Aircraft Accidents and Catastrophic Injuries

This Press Release discusses catastrophic injuries in relation to aircraft accidents and the associated compensation.


Anchorage, AK -- (SBWire) -- 11/19/2018 --Some of the worst injuries come out of aircraft accidents. In fact, it is fair to say that if you have suffered an injury in an aircraft accident it is better than suffering a death. That being said, when an individual suffers an injury as a result of someone else's negligence, it leads to a disruption in one's way of life and can result in loss of work, stress and expensive medical bills to cover the injuries. This is more so when an individual suffers from catastrophic injuries as a result of an aircraft accident.

One article states that with regard to catastrophic injuries, "They are those defined by the anticipated outcome rather than by the location and type of injury". This basically means that instead of focusing on where and what type of injury an individual has suffered, catastrophic injuries are more closely linked with the permanency and impact of the injuries sustained. For example, some catastrophic injuries render a person incapable of working permanently. Other aspects of catastrophic injuries result in a lifetime of lowered immunity, mental disability, being susceptible to infection and needing repeated surgeries or medical care. In a nutshell, it is correct to say that catastrophic injuries are those that 'permanently transform the victim's life subjecting the victim to a permanent loss of income, a lifetime of expensive medical treatment or therapy or both.'

As with all injuries relating to personal injury claims, an individual who has suffered a catastrophic injury may be entitled to receive compensation by way of medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and loss of income and future income. Some catastrophic injury types include traumatic brain injury that causes periodic neurological disruption, severe sensory disturbances or severely impaired motor function, severe spinal injury that leads to paralysis of arms, legs or trunk, an amputation that results in the loss of the appendage, second or third degree burns or blindness. Some of the most common types of catastrophic injury are brain and spinal injuries.

A Crowson Law Group attorney stated that, "Because the most common mode of transportation in and around Alaska is by way of aircrafts, some of the most common personal injury claims are those related to aircraft accidents. Injuries sustained in an aircraft accident can be compensated for by way of personal injury claims. However, in respect of catastrophic injuries due to the nature and scope as well as permanency of the injuries an individual receives a larger compensation as the injuries are life changing. The key to determining a catastrophic injury is establishing that the injury is severe enough to prevent, for example, the individual from being able to perform the job they previously had or if they have become handicapped as a result of the injury. In addition, the compensation is larger because the individual may require medical care for the rest of their life and this is expensive. Ultimately, a catastrophic injury claim requires the plaintiff to prove the severity of the injuries to rise to the threshold of a catastrophic injury." 

Any victim who has suffered a catastrophic injury due to an aircraft accident will require expert advice and representation by a law firm that specializes in personal injury matters relating to Alaska aircraft accidents .

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