Teaches Beginners How to Trade Forex

Forex Trading is about profiting from the global capital markets on any move of the currency pairs. ForexID Training Program helps beginners learn how to Trade Forex and offers support through a Skype Room.

Larnaca, Larnaca -- (SBWire) -- 11/15/2011 --Learning How to Trade Forex has become the obsession of many, who realize that in the midst of Recession, there is a Goldmine that can give them a fair share of Financial Freedom and that is the 4 Trillion per Day Global Capital Markets Giant. Their main drawbacks being lack of knowledge and limited capital, most Forex Trading Beginners are reluctant to open a Live Account and start Trading. offers a Forex Training Program designed for Beginners which includes a Series of Lessons on Forex Basics and How to Forex Trade using mainly Technical Analysis and watching the News, and a SKYPE Room where the trainees can communicate with each other and with seasoned Traders, exchanging tips, info and tactics.

“Once you lack knowledge, you lack confidence and even if you just obtained knowledge on the basics of Forex Technical Analysis, you still won’t dare to test the waters risking your hard earned money.” notes Founder Dr Sofia Stavropoulou adding “We injected the element of Community to our Program, to make our friends overcome hesitation and push themselves to apply what they learned being able to share thoughts and questions with other Members or Seasoned Traders inside the Skype Room. Having real people answering questions and providing feedback regarding anything related to currency trading offers to the Beginner a sense of re-assurance. It can’t get any better than this.”

The Big News are ForexID Program just opened its doors to the lucky first 1000 Members from all over the world.

The Training Cycle will last for 3 months, and an additional period of three months will be given to the Members so they can efficiently apply what they learned and keep getting feedback and support from the Program’s Community.
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