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CitiGarden Hotel Partners with Lyft for Rides Downtown

LogoLocal South San Francisco hotel, CitiGarden, has entered into a partnership with Lyft to provide discounted rides for hotel guests. The hotel will provide a $20 credit toward Lyft rides to downtown San Francisco.

The Whitbarrow Hotel Highlights the Latest Fall and Winter Vacation Trends in Europe This 2015

LogoNowadays, travel and leisure has been made easier and accessible to many people because there are lots of vacation packages that can be bought online. For people who are fond of traveling to Europe for a short vacation, the first thing they check out are the Lake District hotel deals that offers a wide variety of choices at affordable rates – from fine dining, city tour, water sports activities, camping, cycling, to luxury suites, name it! The hotel deals in Lake District are considered an economical choice for travelers. And since many will be traveling to Europe this coming fall and winter, travel agents shares the latest vacation trends that could help travelers pick the best travel package for their vacation this year.

La Quinta Holdings Inc (NYSE:LQ) Shareholder Alert: Investigation over Potential Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investigation for shareholder in La Quinta Holdings Inc (NYSE:LQ) shares over potential securities laws violations by La Quinta Holdings in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Mavericks Name Home Arena Silverstein Eye Centers Arena

The Missouri Mavericks, an ECHL team owned by Lamar Hunt Jr., announced the new name of their home arena on Wednesday September 30th in a live press conference. The arena will now be known as the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena.

ImageFIRST New Hampshire Weighs in on the Supreme Court's Ruling to Uphold Obamacare Subsidies

ImageFIRST of New Hampshire provides medical laundering services, including gowns, linens and cubicle curtains for medical practices of all sizes throughout the state. Recently, the Supreme Court made a decision to uphold government subsidies to medical practices through Obamacare, and ImageFIRST New Hampshire is giving their thoughts on this recent ruling. Through the ruling, the 34 states that use the federal health insurance program will be eligible for government subsidies that will make premiums more affordable for those holding health insurance policies through Obamacare.

ImageFIRST Cleveland Promotes Hygiene in Workplace with Healthcare Laundry Services

In the healthcare industry, workplace hygiene affects much more than the medical professional themselves, it affects patients, visitors and even their families and friends at home. A recent study on employee hand hygiene shows compelling data that company culture and peer/supervisor attitudes strongly affect compliance with regulations.

Minch Professional Cleaning Announces Fall Availability for Residential and Commercial Cleaning

LogoFall is in the air, and for many, the refreshingly chilly seasonal weather brings about a desire to air out homes and office spaces. Minch Professional Cleaning, which provides house cleaning in Bucks County and other parts of PA and NJ, possesses the skills and know-how to freshen up a home just in time for apple cider and pumpkin carving. The company has announced that it is now available to take on new commercial and residential clients for the upcoming fall season.

Housewared Celebrates Green Lantern's 75th Anniversary with Awesome DC Comics Merchandise

Green Lantern premiered in the July 1940 issue of All-American Comics #16, but wasn't fully official until later, in 1941. After 38 issues, it was cancelled in 1949, until picked up again in 1960 by DC Comics, where it manifested into the Green Lantern fans know today, with Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern. Jordan remains their mainstay character to this day. Green Lantern now celebrates their 75th anniversary in July of 2015., a dynamic and culturally diverse supplier of novelty merchandise and drinkware, is excited to announce that they are celebrating this anniversary with exceptional DC Comics merchandise, including DC Comics mugs featuring Green Lantern and many other fan favorites.

Announcing the Launch of the Exclusive Directory for Beauty Professionals,

The team at have announced that the new beauty directory has officially launched. Now, consumers from all over North Carolina can visit the innovative platform to find local beauty professionals in categories such as estheticians, beauty salons, spas, and nail salons.

Wade Insurance Provides Philadelphia Residents Convenient, Instant Quotes on Auto Insurance

LogoIn the city of Philadelphia, and the surrounding regions, it's important for residents and business owners to have proper auto insurance to protect not only themselves but other individuals using the roads. Wade Insurance is now providing quick and convenient instant quotes on auto insurance in Philadelphia for residents and business owners looking to insure themselves and their vehicles. They are also able to provide quality home and life insurance, as well as auto tags in Philadelphia and for residents all throughout the region.

