Smith Publicity Offers Writers Tips on Book Editing

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWire) -- 07/18/2018 --As one of the premier marketing agencies for books and authors in North America, Smith Publicity has established themselves within the publishing industry as a trusted name and source of information. Now, the organization is offering tips and guidelines to burgeoning writers regarding the editing process of their work.

One of the primary adages of editing a book is that even when a writer thinks that their work is complete and free from editing errors, they are often wrong. In fact, the mistake of having a book published without having it professionally edited is one that's plagued many books and authors, including some well-known ones.

Smith Publicity uses their decades of experience as book promoters to impart their wisdom about the different kinds of editing: developmental, copy, and proofreading. Throughout these stages of editing a book, it slowly evolves into a cohesive work.

For instance, developmental editing examines the manuscript, concept, and organization of a book. Next, copy or line editing looks at the book for mistakes in spelling and grammatical issues. And finally, a proofreader performs a final examination of the book to ensure it's ready to be published.

Smith Publicity warns authors that errors in a book can essentially decimate their marketing efforts, and will most certainly be panned by reviewers. Consequently, investing in a professional editor is worth the money. Prices for this service can vary, with some editors charging by the word, by pages, or simply a flat fee.

One final piece of advice that Smith Publicity offers writers is not to let pride get in their way of having an editor correct their book. Everyone makes mistakes, and every manuscript can be improved in some way. Constructive criticism should be welcomed, not spurned.

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