to. Although every mean and ways have been readily available to marketers, what makes it challenging is how they are going to take advantage of these technological wonders without making it appear too cliché. Even though it's not bad to join the bandwagon on what is the latest, what makes a brand more unique and appealing to consumers is the originality of the marketing plans that business practices. And when it comes to authentic yet result-driven online business marketing plan, it's the that marketers should seek for.

Agoura Hills Dentist Kessler & Resnick, DDS Open New Clinic Named Retro Dental in Broomfield in Colorado

LogoPorcelain veneer dentist, Kessler & Resnick, DDS - Broomfield Cosmetic Dentist - Retro Dental Group, is now offering a new promotion and consultation for porcelain veneers to help patients improve their smile for the summer. Patients interested in a consultation are encouraged to contact their office for more information.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Receives 2015 Green Giving Partner Award

LogoThe nation's leading service provider for household hazardous waste collection events and on-site hazardous waste disposal services, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is proud to announce they have received the 2015 Green Giving Partner Award. The award was provided by Matthew 25: Ministries (M25) for MXI's commitment to the environment by reducing waste and repurposing excess product for humanitarian work.

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Announces Expansion to Other States for Fall Events

The days are getting shorter and cold weather will be here before anyone knows it. Now is the time to prepare for an end of summer party, by contacting Big Bounce Fun House Rentals for assistance. Whether the event organizer is in need of inflatables for the big event or wants help planning every aspect of the party, this company can be of great help. In addition, they recently announced they now travel to other states for events, allowing more individuals to take advantage of their services.

Summers Sizzles with Live Music and New Events at Bistro Blanc

Glenelg's renowned wine bar, Bistro Blanc, will soon celebrate their seven-year anniversary with special events. While summer may be winding down, Bistro Blanc has plenty to offer for summer nights. Bistro Blanc is proud to present live music, every Friday, by the Gene Okonski Trio at 6 P.M.

Find Financial Nirvana with CHAKRAS: New Website Connects Users to Personal Yogi/Yogini

Any entrepreneur can experience failure, but repeated incidents of failure can lead to entrepreneurs feeling "stuck," with no chance of development. Announces the Introduction of Their Shipping Calculator to Help Customer Figure out the Rates Ahead of Time announces the introduction of their shipping calculator to help Mail Forwarding customer figure out the FedEx, DHL, TNT and US Post Office rates ahead of time. is considered as the top global provider of international mail forwarding, transportation solutions and package forwarding. The company was established in the year 2006 and they are recognized as Boston based international shipping company. Shares the Easiest and Low Cost Ways in Boosting the Mobile App Ranks in Google Play and iTunes

LogoThe proliferation of the technology today has encouraged many marketers to venture in mobile apps. These apps that are now up and about to various online app stores bear all the essentials that a person might need in their daily life. From calculator, dictionary, cookbook recipes, photo and video editor to banking – truly, these kinds of mobile apps continuously to flourish that due to high competition in the market, many marketing experts made lots of assumptions that there's no future in monetizing mobile apps.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Offers Ready to Assemble Playsets for Kids

LogoThe warm climate of summertime is the perfect opportunity for kids to be active, especially during recreation time at home. Rather than visit the park for an afternoon of fun and exercise, ready to assemble playsets provide entertainment for children right in the backyard. This summer, homeowners looking to invest in a high-quality playset for their kids can shop the selection available at Recycled Rubber Products, LLC. Originally a rubber mulch retailer, the company now sells Gorilla brand children's playsets that are ready to assemble upon arrival. Customers are invited to browse the Gorilla playsets available for purchase at Recycled Rubber Products, LLC.

Church Websites Vital as New Survey Reveals Importance of Online Presence

With web usage ever on the rise, no business sector is exempt from the need of a website. Churches in particular are feeling the call more than ever to have not only a web presence, but a fully functional site.

Schope Dental Reports People Appear Wealthier After Having Cosmetic Dental Work

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 60 percent of patients seeking cosmetic dental services are females and 56 percent of patients fall between the ages of 31 and 60. Of these patients, 89 percent state they do so to increase their physical appearance and attractiveness along with their self esteem. In addition, 54 percent state they undergo cosmetic dental procedures for restorative work or health reasons.

Michael W Durrow Runs for the Portland, Oregon City Council to Bring People Real Changes

Real changes are needed to bring trust back to the people of Portland says Michael W Durrow, who is running for office. The candidate believes it's time the people of Portland had someone in office that will fight for the peoples' interests and not a person who continues to fight for moneyed interests.

