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Get My Vet a Job Announces a Veterans Job Fair in Arizona - Get My Vet a Job announces a unique and innovative career fair for Veterans, transitioning military members, spouses, and family members. The Get My Vet a Job career fair, sponsored by Intel, will be a true hiring event. A single day of networking and employment that will be unlike any other.

When in Need Foundation Embarks on Mission of Mercy Tour

LogoThe When In Need Foundation has been busy at work embarking on its Mission of Mercy (M.O.M) Tour. The Mission of Mercy Tour is a global outreach program of the non-profit organization that aims to assist individuals in need around the world with basic amenities such as supplies, food, healthcare and medical items, and educational resources. The foundation works to support orphanages, schools and hostels that function to help those less fortunate from all areas of the globe by providing them with the resources they need. Donations that are made to the When In Need Foundation help the organization to achieve the efforts of their Mission of Mercy Tour.

MITSkills Now Offers Post Graduate Program in Industrial Automation & Controls in Pune

With the developing technology, demand for skilled professionals is also increasing day by day. To suffice the growing need of the automotive and tools manufacturing industry, MITSkills is now offering full time Post Graduate Program in Industrial Automation & Controls in Pune. It is a 6 months training programme that features industry oriented learning in instrumentation engineering and training on latest software like Auto-CAD, PDMS, and SCADA. The programme also includes development of soft skills in the candidates that will help them excel in their career.

JetSpring Offers Live Chat Service to Help Colleges and Universities Increase Enrollments

LogoColleges and universities that are looking to increase enrollment through their website may not feel like they have the time or resources to make it happen. However, one company they can call on to accomplish this task is JetSpring. With JetSpring's live chat service, colleges and universities will have a team of individuals dedicated to enticing website visitors to apply. Additionally, their operators are trained to answer any questions alumni, parents, or a current student might have about the school. Those who are interested in JetSpring's services can reach out to the company by giving them a call at 866-255-1827 or email them at The company can also be reached by filling out a contact form on their website.

AWMA Announces New Sparring Clearance Items Available This July

LogoTrying to find a company that sells sparring gear and equipment for all ages and skill levels? Well, look no further than AWMA® as they are pleased to announce that they have new sparring clearance items available this July.

Parts Geek Announces Updated Inventory of Suzuki Parts

LogoEven though The Suzuki Motor Corporation no longer sells their vehicles in the United States that does not mean that many people do not own these once popular vehicles. Those who are looking for replacement parts to keep their Suzuki vehicle running may feel like they will have a hard time acquiring auto parts. However, one place that they can turn to for affordable replacement Suzuki auto parts and accessories is Parts Geek. In fact, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they have recently updated their inventory of Suzuki auto parts and accessories. Offers Exciting Tours Across the City is a website that was created by the group of Stockholm tourist guides, who love this charming city with all their hearts and wish to share their passion with millions of tourists that visit the city each year. The website contains useful articles and curious facts about the city itself and places that are worth visiting. For those tourists, who cannot decide whether to get the tour or not, the website offers remarkable articles that contain all information one may be interested in. This is the place where a tourist may find out facts from the history of Sweden in general and Stockholm in particular, places of interest, eating habits, top tourist attractions, monuments and museums etc. The site also makes everyone aware of the most important things one should do when visiting the city. To Launch New Showroom & Free Offers

LogoA shopping experience like no other, is the physical manifestation of a creative vision of two successful and experienced young entrepreneurs: Christopher Wijeysooriya and Mirfaz Mohideen. Having spent a considerable number of years in the Unites States, both Chris and Mirfaz felt that life in Sri Lanka was too slow for their liking.

OSCOMP Offering a Slew of IT Solutions to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in UAE

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, OSCOMP enjoys formidable reputation in its niche market segment, that caters to cloud computing and hosting requirements of startups, small enterprises, and mid-sized businesses. The company, also known as Open Source Computer Solutions LLC, specializes in helping such businesses realize their Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) goals with a difference. OSCOMP further offers a comprehensive range of IT solutions to make their path to success easier.

