Debt Consolidation Website Offers Help, Hope to Those with High Amounts of Credit Card and Other Debt

Centerpoint, NY -- (SBWire) -- 08/30/2011 --According to statistics, the average American household with credit card debt owes just under $16,000. Since the economy took a downturn several years back, millions of hard-working people are relying on credit cards more than ever—not to take expensive vacations or buy the latest in fashions at the mall—but to help pay bills, put gas in the car, and groceries on the table.

While credit cards can be a short-term solution, using them over time can put people serious financial hot water. It does not take long for the small balances to grow into a whopping amount of credit card debt that can be virtually impossible to pay off.

A debt consolidation website has recently gotten a lot of attention for its ability to help people with more debt than they can handle. offers consolidation programs that allow clients the opportunity to reduce their monthly bills, freeing up much-needed money and giving back their peace of mind.

As the website acknowledged, some clients might think they are so deep in debt that no debt consolidation company would even want to work with them. As an article on the home page assured visitors to the site, some clients consolidate credit card debt and loans with balances as high as $200,000.

“Learn how our credit card consolidation programs can cut payments by up to 50 percent and get out of debt fast,” the website explained, adding that the website does not offer debt consolidation loans.

“Our credit consolidation experts will assist you to consolidate your credit card debt easily and painlessly without a loan.”

Using is easy. On the home page, visitors can contact a debt consolidation counselor by filling out some basic information located on the left hand side of the page, including name, estimated amount of debt, and a convenient time for a company representative to call. Visitors are under no obligation to enroll, and may simply use the call as a way to hear what options are available to them.

The website also features handy tools like an added payment calculator that can help determine if and how paying extra money towards a mortgage may help pay down a mortgage even quicker. As the website noted, some clients use the money they save with their debt consolidation program and apply it to their mortgage.

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