Experiencing Toothache? We Offer Same Day Toothache Treatment

Toothache happen at any time. Prompt treatment followed by definitive management can stop aggravation, reduce cost, or prevent tooth loss.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWire) -- 07/03/2018 --Toothache is not something to take lightly. Sharp tooth pain often urges people to get prompt relief or run to the emergency room for treatment. Bucktown Dental Associates now offers same day management of dental emergency and toothache. Chicago dentist Dr. Elseweifi performs a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of toothache. He then performs sedative and emergency treatment to stop the sharp pain.

A toothache is often felt as a constant throbbing pain in the tooth. It is usually started by exposing the tooth to cold or hot. It can also be felt by biting on the tooth. Toothache is caused by an injury to the inside pulp of the tooth or surrounding tissue. The primary cause of toothache is tooth decay (cavity) to children and adult teeth. Toothache can also be caused by the pressure ins a pus pocket, also called a dental abscess. A dental abscess often follows a deep cavity with spread of infection to the bone. Gum disease with localized infection can cause toothache. Finally, toothache may be caused by a cracked tooth or a broken filling.

There are some useful home remedies for toothache. Rinsing the teeth with warm water and removing food debris from around the tooth can soothe the pain. Taking a pain medication such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen also helps. However, home remedies only offer temporary relief and do not substitute professional dental evaluation and treatment. Toothache is a dental emergency that requires pain management, followed by a plan for definitive treatment to fix the problem and prevent its recurrence. Delaying dental treatment often increase treatment cost and may result in tooth loss.

Emergency dental treatment of toothache may include initial cleaning or a cavity and placement of a sedative filling. It may include starting root canal treatment to drain infection inside a tooth and stop that throbbing pain. It may also include incision and drainage of a gum abscess. In some situations, it may include extraction of a non-restorable cracked tooth. Patients should call us immediately or just come to the office and let Chicago dentist Dr. Elseweifi diagnose and treat toothache properly.

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