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City Tap House in University City Announces Private Event Planning Services Available This July

LogoNewly engaged couples, parents of recent college graduates, or others looking to plan a private event at a lively Philadelphia restaurant or bar this summer can turn to City Tap House in University City. In fact, City Tap House in University City is now offering private event planning services to those who are looking to have a party planned immediately. Individuals interested in planning their party at one of Philadelphia's most awarded craft beer bars can do so by calling them at 215-662-0105, or by emailing them at on Revolutionizing 3D Printers and Its Limitless Possibilities and Risks

LogoThe world has truly been revolutionized with all the technological advancements at an absolutely rapid pace. The unearthing of various innovative scientific discoveries has provided limitless possibilities, and time will come that not a thing man could think of will be impossible. The internet, being one of the best inventions of man makes everything almost achievable; almost having the world at the palm of the human hand. Another of man's latest discoveries are the 3D Printers that could truly transform how things can be created, from simple tools and spare parts to human organs that actually perform their functions.

Leawo Music Recorder Mac App Store Version Updated with Japanese and German Support Plus a 50% Discount to Come

LogoLeawo Software - a software developing company that specializes in multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and conversions of iOS devices - officially updated its Leawo Music Recorder Mac App Store version to 1.1.8. This version of Leawo Music Recorder added support of the Japanese and German languages,and music editing function by right-clicking in the recording interface.And there will be a discount of 50% on it. The discount time lasts from August 3 to August 9.

Wheelys Cafe Launches Their New Bike Named Wheelys *Ta-Da*

Wheelys is considered to be a pioneer in mobile café's and the introduction of their new bike has garnered interest amongst many people. The fact that it does not need any fuel for running and is compact in design makes it a preferable choice for all those who wish to run their own mobile cafés. Apart from coffee and cool drinks, there is a provision to serve certain food items as well and hence, it is quite an interesting product.

A Week to Inspire the Fashionistas with the Charm of Gavin Rajah

Some people are looking for a chance to establish their presence in the world with the help of cheap publicity and ultimately using it as a medium to grab attention. This is where the fashion designers like Gavin Rajah play an important role, because their broad and artistic minds are enough for them to make an impression and grab some attention to use it for a good purpose. . There is a reason that they are called fashion designers, they have the prowess to make a person look good with the dress he or she wears. Gavin Rajah Studio shares the similar idea that every fashion studio or designer carries with them, i.e. to make a person look good through the fabric he or she adorns.

Cecil the Lion Reaction: Funky Candles Bring New Animal Care Charity Four Paws Into Scented Candle Business

The aftermath of the shooting of Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous wild lion has caused an online mob, including that of celebrities, to verbally attack the man who paid $50,000 to hunt it – but it has also inspired some to do more towards helping animals in need.

Nimue Fichtenbauer's Tigress Paintings Given to the WWF-Austria

In commemoration of National Tiger Day, Nimue Fichtenbauer will be providing the World Wildlife Fund-Austria (WWF-Austria) three of her tigress paintings and 15 copies of Little Tigress Emina, a children's book she authored. The paintings and her book will then be awarded to several fortunate recipients, beginning July 29, 2015, by the WWF-Austria.

Butterfield 8 NYC Announces They Are Now Available to Plan 2015 Fantasy Football Draft Parties

LogoAlthough Butterfield 8 NYC holds the title as the official Denver Broncos bar in New York City, that should never deter fans of other NFL football teams from walking through their doors. In fact, the restaurant invites all of those interested in scheduling either a game watch party or fantasy football draft party to call them immediately at 212-679-0646.

Pennsylvania 6 Philly Announces Their $19 Maine Lobster Event

LogoPennsylvania 6 Philly is pleased to announce their $19 1lb Maine Lobster Event that is being held every Tuesday from now until further notice. In addition to the $19 lobster, seafood lovers will also be pleased to now that they are offering a $25 lobster bake, as well as "The Contender," the restaurant's 1lb lobster roll. Reservations are encouraged for this event, and those who are interested can call 267-639-5606.

