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ChroMedX Submits PCT Patent Application for HemoPalm(TM) Blood Analysis System

LogoChroMedX Corp(the "Company"), a developer of in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care testing (POCT) technologies is pleased to announce the filing of a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Patent Application pertaining to the HemoPalm(TM) Cartridge and Analyzer system called "Joint Spectroscopic and Biosensor System for Point-of-Care Testing" (PCT/CA2015/050455).

Nautical Ventures Will Sponsor Record-Setting 15-Year-Old Offshore Kayak Fisherman

LogoNautical Ventures, South Florida's leading Hobie dealer, has announced it is sponsoring 15-year-old Allan Escuage to represent Nautical Ventures in the junior division of sanctioned kayak fishing tournaments. Escuage will represent Nautical Ventures for the first time in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam II to be held Aug. 22, at Pompano Beach, Fla. Discusses the Mounting Popularity of Rustic Furniture in the Latest Trends of Interior Design

LogoMany people are getting excited in every new trend coming up in the market. People love to keep up with the latest home decorating trends, to keep their home updated with the latest in-demand look of the house and always in track with what's new and outdated idea. Creating a perfect look for the home can be done easily with the help of television, magazines and Internet. For many, the best style and look of the house that provides classic beauty is the lodge and cabin decorating style that is so versatile that any type of elements can be added and still able to produce a uniquely structured design that can be loved by many.

New 24 Hour Plumbing Services Launched in St. Augustine, FL

W. Smith Plumbing LLC has launched its 24 hour emergency plumbing service in St. Augustine as on 27th March. Their services are said to be professional and varied. Apart from any repairs, they also take up installation projects and their prices are said to be competitive. The owner of this business, William Smith, has been involved in the plumbing industry since the age of 18 and is well versed with offering customized solutions. Since its commencement, the Company has garnered a lot of interest in St. John's County.

Reindeer Casino's New Game 'Slots Fortune' Now Available on Android and Facebook

Reindeer Casino Inc. announced today it has just released Slots Fortune on Android and Facebook. Based in San Francisco with branches in Delhi (India) and Israel, the company is going to release the game on iOS shortly.

Kessler & Resnick DDS - Aurora Cosmetic Dentist - Retro Dental Group Details Truths About Invisalign

When teenagers need orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth, many parents wonder if Invisalign Teen is a good investment. They may know that Invisalign is the best in modern orthodontics, using clear plastic aligners — similar to a mouth guard — for moving teeth into their proper position. Nevertheless, parents often worry about their teenager not wearing the aligners or simply losing them and wasting the treatment. The makers of Invisalign, Align Technology, have completed many studies of teenagers needing orthodontics and here are seven truths they've discovered, and that dentists from the Kessler & Resnick DDS - Aurora Cosmetic Dentist - Retro Dental Group have observed, about young people and Invisalign Teen.

CCTV Camera Installers Are Now Better Than Ever

LogoCrimes have been rising in the world despite desperate measures being taken against it. One thing about crimes is that no matter how much caution is taken, it always ends up taking place unprecedented. It is exactly because of this reason that immediate rescue cannot be expected unless one's luck runs fat. However, the police department have been upping their game too meaning that with ample evidence, they have been efficiently either detecting movements or tracking the criminals down. In this case, a CCTV Security Camera is one of the best and most effective options.

Local Mold Remediation Is Only a Click Away, Thanks to Powered by the People

LogoMold, as a common problem, has always demanded immediate attention and clean up and it is specifically because of how bad molds can get that there have been different companies coming up for mold clean up. The problem that lies here, however, is that some well deserving companies get crushed under the huge competition that has been rising because of the obvious increase in the number of mold clean up companies.

ImageFIRST Detroit Location Introduces Cubicle Curtain Program to Help Hospitals Reduce Bacterial Contamination

The risk of healthcare-associated infections continues to be a challenge and a major focus for hospitals and medical facilities across the US. Recently, studies have shown that one of the places where potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria are likely to quickly and frequently accumulate is on the privacy curtains of hospitals, putting the patients at risk. The ImageFIRST Detroit location has announced it is now offering a new Cubical Curtain Program to help hospitals prevent the spread of potentially dangerous bacteria, a program also available through many other of the company's other locations nationwide.

