My Dental Wig Is "The Next Major Disruptor to the Dental Industry. (Think Smile Direct Club)": Dr. Kirsten Roling DDS (Dentist)

My Dental Wig becoming a Virtual Dental Expo Exhibitor

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 08/21/2019 --My Dental Wig, a Los Angeles County company with its Head Quarter located in Beverly Hills, California, represented by its Founder LydieLivolsi, is excited to announce today that of July 25, 2019, it entered an agreement to hire Virtual Dental Expo Inc. located at 1846 E. Innovation Park Drive, Suite 100, Oro Valley, AZ, 85775 represented by its CEO, Kirsten Roling, DDS (dentist), graduated from University of San Francisco to sell its Licensing. The customer is Licensee for the Licensing, and EB5 Visa Investor for the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment.

It's important to mention that, there is no money transaction between Virtual Dental Expo, its CEO Kirsten Roling and any Licensee or EB5 Visa Investor. Virtual Dental Expo Inc. is a Sales Representative for My Dental Wig and does not accept any payment. All money transactions happen between My Dental Wig and its Licensees and its Eb5 Visa investors.

The acceptance of having My Dental Wig as an Exhibitor among the Virtual Dental Expoexhibitors represents the company's first highest and public endorsement.

In her introduction message on LinkedIn to Lydie, Kirsten wrote "…. I treat the underserved populations, who cannot afford the expense of many dental procedures including dentures. I ran a large mobile dental practice for the geriatric patients…. I am also the former Chief Office of Oral Health, Maricopa County Public Health Department and administered the nation's largest oral health prevention programs in the nation. I like your product because it is disruptive, what is needed in dentistry. So are my companies, they are shaking up the industry. One of my companies, is the first Virtual Dental Conference."

Later, on the company's recent LinkedIn introduction message to a potential influential and wealthy EB5 Visa foreign investor in India, Virtual Dental Expo CEO Kirsten Roling said "HelloMr.…. I would like to introduce you to Ms. LydieLivolsi, French investor here in U.S. and inventor, founder, and CEO of As a dentist, I can tell you her opportunity is the next major disruptor to the dental industry. (Think Smile Direct Club). She has announced an EB5 Visa opportunity for qualified foreign investors." Dr. Kirsten Roling

These 2 paragraphs above demonstrate that,the agreement is a big leverage for My Dental Wig, and what Kirsten has been looking for to fulfill the need of the niche of populations with missing teeth seeking reliable, healthy, affordable and convenient solutions.

My Dental Wig business model with its Licensing and EB5 Visa Investment opportunities offers the ultimate solutions for improving people's life by solving their missing teeth, enabling earning descent income and creating more jobs.

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