New Book By 2ndSkiesForex Trading Mentor ‘Trading Price Action Pivot Points’ Unravels Price Point Trading

Nicosia, Cyprus -- (SBWire) -- 10/26/2011 --A new book coming in early 2012 by educator and owner of 2ndSkiesForex Chris Capre is poised to bring successful pivot point trading methods to Forex traders around the world. Capre is one of the foremost experts on price action trading methods in the U.S and his new Website showcases leading courses for traders on the subject.

One of the most challenging frontiers for Forex traders has been interpreting price action without the known presence of order flow. Although there are many methods which open the door to these methods, none of them seem to get fully into the bedrock or actual ingredients of price action.

Price action Forex is essentially the closest relative to order flow in Forex and across all markets. Essentially it is the process of using algorithms to gather bias data, merge it with real time buying and selling indicators and extrapolate when a breakout is genuine and where a likely reversal is occurring. From the continuous flow of price action pattern chart data, all indicators are born and thus dependent upon it. Hence, understanding and being able to interpret price action becomes an essential component to trading. “This is the best way to get into the essence behind what creates the indicators and most technical signals in the markets,” explains Capre.

The upcoming book ‘Trading Price Action Pivot Points’ lays out the four unique methods or staples for understanding price action and how to apply them. The first of those methods is Impulsive verses Corrective, the second explores pips gained verses pips lost, the third method is counting candles in a series or leg of a move and finally, pattern recognition.

The new book delves deeply into these and other technical analysis methodologies key to understanding and interpreting price action trading. “These methods are designed to give traders a unique set of tools for approaching their charts and building a recipe for solid trades,” said Capre. “Through the lens of these and other methods, ones trading can be vaulted to another level of insight, ability and success in trading the FX market.”

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2ndskiesforex owner Chris Capre is among the foremost authorities on price action trading methodologies. His new book ‘trading Price Action Pivot Points is due in early 2012 and he is a leading instructor and mentor with a number of courses available through his Website They include intermediate and advanced courses in Pro Forex, Price Action Pivot Point and of course the highly sought after Advanced Ichimoku trading methods. For more information, please visit

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