Catsonparts Specializes in Selling Quality Machinery Products

Buying electronic products requires proper research as one needs to get them a professional manufacturer. There have been advancement in the electronic products being sold today and it is important to make sure that one buys the products that meet the latest standards. The electronic products involve basic connectors to fully functional devices. One of the professional companies selling these products at cost effective rates are Catsonparts.

Cleaning Solutions for Fiber Optics Made Cost-Friendly and Easy Thanks to Fiberopticcleanings

In 2013, Syoptek launched and the company operates out of Xiamen in China. Being one of the leading suppliers and providers of fiber optic cleaner in the world, the company operates all across the world and does business with different industries who deal with fiber optics on a regular basis. This has enabled the company to gain a large amount of recognition since products that result in the cleaning of fiber optics are high quality and tend to keep up with the highest standards of manufacturing and design.  The company not only produces fiber optic cleaning kits but even lends its resources to the formation of good passive components for improved performance and is employed in various industries all over the globe.

XWPAK Offers a Range of Innovative and Strong Packing Solutions

Packing is defined to be both an essential as well as the identity of any product in the market today. Companies across the world have been using advanced and innovative packing methods to attract its customers and offer their products. Over the years materials used or the technology used has advanced drastically and the innovative packing solutions have made preservation as well as appearance of any product much better. To help companies get advanced and innovative packing solutions, XWPAK presents its range of packing solutions. The company is based in Shanghai, China and has been in the industry for several years now. The company is promoted by Shanghai Xiangwei Packaging Limited which is a known name in the list of manufacturers in the country.

Minh Anh Travel Agency Assures Cost-Effective Vietnam Tours and Travels

According to some latest news, Minh Anh Travel Agency, the creators of Vietnam tours and travel off the beaten path, has introduced new touring plans that will guarantee cost-effective travel for the tourists. As per a recent survey, Vietnam accommodated over 7 million international tourists in the year 2012 and the numbers has since then kept on increasing. The survey further illustrated that Vietnam as a tourist destination is most favored by high-end tourists over its neighboring countries like India and Thailand.

Fiberoptictools Allows to Buy High Performance Fiber Termination Tools at Low Cost was launched in 2013 by Syoptek but it has grown exponentially in a short amount of time to become one of the major providers of fiber optic resources and items in various industries. The company has managed to establish a solid reputation in the fiber optic segment thanks to its products which boast of impressive quality and adhere to the highest standards of design and manufacturing, which gives them a huge boost over the competitors. The area where excels at happens to be the formation of high quality passive components that can be used through the different international fiber optic networks.

Sydney to Hold the World's Largest Orchestra

Sydney, Australia is all geared up to host arguably the world's largest orchestra in late December, 2015. According to news, the event will be held under the supervision of Genesis Promotions Pty Ltd, Australia. The event will consist of a musical director, standing atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge and who will conduct groups of musicians with laser batons. These batons will direct musicians playing around the harbor, Sydney, in and around Australia, and even in several places over the world. They will all play in unison and harmony thus creating the world's largest orchestra.

Ahmad Fathi Has Presented His Forex Trading Website

LogoWith over 12 years of experience in trading in financial markets, Ahmad Fathi has developed the website that could become a step-by-step tutorial for everyone who is going to become an expert in this field. Most recommendations and articles provided at the website are written by the author himself, who has tried his best effort to become a professional coach for millions of people across the world.

American Holistic Nurses Association Recognizes Sherry Neill for 2015 Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship Award

LogoSherry Neill, of Willard, Missouri was awarded the 2015 Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship Award at the AHNA 35th annual conference in Branson, Missouri June 12-17, 2015. This scholarship was named in honor of lifetime AHNA member, Bea Alley, an early leader in holistic nursing, and is intended to keep her memory alive. The scholarship allows students to take part in the wonderful opportunities at conference so that they may expand their holistic education.

American Holistic Nurses Association Recognizes Alia Crandall for 2015 Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship Award

LogoAlia Crandall, of Boise, Idaho was awarded the 2015 Bea Alley Commemorative Conference Scholarship Award at the AHNA 35th annual conference in Branson, Missouri June 12-17, 2015. This scholarship was named in honor of lifetime AHNA member, Bea Alley, an early leader in holistic nursing, and is intended to keep her memory alive. The scholarship allows students to take part in the wonderful opportunities at conference so that they may expand their holistic education.

