New Website Helps Single Mothers Obtain Grants, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 08/29/2011 --Being a single mother can definitely be challenging. From having total responsibility for the household to doing most, if not all of the childcare, single moms typically feel like they do not have enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Adding to this stress is the financial strain that most single moms are under. Many work more than one job to put food on the table, and they stretch every dollar they earn to help pay the never-ending pile of bills.

U.S. Emergency Cash Assistance is determined to help ease the minds of single mothers. The recently-launched website is dedicated to helping find financial aid, grants, and scholarships for single mothers.

“U.S Emergency Cash Assistance is dedicated to finding out how to get you emergency cash assistance when you need it most,” the website explained.

“Whether that be in the form of government assistance, short term loans, foreclosure assistance, and also debt reduction, we aim to provide you with many solutions to today’s tough economical challenges.”

Financial aid for single mothers is out there; the problem is that many single moms are not sure where to look, the website said.

“You will find every resource available to you right here in this site. Also, if you need an emergency cash advance, we can help with that too.”

The website is user-friendly and filled with helpful articles that can help single moms obtain the financial assistance they so desperately need. For example, on the home page there is a listing of “Must Read Articles” including “Emergency Cash Advance” and “Grants for Single Mothers.”

“The American government has grants in place, offered as financial assistance, to help individuals, companies, etc.,” the article on grants said.

“A lot of people believe that this type of grant is ‘free money’, and you can do whatever you want with it. This is not the case and you are required to use this money to further your education. There are over 26 federal agencies which give out grants.”

As the website assured visitors to its homepage, finding financial aid for single mothers does not have to be a tough thing to do.

“There is a lot of help available to you through the government and non-government resources. Maybe your husband just left you, or vice versa, and you need housing assistance because you have no other family to turn to. You will find that information here.”

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