Labor Day Weekend Brings Paranormal Activity to NYC's Central Park

This Labor Day weekend two of New York's noted paranormal investigators will be leading groups of adventurous amateur ghost hunters on an actual ghostly exploration through the winding paths and lush lawns of Central Park. Utilizing all sorts of ghost hunting equipment -- like a scene out of a paranormal blockbuster -- they'll prowl Central Park for signs of supernatural ghostly happenings Unveils Convenient Printing Color Guide for Color Conversion

LogoOnline printing authority based in New York,, publishes a new article on its corporate blog entitled: ¨ Pantone to CMYK: A Guide to Match Your Colors for Printing. ¨ The professional printer seeks to help out customers with affordable alternatives for their projects. The guide may also be used for other packaging product guidelines as well. The guide also includes online tools to facilitate the process for users.

Optical Time-of-Flight Measurement Explained in LeddarTech White Paper

As discussed in a new LeddarTech white paper, optical time-of-flight measurement computes the distance to a target from the round-trip time of flight between a sensor and an object. Since the speed of light in air changes very little over normal temperature and pressure extremes, and its order of magnitude is faster than the speed of objects to be measured, optical time-of-flight measurement is one of the most reliable ways to accurately measure distance to objects in a contactless fashion.

Dentist in Flushing, NY Launches Education Campaign Prompted by Surge in Tooth Decay

Statistics from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reveal 92 percent of adults experience some level of tooth decay with an estimated 25 percent of those going untreated. While the latter is generally attributed to lack of access to dental care, the former tends to stem from simple undue attention to oral maintenance. With this mind, Flushing Dentist Dr. Peter Rumack has launched his practice's latest patient education campaign.

Stock Photography Service Freerange Stock Launches New, Greatly Improved Website

Freerange Stock, one of the leading online sources for free stock photographs, launched a brand-new, greatly improved website. Featuring an attractive new design that works perfectly with devices of all kinds, the new website is now serving visitors to With over a half million registered users and thousands of contributing photographers, Freerange Stock has been providing cost-free, top-quality stock photography under a generous, no-attribution-needed, commercial or non-commercial license for over a decade.

US Compliance Corp Reports How to Avoid Environmental Liability

Environmental Health Safety Compliance News, sponsored by U.S. Compliance Corp, reported that Charles Driggars authored a feature article in regarding Avoiding Environmental Liability. Driggers noted there is virtually no business today that does not, to some degree, have the potential for liability under the myriad environmental laws; for many businesses, this potential is a daily concern. News stories concerning the indictments for environmental violations of individuals long known as respected members of the community are not uncommon and are a stark reminder of the serious, even potentially criminal, consequences that can arise from alleged noncompliance with environmental regulations. Frighteningly enough, this risk applies to responsible individuals who do their best to do their jobs; the complexity of environmental laws and the difficulty of their applicability in the "real world" make even the best-intentioned employer or employee at risk for such actions.

Global Syn-Turf Releases Hollow Blade, the Smartest Artificial Grass That Keeps Moisture Inside to Stabilize the Temperature of the Lawn

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc., (GST), the leading manufacturer in the artificial grass industry is pleased to announce first of its kind technology- Hollow Blade, which prevents moisture from transpiration. GST's unique technologies and remarkable designs allow the grass to look natural and realistic for years to come. They stay cool in high temperatures and stay green and fresh in cold weather conditions.

Medical Assistant Certification Guide Launches Website in Answer to Pending CMA Call

According to reports from the United States Department of Labor, the field of medical assisting is expecting a 29 percent increase in demand over the coming decade, making this the country's fastest growing sector. While a number of students express interest in pursuing this profession, the majority point out certain common hurdles going into the process. In response to this issue, Karen Rather of Medical Assistant Certification Guide has launched a new website geared toward providing state-specific information for Texas students.

Aallaz App Now Live on Google Play

The Android version of the Aallaz app is now available on Google Play, but the iPhone version is under review and is expected to be released and available for download on the iTunes Store by next week. The Aallaz app was created using Appy Pie's App Generator.

