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Black Rock, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 10/13/2019 --The primary goal of The Spice People is connecting people with spices in a rich culinary adventure that makes dining an interesting, fun, and wholesome experience. The company is passionate about enriching the lives of people and it manifests in the way they conduct their business. They work hard to make it possible to bring the cultures of the world at the dinner table. The story behind The Spice People started with their founder, Liz. As a girl growing up in NSW, Liz learned a lot regarding land, including how to carry out different activities from scratch, organically. As a teen, she relocated to the city to study Agricultural Science and pursue her dream business. Years later, the business grew into what The Spice People is today. It comprises of many people united by the same passion and motto – enriching life through spices.

"Customers are getting inclined to organic products, and The Spice People has taken notice," said the company's spokesperson. "To help meet the needs of our customers and enrich their lives, we are converting some of the regular spices into organic ones. By increasing our variety of organic spices, we hope to meet the changing needs of our customers. To ensure customers enjoy their experience with our spices, we are adding lots of exciting accessories. For example, we are using iced tea makers, tea pots, spice grinders, and reusable cups to help create the most outstanding spices."

The Spice People has become the talk of town and for a good reason. They offer a wide array of products. They have more than 175 different spices, botanicals, blends, native spices, and salts on offer. The product list also includes chai and herbal teas and is always growing. Their products are 100 percent natural, without any preservatives, fillers, or additives. When it comes to packaging, The Spice People uses a high barrier film containing a resealable zip pack. Such packaging does not only improve the products' shelf life, but also boosts their maximum freshness.

"Using our spices, it is easy to come up with an Indian Dahl recipe. Dahl refers to a mild curry prepared from dried lentils, beans, or peas turned into a thick stew or soup," narrated the company's spokesperson. "Often, the spices are aromatic instead of hot, and are added prior to serving. An authentic recipe whose origin is Southern Kerala in India is the basis of our lentil Dahl blend. Curry Lentil Dahl is dark yellow in colour and is popular in Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Nepali, and Bangladeshi cuisine. The spice is versatile and ideal for any serious vegan."

The Spice People is adding rare condiments to help people create dishes from across the world. At times, they may use rose water or pomegranate molasses to make a perfect dish or enhance the dish's quality. Beef Madras is an example of the dish made from a combination of condiments. Beef Madras is a rich meat curry with enough kick, especially for those who prefer it hot. The Beef Madras curry recipe is an easy one. It requires several ingredients, such as ghee, water, tomato paste, white wine vinegar, coconut cream, Bombay Madras spice, onion, garlic, and beef casserole.

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