New Website Examines the Many Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Portland, OR -- (SBWire) -- 09/09/2011 --Testosterone is a sex hormone that is found naturally in both men and women. Men tend to have higher amounts of the substance, which is manufactured by the body and has a variety of benefits including a strong sex drive and high energy levels.

Around age 30, a man’s ability to create ample amounts of testosterone starts to diminish. About 10 years later the effect of this drop will often become apparent through symptoms like erectile dysfunction and a reduced interest in sex.

In an effort to treat these issues, some men have turned to prescription medications that work in various ways to reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. But as the well-known commercials have made abundantly clear, these drugs can often cause some fairly uncomfortable and distinctive side effects that can even require a trip to the emergency room. As a result, many men are interested in finding natural ways to combat these common sexual problems.

A new informational website was recently launched about Tongkat Ali, an all-natural herbal remedy that has been found to raise the body’s amount of testosterone, thus reducing the incidence of erectile dysfunction and lowered sex drive.

Tongkat Ali Effects contains a variety of educational articles and user experiences about the supplement, including information on how an extract derived from the root of the plant can help improve not just a man’s sex drive but also his muscle mass, memory, and even with weight loss.

Author Joseph Kersey said that for centuries, Tongkat Ali Extract has been used to treat high fevers from illnesses like malaria, poor circulation and male erectile problems.

Tongkat Ali allows your body to increase your testosterone level,” Kersey explained.

“This hormone has many benefits, including increasing one’s energy level, sex drive, sex performance and muscle mass. There are other benefits as well, but people who have healthy testosterone levels are happier, more vibrant and healthier than those persons whose testosterone has diminished with aging.”

In addition to the articles about the supplement’s potential to help with erectile dysfunction and sex drive, the website also includes information about how Tongkat Ali Extract may help with other health issues related to a decreased level of testosterone, including weight gain.

“It is important to realize that raising the testosterone level is an important step in improving overall fitness, including decreasing the BMI, or body mass index,” Kersey explained.

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