Employers Seek Top Typing Speeds, Tells Resourceful New Typing Test Website

Peabody, MA -- (SBWire) -- 07/18/2011 --In this digital age, the impact that computers have on both the professional and personal life is both unprecedented and unavoidable. Using computers to connect with others, whether for business or leisure reasons, is a key part of everyday life. In the business world, E commerce is an ever-evolving global force and has continuously revolutionised the way that business is conducted. As a result, the workforce at the forefront of this need to keep up with these advancements by constantly updating and improving skills.

Recent years have seen a fall in demand for typing proficiency qualifications after they experienced huge popularity in the eighties, but increasing numbers of employers are now seeking workers with high typing speeds for all fields, whether it is for receptionists inputting data or journalists writing content. In short - the higher the typing speed, the higher the productivity of the worker, and to stay ahead of the competition it’s now more essential than ever to hone in on the skills that employers are seeking. Typing tests are a great way of doing this.

Many workers are finding it hard to upgrade their skills to fit in with the new, revolutionised workplace, and expensive, time-consuming courses are simply unviable for many. New website Typing Testz is testament to the fact that updating typing skills needn’t be a daunting prospect, offering a wealth of resources on everything about accurate typing tests, typing test software and improving typing speeds.

In its aim to educate people all about typing skills, Typing Testz explains why typing ability is so essential to both consolidating a good position in the workplace and giving children a head start in life. Typing Testz also informs how to become a better typist with typing games and what to do to excel in typing tests, by offering a number of tips to improve scores and get ahead of the pack.

Similarly, Typing Testz employs its user-friendly website to explain that getting youngsters involved in fun typing-based games, activities and accurate typing tests is key to establishing typing skills, as those that type regularly from an early age will have strong typing proficiency. The website explains that introducing typing test software to children at an early age will ensure a good start to further computer-based activities in the future, and also offers a thorough rundown of what games are suitable for children and how to choose a reliable and effective typing tutor.

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