Shawn D Skillin Keynote Speaker and President Elect of Collaborative Practice San Diego Spoke on Conflict Resolution in High Stress Situations

San Diego, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/03/2019 --Shawn D.Skillin Esquire, currently the president-elect of Collaborative Practice San Diego, was the keynote speaker at a recent conference on conflict resolutionat a large healthcare institution in Houston. Ms. Skillin's presentation was titled "Understanding and Managing High Conflict Individuals."

The Collaborative Practice San Diego specializes in collaborative and peaceful divorce. The collaborative brings a team of professionals in mental health, finance, family law and other specialties that may be needed to divorce and separation cases. Ms. Skillin often speaks on high conflict issues on behalf of the High Conflict Institute. As such, she is internationally known for her work in teaching people to resolve high conflict situations in legal, personal and workplace situations. She regularly speaks to groups of lawyers, nurses, doctors, judges, court personnel, therapists and others who may deal with high-conflict people.

More than 100 people attended the conference.

"Based on the comments, they all appreciated the common sense and practical tips for dealing with high conflict situations in a workplace environment," she said.

Her comments centered around how to defuse conflict and calm the High conflict person, setting boundaries for high conflict people by presenting them with specific choices appropriate for the workplace they are in. That can be critical in healthcare situations.

"A lot of people will understand the stress and high emotions that come with going to an emergency room. But those same emotions and that same level of conflict can be found anywhere in the healthcare system," she said. "Family can come to a nursing home and get very upset about how they think someone is being treated."

Teaching people how to deal with conflict in the healthcare workplace goes beyond dealing with patients and families, she added. Two employees could get into a heated debate, for instance. That kind of interaction is not good for the business, the employees or the clients of the business.

Following her keynote presentation, she led a workshop on Communicating Effectively with BIFF.

"A substantial part of communication is listening without judging," she said. "Hear what the other person is saying, identify the actual issue by filtering out some of the emotional distractors. When you can get to the central issue, present them with options and the consequences of each option and then you are well on the way to a calmer discussion. "

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