Steviva Brands Poised to Dominate European Market – Following EU Stevia Approval

With over $100 million of global sales forecast, Steviva Brands, Inc. embarks on carving their path across Europe.

Portland, OR -- (SBWire) -- 11/28/2011 --Following the EU's decision to approve the use of Steviavia sweeteners in Europe, the world's leading consumer supplier, Stevia Brands, is about to embark on an adventure to get their products sold across the continent.

With $100 million as their global goal, the company are excited about rolling out their range of Stevia products to the European market.

Founded ten years before their main competitor, Steviva Brands produces a range of Stevia-based products, including their Stevia Sweeteners, Steviva Blend and patented Fructevia.

However, as company President, Thom King explains, Europe is working on a much more lenient basis than the company's native United States:

“Here in the USA, you're only allowed to sell some strains of Stevia – even though it's 100% natural and far less dangerous than common additives such as sugar, aspartame, sucralose and Acesulfame K. Europe are a lot more lenient, bringing many benefits to not just the companies selling their products there – but also to the European people” says Thom.

As Stevia is 100% natural, derived from the Stevia plant, it's the perfect sugar replacement. In fact, it's 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, without the health risks. This comes as a perfect solution to tackle the global obesity and Diabetes epidemic.

“It really could solve the issue – as it's a lot sweeter than refined sugar, and totally natural. It's ironic though that approval is a long and tiresome process, even though the benefits of approving Stevia are obvious” adds King.

While the battle continues, King and Steviva Brands are looking forward to taking advantage of the increased sales potential the new European ruling brings. Officially, Stevia-based sweeteners are permitted for sale from December 2nd, and Steviva Brands will be directly at the continent's doorstep to get their foot through a very profitable door.

However, as King points out, the benefits stretch farther than just the bank:

“The world really has seen enough of 'fake' sugars, and the problems associated with them. Stevia is the only natural solution that allows people to satisfy their cravings safely, and we are proud to be the industry leader in bringing a variety of Stevia-based products to consumer's homes” he concludes.

About Thom King
Thom King is the Founder and President for Steviva Brands, Inc. and co-founder of Trinity Hilll Farms, LLC.

Steviva, Inc. is one of the largest importers and manufactures of all natural stevia.

Stevia is processed from the herbal plant “Stevia Rebaudiana”. When refined into a white powder extract (stevioside), it becomes 200-300 times sweeter than sugar creating an intense effect upon the taste buds without raising blood sugar levels and contains no carbs or calories. Research indicates that both diabetics and persons suffering from hypoglycemia may use Stevia.

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