‘YouTubeMP3’ Allows People to Convert Their Favorite YouTube Videos to MP3 Files at No Cost

Nicosia, Cyprus -- (SBWire) -- 11/16/2011 --YouTube is currently one of the most popular websites on the internet. Spend a few minutes browsing the site and it’s easy to understand why—YouTube features over 3 billion videos, from television shows and movies to music and more.

The wide variety of music is one reason that YouTube is so well-liked; literally any type of music is available there to listen to and watch, from classical to jazz, B sides and rare tracks, holiday and children’s music, and much much more.

People who listen to a song on YouTube may wish to download it to their MP3 player so they can hear it anytime they want to—not just while they are in front of their computer. But until now, knowing how to do this process has been confusing and time consuming for many.

A website is receiving a lot of attention lately for a program that allows anyone to take a video from YouTube and quickly and easily convert it to an MP3 file. With its YouTube converter feature, music fans can download the songs they like the best from YouTube and listen to them whenever and wherever they want.

As information on the website explained, YouTubeMP3 is an advanced YouTube converter that allows people to convert and download YouTube videos free of charge.

Using the website is extremely easy; even people with very limited computer experience can learn how to use the YouTube converter in minutes. Simply visit YouTube and decide which video to download; after doing so, copy and paste the video’s link, or URL, into the YouTube to MP3 converter on YouTubeMP3’s website.

After clicking “convert!” sit back and relax—in two minutes or so the YouTube video will download onto the computer, where it can be listened to over the computer’s speakers or through a portable listening device like an MP3 player.

For people who are unsure about the download MP3 process, YouTubeMP3 includes a helpful instructional video that explains in less than two minutes how to complete the downloading and converting process. To quote the video: it’s that simple.

The converter on YouTubeMP3 also serves as a search engine. Just type in an artist’s name or genre of music and suggestions will pop up. For example, type in “holiday music” and dozens of suggested links come up, all of which may be downloaded as MP3 files.

About YouTubeMP3
YouTubeMP3 is a website that allows people to convert their favorite YouTube videos to MP3 files absolutely free of charge. The website includes an instructional video on how to complete the process and also acts as a search engine for people looking for certain music or songs. Easy to use and convenient, YouTubeMP3 helps bring music off of YouTube and onto peoples’ personal listening devices. For more information, please visit http://youtubemp3.tv

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