‘MetaComet Systems’ to Release Royalty Statement Emailing Capability for Royalty Tracker System

South Hadley, MA -- (SBWire) -- 02/01/2012 --As owners of royalty-based businesses know quite well, royalty management can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process. For companies who work with dozens or even thousands of authors, musicians, merchandisers and more, tracking royalty payments accurately and quickly is important.

For years, MetaComet® Systems has worked closely with businesses who handle royalty management. The company’s Royalty Tracker® System has quickly become the industry standard in helping to improve both efficiency and accuracy.

Since its development, MetaComet has strived to continually provide high-quality updates to the Royalty Tracker System, so that its many customers will always have access to the best and most convenient ways of using the royalty software.

In February, MetaComet is scheduled to release royalty statement emailing capability for the Royalty Tracker System. This new feature will allow publishers and other licensors to email royalty statements directly from the system’s royalty software platform. Instead of having to manually attach PDF files to emails or even send printed out statements via snail mail, this new feature will allow licensors to communicate through email without any manual invention at all.

“In today’s digital world, our trading partners rely upon and have come to expect digital royalty capabilities. The intellectual property world has been behind the times in this regard. Now Royalty Tracker enables them to be cutting edge, while providing real value in terms of cost savings,” said company President David Marlin.

The new feature boasts many benefits, including reduced costs through the elimination of both postage and printing, as well as the labor costs associated with sending out the statements. Administrative costs will also be lowered, since having to manually attach PDF files to emails or prepare envelopes for mailing can be time consuming.

Another bonus of the new royalty statement emailing capability is improved relations with licensors, who are increasingly used to receiving electronic communications and transactions.

No special software or add-ins are necessary to use the updated system; Royalty Tracker System users will only need to select which statements they wish to email and the royalty accounting software will do the rest.

Because royalty tracking can be confusing and challenging at times, MetaComet has made a concerted effort to provide the best customer service it can to its many clients. With its 24-hour U.S.-based availability, issues that need expert help right away can be handled and solved quickly and efficiently.

About MetaComet Systems
MetaComet Systems services licensors of virtually any intellectual or physical property including music, video, television, merchandising, and licensing. The company features a royalty management software program called the Royalty Tracker System which helps licensors stay abreast of their royalty payment needs. The company recently announced the upcoming launch of the system’s royalty statement emailing capability. For more information, please visit http://www.metacomet.com

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