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System Insights Rick Moran Promoted to President

System Insights (SI) announced that Rick Moran has been promoted to President and COO of the company from his current position as COO. In this new capacity Moran will be responsible for managing all aspects of company operations. Co-Founder, Will Sobel, continues as CEO and Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

Rottenstein Law Group LLP Notes Rise in Number of Reported Alleged Injuries Prompting Xarelto Lawsuits

In 2013, the U.S. FDA received several hundred adverse event reports submitted by individuals who claimed to have a serious adverse side effect while taking Xarelto (rivaroxaban) (, as compared to a lower number for Pradaxa (dabigatran).* Data show that the number of persons being prescribed these blood thinning drugs is estimated at about 4 million for the year, with Xarelto prescriptions outnumbering Pradaxa prescriptions by two-to-one.* Anticoagulants (or “blood thinners”) are considered high-risk prescription drugs because they can cause excessive internal bleeding and other injuries in some patients.

DATACAP Fast-Tracks the Transition of Print to Electronic Media Through Data Capture

The data capturing services provided by DATACAP fulfils a variety of specific, application-based needs within the various output and formatting choices made available. You are therefore able to get the the data captured and receive the data in a format which will enable you to directly implement, edit and manage it according to your application format in use by your organization.

Fun Easy Learn Releases "Learn Portuguese 6000 Words" Android App - Fun Way of Learning to Speak Portuguese

With the recent release of Learn Portuguese 6000 Words, it is now possible to learn this wonderful language without spending thousands of dollars and hundred of hours working with a speaking tutor. Instead, the application will provide a fun and unique approach to learning this unique and exciting new language.

Fun Easy Learn Launches Their Latest Android App "Learn Japanese 6000 Words"

Fun Easy Learn has recently launched their latest free Android app for anyone who wishes to learn Japanese easily and in an engaging manner. The ability to speak multiple foreign languages and knowing the basic vocabulary goes a long way in successful business relationships and guarantees a comfortable time when one travel to any country.

Zentai Idea Provides Wide Range of Super Hero Costumes

Superhero costumes have been much in vogue since the time superheroes came into existence. However, their use and demand has got all the more widespread with the march of time. While in the early times these costumes were worn only on Halloween parties, in the present times they can be seen being worn in various other occasions as well. Moreover, in the early days the superhero costumes were something associated with the whims and fancy of children. In the present day the adults are seen putting on superhero costumes as much as the children do.

Ya Cai China Factory Manufacture Diverse Ranges of POP and POS Displays

Display is one of the most critical and significant part of any successful marketing and sales venture. People step forward to know more about only those products that they can notice and they can notice anything only if it has been appropriately displayed. Ya Cai China Factory play a crucial role in the marketing and sales campaign of many companies. It manufactures diverse range of corrugated display for different exhibition and showcasing requirement. Its ranges of products are pallet displays, dump bins, standees, boutique displays, PDQ displays, paper crafts, boutique boxes and packing boxes.

Tunto Green Power Manufactures Various Types of Solar Power Systems

Solar power is known to be the future of energy as it has its cost benefits and it is environmentally friendly. The solar cells tend to be a reliable source of energy as they use sun light for providing energy that means one would always be having continuous energy supply. Before buying solar products it is important to make a good research on the company providing them. The one time investment in solar cells can be expensive and while getting them installed one must make sure that they are buying them from a professional company. One of the companies that have been manufacturing various solar powered devices and selling them online are Guangzhou tunto green power.

Efano Brings Rough & Tough Fashion to Mainstream with Their New Stainless Jewelry Collection

Stainless steel jewelry is gaining popularity among the fashion loving people around the globe for several obvious reasons. The major reason is that it is easier to maintain and is perfect for the present generation that leads a hectic life. Efano, China based manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel, titanium and leather jewelry, is well aware of this changing trend. They now announce to offer a new stainless steel jewelry collection, aimed at offering new style choices for the modern people who lead a rough and tough lifestyle.

