Stop Snoring Website Picks the Brains of Snoring Gurus- Offers a Wealth of Free Information to Help Users Curb Their Snoring

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 07/19/2011 --Answering the recent demand for safe and effective ways to stop snoring, is announcing the release of its new website that gives users a one stop resource for stopping their snoring once and for all.

According to a recent study by the Journal of Prosthetics, the problem of snoring affects 30-50% of the population with as much as 25% of that number being chronic snorers. Significant snoring is often times referred to as “heroic snoring,” which means it can be heard more than 2 bedrooms away.

Despite the sometimes comical nature of snoring, doctors and health professionals warn that it can carry serious negative consequences for people’s health. Issues such as sleep apnea, misalignment of the jaw, tiredness during the day, sore throats and hyper tension are just some of the ramifications of ignoring a chronic snoring problem. was created to give snorers a consolidated resource to find remedies to their snoring problem quickly and easily; without all the product-driven hype, and without all the misappropriated information so rampant on the internet today.

It starts by informing readers that there is hope for their snoring problems, and many remedies don’t have to come at the end of a huge bill or an investment in medical treatments: “Snoring remedies have turned into a multi-million dollar business. However, you don’t necessarily need fancy tools and equipment to stop your snoring. In fact, there are plenty of snoring remedies lying around your house,” says the website.

Visitors to the site are immediately offered a learning center where they can find valuable information for curing even the most obstinate of snoring problems. Suggestions such as using certain foods to cure snoring (including honey, olive oil, and even yogurt), what types of habits can actually exacerbate a snoring problem, and even how to deal with a snorer are all discussed on the website.

For those who have tried all the home remedies and still struggle with snoring, the website goes on to offer unbiased advice regarding the best products and treatments on the market: “You will find many methods and stop snoring products throughout our site that will help you achieve your goal. Including: Anti-snoring pills, stop snoring surgery options, snoring chin straps, stop snoring mouthpieces, stop snoring pillows and spray, as well as other stop snoring devices,” says the website.

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