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Dr. Reid Speaks at Global Specialty Summit in Brazil

LogoRecognized as an expert on occlusion, Dr. Donald Reid of Tahoe Dental Artistry was recently invited to speak at the Global Specialty Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from May 21-23. He was among twelve international speakers from eight different countries to address bite problems and solutions.

Pennsylvania Scientific Solutions Provider Celebrates Their 45th Anniversary

LogoGibraltar Laboratories provides scientific solutions and contract research services, as well as sterility services, rapid sterility testing and much more for medical and pharmaceutical organizations throughout America. Gibraltar Laboratories is currently celebrating their 45th anniversary, which occurred May 11, 2015. Gibraltar Laboratories works their hardest to earn continued success in the future.

IndieGoGo Campaign Seeks Help for Christian Refugees from Syria and Iraq

LogoFather Paul Bielecki OFM Cap, missionary and PhD candidate, is following humanitarian crisis in Lebanon where there has been an influx of more than 1.5 million  Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq.  "This number represents one refugee for every three people already in Lebanon," says Father Paul.  "International organizations and local government officials describe the impact of the refugee crisis on the country as 'disastrous' because of fierce competition for jobs, inflation of food prices and rental costs, a slowing economy and growing needs that have overwhelmed social services, infrastructure and government resources."

Upaya Yoga Has New Location in North Goa - Riva Beach Resort Is One of the Best for Yoga in Goa

Goa has an all new Yoga Teacher Training School, Upaya Yoga. Situated in North Goa this school is a traditional Yoga Centre that was introduced by Yogi Krishna Sharma in 2013. The school is certified by Yoga Alliance USA and offers Teacher Training Courses by the finest gurus who have mastered the practice and have devoted their lives to yoga.

Exotic India - A Platform to Purchase Dynasty-Green Paithani Sari at Competitive Rates

With a motive to make India's famed arts, crafts and spiritual depth accessible to all, Exotic India brings together people who love India. The company has been in operation since 1998 and is known for offering their customers with quality product range sourced from various parts of India. India arts and craft lovers can find gold and sterling silver jewellery, paintings from India and Nepal, sculptures, beads and carefully selected herbal health and beauty products. The company is selling dynasty-green paithani sari at competitive rates to buyers.

Bitcoin Trading Made Easy with Coinbox

A marketplace dedicated to bitcoin trading is now open for interested Malaysian traders. Coinbox Biz allows free buying and selling of bitcoin in their exclusive and secure marketplace. This feature aims to attract more Malaysians to explore bitcoins as one of their sources of extra income.

Instathreds T-Shirt Factory Announces New Featured Designs

Instathreds T-Shirt Factory announces the release of new featured designs, including mini super heroes and Star Wars designs. With numerous styles to select from, every individual will be able to find a shirt they love to wear on a regular basis. Thanks to a move to a bigger location, the company will now be able to better serve clients and provide them with more support and faster online order turnaround times.

Focus Martial Arts Centre Shares Practical Instructions About Preparing for Child's First Kids Karate Class in New Article

Focus Martial Arts Centre has recently published an informative article which shares top advice about preparing for a child's first kids karate class. The new article is essentially a guide written by the centre's karate instructors to help parents to keep their children revved up and motivated about their first kid's karate class. The tips shared talk about the importance of selecting the correct class led by an experienced and certifies karate teacher, building enthusiasm and the dressing right for the first class at Focus Martial Arts Centre.

Focus Martial Arts Centre Article Share Insights on How Karate Lessons Help Kids Stand Up to Bullies

Bullying is becoming a growing problem which many kids have to deal with at school. Brisbane Karate school, Focus Martial Arts Centre has recently shared an article investigating how Karate lessons can help kids defend themselves against bullies. Healthy activities and sports such as martial arts training provide good character building tools. Such activities teach children valuable lessons in self-discipline, building strength and leading a healthy lifestyle, and give the children a boost in confidence which may help kids stand up to bullies. Focus Martial Arts offer structured Karate lessons in Brisbane for kids of all ages.

