What Have We Learned About COVID-19 Virus from Other Countries?

We are not alone in this crisis. We have many countries to partner with to determine Best Actions vs. Worst Actions. It is important that we look at the Science! Join Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse on VoiceAmerica.com, Health and Wellness, Monday, March 6, 2020 at 1 PM EDT/10 AM PDT.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 04/02/2020 --Dr. Stacen Keating, Nursing Professor at NYU, and her colleague, Dr. Gary Yu, Epidemiologist at NYU, join Leanne Meier, Host of Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing, to discuss the science of what we know about COVID-19. Dr. Keating and Dr. Yu, will FIRST and FOREMOST talk about the need to save lives, including frontline workers and SECONDLY why we should work collaboratively with China and the east to help do this. So much conflicting information, misinformation, conjecture and hunches have been put out in the media that it is almost impossible for the general public to know what is true and what is not. Ms. Meier's guests hope to bring some specifics to this discussion. In a crisis, when information is lacking, inconsistent, conflicting or confusing, it is human nature to fill in the blanks with whatever rumors are flying around. Ultimately it is in COLLABORATION that scientific truth becomes clear and data becomes usable. It is truly how the world has survived/recovered from war, starvation and pestilence since the beginning of time. Let's bring collaboration out of mothballs and use it for the security of the world. We need to be scientific and open to ALL solutions in order to end the pandemic in a way that takes in all available evidence and previous learning. Some topics covered:

* Importance of being scientific, open to end the pandemic in a way that takes in all available evidence

* What China and the east have learned about the virus that would greatly benefit the US

* The importance of collaboration and getting away from the "shaming and blaming" game to save frontline workers and patients from the worst outcomes

Leanne Meier, BSN, RN is the Host of Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse for the past 2+ years and currently has a listening audience of 110,000 in 70+ countries.She tackles all subjects relating to nurses, healthcare and the industry they represent. Link to her Host Page:

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