Although Discontinued, Sage DacEasy Users Refuse to Explore Different Options

Brandon, MB -- (SBWire) -- 02/14/2019 --Sage Software has discontinued selling new install licenses for Sage DacEasy. Development has been restricted to maintenance of tax tables and minor fixes and revisions as deemed necessary to keep the product functional.

Sage DacEasy, however, continues to support its customers on Sage Business Care post its discontinuation in 2015, although Sage DacEasy no longer sells new software licenses.

Accounting experts find that Sage 50 Accounting has comparable features to Sage DacEasy, plus improvements and updates that would not have normally been found in the Sage DacEasy product.

"If you are running an older version of Sage DacEasy and wish to remain on Sage DacEasy, your only option is to sign up for a Sage Business Care plan. Sage Business Care is now All-Inclusive: meaning the cost includes the 2015 product, tax updates, and any other product or service releases will be available to you as they are released," John Rocha, Technical Services Manager at E-Tech said.

Rocha added "this is a very cost effective way to upgrade your Sage DacEasy software providing you an optimum position when migrating to another Sage accounting product in the future."

For those looking for a reliable alternative to DacEasy, Sage offers a customer resource center for information on DacEasy to Sage 50 conversions. This, however, has not scored too many brownie points with DacEasy's loyal customers. "I am so sad to see the DacEasy Product discontinued. I have used it since version 3 all the way to Version 2014. I would gladly pay twice the price to keep DacEasy," a customer was quoted as saying.

According to data conversion experts, QuickBooks Repair Pro, the data migration process can be messy as many transaction details fail to migrate over. Experts recommend keeping an instance of DacEasy installed in order to view historical data.

Quickbooks Repair Pro, a leading Quickbooks File Repair and Data Recovery service, converts DacEasy files to QuickBooks, through an error-free, seamless process. Files can be converted to Quickbooks Premier, Pro or Quickbooks Online with 100 percent accuracy.

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