Voodoo Creative Reports Graphics Can Increase a Company's Conversion Rate

Voodoo Creative announces graphics can increase a company's conversion rate and turn casual visitors into clients. Image selection plays a large role in Graphic Design Melbourne, however, so one must choose these graphics carefully. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, therefore one must be sure the image is providing the correct information and portraying the right image.

Instructo Announces Launch Offering a Platform to Find Local Tutors and Trainers in a Wide Range of Categories

LogoThere's little doubt connecting with the right tutor can be immensely valuable to a student.  Finding just this kind of tutor or trainer can be sped up dramatically with access to the right kind of resource. Victoria Park, Western Australia-based Instructo recently announced their launch offering just this kind of tool.  Instructo is a marketplace where tutors and trainers can post their listings and offer their services making connections with students seeking instruction.  It's completely free for both students looking for tutors to use, and for tutors and trainers themselves to post ads.

Airport Parking Experts Offer Advice to Greece Holidaymakers

A leading airport parking company that helps holidaymakers save money on airport parking through their comparison tool has issued new advice for people heading to Greece. has put together advice, tips and answers to the most common questions they have been asked.

Individuals Can Now Get Pre-Engraved Bracelets from My Identity Doctor to Celebrate UV Safety Month

The harmful UV rays from the sun causes many serious complications besides skin cancer like eye problems, age spots, wrinkles, weakened immune system and many more. Keeping this in mind, My Identity Doctor now offers Pre-Engraved Bracelets to its patients for celebrating UV Safety month. The company provides superior quality engraving that shows up in a bold black font for all their ID bracelets. This black engraving increases the visibility of the patient's vital medical information for doctors.

Brandnative Launches Initiative to Educate Public on Advantages of Custom Websites

While most business owners can agree a web site is imperative in a business' road to success, experts state it's amazing the number of business websites lacking quick load times, valuable content, professional aesthetics, and HTML5's interactivity. Most business owners, according to industry experts, don't understand the value of those criteria and how important it is to retaining visitors. With this in mind, Nick Dafni, spokesperson for Web Designer Brandnative (, has announced an educational initiative for the business owners of Denver.

American Holistic Nurses Association Recognizes Marcie Carlson for 2015 Holistic Rising Star Award

LogoMarcie Carlson, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin was presented the 2015 Holistic Rising Star Award at the AHNA 35th annual conference in Branson, Missouri June 12-17, 2015. This award is intended to recognize new nurses who have dedicated themselves to a holistic path who have applied creative holistic practices and epitomize holism in their personal and professional lives.

American Holistic Nurses Association Recognizes Jane Flanagan for 2015 Research Grant Award

LogoJane Flanagan, PhD, CNP, of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts was awarded the 2015 Research Grant at the AHNA 35th annual conference in Branson, Missouri June 12-17, 2015. The AHNA Research Grant is a competitive grant that awards up to $5,000 to members conducting holistic nursing research that demonstrates advancing holistic nursing practices.

Chemical Peels for Facial Rejuvenation Featured in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoChemical Peels have been an established treatment for facial rejuvenation for a number of years. They are still in demand and still play an important part in providing facial rejuvenation for patients. There are a number of different cosmetic surgery procedures that can be used to provide facial rejuvenation, therefore Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka has created a series of short educational videos to explain the various facial rejuvenation techniques, procedures & products. His latest video, released 1st July 2015 highlights chemical peels.

Bill Bastian Celebrates 60 Years - Material Handling Company Bastian Solutions

Modern Materials Handling News reported Bill Bastian Sr. celebrating 60 years with Bastian Solutions. Nowadays, it is rare to find an individual who has devoted 60 years of service to one company, and done so with as much passion, kindness and honesty as Bill Bastian Sr., previous owner and president of Bastian Solutions.

