Fund Advisers Europe and Incaptial Europe Limited Launch International Kick Out Plan Euro Series 1 – 10%p.a. Growth with Capital Protection

Luxembourg -- (SBWire) -- 09/27/2011 --Fund Advisers Europe in conjunction with Incapital Europe Limited have launched the International Kick Out Plan – Euro Series 1. The International Kick Out Plan - Euro Series one is a 6 year plan that has the potential for 10% growth in year one. The plan is linked to FTSE 100, S&P 500 and EuroSTOXX 50 and as well as not requiring stock market growth to provde a return it also provides protection from risk by ensuring 100% return of capital unless any index falls below 50% of its starting value. The unique ‘Defensive Trigger’ will ensure that the plan will pay 100% of capital plus 60% growth if all 3 indices are at or above 50% of their starting level at maturity, if there is no early closure on the plan.

This investment is an ‘Autocall’ structure and available to all clients holding single investments in Executive Accounts – this is not allowed under Collective Investment Bonds.

‘Auto-Call’ structured investment strategies (also known as ‘kick-out’ plans) have proved highly popular with investors in recent years.

Designed to generate growth linked to stock markets – but requiring no actual stock market growth - Auto-Call Plans are also designed to offer the potential for early repayment of capital and accumulated growth.

The Fund Advisers plan has all the usual ‘Kick Out’ features but also has a unique Defensive trigger:

The Plan is designed with accumulating growth potential, if the underlying Indices are at or above their starting levels at any six month point, from and including the end of Year1, the Plan will mature early.

No growth in any of the UK’s FTSE 100, USA’s S&P 500 and Europe’s EuroSTOXX 50 Indices is required.

If any or all of the Indices are below their Starting Levels at any Auto-Call point, no growth will be generated and the plan will continue and an additional 5% coupon will be eligible for each 6 months the Plan has been in existence. Due to the quality of this opportunity, current indices levels and its unique defensive trigger Fund Advisers Investment Committee have included it within all qualifying investment account portfolios.

Clients are invited to contact their Fund Advisers office for further information if required.

Investors wishing to utilise this structure who do not have a qualifying account should contact Paul Evans or David McNally from Fund Advisers Luxembourg on +352 246 9311 to discuss arrangements.

This investment has a finite date and all monies must be deposited by 21st October 2011.

However, should the Plan not mature early on any of the 12 potential Auto-Call dates then as long as all three indices are at or above 50% of the starting level at the Maturity Date, the Plan will pay out;

100% of original capital + accumulated growth of 60%.

In addition, whilst capital is at risk, both Plans include protection from a defined level of stockmarket decline. Unless any or all the Indices has fallen by more than 50% when measured at the maturity date only (European Barrier), only if this is the case, capital will be lost in line with the worst performing Index.

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