SimpleEvals, New Web-Based Solution for Employee Evaluation, Launched

A new service called SimpleEvals makes employee performance evaluations easy and convenient.

Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWire) -- 02/27/2012 --SimpleEvals, a new web-based employee performance review program, has been recently launched into the market. The online service is now available for companies looking for a quicker and easier way to review their employees’ performance minus the downtime it usually entails. It aims to help companies, especially small business, increase their productivity by saving time and eliminating the hassles of annual employee appraisals. But just as SimpleEvals is helpful to managers who are tasked to conduct employee reviews, the web-based service also offers benefits to the employees themselves by providing them with helpful, accurate, and detailed comments. These comments can help them quickly identify their strengths and specify areas of improvement.

SimpleEvals is a user-friendly online performance evaluations solution that can be accessed anywhere. All that is needed is an Internet connection. The online portal comes complete with everything that’s necessary to manage an effective and efficient performance review process. Managers and employees can simply go online to complete evaluation forms and add comments in a process that takes very little time. The process is so interactive and fast that companies can complete employee appraisals in half the time they previously took. SimpleEvals is also completely paperless, which makes it not only “green” but more convenient and economical as well. Thanks to the easy-to-use administrative portal, companies can be self-sufficient and begin using it within minutes.

On top of that, the advanced and convenient performance evaluation program comes with several helpful features such as a user-friendly dashboard, a built-in and customizable competency library, and automatic e-mail notifications that let managers know when the performance reviews are due. Administrators and management can log in and at-a-glance track the progress of managers and employees.

Ira Wolfe, president of Success Performance Solutions, highlights the competency library as the core of the accuracy and effectiveness of the program, “The built-in library has nearly 50 competencies that have been proven by research to be predictive of job success in dozens of positions and company cultures.” However, to take into consideration any unique factors that each company may want to include in their evaluations, the program allows custom-defined competencies or goals to easily be added to the library. The existing competencies may also be modified or adjusted to match the organization’s needs.

Wolfe summarizes his company’s objective by saying that he hopes to “streamline employee feedback to improve employee performance and a company’s bottom line.” By removing the administrative burden associated with most performance review processes, SimpleEvals can take a huge load off managers’ shoulders, leaving them more time focus on more essential areas of the business such as sales, productivity, and profits.

Despite its ease of use and effectiveness, SimpleEvals is quite affordable. The service is currently targeted toward small business owners and managers. Hence, it is also priced at a level that nearly every small businesses can afford. Annual subscriptions for SimpleEvals are currently offered at an introductory pricing that start at as low as $995.

Simple Evals also offers free webinars on how to use and benefit their performance review program at more information on Simple Evals Online Performance Reviews, visit Interested business owners and human resource professionals may contact Ira S Wolfe at 717-291-4640 or thru the company website at

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