Barrier Pest Control Launches a Customer Satisfaction Campaign

According to a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association, 93 percent of individuals express concern over discovering bugs within their home. This isn't surprising as bugs and insects come in third in terms of common fears, falling only behind public speaking and heights. When one finds they are in need of pest control, Barrier Pest Control can be of help.

MOYA Brand Donates All Proceeds from MOF X MOYA Brand Gi to Help Terminally Ill Children and Adults

The Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF) is doing important work in getting cystic fibrosis patients out of the hospital and into the ocean, to experience the healing power of surfing. The charity began its outreach work years ago, and has now helped more than 1,300 patients escape their limitations. They recently reached out to the MOYA Brand, creators of the world's most rugged Jiu Jitsu Gi, and the brand helped to raise funds for the charity by donating all the proceeds of a limited edition kimono to the charity.

REMI School Announces Online Continuing Education Classes for Real Estate Professionals

LogoWhen looking for real estate education to renew a license, REMI School is pleased to announce they are providing continuing education classes online for real estate professionals. Currently, the website has classes available for practitioners in 12 states, but will soon be expanding further.

Top Bioenergetic Therapist Publishes New Guide to Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution

Gregory Nye, the creator of Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution, a leading self-improvement and -actualization approach, published an important new guide at his website. Helping readers understand the benefits and mechanisms of the somatic-energetic "Pulse" approach to daily life, the new guide gives an insight into the potential of this revolutionary body of knowledge and practice. With a decades-long history helping people in the Toronto area and elsewhere live fuller, more rewarding lives, Gregory Nye has devoted himself full-time to the practice and teaching of Pulse Somatic-Energetic Evolution for the last twelve years.

The Worcester Wreath Co. Announces Details of Rewarding New Fund-Raising Program

The Worcester Wreath Co., the country's top source for handcrafted, natural balsam Christmas wreaths and more, announced details of the company's convenient new fund raising program. Making it easy for schools, non-profits and other organizations all around the country to leverage the strong demand for the Worcester Wreath Co.'s sought-after christmas wreaths and other products, the flexible new fund-raising program is a truly special and attractive opportunity. For more than forty years, the Worcester Wreath Co. has been a leading provider of beautiful, environmentally friendly balsam wreaths and related products and was the founding force behind the now-nationwide Wreaths Across America charitable organization.

Roofing Solutions of Texas Offers a Free No-Obligation Roofing Inspection

Tropical storm Bill moved through Texas in mid-June, leaving a great deal of damage behind. Although inland parts of the state didn't see as much rain as the Texas coast, homeowners need to ensure their roof wasn't damaged during the storm. Roofing Solutions of Texas offers a free, no-obligation roofing inspection for homeowners who wish to ensure their roof held up during this weather event.

Ducts R Us Offering Authentic Guaranteed Duct Cleaning to Keep HVAC Systems Optimized During Summer Months

Summer is here, and that means HVAC systems are working overtime to ensure the internal atmosphere of rooms and buildings are kept pleasant, out of the glare of the noon sun. The ducts that transport this air however have faced months of relative inactivity, and a buildup of dust, debris and particulates is commonplace, leading to air conditioning recirculating this dust to the detriment of breathers. Ducts R Us offers a comprehensive and fully authentic HVAC cleaning system. They aim to help people enjoy the best quality of air possible by cleaning ducts, which also increases HVAC efficiency.

LeddarTech Sensors Leading Technology Revolution Featured in AutomationMedia

Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, discussed the massive-scale deployment of sensors reshaping the environment and transforming many aspects of daily lives in a recent article, titled, "Smart Sensor Revolution Has Started," published in Cutler finds the origins of leadership in this arena pointed to LeddarTech.

US Compliance Corp Kevin Miller Oversees Air Quality Department

Kevin Miller, P.E. is the Sr. Environmental Manager and air quality engineer for U.S. Compliance Corp. Miller oversees the air quality department while providing support to the environmental department as a whole. The air quality department provides regulatory support in permitting, enforcement consultation, reporting, recordkeeping, and general compliance to facilities across the Unites States and Canada.