Online Resources Make Staying Current with SEO Simpler has been created as the ideal news centre for individuals who need to remain current with SEO developments. Following the recent announcements that have highlighted the capricious nature of SEO trends, business owners and online marketers are being encouraged to find new ways of staying current with technological news.

PDF Split Tool by A-PDF: Useful Software for Splitting a Large PDF File to Multiple Smaller Ones

LogoSometimes, people need to split large PDF files and create small PDF documents. For example, a large file cannot be sent through e-mail and one needs to extract relevant pages to create a small file. Moreover, it may not be sensible to send across the whole document when just a few pages would serve the purpose. To all such problems, there is a smart and flexible solution, the A-PDF Split utility. It is a useful PDF split tool that one can use to split large PDF documents and create smaller files that can be used to serve the purpose in a more precise manner.

An Innovative HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Now Launched by PUB HTML5

LogoPUB HTML5 now provides different editions of HTML5 digital magazine software to meet varied needs of publishers. This gives publishers the opportunity to select the most efficient solutions for their particular needs and create interactive digital online publications.

Digiarty Gives Review of Some Free Android YouTube Downloaders and Converters

LogoDigiarty Software, a leading multimedia software developer, has reviewed some Android YouTube downloader/converter apps/apk/software for some people in search of the best YouTube downloader/converter for Android mobiles and tablets.

Experience Arabian Delight with the Adventurous Desert Safari Dubai from RFK Holidays

Desert safaris are the new way to have adventures vacation and no place offers better than Dubai when it comes to sandy desert adventures. RFK holidays bring the most fulfilling desert safari tours for people looking to explore the exciting Arabian Desert. Dubai desert safari in the surrounding sandy desert promises to offer a thrilling and electrifying experience. One can opt for different safari tour schedules from morning desert safari, evening desert safari or an overnight desert safari, whichever suits ones adventure requirement and time schedule.

John Glen Plastering Celebrates 40 Years in Sydney Plastering

LogoJohn Glen Plastering is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The leading plastering company caters to both residential and commercial plastering in Sydney.

Coops and Cages Uses New Pet Store Software

LogoCoops and Cages, one of the leading online pet enclosure stores in Australia, is adding a new point-of-sale system to their offices in Carlton, Victoria. The POS system will allow the company to manage the store more efficiently by keeping track of sales and the employees serving the customers. This efficiency will likely translate to not only an increase in profits but also an improvement in the quality of their customer service. This is mainly due to the additional customer information that they can get from the data collected by the new system.

Inspire Education Anticipating the Future by Keeping Up with the Industry Trends

LogoThe face of education these days is so different from what it was years ago, particularly before modern technology, became popular. This is why Inspire Education has done its best to keep up with the changes and has fixed its eye on the industry trends. Being one of the leading training institutions in Australia, the school has managed to maintain its position by being in the forefront of change.

Leading Australian Company Says New Fashion Apparel Line Something to Look Forward To

LogoSince 1986, Bonza Brats has been in business, providing some of the most sought after items when it comes to kiddie fashion in Australia. Up to this day, this continues to live up to its tagline, “Fun Gear For Fun Kids,” as seen in its wide assortment of colourful and trendy clothes and other kiddie fashion items. Currently, there are more than 95 labels carried on their online store. Why the need to add a new apparel line? According to its marketing head, this move is a way of providing more options to its currently existing customers and also a way to entice more parents to come to their online shop.

Author Dan O'Sullivan Releases Daoine Maithe Fantasy Trilogy on to Enthusiastic Reviews

LogoStepping away from the pack in the popular fantasy and science fiction niche can be difficult for an author. Finding a way to tell a story that's unique, compelling, and can draw a reader into a new world while still allowing them to care about the characters' lives takes a rare talent. All signs point towards rising Australian author Dan O'Sullivan having accomplished all this and more with her popular Daoine Maithe series. The series recently saw its third book published on Met with very passionate reviews on, the first three books may just be the beginning of a world that excites fantasy readers for years to come.

