Zuberfizz Root Beer Now Available at BeveragesDirect.com

The popular root beer Zuberfizz is now available for purchase at BeveragesDirect.com.

Wheaton, IL -- (SBWire) -- 02/01/2012 --An online beverage retailer is touting that it has added Zuberfizz Root Beer to its Ultimate Root Beer Sampler on its website. Zuberfizz Root Beer is the creamiest of root beers with a smooth taste and inviting flavor. BeveragesDirect.com is excited to stock this new line of premium sodas for their customers:

"We look forward to offering this unique beverage for the first time to our customers, old and new, particularly in areas of the country where it's hard to find or not readily available at retail outlets." David Marcheschi of Beverages Direct.

Since 1997, Beverages Direct.com has specialized in offering a nationwide to-your-door service that provides the most unique gourmet sodas and root beers. The Beverages Direct roster of products is constantly updated to ensure the finest beverages in all drink categories are always available online, 24 hours a day. That is why it is not surprising that they have partnered with the makers of Zuberfizz, the Durango Soda Company, Inc.

"We are excited to have our Root Beer available with Beverages Direct. We hope everyone finds our product appropriately available in the ‘Ulitimate Root Beer Sampler’ because we feel it is indeed the ultimate Root Beer," said Dan Aggeler, Co-Owner of Durango Soda.

Zuberfizz Root Beers are made with pure cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup that is found in so many other brands. In addition, Zuberfizz root beers have a distinct caramel color and rich flavor. That’s one reason soda reviewers like to recommend Zuberfizz Sodas.

Beverage Direct only offers the best beverages, including flavored sodas, energy drinks, specialty waters, functional beverages, diet drinks, juices, tea, coffee and other cold refreshing items. They also provide customer convenience by offering a monthly auto fill program that eliminates the hassle of having to think about finding time to re-order.

Zuberfizz reaches the top of Beverages Direct’s line of sodas because each batch is handcrafted in small quantities with fresh Rocky Mountain water. The owners of Beverage Direct are confident that the Zuberfizz label will enhance their product line with real flavor. That’s why Beverages Direct recommends that their customers try this new and refreshing blend for their root beer taste buds.

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