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City Tap House in University City Announces Private Event Planning Services Available This July

LogoNewly engaged couples, parents of recent college graduates, or others looking to plan a private event at a lively Philadelphia restaurant or bar this summer can turn to City Tap House in University City. In fact, City Tap House in University City is now offering private event planning services to those who are looking to have a party planned immediately. Individuals interested in planning their party at one of Philadelphia's most awarded craft beer bars can do so by calling them at 215-662-0105, or by emailing them at

DimensionU Announces "2015 Summer Chill" Winners

LogoAward-winning educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Summer Chill, a virtual math games competition. Students across the U.S. and Canada participated in the five-week event, which concluded on Sunday, July 19th

The Kickstarter Campaign to Empower - GreenAdvisor

GREENWILL has launched a Kickstarter campaign towards the development of a platform called GreenAdvisor. GreenAdvisor will empower consumers around the world to directly influence businesses and organizations to operate in a more eco-friendly manner. It would bring together people with a shared interest in a cleaner planet and put the power that comes in numbers in their hands, literally. By being able to rate, identify, locate and favor eco-conscious businesses, GreenAdvisor will be the tool that compels businesses and organizations to communicate their environmental performances to the general public. Moreover, it will make consumers more vigilant in identifying environmentally negligent activities in their offices, at restaurants or at their local bank branches.

Pangeanic CEO Invited to Speak at TC Conference 2015 in Kyoto, Japan in October

Professional translation services for specific documents should always be left to a translator with knowledge of the field the document has been created within, whether that be business, technical, industrial or even medical. However, online content is proliferating at a rate no translation service can keep up with, and no business has the budget for. As such, online translation software has found its market, but is far from perfect. Pangeanic, a company of expert translators of over a hundred language combinations, has developed the very latest in automated translation technology, and will introduce the product at the TC conference in Kyoto this October.

SkyCom Taking New Clients in Need of Call Center Services This August

LogoSkyCom has just announced that they are taking new clients in need of call center services this August. SkyCom is a company that offers call center services from their offices in Central America. They have experience working with a variety of businesses such as those in the manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and technology industries. To get in touch with them regarding their services, those interested can give them a call at 1-844-300-1216, or fill out a contact form on their website,

BlackFiles Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Development Funds

LogoBlackFiles is a personal data management system that allows users to keep all of their sensitive information like documents, passwords, contacts, pictures, videos, TV records, music files, internet broadcast stations and events in one secure location. The data are organized in pre-installed folders and forms in order to minimize the workload.

GetSiteControl Introduces Improved Responsive Tools for Mobile Website Optimization

LogoWith mobile usage growing rapidly optimizing websites for mobile devices has become highly important. Mobile optimization can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement, but it's a challenging and time-consuming process. To make this process easier for a website owner GetSiteControl keeps constantly improving its range of mobile-ready tools for visitor engagement. All GetSiteControl widgets can easily adapt to the screen size of tablets and smartphones giving website visitors an experience that is quick and easy to use on whatever size device they are using. Has Published the List of the Most Effective Back Pain Relieving Methods

LogoBack pain is one of the most widespread health problems nowadays. According to statistics, over 80% of people complain of chronic and occasional pains, while around 90% of people have suffered back pains for a long period of their life. Considering the importance and the scale of this health issue, has studied the problem and published the results. The study revealed the most effective methods that help get rid of back pain.

Ezee Rank Tracker Releases Major Updates

The business world needs constant updates. Being stagnant in the business can be disastrous for the survival of the business. Gone are the days when the purchasing power was in the hands of the manufacturers. Today, the customers have become more and more demanding. Thus, the suppliers have be on toes to fulfill their demands. The CEO of Agarwal InnoSoft Pvt Ltd says "A lot of market research is being carried out before we release any new feature. We understand the consumer needs and keep updating the software to benefit our users. This is why we have been the industry rulers in terms of tracking the web ranks."

IBMH Launches Video Introduction to Explain Company's Value to Business Clients in Procurement Management

Business in China is becoming more complex every day, and the scale of international sales is staggering. As the world's largest exporter, there is a whole infrastructure around the management of sales, from procurement to delivery. Many businesses find their energies absorbed completely in this process, leaving them unable to build, grow and innovate. IBMH is a consultancy that specializes in procurement management, and offers businesses in China the opportunity to free up their internal resources to develop the business itself by handling every aspect of sales and procurement, including strategic development. They have just published a new video to explain the process.

ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 Available to Speed Up the Design Process

LogoZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, today announced the release of  ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1, an updated version to its architecture specified product featuring with many exciting wall, door and window related enhancements and fixed bugs.The availability of new ZWCAD Architecture 2015 SP1 will largely speed up the design process as well as efficiency.

PhuketFit Launches New Active Cleanse Program

LogoPhuketFit,  a company working towards the fitness of people  announced to launch a new active cleanse program in a small press meet here today.  The program offered by the company detoxifies and cleans the waste from the body making a person healthy.  It comes with many other health benefits. Sources have confirmed that the program has been experimented on many people earlier. Most of the people found a positive change in their body.  The program has received great reviews from the clients.

PhuketFit Releases 'Active Cleanse' Program

LogoPhuketFit™ has launched its new 'Active Cleanse' program to assist users in getting healthier, happier and more energized. The resort has experienced Detox consultants and qualified Nurse. They apply a diversity of medical tools to identify the exact treatment for any specific condition in the body.

