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Weekly Marketing Podcast Gains Popularity

LogoMost podcasts don't last more than a few episodes. When more than 40 episodes are produced, that's news. The "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast is hosted each week by Ken Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, a marketing consultancy based in Orlando, Florida.

Introducing Full Mouth Dental Implants – The New Implant Denture

LogoFull mouth dental implants can be a more affordable teeth replacement solution to traditional dental implant bridges. Rather than use 10-12 dental implants to replace teeth in a dental arch, only 5-6 implants are used. This significantly reduces treatment cost, while offering the patient full arch restoration. Bucktown Dental Associates now offers full arch dental implants to Chicago residents.

A Phoenix Artist Rode the Skytrain at the Airport for a Month and Wrote a Book of Poems About It

Most people think of the tram or skytrain at their local airport as being little more than a convenient means to transport them to their flight terminal or take them to the parking garage. Nothing but a quick way to get from point A to point B.

Allvoi Wireless Debuts Brand New Unlimited and Unlimited Plus Plans

Allvoi® Wireless, formally Mastercall® Mobile, is offering two new, PRACTICAL unlimited talk, text, and data plans for current and future customers looking to increase their SAVINGS. The first plan is their Unlimited plan. For $30 a month, Allvoi® offers customers unlimited talk, text, and data with 4GB LTE. Their Unlimited Plus plan is for customers who generally use more data, offering unlimited talk, text, and data with 8GB LTE for only $50 a month. These flat-rate prices are INCLUDING taxes and fees with Autopay. After specified GB usage, users may experience slower speeds.

Pizza Touch: The Ultimate Pizza Vending Machine in America

Pizza Touch is a remarkable pizza vending machine, and it is not only the fastest but the most reliable mechanical solution for pizza making. The manufacturers of this machine have proudly announced that they are welcoming new businesses from across the United States to get this machine installed at their facilities.

Upcoming Webinar on Florida Physician Self Referral Law

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm will be hosting upcoming webinars covering topics including; Florida physician self referral law, how to add telehealth visits as a component of care, how to add medical marijuana treatment to your chiropractic practice, working directly with a litigation lawyer in Florida and other topics as well. The firm hosts monthly webinars held by their own attorneys as well as weekly blogs on trending topics.

Miami SEO Expert Expands Services

SEOFLA has expanded its Boca Raton SEO services, incorporating social media and display advertising to work directly with their search engine optimization. The decision was made to provide clients with more cost-effective options heading into the final quarter of 2018 and ensuring that businesses have a way to compete on other platforms besides Google. Companies already utilizing West Palm Beach SEO services can add these options to their current plans.

Turbo Wax Launches Discount Program on Car Care Products

Turbo Wax Car Care Products Distributor is offering free memberships through their website. The memberships will include newsletters, tips for taking care of your vehicle as well as discounts on several automotive detailing products the company offers online. The goal of the campaign is to get people to sign up with the company so that they can learn more about the advantages of these options as well as proper ways to run their own business.

Laser Skin Care Center Welcomes Three New Doctors

Laser Skin Care Center is excited to announce the addition of three new doctors to the medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology practice. Dr. Nguyen has returned and Dr. Yablonsky, and Dr. Kuo joined the practice in July, and September 2018, respectively.

Honing Crochet Skills with the Best Yarn and Knitting Supplies is pleased to present their latest range of tools and supplies for crochet, cross stitch and knitting hobbies. Crochet is one of the oldest hobbies that women pursued with great interest in the 18th century. Women used work with fine lace and small needles that were formed into hooks. The art went on a very long journey and it is now the most popular form of handicrafts in many countries. From shawls to sweaters, dolls to booties, Afghans to pot holders, crochet has literally crawled into every corner of a house. Many pursue this art not just as a hobby but as a business opportunity.

San Diego's Best Bail Bonds Agency That Assigns Personal Bail Bondsman to Every Case

It could be a very traumatic experience for anybody, whose loved one has been recently arrested. And it could be an equally life-altering event if the arrestee is not released sooner. This could negatively affect their career and their personal life. The only people that could come to an immediate rescue are the bail bondsmen. Abaasy is one such bail bond agency which is known for their quick turnaround time. The agency offers bail bonds and all pro bail bonds and fianzas. News: Franco-Nevada, Continental, Exxon and Alta Mesa Prove Jericho Is in Right Spot with Large SCOOP/STACK Position Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "Franco-Nevada, Continental, Exxon and Alta Mesa Prove Jericho is in Right Spot with Large SCOOP/STACK Position."

No Cost Help with Medicare Plans

Health Plan Markets, Medicare HMO agent in Orlando, is currently offering free help with Medicare plans to seniors. Anyone interested in the service can call 844-696-3975 or contact the company through their website. Open enrollment begins in the fall where people of all ages must decide on coverage options for the upcoming year. There are times throughout the year where changes can be made as well.

Residents Can Prepare for Hurricane Season with Big Timber Tree Service, LLC

With the summer fun winding down in the next few weeks, hurricane season is here. One company that has been known for their tree services in Collingswood, NJ, as well as other local areas, (and can help with preparing residents' trees for this season), is Big Timber Tree Service, LLC.

