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Largest U.S. Jinma Tractor Dealer Announces Relaunch of eCommerce Parts Store

LogoKeno Tractors, the United States' largest Jinma tractor dealership, has revamped its online tractor parts store, and is now serving customers throughout the United States. The improved Keno Tractors eCommerce site makes purchasing tractor parts online easier and more intuitive than ever. With improvements to product photos, product descriptions, and the check-out process, customers can now buy tractor parts online from the Keno Tractors Store Front with more ease than any other online tractor part store.

Dr. Jennifer Levine to Be Featured on NBC's Today Show, Monday, August 3

LogoRenowned New York City facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Levine, is set to be featured on NBC's Today Show on Monday, August 3, in the 8-8:30 AM time slot. The segment that Dr. Levine will be featured in is on plastic surgery trends. To acquire Dr. Levine's thoughts on this topic, a crew from the Today Show spent a few hours observing and filming Dr. Levine as she performed procedures on some of her patients. While she worked, Dr. Levine took the time to explain each procedure, and why her patients choose them.

Creator of the Marriage Saver Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoThe Marriage Saver is a unique adjustable stop that can be fitted to any type of sink.  It stops precious items such as jewelry, including wedding bands, from being lost down the drain.  It also prevents clogging of the drain from the introduction of foreign objects.  Now, the creator of The Marriage Saver has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this helpful product.

The WeeTect Workshop: Welcome to a 2 Days' Workshop on UV Face Shield

WeeTect is pleased to announce that they will be having a 2 day workshop about the UV face shield. This is the first workshop in China that will give the end users more insights on why they need this particular product in industrial applications. The workshop will mainly focus on industrial safety.

The WeeTect's Cutting-Edge Anti-Fog Film Guarantees a Fog-Free World

The new anti-fog film manufactured by WeeTect has finally eliminated the fog problem. This was announced by the company after this product passed all the tests that were conducted at the WeeTect Lab.

The WeeTect's Scratch Protection Films Named Top Brand of 2015

WeeTect has introduced a new scratch protection film that meets the internationally acceptable standards. This is yet another milestone in the modern industrial applications where safety is a priority.

WeeTect Starts a New Factory to Produce Welding Lens Cover

Establishing a new factory to produce welding lens cover will improve both safety and the welding efficiency. Manufacturing welding equipment that are light and can reduce the bright light from the welding process is really important.

Quality Manufacturing of the Excavator Cylinder Seals Showing New Age Constructions

The hardware tools are the unavoidable requirements in each field. Not only that the use of the tools are only restricted within the range of the industrial houses, but also for domestic use also the materials are widely used. In the last 50 years, the use of these tools have only spread and increased. As along with time new tools and machines have come into use, the use of these hardware materials have increased as well. New options of hardware usage is also coming. In this situation it is quite natural that the new companies will come to the field.

The WeeTect's Motorcycle Face Shields Are Available in the European Market

The WeeTect's helmet lens covers are finally available in the European Market. This was announced by the company sales department at a press meeting this morning. This move aims at expanding the helmet face shield that has been in high demand in this region.

Vishar International Group Offers Its Range of Lingerie Supplies to Wholesale Buyers

Dresses are available in a range of options today and people are experimenting with different materials more than ever. Undergarments are one of the most important elements of dressing which needs to be comfortable and good to wear. There are various brands which offer their collection and a range of options. In an attempt to offer quality and affordable lingerie supplies, Vishar International Group presents its range of products for sale. The company manufactures and sells its own designs to wholesale buyers from across the world. The company presents its website where it offers its designs and products for sale through its online store named Only Lover. The company presently offers its products as wholesale lingerie and is popular as lover lingerie or its collection of China fashion dress.

Equipmentimes Presents Ice Cream Machines, Display Cabinets, and More Products

Technology has advanced and reached a new level across the world. The kind of machines and the capacities which each of them are offered with has transformed the way things are done across the world. Baking machines and ice cream machines have evolved as well and there are various companies which offer their machines. In an attempt to offer customers affordable and high quality machines, Equipmentimes offers its wide range of high end machines. The company deals in manufacturing of batch freezers, display cabinets, ice cream machines, ice cream filling machine s, ice cream mix pasto machines, etc. The company is based in Dalian which is a part of the Liaoning Province in China.

Exportimes Provides a Unique Platform to Connect Suppliers and Buyers Around the World

In international trade it is very important to have all the details about the products as well as the people supplying it. There are various platforms that act as a medium to help the buyers contact the professional sellers that are certified to sell the high-products they are looking for. People can send enquiry though the website and they would get all the required information. One of the sites that have been providing this service to buyers around the world is Exportimes.

