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Next Generation Gene Therapy for Fanconi Anemia Disorder Using CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology - How This New Approach Will Open Doors for Treating Other Rare Diseases

LogoFanconi anemia (FA) is a rare (1 in 160,000) pediatric, autosomal recessive (inherited) disease characterized by multiple physical abnormalities, organ defects, bone marrow failure, and a higher than normal risk of cancer. The average lifespan for people with FA is 20 to 30 years. As yet, no specific treatment is known that can halt or reverse the symptoms of FA. Could gene therapy, specifically gene editing technology called CRISPR-Cas9 signal hope for FA and other blood diseases? on the Top 3 Global Trends That Will Dominate the Hotel Industry

LogoIt is the goal of every hotel or restaurant to make all their guests and patrons "at-home". This is why the primary reason why restaurateurs and hoteliers offer their best and superb hospitality services to make each and every customer have a "home away from home" experience. This is quite a daunting risk that the hotel industry has to take although it's truly impossible for a guest to feel at home in a place that is not actually home.

DNABER Parts Features over 100,000 Auto Parts for People to Find Suitable Spare Parts Online at Competitive Prices

People can now quickly find suitable auto parts for their cars on the web store of DNABER Auto Parts. The online store maintains a large inventory of over 100,000 parts for vehicles of different makes and models. One needs to simply enter their vehicle's registration number to find parts for their cars. The website has been designed with a fast and effective search feature that allows people find suitable auto parts from its large database.

WeeTect Is Growing to Be the Best Safety Face Shield Supplier in China

WeeTect, a leading supplier of safety face shield, today unveiled corporate expansion plans. This comes three days after the company released their financial results for the fiscal year 2015 (third quarter). The company doubled its sales in face protection devices compared to the total sales during their second quarter financial results. This growth has been fueled by the stringent safety standards that have been set by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS).

IACS Company Introduces a New Range of LED Underwater Lights & Holiday Decoration Lights

China based IACS Company keeps on innovating to offer new types of LED lighting solutions that can address the low-carbon lighting needs on this planet. Recently, they released a new range of LED underwater lights and holiday decoration lights that have several practical applications and can meet the lighting needs of the modern times.

Ourpcbte Comes Up with Quality Circuit Board Fabrication Products

The PCB products are mainly used for electric wiring and various other mechanical purposes. These products contain conductive pathways and come in handy for mass electric production. One needs to make a nice research before buying the products and buy them from a reliable manufacturer. One of the companies that has been selling the products for a long time are ourpcbte.

Aspire Cool Offers a Wide Selection of Ice Cream Machines

Ice cream firms are constantly seeking out cost effective machines. Cafes, ice cream parlors, departmental store, malls and other commercial establishments also install these machines. Aspire Cool is a China based professional manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of refrigeration equipment and ice cream machinery. The stock of ice cream machine available can cater to different budgets and purpose. Strong body, digital control buttons, metal plate structure, automatic control mechanism are some of the basic features.

IENJOY Designs Unique Walls Decal Products for Households as Well as Offices

People often prefer to decorate their house walls with colorful and stylish wall decals. They like to buy innovative wall sticker and decals that can make the area beautiful. IENJOY provides sufficient selection of decorative wall decals from its online store. All its products increase the glamour of the rooms and provide safety cover to the walls from any kind of damage. Consumers have the option of viewing products on logging on the portal of category displayed in the home page of the site. The site also enables the consumers to shop within their preferable budget range and displays products within that particular range. The site has received appreciation for its quality vinyl wall decals which provide grandeur appearance to house walls and can easily attract the attention of the visitors. Viewers have to click on the portal of Vinyl Wall Art to see all the colorful products.

Bluewind Beauty Announces Biggest Sale of Makeup Brushes with Up to 70% Price Discounts

A makeup brush often serves the purpose of a great tool when it comes to applying makeup on one's face with a great dexterity. This is the reason why makeup artists focus on choosing premium quality makeup brushes which often come with a hefty price tag. For all makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, Bluewind Beauty Ltd now announces the biggest sale of makeup brushes with a price discount of up to 70%. One can visit their website and choose from a stunning range of makeup brushes, available at great discounts.

