H4 Antagonist Market: Key Companies Profile, Their Market Share and Other Important Parameters

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Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 12/04/2019 --The discovery of the histamine H4 Antagonist receptor (H4R) provided a new avenue for the exploration of the physiological role of histamine, as well as providing a new drug target for the development of novel antihistamines. The first step in this process was the identification of selective antagonists to help unravel the pharmacology of the H4R relative to other histamine receptors. The discovery of the selective H4R antagonist JNJ 7777120 was vital for showing a role for the H4R in inflammation and pruritus. While this compound has been very successful as a tool for understanding the function of the receptor, it has drawbacks, including a short in vivo half-life and hypoadrenocorticism toxicity in rats and dogs, that prevented advancing it into clinical studies.

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Further research let to the discovery of JNJ 39758979, which, similar to JNJ 7777120, was a potent and selective H4R antagonist and showed anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic activity preclinically. JNJ 39758979 advanced into human clinical studies and showed efficacy in reducing experimental pruritus and in patients with atopic dermatitis. However, development of this compound was terminated due to the occurrence of drug-induced agranulocytosis.

This was overcome by developing another H4R antagonist with a different chemical structure, toreforant, that does not appear to have this side effect. Toreforant has been tested in clinical studies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, or psoriasis. In conclusions there have been many H4R antagonists reported in the literature, but only a few have been studied in humans underscoring the difficulty in finding ligands with all of the properties necessary for testing in the clinic. Nevertheless, the clinical data to date suggests that H4R antagonists can be beneficial in treating atopic dermatitis and pruritus.

The report titled, "H4 Antagonist Market" boons an in-depth synopsis of the competitive landscape of the market globally, thus helping establishments understand the primary threats and prospects that vendors in the market are dealt with. It also incorporates thorough business profiles of some of the prime vendors in the market. The report includes vast data relating to the recent discovery and technological expansions perceived in the market, wide-ranging with an examination of the impact of these intrusions on the market's future development.

Table of Contents

Report Overview: It includes H4 Antagonist market study scope, players covered, key market segments, market analysis by application, market analysis by type, and other chapters that give an overview of the research study.

Executive Summary: This section of the report gives information about H4 Antagonist market trends and shares market size analysis by region and analysis of global market size. Under market size analysis by region, analysis of market share and growth rate by region is provided.

Profiles of International Players: Here, key players of H4 Antagonist market are studied on the basis of gross margin, price, revenue, corporate sales, and production. This gives a business overview of the players and shares their important company details.

Regional Study: All of the regions and countries analyzed in the H4 Antagonist market report are studied on the basis of market size by application, market size by product, key players, and market forecast.

Key Players: This part of the H4 Antagonist market report discusses about expansion plans of companies, key mergers and acquisitions, funding and investment analysis, company establishment dates, revenues of manufacturers, and their areas served and manufacturing bases.

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