Global Road-Rail Vehicles Market to Witness Significant Revenue Growth Through 2017-2027

Rail network plays an important in any country’s economy. They serves as the largest in-land carrier for both passengers and goods. Also, railways are considered one of the most economical and safe mode of transportation


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/19/2019 --Rail network plays an important in any country's economy. They serves as the largest in-land carrier for both passengers and goods. Also, railways are considered one of the most economical and safe mode of transportation. According to World Bank, currently the world has over 1.05 million kilometer of railway track under uses and which carries billions of population daily. These long spread railway lines requires regular maintenance which has to be done in stipulated time in order to avoid hindrance in the network. Railways across the world uses specially modified rolling stocks which are designed to carry equipment and perform the desired task. However, the material channel is also linked with the conventional on-road vehicles which transfer goods, material or equipment in to these rolling stock and which is then carried to the spot of requirement. Also, often, railway routes require some of the special machineries like crane, excavators, and others which are conventionally either driven to the spot or are loaded on the rolling stocks to the destinations. All this process of loading and unloading is rather hectic and time consuming which cannot be compromised in case of any emergency. The solution of this are road-rail vehicles.

A road-rail vehicle abbreviated as RRV is an ordinary automobile with certain modification which facilitates it to operate on both on rail tracks and the conventional road. These are also termed as 'Hyrail' vehicles in some countries. The modification involves installation of a special attachment consisting steel rail wheels that can be lowered and raised as required. These vehicles are primary used for repair & maintenance, emergency services, construction work and cleaning services. The main advantage of these vehicles is that they can be easily mobilized to the desired location without taking much efforts for loading and unloading on any other rolling stocks. However, relatively slow operation and requirement of skilled operator are the few critical aspects of these system.

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Road-Rail Vehicles Market: Dynamics Increasing population and rising load on the mass carrier has compelled countries to expand the rail network and increase the length of the trains by adding up extra wagons. One of the other major factor is urbanization and modernization of the public transport facilities. The urban population comprises over 54% share in the global population and is estimated to grow exponentially in coming years. In order to tackle the on road traffic problem and encourage public to use public mass transits, the governments are investing significant time and money for improving public transportation in the respective countries. Also, most of the anciently developed railway network run on the conventional fuel. Raising environmental pressure and depleting fuel resource is has resulted into rapid electrification of the railway lines especially in developing countries. Several other factors such as growing development of high speed railway network, replacement of old technologies, growing metros and subways construction projects, etc. are some of the other factors estimated to influence the road-rail vehicles market over the next coming years.

There has been significant rate of private involvement in the railways operation, construction and maintenance works. The private players generally prefer to road-rail vehicle as they are relatively less capital intensives and require only a few thousand extra for rail wheel attachments.

Road-Rail Vehicles Market: Segmentation The global Road-rail vehicle market can be segmented under following categories On the Attachment Gauge Type:- Fixed Gauge, Broad Gauge, Standard Gauge,, Meter Gauge, Narrow Gauge & Other,Adjustable Gauge

On the basis of Vehicle Type:- Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Excavators, Plant & Machinery, Shunting Vehicles, Elevated Work Platforms,On the basis of Vehicle Application:- Overhead Line Mounting Vehicles, Rail , leaning Vehicles, Drainage Vehicles, Shunting vehicles, Construction & Earth Moving, Emergency Services, Survey, Special Purpose

On the basis of Ownership/Customer Type:- Government Operator Private Operators & Service Providers Road-Rail Vehicles Market: Region-wise Outlook The road-rail vehicles market is relatively very small as compared to general automotive or rolling stock market due to limited application and participation of less number of players in the market. On the geographical basis, the road-rail vehicles (RRVs) are highly trending in some countries where in there is significant involvement of private entities in railway or subway projects. Countries like U.S, Russia, China, Australia, France, Germany, among others has been attractive market for the road-rail vehicles (RRVs) manufacturers or attachments installers. However, with increasing participation of private players and growing railway modernization rate in various countries across the globe are creating healthy market conditions in the respective regional market. Various countries has established standard guidelines for players operating with such modified vehicle and also for the systems installers which is intended to simplify and encourage participation of various player without compromising the safety aspects. At country level, countries which are working towards infrastructure improvements and are extending the railway networks are anticipated to create significant market opportunities for the RRV manufacturers.

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Road-Rail Vehicles Market: Market Participants The global Road-Rail Vehicles (RRVs) market is a highly fragmented and is composed of limited number of local players involved in manufacturing and modifying with attachments complying local standards. Some examples of market players operating across the value chain of the Road-Rail Vehicles market include Aries Rail, Aquarius Railroad Technologies, Balfour Beatty Rail Limited, ZWEIWEG International GmbH & Co. KG., SaZ s. r. o., SRS Sjölanders AB., ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH, Goldschmidt Thermit Group, G. Zwiehoff GmbH, Harrybilt Engineering, among others

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