Acupuncture Found to Be Safe for Children

A large-scale study reveals that children can benefit from Acupuncture when treated by a trained practitioner

Los Aangles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 02/25/2012 --A new study by researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada that combined data from 37 different international studies found that Acupuncture is safe in children. The study aimed to cast a wide net of data, pooling from randomized high-quality trials for a large scale review. Overall, the studies supported the idea that Acupuncture, when administered by a trained practitioner, can be an option for treating children with different symptoms.

While Acupuncture remains an alternative medicine used predominately in adults, it is growing in frequency as an option for treating children that suffer from pains, migraines and other complaints. According to government estimates, about 150,000 children underwent Acupuncture treatment in 2007.

The head of acupuncture pediatric pain program at the University of California, Los Angeles, Michael Waterhouse says that there have been some small studies on migraines showing that Acupuncture can be helpful in “reducing their frequency and increasing endorphin levels”. He explains that while the amount of research done with children is still minimal, the results he’s seen in children “are as good as the results we see in adults.” It also seemed that while some children began with some anxiety and misgivings about Acupuncture, they developed a positive attitude over the course of treatment.

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