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CitiGarden Hotel Partners with Lyft for Rides Downtown

LogoLocal South San Francisco hotel, CitiGarden, has entered into a partnership with Lyft to provide discounted rides for hotel guests. The hotel will provide a $20 credit toward Lyft rides to downtown San Francisco.

The Avanti Company Featured in Prominent Regional Publication

LogoThe Avanti Company, a leading provider of cutting-edge Flow Meter s and metering systems, was recently highlighted in Highlands Today, an edition of the Tampa Tribune. The August 31st article by Paul Catala follows the company's rise from a small startup in Avon Park, Florida, to a leading provider of water and Flow Meter Products throughout Florida, Georgia, and recently Alabama.

Pluristem CEO Zami Aberman Elected to Board of Directors of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

LogoPluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, today announced that Pluristem's Chairman and CEO, Zami Aberman, has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). Based in Washington, D.C., ARM promotes research, development, investment and commercialization of regenerative medicine technologies. Pluristem has been a member of ARM for 3 years and has actively supported the organization's goals. Mr. Aberman joins other prominent leaders in the field of regenerative medicine who are currently serving on the board.

Nearly 50% of Police Forces Confirm That They Are Breaking the UK Data Protection Act 1998

The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) has carried out its third Freedom of Information request into how UK government organisations meet their regulatory requirements when disposing of critical data carrying infrastructure.

Tourism Provides 5.4% of Growth in Saudi Arabia and Set to Rise: Saudi Visas Comments

There is growth predicted for the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia in 2015, a highly significant announcement in a country not typically associated with tourism but instead oil. Tourism is estimated to be capable of providing 5.4% of growth to the Arabian non-oil Gross Domestic Product in 2015. The positive predictions do not just apply to the coming year either – as the percentage is set to rise as high as 5.7% by 2020. In turn, this suggests that the country is undergoing a constructive period of economic diversification and is increasingly an attractive economic opportunity.

Custom Labels Ltd. Moves to Pastures New

Somerset-based Custom Labels Ltd., a company that specialises in providing quality labels for commercial and industrial use, has announced that it is to move to new, purpose-built premises in Bridgwater. Provides Network Installation Services for Top UK Companies

It is important to have a data cabling network that is well installed and makes work easier in any business. There are many data cabling companies that can be considered for such services. If you're one of those looking for the same, is a good team to work with. Get quotes and a free site survey from a reputable and trusted Network Installation Company in your area.

Sri Lanka Aims to Target 4 Million Tourists by 2020: Sri Lanka Visas Comments

According to the State Tourism Development Office in Sri Lanka, the country is aiming to target 4 million tourists by 2020. This will be facilitated by expanding private investments, as well as a more open aviation regime. It also follows on the back of sustained tourism increases over the past few years – with officials saying that they are expecting at least 2 million tourists in 2015, which would represent a 30% growth from last year.

Google Is Set to Reduce Hosting Support: UKHost4U Comments

Recent reports have highlighted an interesting shift in the world of website hosting. Google has announced that its basic website hosting service, through Google Drive, will be slowly depreciated and then turned off on the 31st August 2016. The web hosting feature is perhaps a lesser-known feature of Google Drive, and has allowed some more simple websites to take-off. However, that Google is reducing and then terminating this service could highlight that websites are increasingly opting for more advanced hosting services; ultimately what a site needs to strive forward on the internet.

'Staycations' on the Rise Lead to Big Things for British Business: Freeline Motorhomes Comments

Recent reports have shown that new measures are being taken to facilitate active holiday-makers in the UK, especially regarding the rise of the so-called 'staycation' – people choosing to holiday within Britain rather than abroad. The increasingly common method of doing this is through motorhome or caravan, and the results for business seem positive. A £1bn company investment has been recently announced by Park Resorts and Parkdean Holidays – two of the biggest holiday park operators in the country – as they plan a merger.

More Than 13% of the Workforce Complete a 48 Hour Week or More: Inspire 360 Comments

Recent statistics show that increasing numbers of British workers are at risk of exhaustion and burn-out due to the amount of time they spend in activities linked to work. The number of people putting in more than 48 hours a week has risen to 13% of the total workforce, a figure up by 15% from 2010. Working 48 hours a week or more can cause problems, not only for the health and wellbeing of employees, but also their social and personal lives. The findings were made by the Trade Union Congress which concluded that whilst the number of people working such long hours declined a few years ago, it now appears on the rise again.

France Takes an Executive Role at the World Tourism Organization General Assembly

There are positive predictions for the future of French tourism at the moment, especially as the country moves along with its recently-allocated role as member of the executive council in the World Tourism Organisation. This emphasizes that France is increasingly being recognised as both a popular destination with tourists as well as a country where tourism plays a significant role in profits and industry. Well-recognised for its sites of historic and cultural interest, as well as natural beauty, it is perhaps no surprise that France has been elected by a large majority to an executive council position. After all, it is a founding member of the World Tourism Organisation itself.

VodaNet Starts Accepting Bitcoin to Offer Better Ease to Direct Selling Business Opportunity Customers

VodaNet primarily deals in selling vacation packages at cheaper rates and has recently introduced the provision to make payment with Bitcoin. This is an extremely useful feature which will reap dividends for all involved in the innovative direct selling company.

Sustainability Inc Awarded £11.5M Contract in Bruntwood's Birmingham Expansion

Local Refurbishment Contractor, Sustainability Inc, has begun the refurbishment of Two Cornwall Street for long term client, Bruntwood, as part of their continued portfolio expansion into Birmingham.

