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CitiGarden Hotel Partners with Lyft for Rides Downtown

LogoLocal South San Francisco hotel, CitiGarden, has entered into a partnership with Lyft to provide discounted rides for hotel guests. The hotel will provide a $20 credit toward Lyft rides to downtown San Francisco.

Emervel Anti-Aging Facial Fillers Reviewed by Leading Dermatologists Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Vince Bertucci

LogoEmervel is a new range of 'anti-aging' dermal fillers being introduced to the North American market, starting in Canada. Called Emervel, and produced by the multi-national Skin Health company Galderma, they are a range of injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers which are used for non-surgical facial rejuvenation and have been designed to complement the varying stages of facial aging, and to give natural looking results. Dr Barry Lycka, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist has been using them in his practice for several months, and this week (28Sep15) on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on he compares notes with fellow dermatologist and early adopter of Emervel, Dr Vince Bertucci, from his practice in Toronto.

Nicholas Harris Launches New Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Course on Udemy

Clinical Hypnosis is an effective therapy for treating a variety of psychological conditions. It is best known for helping people stop smoking, build confidence and treat a range of anxiety related disorders. Most recently, innovations in the approach have led to an increasing number of practitioners using it to help clients lose weight. After much success in this endeavor, clinical hypnotherapist Nicholas Harris has released an online course in hypnotherapy for weight loss on the educational platform Udemy.

Bluewind Beauty Brings Brilliant Budget Brushes Set for Makeup Artists & Makeup Enthusiasts

Applying makeup is a delicate task which often requires patience and dedication. Besides, it also requires a brilliant set of makeup brushes. Hong Kong based Bluewind Beauty offers a range of brush sets through its online store for the makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts across the world. One can purchase these brush sets at cheap prices and can hone their makeup skills. Presents 2015 Best Selling Hair with Up to 80% Savings & FREE Shipping brings a cost-effective choice for the worldwide women to don a new hairstyle with their latest 2015 collection of hair, hair weaves, wigs and hair extensions. The online store is offering huge discounts of up to 80% on their products. Moreover, they are also offering free shipping on all products.

Yantai Brings Best Quality Rubber Fenders and Bollards for the Growth of Vessel Industry

Yantai Defender Maritime Company supplies specialized products that are remarkable for ship protection, dock protection and offshore protection. The company's rubber fenders and bollards are the cost-effective and reliable way of berthing and mooring, and which can help in the growth of the shipping and vessel industry.

Forsentek Introduces Load Cells & Force Transducers for Various Applications

For a precise compression force measurement and weight measurement, there are several types of compact weighing systems that require micro cells, force transducers and torque transducers as their important components. Forsentek Company produces micro size load cells that are especially designed for applications with limited space. Brings Different Types of Refractometers for Various Applications has a variety of Refractometers that can be used for various applications. These Refractometers are the important tools that help check the purity of a substance. These are generally used in laboratories for a variety of purposes.

NingBo KingDom Brings a Variety of Storage Solutions for Modern Homes

Modern homes are generally compact and have limited space for keeping a variety of goods. To address this issue, China based NingBo KingDom Home Fashion Company now brings a variety of storage boxes and closet organizers that not only add a storage capacity but also adds to the beauty of a home. The company offers home storage solutions that are aimed at increasing the space utilization of a built space.

Matching Jewelry Is the New Trend Among Young Couples, Reports iDream Jewelry

With an incredible range of matching jewelries, iDream Jewelry has emerged as a popular online jewelry store for couples from all across the world. According to the spokesperson of the jewelry store, they are selling a number of matching jewelry pieces on a daily basis, and this indicates the growing popularity of the matching jewelry among couples across the world.

Ecoway Energy Brings Customized & Personalized Heating Advantages with Their Infrared Heating Systems

ECOWAY ENERGY brings customized, eco-friendly and energy-saving heating solutions for people to enjoy their life during chilly winter season. The company has an adorable infrared heating system range that can be installed at home, office, yoga studios and any other built space. They provide the best quality infrared heaters for kitchens, bathrooms, living room and other places for creating a healthier and warm environment for the mankind.

The Victorian Battery Company Expands Its Range of Truck Batteries Carried on Board Service Vans

Batteries are a small but crucial component in any vehicle, responsible for the increasingly important electronics and onboard computers as well as for giving that first spark that enables the engine to start. A dead battery can render any vehicle immobile, and for logistics companies, a disabled truck can have a huge effect on their scheduling, run times and bottom line. The Victorian Battery Company has service vans all over Melbourne Metropolitan Areas and now carries the most comprehensive collection of truck batteries in the region, helping trucks get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Call a Cooler Launches New Website in Response to Growing National Tap Water Concerns

With water contamination on the rise, an increasing number of individuals and businesses began turning to bottled water for their consumption needs some years ago. Though this resource is readily available in many areas, its cost tends to mount over time; furthermore, waste produced from this course of action adds to growing environmental concerns. As a compromise, citizens have found modern water coolers fit the bill quite well.

