Wetsuit Manufacturer Warm Belly Wetsuits "The Original Kids Wetsuit!" Celebrate 22 Years of Service

Fortuna, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/14/2019 --Founded by an adoring parent in 1996, Warm Belly Wetsuits are "The Original Kids Wetsuit!" designed with love and attention for children so they can enjoy their swims to the fullest. 2019 marks the 22nd year of the wetsuit manufacturer creating awesome adjustable Neoprene wetsuits for infants, children and adults with a patented design, plenty of color choices and affordability.

This two-decade long journey all started when the founder of Warm Belly Wetsuits noticed that their daughter's enthusiasm had dwindled due to the discomfort of being too cold during her swimming lessons. This encouraged the children and infant wetsuits manufacturer to develop a comfortable cloth covered neoprene wetsuit. A child's discomfort while swimming is understandable due to the fact that the body loses heat 25x faster in water than in air even in heated pools that are often still too cold. To alleviate this issue Warm Belly Wetsuits are designed to allow young children to build confidence while learning to swim in colder waters. The founder of the Warm Belly Wetsuits said, "This all began when my daughter excitedly began taking swimming lessons in an 82° F pool, after witnessing her enthusiasm and enjoyment of the water quickly dampened by how cold and uncomfortable she became, Warm Belly Wetsuit came into being. I noticed how she and the other kids were in the water only a short time before they were distracted from the lesson because they were too cold to enjoy and participate fully."

Today, Warm Belly Wetsuits offers multiple colors and sizes in cloth-covered, neoprene rubber for infants, children, and adults, including custom sizing. Due to adjustability of the children's wetsuits they can be used for several years as the child grows. Furthermore, the patented sleeveless design provides a full range of motion while swimming. This allows children and infants to learn to correct motion whether they are in their suit or not.

The wetsuits are available for retail and wholesale, wholesale buyer can get their custom logo printed. Warm Belly wetsuits are ideal for use at the pool, at the lake, river, or beach, anywhere kids and water get together.

About Warm Belly Wetsuits
Warm Belly Wetsuits is a wetsuit manufacturer established in 1996 by a loving parent. They specialize in unique comfortable and adjustable Neoprene wetsuits for infants, children and adults. The special sleeveless design allows for freedom of arm motion. For more information, please visit: https://www.warmbelly.com/

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