All Eye Care Doctors Discusses Relief for Computer Vision Syndrome

Cambridge, MA -- (SBWire) -- 06/12/2019 --As the main source for everything from the latest eyewear to pink eye treatment in Cambridge and Medford, MA, the team at All Eye Care Doctors is informing their customers about some of the best ways to relieve their eyes from the symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome.

First of all, All Eye Care Doctors emphasizes that one should be sure to schedule an exam with a licensed optometrist to talk about any screen-related problems. A specialist will be able to observe and identify the effects that screen time are having on one's eyes and offer their expert advice.

There are some break-through lenses that are made specifically for digital device users, those who spend more than two hours/day staring at screens. These lenses, such as the Eyezen lens, will not only protect the eyes from harmful blue light emissions, but they will also reduce eye strain due to their digital surfacing and progressive capabilities, and provide improved visual acuity.

Eye strain and fatigue from focusing is also a frequent cause of ocular discomfort. If one is working with a computer screen all day long, one should remember to take normal breaks at least every 20 minutes by directing one's gaze away from the screen and at a distant object to relax one's focus.

All Eye Care Doctors takes pride in providing advanced solutions for patients uniquely designed to reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue. Those who would like to learn more about treatment options, as well as about prescription eyewear in Cambridge, MA, are directed to get in touch with All Eye Care Doctors by calling one of their locations or visiting their website at

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