The 'Selfie Spoon' Trend Shows That Food Photography Matters: Graham Precey Photography Comments

Recent reports have shown the release of a surprising invention to help cater to the popular demand for food photography – the 'Selfie Spoon'. It may sound like an imaginary invention, but retailers in America have been showcasing the item – which is a stick allowing the user to clamp their phone on one end and a metal spoon on the other. This allows the user to photograph or video every bite they take.

Rhinoplasty in Manchester Website Launched in Light of Cosmetic Procedure Uptick

Based on information gleaned during a survey conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty surgeries saw a 16 percent gain last year, boosting this procedure into the nation's top ten list. With the number of patients seeking this course of action projected to continue on an upward trend, the search is on to find the most qualified surgeons for the job. In consideration of this need for more in-depth information, Dominic Wells has recently launched the Rhinoplasty In Manchester website.

Do We Spend One out of Every Six Hours Online? UKHost4U Comments

The average British person now spends one in every six hours online, according to research carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau and the UK Online Measurement Company. 73,000 people were involved in the study which found that people also spent an average of two hours and 51 minutes on the internet each day in the first half of the year.

Stow London Offers Exquisite Leather Luxury Accessories

Stow London offers luxury leather items and accessories for men and women. There are so many exciting designs introduced by the online shopping place for the first time in all kinds of commonly used accessories like wallets and ring boxes etc. Leather has always been a luxury item because of the sophistication and a sense of effort attached to it. It costs a lot to make the same things out of leather as compared to making them out of plastic. Luxury leather accessories are in great demand because of their premium utility. One look at a leather made accessory and one can bet that the bearer has great sense of taste and knows where to spend their money.

British Demand Not Just for the American Dream of Cars but American Gleam: Extreme Gleam Valeting & Detailing Comments

Recent reports have revealed that plans are already underway in the UK for a 'Cars & Stripes American AutoFest' set to take place next year in the weekend of July the 2nd and 3rd. The event is predicted to be highly popular, and will be held at Rockingham.

An Increase in Foreign Tourists Visiting Turkey: Turkish Embassy Comments

Recent figures have shown what could be considered a re-vitalisation in Turkey's tourism industry – with the number of foreign tourists holidaying in Turkey seeing a 5.1% increase between June and July; a considerable number. Those vacationing in July in Turkey had increased to 5.5 million, which suggests that the country still has a significant influence over tourists. It could even be anticipated the visitors to the country are set to increase due to the onset of the colder months in the western world, because Turkey is still recognised for its favourable climes.

The Big Names Competing in Video Show It Is a Powerful Marketing Tool: Visual Arena Comments

Recent reports have highlighted the importance of video to big business. After all, many British people engage with video material daily – whether for recreation or viewing advertisements. As video is often associated with a relaxed, accessible feel, this makes it the ideal marketing tool and many websites are integrating video into their home-pages, for example. Especially profound is the news that the famous company Apple is set to get involved in their very own video production studio.

Exciting Private Guided Tours Awaiting Tourists to Croatia

Those who extensively travel Europe may like to visit Croatia and Slovenia because these are countries that may excite any one. These tourists may want to undertake private guided tours in these places. They need not worry any more as to where to go in croatia or what are the things to do in croatia because DestinaTour, a tour agency, is arranging small private tours that are otherwise known as rick steves tours for groups comprising 2 to 6 people.

Go Viral on Social Media with Social Media Marketing Services from #1 SEO Company in India, Profit by Search

LogoSocial media channels are the hottest trend in the marketing world today. Not only have they become favorites of entrepreneurs for promoting their business, they are also being excessively utilized by individuals for their varied needs. Considering the importance of social media portals, Profit by Search, #1 SEO Company in India, is providing social media marketing services at competitive rates. Their team of experienced and dedicated professionals makes use of cutting edge digital tools for creating the right buzz around the clients' website. This not only helps businesses in getting more visibility, but also helps them reach out to potential buyers for their business products and services. Entrepreneurs who want to make their business products and services viral on social media channels can count on this company for providing superior quality social media marketing services.

Rafter Stands High-Quality Guitar Stands Enhance Beautiful Instruments

Rafter Stands, a company based in Helsinki, Finland, has launched a line of handcrafted, premium guitar stands that look more like fine furniture than other, mass-produced options. The Multi Stand holds between two and four instruments and comes in birch, ash, oak and walnut.

Parashop Spain Launches New Online Store for Paragliding Equipment and Accessories

The northern and southern coasts of Spain are lined with premium paragliding sites, together with no shortage of jump-off points around the capital Madrid. Thanks to its mountainous terrain and warm weather, the country provides an ideal territory for keen paragliders from all over Europe, as well as making it a popular sport with Spaniards. As such, there is a high demand for paragliding equipment in the country. Parashop Spain has just launched to meet that demand easily and affordably online. The new ecommerce store has just launched to offer the most comprehensive range of top brands available.

WedPlan Online Wedding Planning Software Announces Limited Period 70% Discount

According to wedding industry statistics, 68% of all engaged couples plan their weddings themselves with the help of the volunteering wedding party. In the past, Excel spreadsheets and unmanageable diaries were the common outdated modes of tracking invitations, wedding vendors and all the other details which go along with planning marriage events. However, today's modern wedding planners have a new tool to use which make planning a wedding celebration much easier.

Stem Cell Therapy Brings Hope for Degenerative Disease Patients in Thailand

Due to the advances in the medical sciences, and new treatment methods, the stem cell therapy for treatment of degenerative disease, anti-aging and injury is a new hope for the patients.