UpSkilledCourses.Com Offering Economical and Value Based Vocational Training for Ambitious Job Seekers offers 80 vocational courses in 15 different key fields, offering the modern day professionals and job seekers to enhance their skills and get a competitive edge in the job market. There are also 250 short courses offered at UpSkilled for the professionals to enroll in and take advantage of during their free time. It helps in giving leverage to the job seekers when looking for their dream job, and also helps in bagging a higher salary. UpSkilled has a highly adaptable learning system that is fine-tuned to meet the hectic lifestyle of the modern day professionals and has a team of excellent facilitators and industry experienced faculty to provide world class education to the students, right from the comfort of their home or through numerous classroom locations spread throughout Australia.

Classic Blinds and Shutters - Window Coverings for Your Indoor and Outdoor Space

LogoClassic Blinds and Shutters are one of the most reputable firms in the Hunter Region offering a variety of functional and stylish blinds, shutters and awnings to make a home more attractive. Their range of products include aluminum shutters, western red cedar shutters, sliding venetians, designer roman blinds, outdoor aluminum shutters and much more. Offers Economical and Industry-Oriented Vocational Courses for New Generation Professionals offers a wide range of vocational courses for students and professionals to enhance their skills and productivity at the workplace. Vocational courses are based on practical and hands-on industry experience. Nowadays, employers tend to prefer students who have successfully completed vocational training and therefore, these vocational courses effectively help students to land on their dream job and salary. Even for the existing professionals, these courses greatly increase the chances of bagging a better job and a fatter pay package. UpSkilled Courses are designed to meet the industry demands and have been developed of reputed teachers from established institutions and universities and industry professionals to ensure that the curriculum meets the demands of the industry and prepares the professionals for on-floor experience extensively.

Omega Carpet Cleaning Offering Premium Carpet Cleaning Services to Clients in Melbourne

Serving the elites of Melbourne, Omega Carpet Cleaning dominates the industry for sure. The Melbourne based carpet cleaning company has done a marvellous job in offering professional and reliable carpet cleaning services to its clients based in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. The services on offer include but not limited to Steam Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning, Move out Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Office Cleaning services.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Offers Apartment Accommodation in Melbourne at the Most Affordable Rates

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels now offers apartment accommodation in Melbourne at the most reasonable rates. No matter whether one needs accommodation for business travel or leisure purposes, City Edge has accommodations solutions for all. They provide their guests the best accommodation experience which is coupled with good service. Their range of hotels are present in the six most convenient locations of Melbourne such as City Edge North Melbourne, City Edge Albert, City Edge Gipps, City Edge Treasury, City Edge Tribeca and city Edge on Elizabeth(CBD). Their hotels provide ideal accommodations for short, medium or extended holidays.

Golden Globe Nominated Producer Edward Bass Announces Documentary on the Michael Jackson Estate

New developments in the legal battle between the producers of a documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Last Photoshoots” were revealed Saturday in an article on Page Six of The New York Post. The article states, “The executors in charge of the Michael Jackson estate will be investigated in a documentary, FOLLOW THE MONEY, which is being produced by Edward Bass, who is already in a legal battle with them.”

Peter Antevy MD Receives the Prestigious Raymond H. Alexander, MD, EMS Medical Director of the Year for 2014

Peter Antevy MD, Innovator of the Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation System, has received the prestigious Raymond H. Alexander, MD, EMS Medical Director of the Year for 2014.

International Aero Products Sponsoring New Contest at Torqued Magazine with Jo Coddington

LogoInternational AERO Products, AERO, and official spokesperson, Jo Coddington from “American Hot Rod,” are proud to announce that they are partnering with Torqued Magazine in a new monthly column and contest, “Jo’s Garage Headquarters at Torqued Magazine Presented by International AERO Products.”