Seekas Comes Up with Its Innovative Range of Gadgetized Lifestyle Products

Innovation has helped in bringing unique products that help in creating improved equipment for houses as well as offices. People love to take the advantage of these innovative products and use them for various aspects of life. The gadgetized products include the Bluetooth pillows, Bluetooth caps, mini speakers and much more. All these products are available through the online store of the company at cost effective rates.

WeeTect Introduces High Quality Auto Darkening Welding Lens

Introducing high quality auto darkening welding lens is a safety measure that WeeTect has pioneered since 1993. This week, WeeTect has announced that they will be introducing new safety equipment in the market.

WeeTect Launches a New Hockey Helmet Visor Testing Lab

WeeTect has inaugurated a hockey helmet visor testing lab of the 21st century. This is a facility of its kind that aims at improving safety in this adored sport.

China-Hifi-Audio Sells Various Innovative Range of Audio Products

There are various audio players and accessories available in different online stores. The audio players have witnessed a sea of change in today's world and huge amount of companies are coming up with innovative technologies in their instruments. Most of the buyers like to buy these accessories and instruments online at cost effective rates. One of the companies that offers these music stereos through their online store are China-hifi-audio.

The Modern Fog Free Shower Mirror Now Available in the Global Market

WeeTect has introduced the ultra-modern fog free shower mirrors that will replace the traditional mirrors used in bathrooms. This is another milestone in this industry that has received a good reception with more than 1,756 pieces being sold as of yesterday.

Punch Press Machines Having the Best Usages

Along with time the utility of the Punch Press Machine has increased to a great extent. Previously the demand mainly circled around the industrial sectors. But now the companies such as Maanshaan New Fuli Machinery Technology has brought it in the market for a wider usage. Not only that these machines are now being used by the local shops, but also that they are lent during the household works. This wider usage of these machines have made the market open for more varieties.

Fire Extinguishers with Better Variety for Better Support out Now

The issues regarding fire are always unexpected. However careful everyone stays, fire can catch with the slightest of mistakes or accidents. All over the world, endless number of fire accidents are recoded which take place from as simple matter as the fireworks or a slight short circuits. So one cannot be sure that even with the best systems he will be able to restrict his house from catching the fire.

ExertChange Pte Ltd Offers Reliable, Affordable Virus Removal for Today's Small to Medium Businesses

Local business ExertChange Pte Ltd, is pleased to offer effective virus removal services for small to medium businesses, effective immediately. If your business is looking for a new way to handle viruses and malware, contact ExertChange today and let them show you how their virus removal services can help your business.

12 Volt Technology Offers Fusion Marine Stereo MS-UD750

LogoFusion Electronics design and develop top quality Marine Stereos for Boats, RV's and Caravans. If you are looking for a high quality product that is capable of playing your iPod through its state-of-the-art Internal Uni Dock then the Fusion MS-UD750 is something that needs to be explored.

Life Connect Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoLife Connect is an app that was created by the group Life Recovery Solutions and is designed to help those who are struggling with addiction issues.  Created by an individual with personal knowledge of the tragedy of drug addiction through the loss of a brother, the app was created to empower those who are trying to beat the drug habit.  The creator says, "We created Life Recovery Solutions and our Life Connect App because too many people are dying from addiction and too many families are being destroyed. Unfortunately, 80 percent of those who are able to get treatment relapse in the first year relapse over and over.  The problem is getting worse, with 2.8 million new addicts every year and 27 percent of teens use drugs regularly."

Patriot Equipment Finance Expands to Canada and Hires New Managing Director

Patriot Equipment Finance, LLC. ("PEF"), an industry leader and one of the fastest growing companies in equipment finance to equipment intensive industries, is expanding and opening their first of several offices in Canada. This office will allow PEF to better serve existing and future clients in a market where they already had many existing relationships.

A New Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Launched to Make Splendid Masks from Simple Materials

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Jill Bonner to raise £350 to make her Polyfacets Craft Plans a reality.

Let's Be Frank - Kansas Citians Work Like Dogs

LogoIs there anything more American than a good ole' hot dog?

Entappia Selected by Panel of Judges to Join Edsurge and California Superintendent at the Tech for Schools Summit

ENTAPPIA has been selected to join EdSurge and State Superintendent, Tom Torlakson at the California Tech for Schools Summit, scheduled to be held at the University of California, Davis on Tuesday, August 4. The Summit is cohosted by the California Department of Education and the CDE Foundation. Superintendent Torlakson will keynote the event.

Maryland Demolition Contractors Launch New Website

Maryland Demolition Contractors are a Demolition Contractors Company that is now taking its business online with the launch of their new website: The company believes in keeping themselves at the forefront of technological advancements to offer their esteemed customers the best and most reliable demolition services in the area. The new website will enable prospective customers to learn about the business and their services in an easier and quicker way.