Ezillion Rolls out Its Unique, Hand-Made Ezillion Leather Cover Wallet Cases for All High-End Phone Commuting Requirements

Today's woman is a fierce and competitive one, looking to best others and take the lead in every aspect of life. Along with everything else, she also looks to be a lead in setting trends and inspiring others with her singular tastes and preferences.

ExertChange Pte Ltd Offering Small Business Websites for One Low Fixed Price

Local business ExertChange Pte Ltd, is making a difference in the way small to medium businesses showcase their brands online. If a small business is still living in the dark ages or a website isn't producing the marketing results one is looking for month after month, the web professionals at ExertChange Pte Ltd are now offering their subscription-based services including a website design and development service at very affordable rates.

Excelite Will Benefit All Swimming Pool Suppliers in Europe

Excelite Plastics Ltd., the main Chinese swimming pool enclosure supplier has just taken a new dimension in the multi-wall polycarbonate panels manufacturing industry. Setting up a new company to operate concurrently as their main plant was unexpected. Sources from the company indicate that this has been due to the high demand for the polycarbonate swimming pool cover in the European, Australian and the American market.

Digital Design, Marketing Agency Voodoo Creative Sees Strong Growth, Staff Expansion

Voodoo Creative, one of Australia's leading digital design, branding, and marketing agencies, reported strong recent growth at the company and new plans for an immediate expansion of its staff roster. With clients across Australia and around the world increasingly seeking out the services of the tight-knit company, its leaders have begun a search for the perfect account manager to add to the team. Given the company's recent growth trajectory, Voodoo Creative representatives feel that the upcoming staff expansion could be one of a number in the near future.

Capital Debt Solutions Publishes New Report on Personal Debt in Queensland

Capital Debt Solutions, one of the country's leading debt consolidation agencies, released a revealing new research report focusing on personal debt in the company's home state of Queensland. With residents of Queensland topping the charts in terms of individual debt load and risk of lowered credit rating, the important new report will make for interesting reading for many. Capital Debt Solutions is one of the most trusted and effective sources of assistance for Australians who seek to consolidate debt and take control of their financial lives, having helped more than 6,000 people escape the pressures of unmanageable debts.

Time to Take Charge

Attaining good health can be as simple as looking in your pantry. Food is the key to our health but for a host of reasons we have lost that knowledge which was commonplace in generations past.

Kicks Australia Offers a Range of Football Shoes from Renowned Brands

People often require good quality soccer shoes for practicing or playing football. Kicks Australia is the ideal platform for purchasing quality football boots from renowned brands in this regard. The site mainly exhibits soccer shoes of international brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike. Here customers need log onto the section of their favorite brands to view all the products. The site allows the consumers to purchase within their budget range and allows them to sort products on the basis of prices and models. The site provides a secured online shopping experience to the customers.

Linton Besser, a Journalist Previously Working with Fairfax Media

The one sided reporting by journalist Linton Besser (formerly of the Sydney Morning Herald) to embarrass, ridicule and attack the personal integrity and ethics of Tony and Charif Kazal without any prior attempts to contact them seeking their side of the story before going to print, was an orchestrated character assassination of Tony & Charif Kazal and their whole family.

Largest U.S. Jinma Tractor Dealer Announces Relaunch of eCommerce Parts Store

LogoKeno Tractors, the United States' largest Jinma tractor dealership, has revamped its online tractor parts store, and is now serving customers throughout the United States. The improved Keno Tractors eCommerce site makes purchasing tractor parts online easier and more intuitive than ever. With improvements to product photos, product descriptions, and the check-out process, customers can now buy tractor parts online from the Keno Tractors Store Front with more ease than any other online tractor part store.

