My Love Is One TELL-THEM! Created a 4 Course Soul-Food Meal Ready to Feed Nearly 8 Billion People

Rochester, NY -- (SBWire) -- 07/15/2019 --Rarely does one receive literal "soul food" at a soul food restaurant. But in this case, new Indie Producers SoRichIam Media and One Crownz have truly prepared an authentic four course meal for the soul. The first of the four part rock-u-series in My Love is One Tell-Them!, "Feeding Hungry Souls", is a visual and soul quenching delight as noted by preview audiences.

The Producers say people know when they've been loved properly through a mother's delicious hearty home cooked meal. Real foodies salivate over well seasoned fried chicken, macaroni and cheese with collard greens plated in Harlem or just a simple home cooked Italian meal made by the loving hands of Nanna.

But this is different. This is very different. It's so much more. The aforementioned satisfies the body. But the original documentary, My Love is One Tell-Them! truly feeds the human soul.

The "waitress" serving the meal in the documentary is the narrator and writer from which the book is based, LeTicia Lee, who audaciously doesn't even appear on screen so as not to distract from the meal. The Cook, as in most fine dining restaurants is often acknowledged by Name but rarely seen. Brilliant or reckless?

The Producers say audiences may at times feel somewhat like they are being driven in a driver-less automobile. However, they affirm that this driver is very experienced and capable. They say only time will tell if international audiences can relate to a digitally designed spiritual meal created to literally feed the heart and soul of nearly eight billion people on the planet and growing.

My Love is One Tell-Them! is a sophisticated meal for mature inquisitive audiences who appreciate an original, fresh, well sourced meal. There is a waiting line. But there's room at the table. Families worldwide are welcomed.

Watch for My Love is One Tell-Them! to stream August 2019 on Amazon Prime Video US and UK. Check SoRichIam Media's blog, TellThem.LIVE for updates as well as the DVD release.

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