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Computers and Peripherals in Germany - New Market Report

LogoWhile the trend towards mobile solutions within computers continues, supporting flexibility in terms of the time and location of usage (including the possibility of using/storing computers even with limited space, in unconventional locations or as second screens), the demand for more powerful computers with stronger processors, greater storage capacity, higher resolution screens and quality graphics all support growth.

CEO Leonard Livschitz Looks to Raise $10,000 via Indiegogo to Introduce Luxera SmartSwitch Lighting Automation System.

LogoLuxera simplifies LED lighting and connected systems to enhance safety, convenience and create a unique lifestyle experience.

OEM Company Opens New Office in Livermore

LogoVirtual purchasing department, OEM Company just opened a new office in Livermore, California, one of several tech industry companies that are expanding into the area.

Simple Innovations Improve Delatech Gas Scrubber Operation and Efficiency

LogoFor Fab Managers and Facilities Engineers who have a Delatech gas abatement scrubber, periodic maintenance is often overlooked – until it the scrubber alarm goes off. Then, the time-consuming and costly task of troubleshooting the issue begins, not to mention potential downtime, abatement efficiency loss and environmental implications.

Semiconductors in the Patient Monitoring Systems Market to 2016 New Report

LogoSemiconductors in the Patient Monitoring Systems Market to 2016 - Growth Dependent on Increasing Microcontroller and Analog IC Usage in Neonatal and Remote Patient Monitors, provides key information and analysis on the market opportunities of semiconductors in patient monitoring systems. The report provides information on industry dynamics, key suppliers, and the sales revenue and sales volume of semiconductors in patient monitoring systems. The report also provides forecasts for semiconductors in patient monitoring systems based on product type, region and end-application until 2016. Market size forecasts until 2016 are provided for discrete semiconductors, ICs, sensors and optoelectronics. The application markets-fetal monitors, MEMs, neonatal monitors, multi-parameter patient monitoring, remote patient monitoring and blood pressure monitors for the semiconductors in patient monitoring systems are also discussed.

Sibridge Technologies Announces USB 3.0 Host and Device Design IP

Leading provider of design & verification IPs will showcase IP portfolio integrated with Axiom’s high-performance MPSim simulator at DAC 2012

Global Semiconductor Marketplace: Industry Verticals, Growth Drivers, and Forecast 2012 - 2017

LogoSemiconductor technologies continue to evolve and amaze even those that previously forecasted aggressive growth. New materials, new structures, new manufacturing tools, and new advancements in modeling and simulation form a breeding ground for novel high performance electronic and photonic devices.

"Quantum Dots (QD) Market Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 - 2022)" Published

LogoQuantum Dots (QD) are the types of semiconductor nanoparticles, which can be assembled in multiple applications like healthcare, electronics, etc. The current market of QD is at pre-commercialized stage; most of the researchers are working on the "application aspects" of QD technology and deriving the products based on QD.

Global Semiconductor Market 2011-2015

LogoThe Global Semiconductor market has also been witnessing increasing mergers and acquisitions. However, the effects of natural calamities could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

India Semiconductor Industry to Witness Tremendous Growth

LogoIndian semiconductor market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2012-2015, says RNCOS in its latest research report.

Reportsnreports – Radiation Detection Materials Markets – 2011

The radiation detection industry is about to see accelerated growth reasons ranging from ongoing homeland security concerns to greater concerns about safety in the nuclear power industry. Radiation equipment for both diagnostics and therapeutic applications will also proliferate as populations continue to age. Such trends will create new opportunities for the firms that make radiation detection materials of various kinds. These opportunities will present themselves not just in terms of increases in the volume of materials required, but also in terms of the type of materials. The radiation detection market is looking for materials that can provide more accurate and useful readings and also for those that can lower costs.

ReportsnReports.com: Global Automotive Semiconductors Industry Forecast (2010 – 2014)

The automobile, as we know today, has evolved over the decades from being mostly a sum of heavy mechanical systems to having become an integration of mechanical systems and electronic controls. This has happened mainly due to the advent of semiconductor technology and its successful incorporation at various levels in the automobile that has been directed towards achieving higher performance levels and enhanced operating efficiencies from the vehicle. As semiconductor technology has evolved over the years, it has enabled manufactures of automobiles to piece together multiple applications on a single chip by cutting down the board area; thus optimizing performance. As a result, it is no surprise that one of the major drivers of the automotive industry over the years has been the rise of integrated electronics, and the advancements in the same can be seen to keep the automotive industry moving ahead in the coming years.

