The Spice People Is Providing Native Spices and Hard to Find Condiments


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 10/29/2018 --The Spice People has taken upon themselves to redefine the art of modern cooking by providing an ever-accessible platform where individuals can discover and try out different culinary offerings. It is the belief of the team behind the online store led by the founding director Liz Edgecombe that life can be made better by embracing the simple joys such as creating a great meal. A distinctive feature of the solutions offered by The Spice People is they have gradually opened up cultures of the world for all their clients who get to take on a journey of fulfilling adventures.

Speaking about the beauty of cooking at home, the Marketing Director said, "Everywhere you turn to today, there is an increased call for healthier eating and awareness on what we give our bodies. These initiatives are rightly called for especially in an age where most people take too much fast food without thinking of the nutritious benefits. We are bringing a new touch of excitement to home cooking by giving you an extensive range of organic spices and herbs which will make mealtime something to look forward to every day."

The beauty of creating dishes at home is the freedom to try out different cuisines while discovering the touch of different condiments to a meal. One of the most distinct condiments provided by The Spice People is edible rose petals which have traditionally been used in the Middle East for its subtle floral hint. Rose petals are not limited to how they can be used and come in handy for making savory meat dishes, making desserts, and in chilled drinks.

Talking on why the body needs spices and herbs, Liz Edgecombe the Founding Director said, "Taking the step to add organic spices and herbs to your meals goes a long way in boosting your overall wellness. Since ancient times, humanity has managed to incorporate the curative properties of Mother Nature into their meals through the use of natural spices. It is our belief that today our bodies require these curative properties more than ever and that is why we have an inventory that is exclusively organic. An example is the dried and highly aromatic fenugreek leaves that we offer which are rich in iron and potassium, a quality that has made them suitable for reducing risks of heart attack."

The five spice powder provided by The Spice People is made up of Chinese imported cloves, fennel, pepper, star anise, and cinnamon. It is from the number of ingredients used for its production that five spice powder gets its name and is a must-have ingredient when making Asian and Arabic meals. The Spice People has taken measures to maintain the purity of the spice mixture which has versatile use in any kitchen.

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The Spice People is the home to an extensive range of great tasting and healthy spices which are taken straight from the land to the tables of all clients who are after natural solutions for an enriching culinary adventure.

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