Ecomolding Comes Up with Its Specialized Plastic Moulded Products

Manufacturing and assembling various moulded products is not a simple task. Industries on the lookout for long lasting ecomolding products should make a proper research and buy them from professional manufacturers. One cannot trust on an amateur for this product as it used in various important areas. It is also important to make sure that they contact a certified company that has been licensed to manufacture such products. One of the companies manufacturing such molding products are Ecomolding.

Choetech Is a Leading Manufacturer of Wireless Charging Technology

There is a massive availability of electronic devices with the advancement in technology. Tablets, phablets and smartphones have revolutionized the lives of people like never before. Run on electrical charge, the demand for wireless chargers offering unparalleled convenience have also gone up. Choe Technologies Co. Ltd offers a wide range of wireless chargers, Dual USB chargers and multiport USB chargers. It caters to the growing need for wireless charging technology with smart and clutter free wireless charging solutions.

China-Hifi-Audio Offers the Latest Stereo Amplifiers and Other Music Accessories

The market offers a vast number of options in the segment of audio systems and across the globe people have been using them to listen to music and their favorite songs. To make sure that these function correctly as well gives the best possible output, it is important to have the right genuine parts. To facilitate this process, China-hifi-Audio presents a huge collection of products and accessories which could significantly help in improving the music quality and offer a great music listening experience to the listeners. Their online store features tube amplifiers, hi-fi cables, speakers, and related products. These products have been manufactured on advanced technologies and are offered at affordable prices.

Use of the Polyethylene Pipes Increases Along with Time

In the last ten years the use of the Polyethylene pipes have to a great level and that made different pipe manufacturing companies around the world come to the business of manufacturing this pipe. It is true that these pipes are not only for a specific work. A number of tasks that are linked with bigger industries such as plastic bottle manufacturing to corrosion resistant pipe making, makes these pipes subject of heavy demand.

Independent Boutique Captures Imaginations with Living Necklaces

LogoA new era of accessory is blooming at JXKL, a naturally inspired jewellery boutique retailing a whimsical range of handcrafted necklaces. Drawing on the unmatched beauty of living plants and flowers, the pieces are imaginative, organic and utterly unique.

"Time, Space and All of Us" – A Presentation by Serge Benhayon

LogoIn a world flooded with grand ideas that often go unrealised, meeting a man who truly walks his talk is a rarity indeed. But not, it would seem, an impossibility.

Culinary Carton Announces First Food Boxes Melbourne to Be Available July 30, 2015

LogoCulinary Carton announced that it will be taking its first orders for food boxes Melbourne on July 30, 2015. The service is the convenient way to obtain all the fresh foods and ingredients to create restaurant quality food in the home kitchen. The firm has multiple packages from which to choose that are delivered to the home to satisfy the desires of vegetarians, meat lovers, and those who enjoy both.

New Caravans by Nova Caravans Offers an RV Option for Everyone

LogoNova Caravans is one of the most highly sought vehicles when purchasing new caravans. The company's recreational vehicles have graced the cover of numerous worldwide magazines and the firm's individual models have been widely featured. They're serving millions of Australians as their home away from home for holidays, weekend getaways and working holidays.

Red Crayon's Brand Strategies Make Critical Connections to Consumer Emotion

LogoBrand strategy is essential for recognition, boosting sales and acquiring new customers, an area in which Red Crayon excels. Branding is important for any business, particularly young companies, and the firm develops long-term strategies targeted to meet the specific goals of clients and connect with consumer emotions.

More Than Physio Treats Injuries, Chronic Conditions and Disease Syndromes

LogoPatients have a complete complement of services at More Than Physio to alleviate pain, treat injuries and provide rehabilitation. Practitioners provide a head to toe solution, from craniosacral therapy to podiatry to maintain mobility, treat chronic conditions and disease syndromes.

Premiere Sports Offers a Whole Body Wellness Approach to Pain and Injuries

LogoPremiere Sports and Spinal Medicine treats injuries, chronic disease and dysfunction with a whole health and wellness approach that addresses the underlying cause instead of just symptoms. The practice's physiotherapy professionals have extensive expertise, experience and advanced technology at their disposal to ease pain, hasten healing and rehabilitate.

Driving Lessons Help Students Achieve a Modern Rite of Passage

LogoA teen's driving lessons can be particularly stressful for parents and it's just one of the many reasons that individuals seek the services of Hi-Way Driving School. Obtaining a driver's license is a rite of passage for teens and young adults that's made infinitely easier with the more than 30 years of experience available at the driving school.

Garden Design by Nathan Burkett Provides Therapeutic Benefits

LogoThe results of professional garden design can have distinctly therapeutic benefits and Nathan Burkett Design has experience in multiple types of gardens in a host of locations. Burkett is an award-winning landscape designer specialising in innovative and timeless gardens utilizing intelligent design.

Red Crayon Provides a Marketing Strategy Across Multiple Platforms

LogoIn the simplest terms, a marketing strategy is a comprehensive action plan designed to increase sales and obtain a competitive edge over the competition. A Red Crayon marketing strategy has multiple components and is designed to successfully communicate the client's message at the right time, place and to the correct audience. The agency plans, creates and manages all aspects of client needs for tangible results.