The End Is Nigh! New Website Makes Sense of 2012 Predictions

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 02/28/2012 --If there’s one place where myths and legends abound, it’s the internet. If people look hard enough across the vast sea of information that is the world wide web, its likely most could find websites on any weird or unusual topic they set their mind to. One of the favorite topics for those concerned with the unusual or the arcane is the pronouncement, normally attributed to ancient civilisations such as the Mayans and the Hopi Indians, that the world will end come 2012. Many so-called ‘reasonable’ people scoff at the idea that the world, which has existed for so long, could simply end in 2012. But could it?

A new website, having compiled all the main sources of 2012 predictions globally hopes to answer the question that’s on lips nationwide; is the world going to end in 2012? is convincing thousands everywhere that it may know the answer, although many might not like what the evidence suggests. The team behind 2012 Prophecys, however, is committed to providing everyone with the most accurate information possible to assist them in learning how to survive 2012 and in doing so overcome perhaps the most challenging event in the history of our world.

One of the reasons that 2012 rumours have persisted despite the level of scepticism directed at them by so many detractors is simple – there are so many different, un-connected sources throughout history that claim that a cataclysmic event will leave the world devastated sometime in 2012. In an effort to elaborate, has created a resource outlining all the major predictions covering 2012 events both historically and in more modern times.

There’s such a wealth of information available, it’s easy to see why more and more people are becoming convinced that something is coming for us sometime in the remainder of the year. “The longer you try to separate the fact from fiction, the more information you uncover,” the website warns. Luckily, not only has researched all the information available, it’s provided people all over the world access to tools and knowledge that might mean the difference between life, and death.

Whether it’s the ancient claims by cultures such as the Mayans or the Hopi or more recent happenings such as the chilling Web Bot predictions or the planned arrival of Nibiru 2012, there’s too high a prevalence of information suggesting a world-altering event in 2012 for us to completely dismiss it out of hand. At least now as the clock counts down people everywhere have access to perhaps the one resource that might mean the difference between survival and annihilation;

About 2012 Prophecys was launched as the definitive online source of information on the events predicted by many to occur sometime in the remainder of 2012. Outlining all the evidence in support of these claims, 2012 Prophecys is aimed at educating and informing people everywhere of the likelihood of a destructive even occurring in 2012 and suggesting ways in which it may be survived or avoided. For more information, visit

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