Latest Press Releases Takes on Teaching Kids to Code in Attempt to Learn Another Language

LogoHaving kids learn another language to broaden their linguistic capabilities is truly remarkable. Kids nowadays can learn any language effortlessly due to the availability of teaching materials and methods that makes learning much easier compared in the previous years. Given the fact that more and more people are becoming fond of travelling overseas to widen their knowledge when it comes to studying language to break the barriers of communication – for Coderversity there's another language that children should learn – that is how to code.

Sidora Marketing Expanded Its Territory to Europe, Japan and Taiwan

LogoSidora Marketing, a marketing agency who provides channels for western mobile game developers to enter Japan and Taiwan, announces today the renewal of its trilingual web service to deliver market information crossing multiple nations.

Livnfresh Expands Clothing Line to Include California, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida Home State Gear

Americans all have a reason to be proud of their home state, and represent that pride wherever they go. Doing so can be difficult however, as so much home state apparel looks more like cheap merchandise than high end fashion items, and aren't built to be worn regularly. Livnfresh exists to change that, and originally started a clothing line to promote their pride in their home state of Michigan. Their products have proved so successful that they are now creating a range of State Pride clothing items for California, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida.

Award Winning Photographer and Activist Robin Hammond Joins VoiceAmerica Host Cheryl Jones on Good Grief Radio

LogoCheryl Jones, host of Good Grief radio, is proud to announce that her guest for October 7, 2015 will be Robin Hammond. A renowned photographer with work in National Geographic and many other major publications, Robin met LGBTI people during his travels across the globe who were suffering extreme persecution as a result of their sexual or gender identity. Moved to make a difference, Robin created Where Love is Illegal, an ever expanding collection of photographs and stories about the people he met. Impassioned about social justice, the project is part of his Witness Change non-profit, producing storytelling on seldom-addressed human rights abuses to transform opinions, open minds and change policies. The project has been featured by National Geographic and was on the cover of Time Magazine on June 15, 2015.

Real Ghost Hunting Comes to SoHo NYC This Halloween

Wondering where the real Halloween ghosts are hanging out this year in the Big Apple? Well according to New York's own Ghost Doctors, it seems this season's ghostly spirits are in the mood for some upscale digs in trendy SoHo NYC!.

Inno-Versity Celebrates Release of New Leadership Book with Learning Animation Video

Research into human behavior has shown that using a whiteboard animation video to teach a concept or market a product can produce a fifteen percent increase in learning and information retention. At a time when marketing methods like television commercials, radio spots, and print ads are declining in their effectiveness, this is great news for everyone in business who needs to reach a target audience with a specific message. With whiteboard animation on the horizon, experts feel there's now a better way to engage and connect.

Vredevoogd Heating and Cooling Launches Energy Saving Campaign

According to the Home Energy Center, furnaces on average, last about 16 to 20 years. Close to this time, the homeowner may need to have them repaired frequently. Older furnaces will cost more to maintain and will be far less efficient than a newer model.

New Book MUSTLE: I Must Hustle Is Now Available at and

MUSTLE: I Must Hustle: How I Made $50,000 Selling Counterfeit Shoes from the Trunk of My Car has been released and is now available at and MUSTLE tells the true story of Logic, an adult student and single parent who finds himself struggling to support his infant son even while working full time at an architectural firm. Stumbling across an opportunity on the Internet, Logic goes on to make $50,000 selling counterfeit shoes he personally imports from China.

I Think I Can - Discover the Power of 'I AM' with Howard Falco

LogoJoin Karen Leavitt as she welcomes Howard Falco to The Sky's The Limit , 10/14/2015. Howard is an author of "I AM " (2010) & " Time In A Bottle" (2014), and an expert on human understanding and potential. He is a Peak Performance or "Mindfulness" Coach to college and professional athletes ranging from NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, MLB most notably Major League pitcher, All-Star, and Ace starter for the Tampa Ray Bays, Chris Archer. Howard has worked directly with the PGA, as well as CEO's, corporate executives, and individuals looking for a new way of overcoming life's challenges and achieving peace. Through his books, speeches, and private coaching thousands have been touched as individuals quickly realize the inspiring nature of his insights and the transformative impact this power has on their own lives.

Tidom Inc High Ticket Sales Gains a Reputation for Helping to Offset High Unemployment U.S. Figures

Tidom Inc. is pleased to offer people affected by rising unemployment in the United States an alternative that provides an income that helps to overcome doom and gloom in the marketplace. Although there are claims of improving employment figures, for those who have given up the search for a living wage through traditional employment, is a change in direction that is very appealing.

Zeigen Announces a Limited Time Coupon Code Offer on Their Hydra-Mate Drying Towel

As part of a celebration, Zeigen is offering their latest product, the Hydra-Mate Drying Towel, which is available on Amazon, with a limited time discount of 35%. The discount is available by contacting customer services at where they will issue a coupon code. The 24-inch by 36-inch towel is made from an 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide blend, which makes it exceptionally soft and super absorbent. Announces Articles Designed to Help a Woman Through Pregnancy and Motherhood

Recent statistics reveal more than half of new moms were not ready to have a child and many of these new moms did not have all of the information they desired to help them through their pregnancy and on their journey to learn how to become a mother., an online parenting portal, offers relevant information for any pregnant woman or new mother requiring a single place to find answers to all of their questions.

