The LATAM Insecticides Market for 2017 Was Estimated at $2.5 Billion and It Is Protected to Increase to $2.83 Billion U.S. Dollars by 2021


Hyderabad, India -- (SBWire) -- 08/21/2018 --According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled "Insecticides Market: By Type, By Crop Type, By Pest Type, By Formulation, By Form, By Modes of Operation, By Application Technique & By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)" the market will be driven by growing concerns of insect transferable diseases and advancement in farming practices.

Asia Pacific will dominate the Insecticides Market

Asia Pacific will have the largest share in the Insecticides Market during the forecast period. This is due to factors such as variation of climate, high plant diversity. Tropical climate, high arable land, and agriculture based economies of some countries in Asia Pacific will spur the demand for pest control spray in the coming years. There is a high demand for organophosphates and carbamates in the region. China and India are the largest markets in the region.

Selected Regulatory Analysis Done in the Full Report:

The Organophosphates segment dominates the Insecticides Market in the coming years. This insecticide attacks the nervous system of the insect and causes twitching of its muscles. The Carbamates segment will have the highest growth in the forecast period. The consumer awareness about the dangerous effects of synthetic chemicals to human health and the environment will drive the demand for bio based insecticides.

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Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Full Report:

Growth of the agriculture sector provides opportunities for the Insecticides Market in the forecast period.
Advancement in farming practices and techniques will drive the growth of the Insecticide for plants.
High performance organophosphates and insect prone climatic conditions bolster the demand for insecticides.
High crop loss from insects will propel the growth of pest control devices.

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Key Players of the Insecticides Market:

BASF SA, Cheminova, and Dow Chemical Company are the key players of the Insecticides Market. BASF provides solutions to prevent crop damage and infestations due to insects. It develops modern insecticides for killing pests and resistance management programs which are safe for beneficial insects. Cheminova produces water based stabilised insecticides that reduce the formation of toxic breakdown products and are safe to operate. Dow Chemical Company produces insecticides which are effective against insect pest populations and act fast with residual control.

The Insecticides Market Is Segmented as Indicated Below:

Advancement in farming practices will enhance the demand for the Insecticides Market in the forecast period.

A. Insecticides Market By Type

1. Synthetic Insecticides
1.1. Organochlorines
1.1.1. Aldrin
1.1.2. Chlordane
1.1.3. Dieldrin
1.1.4. Endrin
1.1.5. Heptachlor
1.1.6. Lindane
1.1.7. Methoxychlor
1.1.8. Toxaphene
1.1.9. Others
1.2. Organophosphates
1.2.1. Chlorpyrifos
1.2.2. Schradan
1.2.3. Parathion
1.2.4. Malathion
1.3. Carbamates
1.3.1. Carbaryl
1.3.2. bendiocarb
1.3.3. propoxur
1.3.4. Methomyl
1.3.5. Aldicarb
1.4. Pyrethroids
1.4.1. Fenpropanthrin
1.4.2. Deltamethrin
1.4.3. Cypermethrin
1.4.4. Permethrin
1.4.5. Others
1.5. Neonicotinoids
1.5.1. Imidacloprid
1.5.2. Acetamiprid
1.5.3. Clothianidin
1.5.4. Dinotefuran
1.5.5. Nithiazine
1.5.6. Thiacloprid
1.5.7. Thiamethoxam
1.6. Phenyl Pyrazole
1.7. Buprofezin
1.8. Flubendiamide
1.9. Spinosad
2.0. Others
2. Biological Insecticides
2.1. Bacillus thuringiensis
2.2. Beauveria bassiana
3. Botanical Insecticides
3.1. Pyrethrum
3.2. Neem
3.3. Spinosad
3.4. Rotenone
3.5. Ryania
3.6. Horticultural Oil
3.7. Others

B. Insecticides Market By Target Pest
1. Jassids
2. Aphids
3. Thrips
4. Brown Plant Hopper
5. White Backed Plant Hopper
6. White Fly
7. Brown Plant
8. Hopper
9. Boll Worm
10. Red Spider Mite
11. Yellow Mite
12. Others

C. Insecticides Market By Target Crop
1. Cereals & Grains
1.1. Rice
1.2. Red Gram
1.3. Black Gram
1.4. Bengal Gram
1.5. Pigeon Pea
1.6. Chick Pea
1.7. Others
2. Oilseeds
2.1. Cotton
2.2. Sunflower
2.3. Soybean
2.4. Ground nut
2.5. Others
3. Fruits
3.1. Mango
3.2. Apple
3.3. Grapes
3.4. Other
4. Vegetables
4.1. Brinjal
4.2. Cabbage
4.3. Tomato
4.4. Potato
4.5. Chilli
4.6. Others
5. Others

D. Insecticides Market By Application Technique
1. Foliar
2. Soil Injection
3. Band
4. Space Treatment
5. Seed Treatment
6. Others

E. Insecticides Market By Modes of Operation
1. Neuromuscular Disruptors
2. Growth and Development Disruptors
3. Respiration Disruptors
4. Gut Disruptors
5. Others

F. Insecticides Market By Form
1. Spray
2. Dust
3. Liquid & Station Baits
4. Others

G. Insecticides Market By Formulation
1. Flowable or suspension concentrate
2. Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)
3. Suspoemulsion (SE)
4. Water-dispersible granule
5. Wettable powder (WP)
6. Soluble liquid (SL)
7. Microemulsifiable concentrate
8. Granules (GR)
9. Others

H. Insecticides Market By Geography (30+ countries)
I. Insecticides Market Entropy
J. Company Profiles
1. E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
3. Cheminova As
4. Dow Chemical Company
5. Bayer Cropscience AG
6. Makhteshim Agan Industries
7. Nufarm Limited
8. Syngenta AG
9. Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd.
10. Company 10

More than 10 companies are profiled in this report

K. Appendix: Abbreviations, Sources, Research Methodology, Bibliography, Compilation of Experts, Disclaimer.

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What can you expect from the report?

The Insecticides Market Report is prepared with the main agenda to cover the following 20 points:

1. Market Size by Product Categories
2. Market Trends
3. Manufacturer Landscape
4. Distributor Landscape
5. Pricing Analysis
6. Top 10 End User Analysis
7. Product Benchmarking
8. Product Developments
9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis
10. Patent Analysis
11. Demand Analysis (By Revenue & Volume)
12. Country level Analysis (15+)
13. Competitor Analysis
14. Market Shares Analysis
15. Value Chain Analysis
16. Supply Chain Analysis
17. Strategic Analysis
18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
19. Opportunity Analysis
20. Revenue and Volume Analysis

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