J.R. Bolton Raises the Efficiency Bar to Lower Energy Bills

It's the hottest stretch of summer. But thanks to the leading insulation contractors in DeKalb County, J.R. Bolton Services, it remains effortless for Georgia residents to keep their cool. This company has the home insulation services homeowners need to increase their home's energy efficiency, allowing them to attain a cool and comfy home at a more budget-friendly price.

Prepare for Winter NOW with the Experts at

LogoIn the increasingly competitive UK home heating market, stands out from the crowd with a wealth of expert advice, special offers and high-quality radiators that come with an industry-leading 20-year warranty.

Dorin & Coppel Offers Interior Design Services Internationally

LogoDorin & Coppel is a renowned top-notch luxury interior design and architectural company based in London. The company provides superior quality designs for various corporate and individual clients. Dorin & Coppel is a recognized interior design company in the market offering services such as interior design, architecture, and project management. The company's experts in interior design create projects of international status for products such as bespoke private residences, automotive interiors, and high-level hospitality projects. The company collaborates with some of the best craftsmen in the industry such as Richards Rogers Architects and Candy & Candy to come up with quality custom made and unique projects.

Radiator Hut Offers a Comprehensive Selection of Cost-Effective Traditional Style Column Radiators

Radiator Hut, a leading supplier of modern radiators in the UK, offers an extensive range of traditional style column radiators that can add a traditional twist to any home, whether traditional or contemporary. Made in compliance with the BS EN 442 European Union quality standards, the traditional style column radiators are offered by them in a vast range of sizes and settings, from tall and narrow verticals for homes with small wall-space to compact horizontal models and everything in between.

Vishwashanti Gurukul School Offers Fully Residential Co-Education to Students from Nursery to Grade XII

MIT Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul School, a recognised international school in India, offers fully residential co-education to students from Nursery to Grade XII. Affiliated by International Baccalaureate Organization, the school highly focuses on overall development of its students by carefully balancing their academic and sports activities. This international residential school in Maharashtra equips students with an ethical, technical and spiritual education that helps them confidentially face ever-changing global environment. Each of their learning programmes is blended with the deep-rooted ethos of ancient Indian culture and the most contemporary teaching methodologies. All of the boarding students at VGS build strong relationships with each other and learn the value of discipline and co-operation.

CaiRay Sunglasses Kicks off Amazon Giveaway to Offer Sunglasses for Free

LogoCaiRay Sunglasses rolled out its 2018 Amazon Giveaway which starts from 15th August, 2018 and will run through till 23th August, 2018. Anyone join in will have a chance to be the lucky person and win free fashionable sunglass. Cai Ray Sunglasses, the global leading sunglasses manufacturer, its ten-year brand flagship store, has recently landed on US and Europe Amazon, it specialized in providing Europe and American customers with a wind range of sunglasses models.

Engagedly Announces TOP 100 HR INFLUENCERS of 2018

Engagedly is proud to announce its list of "Top 100 HR influencers of 2018". Innovation and progress in the field of HR would not have been possible without the dedication and contributions of these professionals. While many of the influencers were also on the 2017 list, this year's list is a lot more diverse and includes over 60 new influencers.

The Backyard Delight Launches New E-Commerce Site –

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. The Backyard Delight is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that!

Auto Glass Fitters Offers Windshield Repair and Replacement Services in New Brighton

Auto Glass Fitters knows that people use their cars a lot during the summer to travel around the United States. On trips to the beach or to the lake, windshields can take damage from any number of sources. These sources can range from rocks, debris, or, in rare cases, animals.

Make an Office Appointment or Call Advice on Lice's Experts at Home for Effective Lice Removal Service

Established by Karen Franco, Advice on Lice allows customers to make an office appointment or call their experts at home for highly effective lice removal services throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. They have a team of experienced professional who manually screen the hair and scalp for nits and lice. Even if just one nit or adult louse is found, they apply non-pesticide lice eliminating product LiceMD and methodically comb out lice and eggs from the hair. The final part includes the application of non-toxic conditioner which brings the lice and nit in a state of shock and makes them come out of the hair.

Advice on Lice Inc. Helps Schools, Parents, and Pediatricians in the Prevention of Head Lice and Nits

One of the best lice treatment service providers, Advice on Lice Inc. encourages schools, parents, and pediatricians to become more involved in the prevention and education on the topic of head lice and nits. Founded by Karen Franco, the company aims to educate as many people as possible about head louse prevention. They have a team of skilled professionals who have been in the industry for years and know how to control or treat head louse effectively. They also operate a head lice salon in Maryland that is specifically designed to treat head lice and nits comfortably for children and parents. Clients are encouraged to visit the Head Lice Salon, located in Maryland, for the best head lice treatment solutions.

Core Plumbing Shares Gas Line Safety and Repair Tips

Core Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company in San Diego, recently shared several tips that homeowners should keep in mind when dealing with issues related to gas lines. According to Core Plumbing, this announcement was made in the interest of public safety. The company stated that gas line issues can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

Be Libre Outfitters Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Inspiring New Fashion

Be Libre Outfitters is a groovy new clothing company concept founded by a Chicago based American woman entrepreneur Dorothy Hayes. The emerging brand offers high quality T-shirts with play-on-words sparking movements and it is entirely themed upon liberty and independence. Moreover, the clothing company is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a goal to raise a sum of $78,209 in a recently launched crowdfunding campaign.