Coexist With the Environment--ALT Illuminating at 2011 LED Lighting Taiwan

Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT), the Taiwan leading high power LED lighting manufacturer, will participate in "2011 LED Lighting Taiwan" exhibition from June 14 to 16 (Booth Number: L1026) with “Coexist With The Environment" as the main theme. ALT will exhibit its latest LED grow light combined with Taiwan original wild plants. Besides that, ALT will also introduce brand new AR111 LED light for commercial and residential usage, and A55 LED light bulb, the best choice to replace traditional light bulb. The first mass-production MT-G chip light bulb in Asia will be demonstrated by ALT in this show as well.

Isocom Components 2004 Ltd. and American Microsemiconductor Inc. Sign Distribution Agreement

American Microsemiconductor Inc., 133 Kings Rd. Madisoin, NJ 07940 announced a distribution agreement with ISOCOM COMPONENTS of Hartlepool, Cleveland, UK to supply their full line of opto electronic components. OSOCOM Components has been a leading manufacturer commercial and industrial of Infrared Optocouplers for over 25 years,while American Microsemiconductor has been specializing in the semiconductor business for over 40 years with over 100 years experience in semiconductor technical experience,and today supplies semiconductor products worldwide to more than 140 countries.

The First Led Lighting Manufacturer Passed Itri Led Street Light Inspection Alt’s Innovation Products Create Green Miracle Once Again

The leading LED lighting company in Taiwan, Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), has hold a huge product launch press conference on December 1st in Taipei World Trade Center. On the conference, ALT has officially announced the latest 2010 Q4 products, including new generation LED T8 tube; high-brightness LED candle light; one to many MR16 GX5.3 dimmable series; the latest small lens angle BR indoor lighting series. Additionally, to celebrate ALT has become the first LED manufacturer who passed IRTI LED street lighting CNS Mark inspection, the deputy of ITRI Center for Measurement Standards Division, Dr. Chong, specially come to site as testimony this ceremony. Many valuable guests come to join this event, including several high-level managers of international LED manufacturers. The CEO of ALT, James Liang, also personally came to the site and announced the new products to all participation.

USD $1 to Experience LED Lighting Era! ALT Is Going to Shake H.K. Int’l Light Fair Autumn

Only one dollar! Now it is time to experience LED lighting era prior! Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), the high power LED lighting manufacturer from Taiwan, today announces its latest campaign for 2010 Hong Kong International Light Fair Autumn—To anticipate LED lighting era. Aurora™ (MR16 base) series product is only $1 USD as incredible low, entry-level price. On exhibition, ALT also will launch the latest LED T8 tube version 2 and first Metis™ Chandelier light series. There will be attracted many people as estimated.

ReportsandReports - Research Report on Chinese Auto LED Lamp Industry, 2010-2011

So far, auto lamps have developed from original candle lamps to commonly used incandescent lamps. In recent years, new-type HID (High Intensity Discharge) and LED lamps have also emerged. The LED luminous efficiency can reach 80%-90%. New-type and intelligent LED lamps, which are called the fourth-generation auto light source, have become an outstanding member among global auto electronic products and will be the new development orientation of auto lamps.

ReportsandReports - Enterprise Communications: Improving Productivity and Collaboration Through a Unified Platform

With the deployment of integrated communication services there is an opportunity for organisations to significantly improve employee productivity, augment business processes, and foster innovation.

MarketsandMarkets: Global Silicon Photonics Product Market Worth US$1.95 Billion by 2014

When compared with conventional electronics, silicon photonics provide 90% of its efficiency with one-third of power consumption, at one-tenth of the cost and no requirement of additional manufacturing technology.

China High-Speed Railway and Subway Industry Report, 2009-2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

In the future, China will construct ‘4 vertical & 4 horizontal’ passenger dedicated lines and intercity passenger transportation system with inter-city and urban network as the core. By 2012, China will have built up 13000-km main trunk lines of high-speed railway, of which, 5,000 kilometers are suitable for the speed of 250 km/h and 8,000 kilometers for the speed of 350 km/h.

Energy Efficient Displays Technologies to 2020 - Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) Displays Set to Propel Growth of the Industry Now Available at ReportsandReports

The report provides an in-depth analysis on the energy efficient displays industry. The report provides the latest information on the market revenues of the energy efficient displays and discusses the key market trends and growth forecasts for the various energy efficient displays including OLED displays, LEDs and LED displays.

Chinabuye: Ultra Power Green Laser Pointers on the Shelves

You need a laser pointer at various point of time in your life. With the harmful effects of LED Laser pointers known to everyone, it is very important for anyone willing to buy it to know how good the Product is.