Plumber in DC Addresses Residential Water Conservation Habits on Its Website

Plumber in DC, a plumbing firm based in Washington DC, has shared some useful water saving tips on its website to help homeowners save on water bills and to conserve this important natural resource.

Washington, DC -- (SBWire) -- 08/17/2018 --Plumber In DC has advised homeowners to conserve water by adopting various water saving measures in the house. The company recently posted an educative article on how to save water at home in the blog section on its website where it offered useful tips and hints for conserving water at home.

The Washington DC plumbing company, Plumber In DC, has challenged all homeowners to reevaluate their water consumption habits. The company wants all homeowners to implement various water saving strategies to curb water wastage in their houses. Plumber In DC recently published an article titled "Water Saving Tips For Homeowners",, in its blog where it shared effective ways to reduce water usage and wastage at home. The article starts with some very grim statistics that well over 3 million people die annually or more than 350 lives are lost daily due to poor sanitation and water-related preventable diseases in the world. In this light, Plumber In DC challenges people who have access to clean water to stop wasting this valuable natural resource so that others can enjoy it too.

The first water saving tip in the article is to always turn off all faucets and showers after use. Plumber In DC advises its readers to always turn off all taps when not in use. People should make a habit of using a glass to brush their teeth instead of running a tap while they are still brushing. Plumber In DC insists that fixing all dripping faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures And Appliances is one of the most effective ways of saving water. The company laments that most people assume that slow dripping facets are not a major plumbing concern. But what they don't know is that a faucet that drips one drop of water per second can waste over 2,000 gallons of water in the course one year. The blog post also advises all homeowners to always run full loads in their washing machines and dishwashers in order to save water. Lastly, Plumber In DC offers several conservative gardening tips to help save water.

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