AAA Public Adjusters Provides in-Depth Insurance Claim Evaluation for Policyholders in PA and NJ

Insurance claims of all kinds and sizes are serious business and are not to be trifled with. Insurance companies employ entire teams of experts dedicated to the task of contesting claims against their policies, working to defer and decrease compensation for their policyholders. AAA Public Adjusters has a team of dedicated independent public adjusters prepared to provide in-depth insurance claims evaluation for policyholders all throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and anywhere else necessary in the United States.

Future Fitness Center in Berlin, NJ, Announces Spin Classes for Early Risers

For true early birds, finding a fitness center that allows for workouts that begin before other gym-goers are out-and-about can be a trial. Many gyms only open as early as 6:30 or 7 at best, providing little time for those who prefer to fit their workout in before the sun has even risen! At Future Fitness Centers, early and late weekday hours are convenient for members with a variety of different schedules. In order to even better accommodate their members, the Future Fitness Center in West Berlin, NJ, has announced that it will now be providing 5:30 a.m. "Early Riser Spin Classes" every Friday.

Motivational Rapper Marcus "M-Positive" Parker Releases Chopped Version of His Underground Classic "What the P For"

Motivational author, speaker, and poet Marcus "M-Positive" Parker has a triumphant story to share—which is the motivation for all he does. In his 2004 book The Product Parker shared how many youth are a "product" of broken homes, but that "we can use our pain to drive our progress." In the book Parker shared his personal story of overcoming adversity, as well as many quotes and poems from globally recognized role models.

Mobility123 Providing Homeowners with Mobility Access Solutions for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

LogoWhile mobility limitations can certainly be challenging for seniors and individuals with disabilities, there are myriad affordable options available to customize homes to accommodate these special needs. With the help of independent living solutions, individuals who were previously limited in their mobility and independence can reclaim their ability to easily maneuver their homes and tend to their needs. Mobility123, a mobility solutions provider, is currently offering homeowners many different systems that allow for comfortable movement assistance and increased autonomy.

Free Little Library Announced by Scott Tucker

Home and Recreation, a website for anybody interested in exercise and home decoration news, will feature the unveiling of Scott Tucker's new library in an upcoming article. The "Little Library" is expected to be unveiled this November in Atlanta, GA.

Deck Capital Inc (NYSE:ONDK) Shareholder Alert: Deadline in Lawsuit on October 5, 2015

LogoA deadline is coming up on October 5, 2015 in the lawsuit filed for investors of On Deck Capital Inc (NYSE:ONDK over alleged securities laws violations by On Deck Capital.

ImageFIRST Proud to Partner with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

LogoImageFIRST, a leading national healthcare laundry services provider, is proud to announce that they have partnered with the Cancer Treatment Centers for America® (CTCA). CTCA is a destination cancer hospital that has five centers throughout the United States. They take pride in having everything that a cancer patient could need under one roof, such as a salon and rehab therapy. In all, the facility sets itself apart from others because they are very "patient-centered," and focus mainly on taking patients with cancer.

ForBridesmaid Offers a Large Variety of Trendy Bridesmaid Dresses for Sale

Bridal parties are big gatherings with friends, family members and relatives of the newlywed couple. The female attendees often spend a lot of time to get the dress of their choice to sport on this day. To make their job easier, ForBridesmaid is offering a wide selection of bridal party wears. There are several custom made dresses suitable for bridesmaid and wedding guests available at budget price. The bridesmaid dresses UK online shop strives to deliver the shoppers with their dream dress within a suitable price range.

