PCmonitors.org Brings Clarity to Matte Versus Glossy Monitor Screen Debate Via Comprehensive Article

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK -- (SBWire) -- 01/30/2012 --Users of PC monitors have been flocking to the pc monitor review website pcmonitors.org to read the latest article comparing matte and glossy screens on a technical and aesthetic level. The Website provides reviews and articles on current and future computer monitor technologies and products for consumers.

The debate between the importance and hierarchy of competing technological and aesthetic considerations of pc monitors is ongoing. This is no less true of the debate on whether matte or glossy surface technologies for computer screens are the superior choice. A recent article published on the review website pcmonitors.org finally brings all of the technical data, comparison studies as well as aesthetic and cost considerations to one place for the consumer.

According to pcmonitors.org Founder and Chief Administrator Adam Simmons, differing monitor technologies are often misrepresented by manufacturers, which contribute to the consumer’s poor understanding of the technologies and the choices. “The reality is that consumers must see the information through the lens of what is most important to them in order to make the best decisions,” said Simmons. “Breaking down all of the attributes and explaining the technology behind them in easily understood terms with real world comparisons is what this and every article and review on the website is all about.”

With appropriate deference to the technology ‘under the hood’ of pc monitors, the screen surface embodies the essential visual connection between the person and the monitor. With that perspective in mind, the differing technologies and manufacturer approaches to glossy, matte and ‘semi-glossy’ screens are explored. This is done alongside an exploration of the newer Ultra Clear Panel technology, so-called ‘invisible glass,’ anti-reflective glossy monitor coating and the use of highly reflective untreated glass by a minority of manufacturers among others.

The pros and cons of the differing monitor screen technologies are discussed in-depth as the article provides numerous model and test situations accompanied by diagrams, color images and graphics. In addition to reviews of the latest monitors, the website provides a number of articles on differing monitor screen technologies, reader feedback and provides personal recommendations via short form submission. “We are all very passionate about this subject and our desire is to help consumers make informed choices without hype,” said Simmons. For more information, please visit http://www.pcmonitors.org

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The pc monitor review site is a dedicated and continuously updated resource for understanding the real-world attributes and technologies underlying computer monitors. Website Founder and Chief Administrator Adam Simmons brings a scientific background and extensive knowledge of computer displays to the two-year-old website along with data and perspectives from leaders in the scientific field. In addition to product reviews, the website provides original articles, recommendation pages and discussion.

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