Enhance the Safety of Children in Summer with Medical ID Bracelets from My Identity Doctor

Parents often avoid sending their child who suffers from any kind of disease, from playing games in the summer evenings. With a view to providing them more fun moments in the sun, parents can enhance the safety of their children in summer with medical ID bracelets from My Identity Doctor at competitive rates. They provide medical bracelets that can be worn while going outside in the heat. These medical ID bracelets available with the company come with engravings that can be read easily and contains all the necessary information regarding the medical condition of the child.

Scott Tucker Announces New Stain Glass Art Showing

In an upcoming feature Never Be Bored will put the focus on artist Scott Tucker. The artist will be showing his latest work next month at the Wilson Gallery. The show will feature all stain glass pieces, a new medium for Tucker. Proceeds from the show will go to support the arts in local schools.

August Employee Anniversaries Totaling 830 Years of Service Celebrated at Hytrol Conveyor

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. is proud to recognize the employees celebrating their anniversary of dedicated service to Hytrol. Employees with an August anniversary start date have more than 830 years of service.

Operation Get out (OGO) Launches a New IndieGoGo Campaign with Hopes to Raise More Development Funding to Insure No Corners Are Being Cut

LogoOperation Get Out or OGO is an app that was conceived in a Marine Corps barracks with the hope of ending child sex trafficking .  However, it quickly became apparent that the idea behind the app could be used for all types of daily situations for both children and adults to notify friends and family members of their whereabouts and to alert them if they were in danger.  Now, OGO's creators have launched an IndieGoGo project to raise funds to complete app development.

Picking Zones Properly Implemented Prove Profitability According to Picking Perfection News

LogoOrder picking mistakes in a distribution facility can cost between 3 and 30 dollars per error, not including the cost of a dissatisfied customer. A proper order picking solution reduces errors to the bare minimum. In a typical distribution center the majority of the SKU's will be slow movers and a minority will be fast moving products. Depending on the required picking velocity, there are different strategies which offer the best results. Finding the best technology for each SKU group is uniquely combined into a single best-in-class lean manufacturing hybrid system by Pcdata USA.

US Compliance Corp Warns Manufacturers of EPA Strict Enforcement of Toxic Lead Dust

Privately held manufacturing firms must attain and sustain environmental, health, and safety compliance. Manufacturers rely heavily on employees to make the business productive and profitable. Lost workdays due to sickness or injury quickly diminish profits; employees want to know manufacturers care about their health and safety. U.S. Compliance Corp helps manufacturers avoid non-compliance lawsuits and fines by partnering and creating a customized program, practical to implement, easy to follow, and preventing workers' comp claims or costly citations.

Sap House Meadery IndieGoGo Campaign to Finish Renovations

LogoThe Sap House Meadery in Center Ossipee, New Hampshire, has been in business since 2009, providing quality products to locals and shipping nationally.  The facility makes several varieties of mead , which is an alcoholic beverage similar to wine but made from honey.  The success of the meadery caused the owners to expand to include a new pub area serving food and drink and a larger production facility.  However, problems with contractors led to the cessation of the project and the need to raise funds to continue.  Now, the owner has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to complete the expansion.

Prayers in Israel Offers '40 Days of Prayers for You at the Western Wall' Service

Prayers in Israel is a company that provides a very special service that enables families and people to get their prayers answered for whatever they may need when they pray to God, through a powerful 40 day prayer technique at the Western Wall which is also known as the Wailing Wall located in Israel. Prayers in Israel have assisted people from all walks of life to get their prayers answered, including a prayer for money solely through the power of praying; their service has been specially tailored to serve all those who are unable to visit the Wailing Wall personally.

Famous Broward Child Author Lexi Schwartzberg Read Her Book at Plantation Florida Library Last Week

Lexi Schwartzberg, eleven-year old children's author, was the special guest author at the Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library at 501 N. Fig Tree Lane, Plantation, Florida for a reading and book signing of her new book, "Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle." She was interviewed by the City of Plantation magazine after the reading. Schwartzberg read from her book to a crowd of about 25 and then the children did a related activity where they could name and color in a water droplet on templates.