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Solar Panel Efficiency and Potential Savings Can Now Be Calculated Using Google's Latest "Project Sunroof"

LogoRecently, Google launched its latest project initiative where people will benefit from it. The "Project Sunroof" which came from the "20 percent project" initiative of engineering lead Carl Elkin, is said to be the next big thing in the solar industry as this will help people calculate the hours of sunlight per year and get estimates of the possible savings through 3D modeling. And with the continuous plummeting solar panel cost, this will become even beneficial to people because they will now have a clearer picture on the direction of their solar panel investments. Shares the Fun-Filled Activities, Water Sports and Museums to Visit in Ullswater This 2015

LogoMany people are more than willing to spend their hard-earned money just to have a short vacation to relieve the stress and pressures at work. It cannot be denied that traveling overseas has been one of the most popular activities during vacation where people will get to see new places and experience new culture which could probably help boost their inner self. According to many health experts, traveling is one way to fight stress and pressures which are considered to be some of the factors why people get sick. And when it comes to a perfect vacation destination that could contribute positively to the health, Ullswater is the place that people should not miss.

Perfect Practice to Attend NARCA 2015 Conference

LogoPerfect Practice®, an industry leader in debt collection software will showcase its products at the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) Conference at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC, October 14-17, 2015.

The Real Estate Investors Association of NYC Will Be Throwing a Relaunching and Networking Party on September 9th at the TRYP Hotel for All Interested in Real Estate Investing and Personal Finance

Women Investors Strategic Exchange, or WISE, is now a part of the Real Estate Investors Association of NYC chapter. WISE is committed to helping women develop their financial blueprint and improve their personal brand. By holding workshops and development seminars, WISE helped women in the area become financial masters. Now a part of REIA NYC, WISE members will have access to even more options, programs, and connections to increase their personal wealth.

Ruiz Foods Growth Shared in Picking Perfection by Pcdata USA

LogoPicking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, brings important and interesting information to those in the material handling, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique reports on trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations about picking, packing, shipping, and profitability.

Akorn, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKRX) Shareholder Notice: Investigation of Potential Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investigation for investors in NASDAQ:AKRX shares over potential securities laws violations by Akorn, Inc. and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

Carbonite Inc (NASDAQ:CARB) Shareholder Notice: Directors Under Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation for investors in NASDAQ:CARB shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain Carbonite officers and directors.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMCI) Shareholder Alert: Investigation Concerning Potential Violations of Federal Securities Laws

LogoSuper Micro Computer is under investigation over potential violations of securities laws. The investigation for stockholders of NASDAQ:SMCI shares was announced concerning possible violations of securities laws that caused damages to investors in Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Marketing of America Is Now Offering Marketing Plans for Plumbers

In January this year Marketing Of America set a new internet plumbing record of 1571 calls received for a plumbing company called 4fastplumber in the DC area. This consisted of SEO, PPC, and SMM for 4fastplumber. Since then Marketing Of America has devoted tracking exactly what was performed and learned how to bundle this into a specialty executed plan for plumbers found here which is new to their website.

Get Norsk-Stor 6-Pack PVC Sport Mat Tiles from at Unbeatable Prices

LogoThe floor of a garage is often the most neglected part of the garage. Using appropriate garage flooring tiles not only increases the longevity of the floor, but also enhances the appearance of the garage. To cater to the needs of their customers, is now providing Norsk-Stor 6-Pack PVC Sport Mat Tiles at the most competitive prices. Customers can now purchase this garage flooring for just $45.99. People looking for a durable rubber garage/ gym flooring or for an attractive and durable way to cover the floor of their home/ commercial gym, can count on Norsk Sport Mat interlocking PVC garage / gym flooring as the best option.

Get a Refreshing Massage with Earthlite Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package from

LogoTraditionally meted out using hands, massage therapy is a realistic and fundamental form of healing that has retained its charm over the years. Not only does a massage provide the ultimate relaxation, but also help individuals in cutting down their stress. Keeping this in view, is providing Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package at the highly reduced rates. Presently in stock, individuals can get this portable massage chair from sale organized at the company's official online store,, for just $489.00. Having features like stainless steel clutches, compact design, Natursoft Upholstery and patented composite frame, this massage chair is sure to provide all the benefits of a relaxing massage.

City Tap House Logan Square Recognized by DRAFT Magazine as One of Philadelphia's Best New-Wave Bars

LogoCity Tap House Logan Square is excited to announce that they were recently recognized by DRAFT Magazine as one of Philadelphia's best new-wave bars. All of the restaurants and bars mentioned on the list were acknowledged because they have established themselves as being more than just another watering hole.

City Tap House in University City Announces Updated Weekly Events and Specials

LogoCity Tap House in University City always makes it a priority to have something new going on for their guests. In fact, this famous craft beer bar in Philadelphia is eager to announce that they have some new events and specials that they are offering Monday through Sunday.