Dubai's Datavox Introduces New IP-Based PBX Equipment Options for Clients

Datavox L.L.C., one of the top IT and Telephone Companies in Dubai, announced the availability of new IP-based PBX System options for clients. Detailed on a dedicated page at the Datavox website, the new PBX options from leading manufacturers like Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Grandstream, Panasonic , Nec and others will help Datavox customers take charge of their telecommunications needs, cutting costs and opening up valuable new opportunities. Serving private and public-sector clients in the UAE, the Middle East, and throughout much of Africa, Datavox is a leading Telecom Distributor in Dubai, emphasizing innovation, cost effectiveness, and custom-tailored solutions that account for every unique situation.

Daily Rounds Becomes India's Largest Doctor Network with 180,000 Doctors

Daily Rounds, a platform that enables doctors to learn and share clinical cases has hit 100,000 users, thus making it the largest doctor network in India.

Ningbo Dongtian Technical Co Ltd Offers Range of Construction Hardwares

There has been an increasing demand for quality construction hardware accessories from several building construction firms of China. Ningbo Technical Co Ltd is a leading manufacturing firm in the industry of construction hardware. It is mainly specialized in manufacturing quality construction hardware accessories for point fixed glass curtain wall fittings and the handrails balustrade series fittings. All its products have secured the quality certification and clients can view these products in the official website of the firm. It always focuses on strengthening its core market competitiveness through technical innovation and tapping research innovation. The technical details of all such accessories are provided in the website of the firm.

Risong Specializes in Developing Plastic Pipes and Fittings for Various Purposes

The installation of sanitary fittings in residential and commercial bathrooms will remain incomplete without the installation of plastic pipes and fittings. It is essential that that these products during the time of their installation are durable and can withstand water pressure for a long period of time. For obtaining high quality plastic pipes and fittings Risong Polypipe Manufacturer Co Ltd can be the ideal destination for every customer. It is equipped with latest pipe extrusion lines and interjection machines for producing quality plastic pipes and fittings of different categories. All these products are manufactured in its factories under the supervision of experienced technical experts. Customers can log on to its site to view its leading products which are displayed in a categorical manner.

XiMan Industrial Brings Technologically Advanced Packaging Solutions for Modern Industries

In the era of growing global business prospects, the packaging forms an important field to focus on for most of the product manufacturers all across the world. China based XiMan Industrial specializes in the design, development and manufacture of advanced packaging solutions, such as clamshell packaging and blister packaging, which are aimed at promoting the global trade and business.

Tuoder Offers Custom Cotton Canvas Bags in Bulk for Event Promotions

Cotton bags or canvas bags are in more demand today, because these bags are made of natural materials that do not harm the environment. Tuoder Gifts Company is thus offering a great range of cotton bags or canvas bags as a promotional item to please the environment-conscious populace of the world. Besides using as a promotional item, these bags can have practical use as well of keeping and packing various products into them.

Breakfixnow Mobile Repair Shop Offers Complete Solution and Repair for iPhones and iPads

Breakfixnow Mobile Repair is a complete package for the repair of the phones and iPads. Whether it is a shattered screen or a battery issues, the Breakfixnow Mobile Repair shop is able to serve these unique needs. The latest smart phones are expensive and the repair is more difficult since there is no repair offered once the warranty expires. The repair does not only cost much but also requires the proper match of the repair that does not affect the functioning of the iPhones and iPads faster repair.

ImageFIRST New Jersey Associates Proud to Donate over $4,000 to St. Jude's

LogoImageFIRST New Jersey, a company that provides outpatient medical facilities with superior healthcare laundry services, is happy to announce that they made over $4,000 worth of payroll donations to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in June 2015. St Jude's is an organization that helps find cures and save children. In fact, their revolutionary research has helped increase the survival rate of young children suffering from cancer.

AdMark Launches Breakthrough Mobile Advertising Ideas Which Could Be the Next Big Revolution

In a Global Mobile Media Consumption report in 2014, it was reported that 60% of Internet access in the U.S and around the world was made through a mobile device. That has shown advertisers how important it is to use mobile devices for their marketing campaigns. However, there are a lot of people who are troubled with the endless notifications that keep popping up on their screen as different developers try their best for the sake of pushing their ads to gain more leads. That is why AdMark has come up with the perfect solution.