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England Bail Bonds Returns $3 Million in Shocking Case as Client Proved Innocent

England Bail Bonds in Los Angeles has just returned the staggering $3 million collateral used to secure the bail of Thamer Albalwi. Albalwi was arrested on March 12, 2014 on charges of rape and kidnapping. The twenty three year old Saudi Arabian exchange student was accused by Leyla Ors of rape, torture and imprisonment in a Los Angeles Condo. The sensational story, and the wealth of Albalwi’s family, ensured a massive bail of three million was set for the student.

Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) Investor Alert: Investigation of Potential Securities Laws Violations

An investigation on behalf of investors of Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) shares over potential securities laws violations by Xilinx, Inc. and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Maria Johnsen at Golden Way Media Now Adopting Her Fiction Books Into Screenplays

Maria Johnsen, known among her clients as the top multilingual digital marketing expert in Europe and North America, is now offering screenplays for her selected fiction books.

Kiwi Plastic Surgery Releases Essential Information for Those Considering Procedures

Kiwi Plastic Surgery today announced its informative site that makes it easier for visitors to determine whether or not they should go ahead and get a surgical procedure done for cosmetic reasons. Well-informed patients are much more likely to be satisfied, so most surgeons like to have people know exactly what they're getting into and what they should expect.

Coronary Angiography Procedure Abroad - Simple and Inexpensive Way to Do Diagnostics

Coronary Angiography is a simple procedure that can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour - however, in many countries, the time people have to wait and the price they need to pay for it, makes them turn to hospitals in other countries to have the Coronary Angiography procedure performed. According to Andrius Jonutis, the General Deputy Manager at the General Private Hospital in Lithuania - Kardiolita: "We perform Coronary Angiography by inserting a catheter through the arm, and this makes a huge difference compared to having it inserted through the thigh artery - because this way the procedure becomes much easier for the patient and they can walk without any problems on the same day. We have patients coming to our hospital from different countries - not only do they save time by taking just one day off their schedule, but they pay at least 2-3 times less than in their home country."

Praxisklinik, Leading Dental Practice of Aachen Now Offers Effective Dental Implants in Aachen

Optimally utilizing safe and advanced techniques, Praxisklinik, a leading dental practice in Aachen now offers effective Dental Implants in Aachen replacing the damaged or lost tooth. Since teeth structure significantly affects appearance of anyone’s face, this service of the clinic also helps in restoring the aesthetic of overall facial structure. The implants replace the roots of the missing tooth, stabilize dentures and they also safeguard the adjoining bones.

Companies Make Beeline to Register Themselves to Leading UK Based Contact Number Website

It has been estimated that the failure of most of the business establishments is attributed to lack of communication. This lack of communication is between the customer and the business establishment. In the same way, customers also cannot avail of most of the services today due to absence of contact numbers of the service provider.

MAEER'S MIT Receives Letter of Appreciation from HRD Minister

MAEER’S MIT, an eminent institution for delivering quality education, received appreciations in writing from Human Resource Development Minister, Mrs. Shrimati Zubin Irani. The institutions and particularly the Head of the School had received a letter from the HRD minister of India on 18th June in which the honourable HRD minister applauds the success and mind blowing performance of the Students in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Examinations. In the letter it was further mentioned that it is the only teachers who have the ability to influence and shape the children towards the development and prepare them for the future challenge.

Regalo Manila Opens New Promo for Roses to Thank Facebook Fans

LogoRegalo Manila had just released a coupon code on their Facebook page that gives away one dozen roses for free for every purchase of a dozen roses. This is a limited time promo that will last from July 25, 2014 to July 31, 2014 and is especially made for their Facebook fans. It is a special promo that is exclusive to their Facebook followers and is a way for the company to say "Thanks" for finally having 3000 likes in their page.

Tous Les Jours Cakes Now Available for Delivery in

LogoTous Les Jours cakes are now available for delivery in the Philippines. With Gifts2Manila, anyone from any part of the world can order these cakes and have them specially delivered to their loved ones in Metro Manila.

'PerfumeSouq' Offers Free Shipping to All over UAE with No Minimum Purchase

Logo‘PerfumeSouq,’ an online store of branded perfumes today introduced free shipping services to all its customers in UAE without any condition of minimum purchases. The company is offering the widest range of discounted perfumes at the lowest prices possible. The products are 100 percent genuine, branded and new and available in original retail packaging. The company is also providing a 30 days exchange policy. Visit for more information about Free Shipping and Promotions.

Omkar Realtors and Developers Creates Information Database

LogoOmkar Realtors and Developers have unveiled its information resource, which can be of great help to those who are looking to buy the Best Flats in Mumbai.

Benny Gems Help You Find the Precious Stones of Your Desire

Some people consider them to be investments: some types of jewellery do not depreciate in value, and would be sought-after years from now. Another kind of investment is confidence; wearing beautiful jewellery makes the owners feel more confident about themselves, and so carry themselves in a different way. Others consider it as another type of investment, as something to pass on from generation to generation, secure in the knowledge that what is being passed on is of high value. Others simply love jewellery and would love to spend on good pieces. Isn't that reason enough?

