British Woman Discovers Natural Cure for Yeast Infections

Rachel Peacock turned her life around when she discovered a natural cure for her persistent yeast infections. She persuaded a pharmaceutical company to make her cure and now wants to share her story with the world.

London, England -- (SBWire) -- 02/23/2012 --Rachel Peacock (32) had suffered recurring yeast infections for years. The fungal yeast infection known as Candidiasis is known to affect 80% of women during their lifetimes. 5% of these women will suffer from recurring infections and 1% can be described as suffering from yeast infection all the time, just like Rachel.

She tried every treatment possible: prescription only treatments as well as over the counter creams, vaginal suppositories and tablets - and while they eased her symptoms for a bit, within two weeks the infection was back again. The fact is, as she later discovered, the effectiveness of these anti-fungal medicines decreases over time as the yeast develops resistance to the drugs. In short, modern medicine had failed her.

Rachel then tried the alternate medicine route. "I tried herbal pills, an anti-candida diet that prevented me from eating almost everything, anti-fungal capsules and still I had a yeast infection. It became clear that if I wanted to beat this, I had to do it myself” she says.

She did some internet research and discovered that there had been several hundred clinical trials that seemed to prove that four probiotic strains were effective in treating yeast infection and preventing it from occurring. She decided to try these out for herself.

"The 4 strains of probiotics that cured me are available in most pharmacies and chemists, but buying all these probiotics individually was very expensive. I spent over £300 a month on probiotics supplements” Rachel adds.

Expensive, but it worked. She was finally cured. But she couldn't afford to keep paying out that much money to stay healthy. Plus she wanted to help the thousands of women all over the world who also suffer from recurring yeast infections. Taking matters into her own hands, Rachel approached a pharmaceutical company and persuaded them to develop a capsule with all four live probiotic strains. The result is Alaczen, a natural probiotic containing over 48 Billion l?v? "friendly" bacteria per capsule to not only cure yeast infection but preventing it from ever coming back.

"Now I am a totally different woman. I'm happier, pain free, healthier and I'm thrilled to be able to help the millions of yeast infection sufferers around the world. Everyone who has tried it has found that it works for them too.

Unlike medicines, the yeast can't build up a resistance to the good bacteria. Just one tablet a day keeps the infection away. "

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