Limited DVD Release of Hilarious New Harry Potter Movie

Pre-orders are now available on the New Harry Potter Spoof DVD's.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 01/31/2012 --Fans missing Harry Potter and his friends now that the last official movie has been released will soon have the opportunity to meet a new boy wizard: Larry Trotter. In this hilarious new movie spoofing the popular JK Rowling franchise, many of the familiar elements of the classic Potter world are revisited, with a twist.

Larry Trotter is a troubled boy, who is haunted by strange, psychedelic nightmares in which he can start fires with a number 2 pencil from Staples, and a Chris Angel lookalike is in charge of everything. His psychiatrist, the cleaning lady, and his ginger roommate who is desperate for a transfer, all seek to get to the bottom of why poor Larry is convinced that he is fated to be involved in a fight to the death with Ali Velshi. It’s not all terror for Larry though; at least in his dreams of this nonsensical world he has some luck with the ladies.

This innovative and very funny movie has been produced by Gotham Dating Partners Inc., and directed by Technology Beat Studios. It is sure to become a cult hit, however with only 100,000 copies of the limited edition DVD ever to be sold, fans will need to make their way to fast to pre-order a copy before they are all gone.

As well as pre-ordering a copy of the DVD, fans visiting the site are also able to watch an exclusive trailer of the new movie, as a teaser for its release in December 2012.

The Spoof will feature Cameo Clips from celebrities like: Kim Kardashian, Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey,Barack  and Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and a host of others. Gotham Dating Partners Inc. Anticipates that they will be completely sold out within a week.

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