Multicomponent Bottle Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-Use Industry 2018-2028


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A multicomponent bottle keeps active ingredients separate until use, for better product performance and greater consumer engagement. The concept behind Triple Seal Protection Stop Leak family is the separation of the products' active ingredients, which include sparkling beads, a liquid resin, and a liquid acrylic polymer, in compare to viable products, which are premixed. In order to keep the components separate until use and provide an intuitive and inviting experience, multicomponent bottle offers custom package design for suitable and shelf impact.

The multicomponent bottle is completely different from traditional solutions for stop-leak, which are premixed and packaged in smoky bottles. There are several advantages of keeping the product ingredients separate until a point of use like adding the beads separately allows the product to activate as it is poured into the system. Having the products separate also means that we can keep the acrylic hardener separate from the rest of the formula. Once the hardener comes in contact with leak-stopping ingredients, the acrylic hardener makes the seal stable."

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Multicomponent bottle is a clear bottle with a smaller, inner tube and a treating chamber on top to house the beads.

The final package consists of four components. The outer part is a transparent 16-oz PET bottle container with a 3-oz fitment tube placed inside it. The inner container is made of injection-molded simplified polypropylene. The tube appears blue, red, or grey, depending on the color of the product placed inside. A 3-oz clear, clarified PP canister with a 51-mm custom squeeze-and-turn closure is placed above the primary container, and the entire construction is fitted with a clear PP lid that snaps on top.

The inner tube is like a wagon wheel neck ring which fits with the primary bottle, allows both the liquids to pour simultaneously during the application.

During the use of the multicomponent bottle, the consumer first adds the sparkling beads found on the top dosing chamber to the leaking area. Then, the two separated liquid components are filled simultaneously from the inner preform tube and outer container into the affected area. The resulting mixture pursues and finds the leaking area and creates a web of fibers that bind the metal around the leak, while an acrylic polymer hardens and secures the seal.

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Multicomponent Bottle Market Dynamics

Multicomponent bottle offers great potential for customers from the beverage and food industry, healthcare industry, automotive industry as well as for cosmetics, household and technical liquids which foresees the rise in demand for multicomponent bottles. In multicomponent bottles, an antibacterial inner-wall coating is used to increase the shelf life of the filled product. In the healthcare industry, various formulations are kept separate but they are used simultaneously, which is much easier in multicomponent bottles.

Vehicles on road leak hazardous fluids including transmission, hydraulic & brake fluid and antifreeze due to seal leak. In order to prevent such conditions, consumer package goods bottle like multicomponent bottles plays a vital role in sealing the leak. All these factors are likely to boost the global market for multicomponent bottle market in the future.

Multicomponent Bottles Market Regional Overview

Global market for the multicomponent bottle is segmented on the basis of their size, color and their end-use industry. In terms of their size, multicomponent bottles vary from 16oz & 3oz for outer & inner bottle, respectively to 32oz & 9oz, according to its use. Multicomponent bottles are also available in customized sizes for various applications. On the basis of color, multicomponent bottles come in blue, red and grey. All the colors indicate the composition of the bottle components. On the basis of end-use industry, multicomponent bottles are segmented as automotive industry, healthcare industry, food & beverage industry, cosmetic industry and others.

Multicomponent Bottles Market Regional Overview

The product is new in the market and has been garnering positive response from the end users. North America is dominating the market in the global multicomponent bottles followed by Europe & Asia Pacific. The reason behind the high acceptance of the multicomponent bottles in these regions are due to the presence of vast pharmaceutical, food & beverage industry & the automotive industry. These factors are creating a huge demand for the multicomponent bottle in these regions. Also, in the emerging economies of Latin America & MEA, the demand for the multicomponent bottle is increasing at a fast pace.

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Multicomponent Bottle Market Prominent Players

As the product is new and the production cost for the product is high, there are only a few players in the market that manufacturers & sells multicomponent bottles. Key players in the multicomponent bottle market are Prestone, Currier Plastics Inc., DuPont, TricorBraun Design & Innovation and some other prominent players.

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