Save AGRI Products from Ethylene Gas with Ethylene Absorbers from Bee Chems

Those who like to keep vegetables and fruits fresh, often, are incapable of distinguishing between ethylene gas ripening and physical damage. Ethylene is a deadly, colorless and odorless gas that holds a tendency to destroy all fresh produce, making them inadequate for consumption. Considering the harmful effects of ethylene, Bee Chems is providing Ethylene Absorbers at the market's best prices. Designed specifically to keep products fresh, these ethylene absorbers eliminate decay, mold, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas.

Global Vox Populi Expands to Roll out International Offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Japan and South Korea

Global Vox Populi, the market research, analytics and consulting firm with its headquarter in India is establishing its local operations offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Japan and South Korea after collaboration with Fortune 500 company on long term engagements which requires on going market research tracking studies every month.

Kerala Tourism Made Simple by Free Kerala Travel Guide

Every traveler would prefer to have a basic idea of the place they are planning to visit. This Kerala Travel Guide by Paradise Holidays provides just the right information that visitors to Kerala are looking for. This is one free e-book that everyone should get their hands on before planning a trip to Kerala.

Catson INT'L Co., Ltd Presents Its Range of Construction Machinery Parts

Many construction machinery firms often require standard quality spare parts to enhance the durability and longevity of heavy construction machines like bulldozer, excavator, breaker, compactor and many more. Catson Int'l Co., Ltd has brought out large collection of spare parts for such heavy construction machines. All its products are sold in different brands in both domestic and international markets. The firm works in collaboration with many domestic and international machine equipment firms to design quality products for its clients. All its machinery accessories are manufactured under the supervision of experienced engineers in the factory unit of the company.

Africanpremier Is a Specialized Manufacturer and Dealer of African Fabrics

Women prefer to wear designer fabric clothes during any social occasion. Africanpremier has brought out a large collection of fashionable African fabrics in its official website. The site allows the customers to view products on clicking the respective categories in the home page. Customers can enjoy safe and secure online shopping through the website of the company. The firm holds the largest stocks of West African textiles and sells them at extremely competitive prices. All the products are manufactured in the company's factory in Shangdong province of China. The site can be used for both wholesale and retail purchasing with the company. Clients need to register in the site before engaging in commercial transactions with the company. Wholesalers have to log on to the portal of Wholesale Contact to engage in product wholesaling business with the firm.

Guangdong SenJe Group Offers a Wide Range of Fire Control Equipments

Fire protection measures are taken in buildings, houses, offices, cinema halls, stadiums, trains and almost everywhere. Extinguishers, cylinders, fire control systems, and similar equipments are installed for instant use during fire. Guangdong SenJe Fire Protection Group is one of the well known manufacturer and seller of high quality fire control products. It has large scale manufacturing units with a qualified research and development team. The company is in the business for over 20 years with corporate partners in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Conbelin Produces Designer Range of Fashionable Clothes for Women

Women prefer to wear fashionable garments for glamorous appearance. Conbelin has brought out a large collection of fashionable clothing for women to make them look more gorgeous and beautiful. Users have to log on to the portals of product category to view all products. It mainly exhibits products like blouses, skirts, twinset clothes and other stylish dresses for women. Clients have the option of enquiring about any garment product in the site. Consumers need to register in the site for online shopping. The site provides advance information on latest fashionable garment products to the regular customers. In case of any problem while shopping online consumers can dial the helpline number of the site for consultation. The technical support staff is always ready to provide necessary technical supports to the consumers for easy online shopping experience.

Shoes-Cheap-Jordans Offers Its Online Stores with Various Kinds of Jordan Shoes

Men, women and children like to wear fashionable shoes in outdoor purposes. Shoes-cheap-jordans is providing appropriate online shopping destination for all consumers to purchase Jordan shoes of their choice. Here consumers can select products by clicking on the respective categories at the home page. These shoes are quite comfortable to wear and add glamour to the style of the customers. Customers can place shoe orders on the basis of the sizes presented in the size list on the site. The quality of leather in such shoes is quite fine and hence do not damage easily during any seasonal condition.

