Accell Security Saves Law Firm by Getting $1 Million Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Dropped

A law firm recently found they were not exempt from experiencing the same issues with sexual harassment allegations that other firms do. Due to the allegations and the pending civil suit pending against them to the tune of $1 Million, they turned to the expert IT security specialists, Accell Security.

Birdsboro, PA -- (SBWire) -- 01/30/2012 --Accell Securityis the leading computer forensics company throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and the entire Eastern seaboard. In this particular case, an employee had initiated suit for alleged violations under Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act, as well as the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Under both Pennsylvania and Federal law, once a company has reasonable notice that a claim will likely be asserted against it, the company has a duty to take reasonable steps to preserve data potentially relevant to the claim and defenses. Accell Security already had proper e-Discovery, Archive, and Disaster Recovery in place for the law firm, so this was already met without any additional time or stress.

Prior to the employee leaving the law firm, the individual deleted all email, files, folders and documents on the individual's pc thinking that all incriminating content would be erased, leaving the firm with nothing to use to counteract pending claims. Such was not the case, however.

Accell Security was able to perform the following services in order to build a case for the law firm:

- Performed forensics investigations and found pictures, emails and documents which showed that the employee was having, trying to keep, and pursuing personal relationships with multiple employees of the opposite sex.
- Used the Archive and Disaster Recovery data to gain additional information as stated just above as part of a "Litigation Audit of Electronic Documents".
- Presented all the data collected to the defending attorney of the law firm. That attorney, in turn, presented everything to the Alleged Victim, the Attorney and appropriate courts.

Through the diligent efforts of the Accell Security professional forensics experts, all previously filed and threatened lawsuits were dropped the same day. Accell Security is the trusted partner and advisor to contact for all matters on computer security, network security, penetration testing, ethical hacking and much more. Businesses need to protect themselves now against security threats.

Accell Security supports IT Service Organizations, Internal IT departments, legal organizations and accounting firms with IT security services. Contact us to learn more about our services. Visit Accell Security at

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