African Culture, Family and History Might Offend Whites in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, TN -- (SBWire) -- 02/02/2012 --February is African American history month in America and 5 time World Superheavyweight Kickboxing Champion Anthony “Amp” Elmore released an 8 minute video on YouTube. Elmore is trying to get the attention of Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton. Elmore understands very well that it is a false impression to believe that just because an African Americans are in public office they will fight for justice and equality for African American people as Dr. Martin Luther King. The video explains Memphis history and the cause and effect relationship regarding the conditions of Memphis, Tennessee and why Memphis was the Idea City where Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in 1968. Elmore notes Memphis was the largest plantation city in America and residues of the Plantation Mentality exist in Memphis today.

Memphis is the “Cotton Capitol of the World.” Memphis also was the “Slave Capitol of the world” where a Memphis Mayor by the name of E.H. Crump better known as “Boss Crump” created an almost 20th Century Plantation system in Memphis. Elmore notes; “the spirit of Crump lives today”. In early 1900’s an unfair $2.00 poll tax in Memphis was in place. Blacks were too poor to vote in Memphis. Crump purchased thousands of dollars of poll tax tickets and gave Blacks watermelons, barbeque and red drinks in exchange for votes. After the Civil war Memphis was considered one of the best cities in America for Blacks to live. Crump removed all of the gains of Blacks in Memphis.

Crump created an almost literal 20th Century Plantation in Memphis. In 1968 when Dr. King was killed in Memphis, Dr. King walked into America’s premier “Plantation City” where “Cotton was King” & King was killed. Racist Whites in Memphis sent the world a message. The video shows the day after Dr. King’s death Memphis Mayor Henry Loeb with a “Shot gun” under his desk. Memphis was a city that delivered “Good ole boy Justice” While Memphis, Tennessee is known worldwide for its “Soul Music Industry” this video reminds the world that racist Whites purposefully destroyed the Soul music industry that favored Blacks in Memphis. In 1992 Memphis elected its 1 st African American Mayor Dr. W.W. Herenton. Mayor Herenton was once the most powerful Political figure in West Tennessee. While he was once a popular Mayor, a 2010 “Disparity Study” revealed that this Black Mayor did not support Black Businesses. Elmore tried for almost 20 years to get his friend Dr. Herenton to support family, trade and Industry with Africa. While Memphis has a 62% population of African descendents the City of Memphis does not have one single physical educational icon that will educate, inspire and give its African American citizens a sense of African pride, culture and history. Elmore notes that wealthy cotton merchant families inherent a legacy of wealth, while African Africans families inherent a legacy of Crump. Blacks had to ask for Mr. Crump’s permission to do anything.

Elmore notes that in 2012 while we have an African American President whose father is from the African Country of Kenya there exists a climate in Memphis, Tennessee where there is an “aversion” to African pride and culture. In unspoken terms “it might not make Memphis Whites happy to see African American demonstrating African cultural pride. Other ethnic groups have infused their culture into mainstream American life. While we have Hamburger and Beer from Germany, suits from Italy, a Chinese restaurant on every corner in America; Elmore finds that it is a “Challenge” in 2012 to ask African American Mayor A.C. Wharton to support the idea whereas Mayor Wharton would use the power of his Memphis Mayor’s office to support the idea of joining African and African Americans as family.

Elmore is begging Mayor Wharton to support Africa by opening trade with Africa. Memphis is the poorest largest big city in America. Elmore notes that if Mayor Wharton would open trade with Africa it would open opportunity for African Americans to enter the 21st Century America. Elmore encourages Family, Trade and Industry with Africa.

Elmore does have the support of Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen who is the only white elected Congressman who represents and a predominate African American district. Congressman Cohen has worked with Elmore since 2007.

Elmore notes that at the snap of a finger Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton can change the history of Memphis by opening opportunity for future generations of African Americans to connect with their family in Africa. Elmore is praying...

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