Send Contis Cakes Anywhere in the Philippines with

Contis is a company that is known not only for their homemade food products but also for their well baked goods. One of their most popular products is the Mango Bravo which is loved by customers of all ages.

Getting Vietnam Visa Approval Is Now Easier Than Ever with

LogoFor those freaked out by the prolonged lines before Vietnam Embassy offices for Vietnam visa approval can finally heave a sigh of relief! Top visa Vietnam online firm has declared to send visa approval to tourist's home within a day.

AAA Flag & Banner Creates Graphic Experiences Beyond the Industry Standard

AAA Flag & Banner, a premier print provider for custom graphic display systems, signage, banners, vehicle graphics, and special event graphics, has gone beyond the traditional using the most advanced print technologies, inks, materials, and design expertise transforming graphics into some of the most memorable visual experiences.

Locally Prominent Cannabis Tour Operator Adds New Itinerary to Private Luxury Tour Lineup

Colorado Highlife Tours starts to offer a new addition –the Pike's Peak Area Tour– to their luxury cannabis private tour lineup. This exclusive tour has picked up fast and molds into their now #1 seller. Among list of places covered in the itinerary, it include visits in Manitou Springs and Cliff dwellings, Garden of the Gods Park, RMJ stores in Pueblo, Higher Elevations Masterpiece Production glass shop and the Pikes Peak for some photo opportunities, among many others.

URO Announces World's First Order Fulfilled Using Commodity Backed Digital Currency

Green Earth Systems Limited, Hong Kong (GES HK), a global broker of urea fertilizer, has completed the first ever trade of urea fertilizer in exchange for Urocoin (URO). The Urocoin, created and maintained by the Uro Foundation, is an encrypted digital commodity based on Bitcoin technology, which is being referred to as a “cryptocommodity”, considered the next evolution of the Bitcoin revolution.

World Wide Social Network Launches a Revolution for a Private Internet

For many years now people thought when they surfed the Internet everything they did or said was private, that the Internet was a private medium where their data was safe. However, this is not the case. In reality, people’s data is being stolen and used for commercial gain.

Sydney Tint Solutions Offers Affordable Mobile Tint Service

LogoSydney Tint Solutions has come up as numero uno mobile tint service portal across Sydney. The leading window tinting company in Sydney has been operating since 1985.

Christmas Hills Mini Excavations Announces Free Project Quotes

LogoMarty Broughton, owner of Christmas Hills Mini Excavations, announced that the firm is offering consumers a free, no obligation quote for their excavation, landscaping, demolition and debris removal needs. The company specializes in projects with narrow access and egress avenues.

Konnect Learning Extends Six New Corporate Training Courses This August

LogoHot news for Aussie corporate employees looking to hone up their leadership and management skills- Leading Corporate training company Konnect Learning has announced to offer 6 new development courses this August.

Bali Driver Guide Guarantees 100% Secure Bali Touring

Good news to tourists who are visiting Bali, Indonesia for the first time. A reputable tour guide, Bali Driver Guide, announces the availability of its services to travellers who want to feel safe and secure while they are visiting tourist spots in Bali.

Traderush Kicks off Their Annual Campaign with Offer of a Free Live Trading Webinar

TradeRush kicks off their annual campaign to introduce investors to the excitement of trading binary options and, to launch this campaign in a big way, will be offering free live trading webinars to investors interested in learning more about their investment options. Founded in 2011 on the idea that knowledge is power, TradeRush strives to bring 60 second binary options to investors across the globe with the help of their online trading community. "Investors learn how to obtain maximum returns, with some investors finding they can make up to 500% in a single session, through the help of the complete trading video set, free binary trading guide, webinars and other resources available through TradeRush," Michael Peterss of TradeRush explains.

A Tale of Bankruptcy: Rocky Point Cantina's Fate in the Hands of a Reality TV Show Makeover

LogoRocky Point Cantina, a bar in Tempe, Arizona being owned by Francis Massimiano that was featured in a reality makeover has recently filed for bankruptcy.

Edward Bass Announces Documentary on the Michael Jackson Estate

New developments in the legal battle between the producers of a documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Last Photoshoots” were revealed Saturday in an article on Page Six of The New York Post. The article states, “The executors in charge of the Michael Jackson estate will be investigated in a documentary, FOLLOW THE MONEY, which is being produced by Edward Bass, who is already in a legal battle with them.”

Golden Globe Nominated Producer Edward Bass Offers Free Film Class

Edward Bass is a famous filmmaker and a syndicated satirist whose picture BOBBY was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. The Edward Bass Film School is now offering a free film class to all those who wish to pursue a career in film or related fields. The workshop will be commencing on January 3, 2014, and covers almost all aspects of financing, script preparation, casting, filming, development and sales.