Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Shares Expertise on Selecting Wire Mesh

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWire) -- 05/22/2020 --As a leading supplier of stainless steel wire mesh, the Wickwire Warehouse Inc. team recognizes that businesses looking to buy mesh for their needs may be overwhelmed by the different applications and materials that can be used. The easiest way for any business to identify and adequately source the mesh needed is to identify the purpose the mesh will be used for, the conditions in which it will be used, and the kind of weave that might be best suited to meet the identified goal.

Having a clear purpose for the mesh is fundamental to making the right decision, and few individuals approach the process without first identifying the need to be filled. Given the wide variety of applications for wire mesh, clarifying the core purpose the mesh needs to serve can help inform which vendors can meet those needs.

With a clear purpose for the mesh identified, it's best to determine the kinds of conditions to which the mesh will be subjected. Mesh can be comprised of all types of materials, with some better suited to lighter work like putting a guard in front of industrial fans, while others need to resist the harsh conditions of underwater construction. A lighter wire can be made out of PVC or copper, while heavier-duty wire could be comprised of tungsten for projects that require high resistance to heat. However, a highly versatile option is stainless steel, since the material is highly durable and lightweight enough to match almost any need.

Once the purpose and conditions are taken into consideration, businesses should consider the construction of the mesh. Most meshes are either woven together or welded together, with woven meshes offering more flexibility with limited ability to hold large weights. In contrast, welded mesh is better suited to carrying heavy loads but isn't nearly as flexible.

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