Portiva Provides Speech Transcription Services Law Enforcement Professionals Can Trust

Hellertown, PA -- (SBWire) -- 08/10/2018 --Portiva is a leading provider of law enforcement transcription services in Philadelphia for the local police, in addition to state officers and agencies throughout the area. The company has been recognized for its scrutinous transcription processes in which transcription software is used to extract any decipherable language before a team of transcription specialists review, revise, and add to the original copy.

Portiva's transcription services are utilized to ensure every spoken word in a recording is accurately represented in the report. For law enforcement officers, this could make all the difference in a case, making Portiva an essential support pillar to ensure law enforcement professionals can do their job and make decisions with confidence. Without professional transcription services like Portiva, law enforcement officers risk losing vital information from their field recordings that could potentially change the outcome of a particular case or incident.

As law enforcement agencies continue to further adopt the use of recording devices for use with their field officers, it is clear that accurate and precise transcription services are required to make the best of this technology for the police and the public. This service allows for greater accountability from all parties involved in the process of law enforcement and should make court determinations based on spoken words that much more manageable with accurately transcribed documentation and scripts.

Portiva goes beyond law enforcement transcriptions by offering medical transcription services online in Philadelphia in addition to supporting a variety of other agencies and industries throughout the country.

Those interested in Portiva's speech-to-text transcription services can contact the company at 610-572-1539. Visit their website at https://www.portiva.com/ and fill out a contact form with any further questions or inquiries.

About Portiva
Founded in 2008, Portiva is a provider of transcription services for medical and legal practices, corporate businesses, and media-driven clients. The company offers exemplary customer service from experienced transcriptionists to ensure that all clients receive the files that they need in a timely manner. Portiva additionally offers answering services, notification services, and call recording, giving clients the very best in digital transcription. Portiva can be reached 24/7 by calling 800-977-3534 or visiting http://www.portiva.com/.

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