Tent and Table Announces Their Show Your School Spirit Facebook Photo Contest

Tent and Table announces they are holding a new "Show Your School Spirit" Facebook photo contest. The contest runs from August 3, 2015 to August 14, 2015 and features three prizes. The prizes to be awarded are: a popcorn maker, an inflatable mini hoop-shot basketball game, and an inflatable Twister game. To enter the contest, participants need to upload a photo showing their school spirit. The photos may be of the school, a school event, or an old college picture or anything that is related to a school. Additional entries may be earned in other ways also, increasing the person's chance to win a prize.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Announces Beverage Destruction After Fourth of July

LogoAs warehouses and liquor stores stocked up on beverages in anticipation of July 4 celebrations, they are stuck with an excess of undrinkable alcohol. When the cases are expired or damaged, Dynamic Recycling LLC helps companies go green with their alcohol recycling and disposal services. As July 4 has passed, the company is proudly assisting warehouses and liquor stores with the destruction of these beverages. Their innovative recycling process helps create renewable energy while reducing costs for their customers.

Patriot Chevrolet Offering Dealer Discount for 2015 Chevy Sonic

LogoAs a leading Chevy dealer in Philadelphia, Patriot Chevrolet routinely offers drivers special deals on new and used vehicles. Throughout the month of July, the dealership is pleased to announce they are offering a dealer discount for 2015 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles. The discount is available for all models of the Sonic, including the Hatch RS, Sedan LTZ, Hatch LT, and Sedan LT.

Patriot Chevrolet Announces Vehicle Spotlight on Used 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8

LogoWhen looking for used cars in Pottstown, PA, Patriot Chevrolet has placed a vehicle spotlight on a 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8. They are offering a special pricing model through their Facebook page with an expiration date of August 12, 2015. Drivers interested in this nicely equipped, two door family vehicle will see a savings of over $3,000. The price was $44,788, and it is now available for $41,685.

Ohana Fishing Charters Maintains "Excellent" Rating on TripAdvisor for Deep Sea Fishing Excursions

LogoWith an experienced and knowledgeable crew aboard the Ho'o Maika'i, Ohana Fishing Charters is proud to announce they have maintained their "Excellent" Rating on TripAdvior. The feat is an attest to their commitment to customer satisfaction and ability to find active areas in the water on any given day. Of the 99 reviews the company has received on the platform, 81 guests have provided an "Excellent" rating.

WBI Restarts Its Cosmetology and Barber Schools After One Years' Gap

LogoFor all those who wish to make a career in the cosmetology and beauty industry, the Western Beauty Institute Inc. has reopened its operations. It has ventured into Cosmetology, Barber and Beauty Schools for interested candidates. The entity has also introduced an educator training for those who wish to become trainers in the field. At, the enrollment, fees and other details can be perused.

Phil Pustejovsky Announces New Social Media Strategies for Freedom Mentor

LogoPhil Pustejovsky is known throughout the real estate industry as an expert who is readily accessible to his mentees. As the founder of Freedom Mentor, reviews of the company's various strategies are commonplace for Pustejovsky, who believes that the implementation of more expansive social media strategies will benefit the company by improving on its accessibility. The company already provides mentees with access to information through its website, Facebook page and Twitter account, and Freedom Mentor's LinkedIn profile

Phil Pustejovsky Announces Release of New Freedom Mentor Book Detailing Real Estate Investment Strategies

LogoPhil Pustejovsky is announcing the release of a new book that details the strategies and principles used by Freedom Mentor as it assists those who are interested in investing in real estate properties. The book, titled How to be a Real Estate Investor, explains the varied methodologies espoused by Pustejovsky and his mentoring and coaching company while assisting investors in the real estate industry. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive Freedom Mentor reviews, the book's contents will be very likely to assist investors as they seek to achieve financial independence through real estate investment strategies.

Certified Fabricator of Natural Stone, Stone Masters, Inc., Adds to Collection of Quartz Countertops

LogoWhen looking to renovate the kitchen in a way that brings out personality and matches a particular vision, Stone Masters, Inc. is proud to announce they have added new quartz countertop slabs to their collection. Customers are encouraged to visit their showroom in Kennett Square, PA, and speak with a representative about how their pieces can bring a vision to life.

Airport Parking Helper Releases New Guide to Dallas/Fort-Worth Airport Parking

Airport Parking Helper, the nation's leading authority on airport parking and related topics, published an exclusive, revealing new guide to parking at one of the world's busiest airports. With daily passenger volume at Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport growing at unprecedented rates, Airport Parking Helper's detailed new guide to the best parking options there will be indispensable for travelers. Joining a number of similarly valuable guides in Airport Parking Helper's rapidly growing collection, the new report on parking at Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport is available now at