Google Translate vs. Translation Management System: Can Anything Help Humans Win the Global War of the Words?

With Google Translate almost ‘killing’ the market for real-life human translators, can anything be done to stop the search engine super-power taking over this once complex and respected industry?

Kiev, Ukraine -- (SBWire) -- 02/24/2012 --The statistics tell a grim tale of decline –according to data from Google Trends, searches for ‘Google Translate’ have doubled since 2008. During the same period, the number of people searching for ‘Translation Agency’ has all but halved.

Many experts are wondering if Google’s translation offering could all but eliminate demand for traditional freelance translators and their associated agencies. With this very real possibility looming in the wings, is there anything humans can do to save themselves?

“Google benefits from the fact that its natural popularity doesn’t require it to need much marketing” says Vladimir Pedchenko, Managing Director of Advanced International Translations (AIT).

He continues, “So, the challenge for freelance translators and translation agencies is for them to find a way to work extremely efficiently. This will ensure they remain a more attractive option than their automated online counterpart”.

Vladimir and his team are quite possibly the heroes equipped to save the day. Towards the end of last year, AIT was congratulated globally for the release of the Projetex translation management system. The platform is widely recognized as the main alternative to Google Translate for its world-class organization of translation management workflow. It’s currently installed in 800 translation agencies worldwide.

Wanting to ensure that the freelance translation market isn’t left unequipped with battle weaponry, AIT today announced the release of Translation Office 3000 (TO3000): Translation Management System for Translation Agencies. The package is available in four versions, starting from just EUR49.

“We’re conscious that freelance translators want to keep their jobs. TO3000 helps them do just that by organizing their virtual workplace, keeping track of prospect/live clients, organizing jobs and also assistance with the global marketing of their skills” Vladimir adds.

TO3000 achieves its goals through a unique list of features. It provides full cycle of translation workflow with easy-to-use client database. Translators start by establishing their own pricing policy and keep track of quotes sent to potential clients. After quotes are accepted, translators proceed to creating translation jobs or translation projects, depending on the scale of the assignment. The next logical steps after translation delivery are invoicing and payment tracking. All of these features are accompanied by robust file and folder management, and state-of-art reporting.

Version 10 takes these features to the new level with upgraded database engine and user interface together with multiple enhancements suggested by users of the software in 80 countries of the world.

In all, TO3000 is a saving-grace to freelance translators; an industry that – according to the statistics – is seeing a fierce fight from Google.

“While Google Translate is free, instantaneous and simple, there is no real substitution for a human being. The world of translation is so complex that a computer simply can’t have all of the answers. While freelance translator’s jobs are becoming tougher, AIT is committed to ensuring that things can get easy again” Vladimir concludes.

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About Translation Office 3000
Translation Office 3000 is the first and leading translation management system designed specifically for freelance translators. It is developed from 1998 until present by dedicated team driven by feedback from freelance translators worldwide. Used by thousands of translators in 80 countries, popular both in Europe and both Americas, and including clients from such distant places like Aland Islands and New Zealand.

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