Michigan Elder Law Attorney Christopher J. Berry to Speak at the Solutions for Family Caregiver Expo

Certified Elder Law Attorney Christopher Berry's presentation is entitled "Protect Your Loved Ones From the Devastating Effect of Long-Term Care Costs – Medicaid and VA Benefits Explained". He will explain the different paths to paying for long-term care costs focusing on Medicaid and VA benefits. Both governmental programs can be complicated and confusing. He will also provide nuts and bolts guidance on both, including the latest legal developments.

China Artificial Organ Market 2015: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Production Cost, Demand Research Report

LogoQYResearch Group Provides the deep research report on China Artificial Organ Market 2015 Industry Trend, Share, Opportunities and Forecast to 2020

Global Semiconductor Market for Industrial Application Will Grow at a CAGR of 10.35% During 2014 - 2019; Finds New Report

LogoMarket Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Global Semiconductor Market for Industrial Application 2015-2019” research report to their website

Global Anti-Counterfeit Electronics and Automobiles Packaging Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2015 to 2020, Finds New Report

LogoWorld Anti-Counterfeit Electronics and Automobiles Packaging – Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 -2020, forecasts the global anti-counterfeit electronics and automobiles packaging market to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2015 to 2020. Hologram technology would dominate the authentication packaging technology market and is expected to reach $8.0 billion in 2020. Taggants technology segment is projected to register the highest CAGR of 21.4% during 2015 – 2020. Be it fake memory chips or refurbished automotive components sold as new, every year counterfeit electronic goods and automobile accessories surge the market in large numbers. Businesses and consumer within automotive and semiconductor industry are respectively losing about $3 billion and $75 billion annually. The high value of counterfeiting has spiked the demand of anti-counterfeit technologies within these industries. Additionally, factors such as advanced tracking technologies and adoption of RFID technology is also contributing to the growth of this market. Moreover, the increasing consumers awareness about counterfeit products and rising government efforts to counter electronic and automotive counterfeiting in developed as well as developing nations is supplementing the market growth. However, high cost associated with implementation of product identification setups and impact of anti-counterfeit products on distribution process would limit the market growth.

The Power of Transformation - Pathway to Enlightenment with Brigitte Boyea and St. Germain, Channeled Guidance from the Divine

LogoIn this first episode of their radio show Brigitte will share with you how the power of transformation has touched her life and how it has affected her in the most miraculous ways.

Los Angeles Makeup School Unveils Various Courses for Users

Los Angeles Makeup School – LAMUS has announced different courses that offer students insight into the magical world of makeup, body painting, hair styling and more.

JavaPresse Coffee Company to Officially Launch Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Coffee Company, a brand of specialty coffee and coffee products, has recently launched their superior portable and versatile Manual Burr Coffee Grinder. To commemorate the launch, JavaPresse has also made live an introductory DISCOUNT OFFER, which will for a limited time allow buyers to save 57% off the regular retail price of the Manual Burr Hand Coffee Grinder from

Sientra Inc (NASDAQ:SIEN) Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Alleges False and Misleading Statements

LogoA shareholder in NASDAQ:SIEN shares filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California over alleged violations of Securities Laws by Sientra Inc.

AGL Resources Inc. (NYSE:GAS) Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Against Buyout by Southern Company Filed

LogoA shareholder in shares of AGL Resources Inc. filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of AGL Resources Inc. by Southern Company for $66 per share is unfair.

Cardiovascular Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSII) Shareholder Alert: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in NASDAQ:CSII shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (NYSE:PAA) Shareholder Notice: Deadline in Lawsuit on October 16, 2015

LogoA deadline is coming up on October 16, 2015 in the lawsuit filed for certain shareholders in NYSE:PAA shares over alleged securities laws violations by Plains All American Pipeline.

Liquid Holdings Group Inc (NASDAQ:LIQD) Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Violations of Securities Laws

LogoA shareholder in NASDAQ:LIQD shares filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Liquid Holdings Group Inc in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between July 26, 2013 and December 23, 2014.

Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE:CVC) Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Against Takeover Filed

LogoA shareholder in shares of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE:CVC), filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of Cablevision Systems by Altice N.V. for $34.90 per share. Offers Project Management Training (ITIL Foundation/PMP) Through E-Learning is an online and classroom learning service that offer a comprehensive range of project management courses, reliable and effective training and coaching services for the professional of todays that wish to fast track their performance and learn how to become a better project manager.  specializes in project management training through e-learning as well as classroom coaching. The platform is considered as the leading the providers of web based online training for the ITIL foundation exam, PMP.

Superstar Real Estate Broker Earns Angie's List Super Service Award - Again

Does your REALTOR® offer Super Service? Brett Furman does, according to his clients' reviews on Angie's List, which earned him 2014's Super Service Award, an honor that is extended to less than 5% of Angie's List businesses for excellent service. Mr. Furman was also honored with the award in 2013.