Great Movers US Offers Extensive and Affordable Moving Solutions for Home and Business Owners

LogoMoving is often looked at as a daunting affair involving too many hassles. However, Great Movers Florida is a moving company in Florida that offers exceptionally professional moving services for both residential and commercial purposes and at pocket friendly prices. Besides, when moving to a new location, customers may be quite wary of the services as they find it difficult to trust someone with the massive amount of belongings that may need to be moved along as well.

Stepping Up the Game in the Floor Coating Business - UAC Floor Coatings Is Your Number One Choice

LogoIn a world where trends change with the click of a finger, it is absolutely necessary to have an up and standing knowledge of all the present trends and devices. This simple fact goes for almost everything at present. Here, floor coatings are a must as well.

Apartment Movers Have Been Showing a Better Response to the Demands of Their Clients

LogoMoving has become a very common phenomenon in all part of the world especially in the United States where people constantly seek for a better living out of their old living. However, moving from one house to another is not a simple job and it is mostly always advisable to not undertake the job all alone. It is here that the moving companies spread all over America come to use and help people move into their new homes. It is no surprise that there has been huge competition among the several moving companies New Jersey.

Quality Home Remodelling Offers Complete and Comprehensive Home Remodelling Solutions

LogoWith the sole aim of offering a gamut of home remodelling services to homeowners at flexible and competitive pricing. The General Contractors at Q Remodelling takes the responsibility to look after the entire remodelling process of the home. They boast of a professional team of home remodelling contractors that ensure that every step of the process is undertaken with care and complete professionalism. In addition to residential services, they also help customers get connected to contractors who undertake commercial remodelling services for both big and small businesses.

ChroMedX Engages Polygenesis Corporation for Completion of HemoPalm(TM) Alpha

LogoChroMedX Corp, a developer of in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care testing (POCT) is pleased to announce the engagement of technology development and prototyping firm Polygenesis Corporation to continue the development of the HemoPalm biosensor array, a fundamental component of the HemoPalm system.

UNC MBA Student Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Investment Opportunity

LogoOlu Jinadu, a current MBA candidate at the University of North Carolina at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business with an MS in Engineering from San Diego State University has more than six years of experience managing undervalued investments and conducting fundamental analysis. Now, he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign aimed at providing exposure for investors to learn more about high-return frontier markets and to enjoy the opportunities available for these types of investments. He analyzed the fundamentals of the 250+ companies and correctly predicted the takeover of DirecTV by AT&T, Spinoffs from Valero Energy and Noble Drilling Corp. Also he purchased one company for every 25 different companies analyzed, as a result, beat the S&P 500 by 2% annually in the last two years.

September 29 Lean Manufacturing Conference Evaluates Best Practice in DCs Reports Pcdata USA

LogoPcdata will co-sponsor and exhibit at the upcoming 11th Annual GBMP Northeast L.E.A.N. Conference from September 29-30, 2015 in Springfield, MA. Pcdata USA will be exhibiting at booth 8.

Automated Material Handling System Created by Hytrol Conveyor and Integration Partner McCombs-Wall

LD Products is a multifaceted printing and office supply company focused on exceptional customer service and the highest quality product offering. LD Products is a company centered on accurate order fulfillment, cutting-edge print offerings, and unmatched customer support. Hytrol and the integration partner worked with LD Products to create an energy-efficient automated material handling system capable of growing with the company. While meeting all of the standards to qualify for LEED-certification, the new system allows for future expansion, including increased capacity, accuracy, and speed.

Gripless Beauty Cosmetic Sponge Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoAccording to Melinda Daniels, the creator of the Gripless Beauty Cosmetic Sponge, those with manual dexterity issues deserve a product that allows them to apply makeup perfectly without stress to the hands or joints.  "By definition, the Gripless Beauty applicator assists individuals who have hand dexterity hand issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, MS, carpal tunnel and other issues.  Now it's time to spread the word and let the world know the sponge is on the market," says Daniels.  In order to do so, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and marketing funds.