Dieter Reveals New Weight Loss Secret in New Book “Part Time Diet”

Dieter Maria Phelps shares her weight loss techniques in a new book called “Part Time Diet”, which she herself published.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 02/14/2012 --Self-published author Maria Phelps recently came out with the book "Part Time Diet". The new book, which was published on November 2011, reveals the techniques that Phelps used to lose 58 lbs. in just 14 weeks. Maria's remarkable story doesn't simply end there. To this date, she has maintained her weight, while eating much like she previously did.

Phelps proudly chronicles her weight loss story in the 86-page book, which she personally published. To add to the credibility of the book, Phelps has opened a Facebook profile for her new book, and her account now includes photos of herself before and after her part time diet. The book is a full account of how to do the easy part-time diet that Phelps herself used. “I have provided everything that you will need to be able to lose as much weight as you want”. The book has started making its rounds in the online community, and several people have started testifying to its credibility by sharing how the book and Phelps’ part time diet helped them lose weight.

The best part of this new diet is that readers can easily follow through with it since dieters can do it on a part-time basis, just as the author herself did. This new book and the weight loss secrets it holds are expected to become popular among those who want to lose weight but are too busy to exercise regularly and too preoccupied to constantly watch their weight. “It’s easy but delivers great results fast!” Phelps promises her readers. “This will be the last diet you ever have to do.”

Phelps’ new part time diet is also warmly welcomed by many dieters due in part to its very safe techniques. Phelps further guarantees, “No exercising! No pills! No special drinks! No herbal supplements!” This means dieters will not need to buy pills, shakes, and supplements, which are continuously becoming frowned upon by the weight loss community due to the expense they entailed.

Maria Phelps’ self-published book “Part Time Diet" is now available online for only $12.99. As Phelps herself said, “You have nothing to lose but weight.”

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