Linkedin Coach Tajuana Ross Launches "The Linkedin Professor" Podcast Series

Tajuana Ross, a LinkedIn Coach, today announced the launch of The LinkedIn Professor podcast series. Ross launched The LinkedIn Professor as another avenue to showcase the impact LinkedIn has on businesses, and as a platform to promote entrepreneurs.

Security and Surveillance Achieved with LeddarTech Optical Barrier

Premises that require a high level of security often have a physical fence, but this is not always enough. LeddarTech has a customer with a high-security establishment who was looking for a reliable detection system that would alert security personnel to the presence of potential intruders. The organization was particularly interested in a sturdy and weather-proof system that would offer 24/7 detection, regardless of the weather conditions or the time of day; it had to work just as well on bright sunny days as on cold stormy nights. The customer was on a tight schedule, so the system had to be quickly and easily installed and simple to operate.

Pcdata USA Reports That to Control Costs Bakers Weigh Oven Upgrades and OSHA Compliance

LogoSponsored by Pcdata USA, Picking Perfection, included an interview published in Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery magazine. The staff interviewed the president of Banner-Day, Mike Day, who noted that "Overwhelmingly, customers are concerned with available investment capital and upgrading a current oven, rather than buying new, is a great opportunity. Bakers may be able to upgrade existing ovens with new controls and technology that meet current OSHA and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) code requirements and enhance performance for 60-70% of the cost of a new oven."

US Compliance Corp Shares OSHA Updated Hazard Communication Standard with GHS Labels

Beginning last month chemical manufacturers, importers, and employers were mandated to ensure all chemicals were shipped out with GHS (Globally Harmonized System) approved labels and new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that comply with the provisions in OSHA's updated Hazard Communication Standard. Some manufacturers may have already begun sending out products with compliant labels and SDSs.

"My Life in Christ" Author and Speaker Stephen Ongo Promotes His Life Changing Experience of Living and Abiding in Christ

A miraculous story of a man's journey from having serious difficulties coping with the sudden loss of his wife to a life full of incredible joy and peace found through living and abiding in Christ is the inspiration of Stephen Ongo's seven book series. Stephen is currently promoting his recently launched work in which he elaborates how Jesus has changed every aspect of his life and now he just wants to tell the world.

King Athletic Continues Lower Price on Just Released Foam Roller

King Athletic, best-selling sports brand, revealed today that the newly released foam roller will continue being on a 30% discount until stock lasts. The Foam Roller is a two-in-one self-myofascial release equipment that offers users safe and effective relief from muscle soreness and tightness, among other benefits.

Elementary School Assignment About Water Cycle Leads to Important New Book for Children

Schools all over the United States are emphasizing nonfiction more and more as the Common Core standards become essential. The Common Core language arts and literacy standards attempt to correct the fiction/nonfiction imbalance by placing more emphasis on reading nonfiction—starting with an equal emphasis on literature and informational text in elementary school. At nearly all grade levels, students are expected to develop research skills across content areas with a strong focus on nonfiction, including literary nonfiction.

Gamer and Children's Author Introduces Hilarious New Unofficial Minecraft Book: Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem and His Pig Vol.1

Fresh, imaginative and gaming enthusiast author, Christopher Craft weaves gripping stories and important life lessons with characters taken from popular games to create fan fiction stories for kids age over 7 years. The author has recently announced the release of his second unofficial Minecraft fan fiction children's story book called Diary of a Minecraft Iron Golem and His Pig Vol.1. The new book has been created for anyone who loves games such as Minecraft and likes creative fan fiction stories that add new perspective to games they all enjoy and love.

Children's Author and Minecraft Lover, Christopher Craft Introduced His New Unofficial Minecraft Book: Diary of an Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1

Christopher Craft is an imaginative author, who weaves his love of gaming and storytelling into endearing stories for children. The author has recently announced the release of his newest children's Unofficial Minecraft Fan-Fiction book called Diary of An Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1. The new book has been created with 6 – 18 year old readers in mind, who share the author's love for the Minecraft game world. The book features colorful illustrations and a story that has a hidden message which propagates the importance of courage and overcoming personal fears.