TriNet Group Inc (NYSE:TNET) Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements

LogoAn investor in NYSE:TNET shares filed a lawsuit in California over alleged Securities Laws violations of by TriNet Group Inc in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Yodlee Inc (NASDAQ:YDLE) Shareholder Notice: Takeover Under Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Yodlee Inc (NASDAQ:YDLE), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Yodlee Inc by Envestnet, Inc is unfair to NASDAQ:YDLE stockholders.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. (NYSE:ESI) Shareholder Notice: Investigation Concerning Potential Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investigation for investors in NYSE:ESI shares over potential securities laws violations by ITT Educational Services and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Forgotten Maritime Disaster Remembered in New Kindle Edition of "Beautiful Bodies" by Gerald Stone

A new Kindle edition of "Beautiful Bodies" by acclaimed author Gerald Stone has been released to coincide the 182nd anniversary of the shipwreck disaster it recalls. The book, previously published in paperback in Australia, is now available for Kindle readers around the world.

The Secret Is in the Mattress: Find Happiness with Happy Beds

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping. While there are those who try to reduce this number for various reasons, sleep plays a crucial part in individual's overall well-being. From endorsing a proper brain function, emotional and physical health, to aiding and optimizing performance, daytime safety, and supporting growth and development, sleep proves vital. Considering the impact of sleep on well-being, it is alarming how careless the average person is in regards to his/her mattress; after all, a third of one's life is spent on one.

E-Cigarette Researchers Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Study Safety

LogoA research group studying the long-term efficacy and safety of e-cigarettes has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to collect funds for the five-year follow-up study needed to provide solid data.  Launched in 2013, the study was planned to last for five years.  For the first two years, the researchers have already published data at; the entire protocol has been published in BMC Public Health: .  However, in order to complete the study, more funds are needed.

UK Sugar Daddy Reports 2000 Female Students as New Signees on the Website

The Daily Mail and the Mirror UK has recently covered the new uk sugar daddy website which has recently begun operations within the UK. The website has been immensely successful in the United States of America and has garnered a number of followers in the country. Now, the website has come to the United Kingdom. It allows young female students, who have to pay for their own expenses, to meet up with their 'sugar daddies' to not only have a good time but to be paid for their company to cover said expenses. In a recent interview conducted by a popular US news channel, students signed up to the website claimed that they never did anything that they did not want to, like engagement in sexual activities.

New Bestselling Fantasy Release, Dragonlove, Second Book in the Dragonfriend Series

Fantasy author Marc Secchia is excited to announce the release of Dragonlove, his latest dragon adventure, on August 15th, 2015. Available in all electronic book stores, Dragonlove is the second book in the highly-rated Dragonfriend series.

Melanotan II Gains Popularity as One of the Safest Tanning Products

With the rise in the popularity of tanned skin, it has been reported that products promising to give that natural tan are more popular than ever. For most of the individuals, including both men and women, it has been said that the allure is more on those products that promises a more natural tan as opposed to the visibly fake ones. Opens India Car Rental Bookings for Middle-East Based Travelers Visiting India, one of the fastest growing international car rental marketplaces has opened Indian car rental bookings for Middle East based travelers visiting India. It is not easy for UAE or any other gulf travelers to book their car rentals in India in readiness for their trip during their visit or vacation to India. Presently, provides Self-Drive car rentals as well car rental with driver facility in the major cities in India for international travelers and tourists visit India.

Digiarty Software Pushes out DVD to Android TV Ripping and Streaming Solution

LogoDigiarty Software, a highly appreciated multimedia software supplier, keep a close eye on users' requirements and has pushed out the fastest solution to rip and stream DVD to Android TV 2015 helping users handle the problem of how to get DVD movies played on Android TV without difficulty.

Kyrgyz Republic Rehabilitation Center Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Snow Leopards

LogoThe Kyrgyz Republic Rehabilitation Center in Central Asia was opened in 2002 with an enclosure for snow leopards and a separate enclosure for birds. The total area of the enclosures is 7,000 square meters. Now, the center has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to assist in wildlife rescue efforts.

Panda Paper Roll Plans to Expand the Business by the Online Marketing

Panda Paper Roll, one of the world's largest thermal paper rolls manufacturer based in Jinan, Shandong province, China is planning to expand the business and its footprint on the online platform with the use of advanced digital marketing strategy. Over the past 15 years, the company has rolled out various new offering in ways of the flexibility of choice, while maintaining the highest standard of quality at a very competitive price. The company offers the paper for credit card terminals, thermal paper rolls of various sizes, tip rolls for shops and retails outlets and paper sheets for dot matrix printer. Superior quality control, certified manufacturing facilities help offer the products of highest standards. Enhanced customer satisfaction has resulted in the long-term relations and continuous repeat orders from the various customer. Suppliers of ATM paper, Thermal billing paper, the mobile paper today boast of the customer list of high profile companies like NCR, BROTHER, EPSON, DIEBOLD and other companies across the globe.

FOSJOAS Launches V9 Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Just like stars in the sky, the bones and skins of FOSJOAS electric scooter V9 turn into something beautiful and shine for the riders' lives. The scooter-lovers' crave for FOSJOAS V9 is because it not only delivers youth and energy but also serves as an intelligent friend for the riders.