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Toronto, ON -- (SBWire) -- 12/08/2011 --Preferred Escapes is a luxury travel group aimed at bringing you the best villa rentals available. Our people can help you choose from a variety of extraordinary rentals in a number of the world’s best tropical spots. When choosing a site for your next holiday, consider the world’s Top 10 Travel Destinations. These spots range from exotic to elegant, with an option for every taste.

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Anguilla is a British island located in the Caribbean. Situated between Puerto Rico and St. Martin, this island nation is made up of one large island, with a few smaller cays dotting its border. Anguilla is known for breathtaking sunsets, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Visitors here enjoy recreational sports as well as beyond compare dining.

Anguilla villa rentals offer plenty of options for those looking to slip into luxury. Look for Anguilla villa rentals with fine linens, stylish furniture and other amenities specific to your tastes. If you have a taste for a certain type of food, rest assured that Anguilla serves up fantastic food with amazing service.

Anguilla's temperate weather will always leave visitors longing for this intimate and tranquil Caribbean island. The average temperature is 27°C, which lets visitors bask in beautiful sunshine at any time of the year. Because of Anguilla's low-lying position, rainfall while scarce, is sometimes present.

Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles. Once a British colony, it has been independent since the 1960’s. Guests of this beautiful spot can take advantage of waterfalls, lush mountains and scenery that can’t be beat. The food and drink here is also a draw, with tropical delights that set the mood and get the party started.

Jamaica villas for rent offer plenty of space away from home, an ideal solution for families traveling together; or, if you just want a place to ensconce yourself in comfort. Check out Jamaica villas for rent, for beachfront properties and luxury quality that is out of this world.

Villa rentals in Jamaica are popular at any time of year as the climate here is enviably warm and sunny. The high season begins in December and continues through April but Jamaica villa rentals will be more expensive and more in demand at this time.

However, Jamaica can be a wonderful place to visit in the off season as temperatures continue to be warm and balmy. Also, lighter crowds can make the attractions more delightful.

Antigua is an island nation in the West Indies and has plenty to recommend itself. Here, guests can snorkel, scuba dive, sail and take advantage of a variety of other recreation. For the less active, there are spas and relaxing entertainment galore, including one activity that’s sure to satisfy: sipping cocktails in front of an amazing sunset.

Antigua villa rentals are exotic in location and elegant in furnishings, making for a dream vacation. Look for Antigua villa rentals with doors and balconies that open right to the beach, giving you exquisite views of emerald waters. The service and attention to detail at the properties is beyond compare.

Antigua's temperate climate will always welcome you, the annual average temperature ranges from the mid 70's to the mid 80's. Trade winds are typical which offer a relaxing break to the tropical heat. The low humidity and hours of sun make Antigua a year round holiday destination that you will want to visit over and over again.

Barbados has long been a destination of choice for the vacation elite. This island in the Lesser Antilles takes care of its visitors, with shopping and dining options that are sure to impress. The white sand beaches and emerald water don’t hurt either, whether you want to lounge by the beach or take part in some adventurous water sports.

Barbados vacation rentals speak for themselves, with top rate villas that place you immediately in the centre of luxury. Barbados vacation rentals are perfect for anyone looking to slip away from the real world and into elegant, refined accommodations. The quality furnishings and fittings can’t be beat.

Barbados' weather, with its tropical climate and gentle, cooling breezes, creates an ideal environment for a comfortable, relaxing getaway at a luxurious barbados villa rental. Temperatures range from 21°C-31°C throughout the year, with a balmy 26°C as an average temperature.

The Bahamas are a collection of 29 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Officially a commonwealth of England, British colonial touches can be seen everywhere here, making for a charming vacation stay. For active trekkers, swim with dolphins or snorkel with sea turtles. Or, just lay on the white sands sipping your favourite frozen drink.

Bahamas villa rentals make it possible to feel like an island native, with furnishings and accessories that are both chic and beach-like. Bahamas villa rentals will instantly relax you and put you in the vacation mindset. Not to mention, the cocktails and dining will definitely create a holiday mood.

With year round beautiful weather, stunning beaches and a friendly local population, the Bahamas are simply one of the most wonderful vacation destinations imaginable. By choosing Bahamas villa rentals, your trip will be the ultimate in upscale luxury.

St. Martin:
St. Martin sits in the middle of the Caribbean and is half-owned by France, half-owned by the Dutch. This makes for an exotic combination, with charming and whimsical village touches wherever you look. Shop along the water here for some unique souvenirs, or sit at a café table as you look out at the gorgeous turquoise water.

St Martin villa rentals are at once elegant and peaceful, placing you in a setting that is a feast for the eyes. St Martin villa rentals come with amenities that ensure your every need is met. For everything else, maid service and staff are on hand to take care of everything you need, making for a stress-free holiday.

St. Bathelemy:
St. Barthelemy, also known as St. Barts, is a French territory in the Caribbean. This lends an entirely European feeling to the whole island. The spot is chic and elegant from start to finish, with amazing mountain views and cuisine that reflects the combining of the French and island cultures. St Barts villas for rent are classy and trendy, while still traditional and classic. Check into St Barts villas for rent to experience luxury at the highest level, with amenities and accommodations that take all the worry out of vacation planning. From the nightlife to spas, St Barts has everything you need.

With its tropical vegetation and warm climate, St. Barthelemy is the ultimate vacation rental destination. Known for its steady temperatures, St. Barth's comfortable weather usually ranges from 20°C to 30°C. There never seems to be a cold day on the island of St. Barthelemy!

Turks and Caicos:
Turks and Caicos is a British island nation that is comprised of two separate islands. This spot is known for its beautiful weather, including blue skies and warm sunshine all year long. The island vibe extends to its dining and nightlife, which visitors can experience right on the water.

Turks and Caicos villa rentals give visitors a taste of the good life, with no detail too small to pay attention to. The furnishings, stylings and amenities of these rentals work together to create an elegant atmosphere that is appropriate for the amazing location they’re set in.

Riviera Maya:
The Riviera Maya is a strip of coast located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Visitors here experience a chic and stylish atmosphere both day and night. In the day, snorkel and swim in beautiful waters. At night, celebrate and dance along the coast until the sun comes up. Or, wrap yourself up in your luxurious villa for the entire stay.

Riviera Maya rentals are exquisitely designed and handpicked to offer you a beautiful home away from home. Choose Riviera Maya villas for a picturesque setting for your next holiday, and you’re sure to come away with a vacation you’ll always remember.

Puerto Vallarta:
Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican city located in Bahia de Banderas. The vibe here is chic yet comfortable, with wonderful food and drink options. Shopping, music and entertainment are also a focus, so visitors have plenty of options at their fingertips.

Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals take care of everything you need for an amazing get away, with villas that transport you instantly into elegance. Look for Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals for your next holiday, to ensure you have a trip that delivers the highest quality possible.

Situated on 20 degrees north latitude, sub-tropical Puerto Vallarta has comparable weather to Hawaii. Bordered by jungle, it offers a beautiful contrast of lush vegetation and sandy Pacific Ocean beaches.

It is no wonder Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the most naturally stunning places in the world.

Planning a holiday in the sun doesn’t need to be a stressful process. With a bit of planning, you’re sure to have an elegant vacation in a luxurious setting, with plenty of white sand and blue sea to boot. Let Preferred Escapes assist you in all your villa rental needs, to take the guess work out of the planning and leave you with a relaxing vacation ahead of you. Choosing luxury villas from some of the world’s top vacation spots ensures you’re left with a vacation you’ll always remember.


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