Home Valuation Guide Launches to Revolutionize Market with Free Home Valuations for All

The property market is all over the place right now, and it can be difficult to get a handle on exactly how much a property is worth as homeowners feel their real estate is undervalued while the headlines talk about a bubble about to burst. As such, there is considerable anxiety amongst homeowners who want to know the true current value of their property. Many services offering valuations cost money, but Home Valuation Guide ( in Australia is revolutionizing the market by offering accurate valuations free of charge.

Zuppio Announces Launch of Innovative New Free Ad Supported Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone - The Zuppio One

While nearly everyone would like a smartphone, sometimes circumstances can make one difficult to purchase. The innovative company Zuppio recently made a breakthrough announcement that offers a solution to this problem, the release of the Zuppio One. The Zuppio One is a new, free ad supported Android 5.1 4G LTE smartphone, which is certainly a brand and model that's very popular and well reviewed. Packed with features, the phone when ordered through Zuppio is always new, never refurbished, and always free. The only money a customer needs to spend is for shipping to have the smartphone delivered.

Northco Developments Launches New Website to Better Showcase Their Building and Construction Services Online

Making a house a home is a constant endeavor for homeowners, who strive to create the perfect idyll within their four walls, shaping every room, nook and cranny just as they like it. Doing so can take quite some time and no shortage of expertise, especially for those who want to build their house from scratch. Northco Developments are the kind of company that makes these dreams possible, renovating existing spaces and building new ones. They have just launched a brand new website to better display the kind of work they undertake to new potential clients.

Ask-an-Agent Launches Online Service for Simpler and More Affordable Australian Migration Advice is an online service that has been recently launched by The Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (AMAILA) to provide people from around the world easier, more affordable, yet reliable access to Australian migration advice from a team of specialist agents including Australian Immigration Lawyers and immigration agents.

Award-Winning BC Cleaning Specialists Announces Free Quotes and Pensioner Discount

LogoBrett McGrath, owner of BC Cleaning Specialists, is offering consumers a free, no-obligation quote to aid them in their house, window and pressure washing tasks, along with a 10 percent discount for pensioners. The award-winning firm received the Word of Mouth Service Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for superior customer service.

Online Food Delivery in Melbourne Offers a New Option for Busy Families

LogoOnline food delivery in Melbourne has an entirely new option with the services of Culinary Carton. Instead of calorie-laden fast food, Culinary Carton delivers all the ingredients for a healthy home-cooked meal directly to consumers beginning July 30, 2015. The company delivers pre-measured and portioned ingredients that subscribers cook at home in less than 35 minutes.

Possum IT Brings a New Way for Australian Businesses to Automate Their Hospitality and Retail Services

LogoPossum IT is pleased to announce that their software solutions allow retail and hospitality businesses to grow faster by automating their sales, customer info, inventory, employee and financial management. The flagship product is known as OrderMate. The hospitality POS system uses modules such as WaiterMate to suit any hospitality business, from a neighbourhood cafe to a large multi-location hotel or food franchise. The system is designed to be an easy-to-use touchscreen, Minimal staff training is required.

Northeast Family Dental in the Hollywood District and Dr. Sean Lee Have Joined Smiles Dental Group

LogoSmiles Dental recently announced that the team at Northeast Family Dental in Portland, OR has joined their group. The practice has brought on Dr. Sean Lee in order to continue providing the ultimate in dental services to its patients. This new location will be known as Smiles Dental – Hollywood District and will remain at its location right across from the Rose City Park Presbyterian Church with easy access from the I-84. Joining Smiles Dental will allow Dr. Lee and the team to focus their energy on treating patients, while the Smiles Dental professional team will oversee the day-to-day office operations and administrative functions within the practice.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Missouri Mavericks Hold Benefit Scrimmage

The Missouri Mavericks, owned by Lamar Hunt Jr., will hold a benefit scrimmage on October 8th at their newly named Silverstein Eye Centers Arena. The Annual Black-Orange Intra-Squad Scrimmage is presented by IHOP and benefits the Community Services League. Entry to the event is free with a suggested donation of non-perishable food items or holiday presents.

Investment Capital Group Announces: "It's Time to Unleash the Power of American Oil"

American energy is a master resource, a powerful tool that, without bloodshed or provocation, can be used powerfully against those that seek to harm us, those that all the while smile to the rest of the World, as their obfuscation and ambiguity continues, as evidenced at the United Nations, last week. (And I mean Russia and Iran!).

Crowdfund Buzz Expands Crowdfunding Social Media Promotion to Instagram

LogoHoward Sherman, head of operations at Crowdfund Buzz, has been a student and fan of legendary motivational speaker and self-help coach Tony Robbins for years. Nothing could make this more obvious than Mr. Sherman's daily application of the Tony Robbins concept of CANI - an acronym for Continual And Never-ending Improvement. Applying the concept of CANI to Crowdfund Buzz, Sherman is relentless in maintaining Crowdfund Buzz's leadership position as the best crowdfunding advertising and promotional company on earth through rolling out new products and services that help people run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Frank Ellis Reveals How to Handle Fraudulent Tax Returns

Tax preparation planner and author Frank Ellis explains what to do if a fraudulent tax return is filed. The article opens with the staggering statistics on identity theft. Criminals most often use personal information during tax season, according to the author, and all they need is a name, birth date, and social security number. In the process, they can generate a tax refund for themselves.