Airwheel, "Avengers" in the Intelligent Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle

Recently Airwheel announced the news that its new product model would be published in this June. People still remember the surprises that Airwheel last released product Airwheel S3 brought to us. Unfortunately Airwheel didn't reveal any detail about this product launch.

New Sheltered by Grace Article Released, Talks About the Benefits of Volunteering

Sheltered By Grace is a homeless shelter based in Logan, Brisbane. Run and managed by a team of people who are passionate about the transformation of lives, through their supported accommodation with 24-hour onsite support and a full case management program. The Sheltered by Grace Website features informative articles on the subject of homelessness, donation to charities, and more, recently the website featured an informative article about volunteering.

GTA 5 Cheats Publishes New Mobile App GTA Cheater

Grand Theft Auto V, lovingly referred to by fans as GTA 5, is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video games of all time. The game is based in an immersive and expansive world where almost anything is possible. It has seen dedicated and casual players alike rack up hundreds of hours of play at which point they are probably looking for new in-game experiences. Cheats provide a great way of reinventing the GTA V experience, and GTA 5 Cheats specializes in providing them. They have just created a new downloadable app which features a virtual encyclopedia of GTA single player cheats available for both iOS and Android powered mobile devices.

Noted LI Author, Robyn Schneider Joins Alec Baldwin for Hamptons Benefit

Long Island native, author and mother of twin autistic sons Alex and Jamie, Robyn Schneider, graciously accepted the offer to be one of a select group of noted authors at the 11th annual Authors Night, the premier literary event of the Hamptons summer season. Authors Night Co-Founding Chairs Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith selected a distinguished group of authors for this year's event. Authors Night is held annually to benefit the East Hampton Library.

Dr. Greg McElroy Supports Veterans Village of San Diego

Dr. McElroy's latest charitable contribution is a significant donation to the San Diego Dental San Diego Dental Health Foundation for the Dental Clinic at Veterans Village of San Diego Health Foundation for the Dental Clinic at Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD). Even as construction on the clinic's newest phase is finishing, some dental services are already being provided to veterans.

Columbia Pest Control Warns of High Home Invasion Pest Risk

It's certainly a scorching hot summer for residents of Portland, Oregon this summer. While some residents are enjoying the heat, many are discovering that their home has become something of a "pest magnet".

Nationwide Debt Direct Announces New Directory Page

LogoRecognizing the need for a platform through which clients are able to freely provide honest and objective feedback, Nationwide Debt Direct is announcing its inclusion on Local Review Directory, a third-party site providing visitors with relevant company information along with user-generated reviews of the company's services.

Dr. Marc Gafni Addresses Holland on Love

LogoDr. Marc Gafni, a renowned wisdom teacher and the director of the Center for Integral Wisdom, recently addressed attendees on a variety of topics at the annual Summer Festival of Love, held on the expansive estate of Venwoude International in Holland.

New Hand Bag Accessory Is Becoming Rapidly Popular Amongst All Ages

Hand Grippers are a well-known fitness tool used for improving hand and grip strength. Considering the current fitness boom and increased awareness of health and fitness this compact yet effective device really comes as no surprise.

Raleigh NC Community Leaders Celebrate Ground Breaking of New Mixed Use Apartment Community

Investment and development partners celebrated the ground breaking of their newest mixed-use luxury student apartment community in Raleigh, North Carolina. Blue Sky Services has partnered with several of the biggest designers, builders and investment firms to secure finance from HomeTrust Bank for the project, which broke ground recently to celebrations from the local community. Founded in 1926, the bank has grown from a single location into a modern regional community bank backed by more than $2.6 billion in assets as of March 31st, 2015.